Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

  • Published on Nov 12, 2018
  • Israelis and Palestinians come together to find a middle ground. Can they look past the deep conflict to understand one another? SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 42 099

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  7 months ago +6915

    Thank you so much to RU-clip for making it possible to produce this important episode of Middle Ground. We want to say thank you to our participants but also to our audience for always enabling respectful and meaningful conversation in our comments. We know this discussion does not address all aspects or perspectives of this very deep and historical conflict, but we did our best to represent as many perspectives as we could. For those of you that don’t know, Jubilee's philosophy for Middle Ground is to bring people together and have an open dialogue in order to develop a deeper sense of understanding and empathy. We hope you all enjoy :) If you felt as moved as we did by the conversation, please share the video to as many people as you can!

    • Semokada
      Semokada 12 hours ago

      Hi Jubilee!! I love your videos, but I really think you should also bring educated people about certain topics (I'm not saying the ones who participate aren't smart). It's just I don't think it's ok to just bring someone involved, because it creates more confusion.

    • Mizu Elam
      Mizu Elam 11 days ago

      Native Americans and American nationalist.

    • Aparna Mishra
      Aparna Mishra 16 days ago

      You guys are great humans and I just love your work ❤

  • The Movie Wolf
    The Movie Wolf 2 hours ago +1

    The Israelites were kicked out during the Crusades and were refugees in Europe until after WW2. The Israelites got their homeland back.

  • Mada E.
    Mada E. 2 hours ago

    If humans had more empathy and selflessness, peace would be nearly assured. Not only for them but for all over the world. "peace is not compromising", that sums it up

  • The Movie Wolf
    The Movie Wolf 2 hours ago +1

    The Palestinians just needs to stop trying to kick the Jews out of their homeland and shooting rockets at them. Simple

  • Leonard Wyrick Gaming
    Leonard Wyrick Gaming 3 hours ago

    I'm just gonna guess without looking at the comments that everyone is attacking the IDF guy, right?

  • Stoney Caster
    Stoney Caster 6 hours ago

    Have many ideas. would love to work with this group @jubilee

  • Serine Bts
    Serine Bts 10 hours ago

    Okay that guy in the suit and that dorit girl are so unreasonable and the real meaning of cruelty . Its not your land ? Who gave you the right to claim that like seriously who are you . I hope the guy in the white shirt gets the peace he demands and protect all his palestenian people ❤️

  • Angel Montero
    Angel Montero 11 hours ago

    16:31 fight for peace? 😂

  • אוראל צוברי
    אוראל צוברי 11 hours ago +2

    Proud to be Israeli 🇮🇱💙

  • Rachel Prieto
    Rachel Prieto 11 hours ago

    6:11 🇵🇸

  • Joel Rt
    Joel Rt 11 hours ago

    I hate jews so much

  • Aurora Piccagli
    Aurora Piccagli 13 hours ago +1

    Great vidéo. Just when the israel guy said that Egypt, Jordan made peace with the isreal it is not true they were forced by the US...

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 13 hours ago +1


  • Emunah Sacks
    Emunah Sacks 14 hours ago

    I think these videos are so cool and interesting.
    It's so cool that everybody can share their opinion openly AND mostly done in respect, giving each other hugs and compliments at the end of each vid.
    Thank you so much for what you do Jubilee!! :)
    I especially loved this one since I am an Israeli and see these kinds of problems myself.
    And PLEASE, PLEASE do homeschoolers vs. public schoolers!!!

  • Autistic Burrito
    Autistic Burrito 15 hours ago

    Palestinan and proud. Attack me if u want ,wouldn't change the injustice thats happening from both the palestinian and israeli government

    • Leonard Wyrick Gaming
      Leonard Wyrick Gaming 3 hours ago

      Why would I attack you? I'm a proud American. An infidel. But I'm not going to attack you simply for being proud of your race. I'm not a monster. And anyone who would is. I'm on Israel's side in this conflict, but I would never attack you for being proud of your creed or race. And I expect the same treatment. We can disagree, and have differing opinions, but we don't have to be monsters to one another. I love you as a fellow human being. When it comes down to it, we are all human beings.

  • Muhammed Karakele
    Muhammed Karakele 16 hours ago

    Filistin Osmanlı topraklarıdır ve birgün oralarda tekrar hüküm süreceğiz ve Aksanın hizmetcileri olacağız.

  • Muhammed Karakele
    Muhammed Karakele 16 hours ago

    Önce işgal ettiniz şimdi barış istiyorsunuz. Sizler katilsiniz orospu çocukları. Her birinizin kanları o topraklarda akmadıkça Filistinli kardeşlerimizin kanı yerde kaldıkça barış olmayacak.

  • Sukhpal Sran
    Sukhpal Sran 16 hours ago +1

    I personally hate that israeli guy in black suit.....

    • Sukhpal Sran
      Sukhpal Sran 2 hours ago

      @Leonard Wyrick Gaming bro israil dont want peace...

    • Leonard Wyrick Gaming
      Leonard Wyrick Gaming 3 hours ago +1

      Because he tells the painful truth about the conflict, and why peace isn't possible?

  • Javiera Villarroel
    Javiera Villarroel 17 hours ago

    The Israeli girl without lenses (Dorit?) really thought Israel was the victim of everything 🤦

  • The Merciful
    The Merciful 17 hours ago

    Nice..They brought Zionists..

    Man i have seen a soccer game in 1923 Palestine-USA..when did israel even exist..IDF kills innocent and they said we go to jail if we do..Nice deception!

    ISIS=ISRAEL..No difference!
    And the suit guy..has cruelty in his soul..Typical Zionist anyways..

    • Leonard Wyrick Gaming
      Leonard Wyrick Gaming 3 hours ago

      He's not trying to be cruel. And comparing Israel to ISIS is unbelievable. What's wrong with being Zionist? Simply means you support Israel and the Jewish race. Palestine does not exist. Never has, never will. They occupied Israel's land and claimed it for their own, built a mosque on the Temple mount. And Israel is supposed to be the Intruders? How ridiculous.

  • Muhammed Karakele
    Muhammed Karakele 17 hours ago

    7:45 Sen kimi tekfir ediyorsun at kafası. Müslüman olmak kâfire diz çökmemeyi gerektirir. Radikal İslamcılar senin gibi pasifleşmiş müslümanlardan bin kat iyidir. You're a passive Muslim. Radical Islamists are better than you

  • trillz
    trillz 18 hours ago

    Arab is a really wise mature guy

  • Ali Abuzar
    Ali Abuzar 18 hours ago

    فلسطين بلادنا و اليهود كلابنا

  • T Dutch
    T Dutch 19 hours ago

    So sad Since the founding of Israel, 70 years ago Palestinian people are more or less threatened with destruction. Now already third generation are living in the Gaza and Westbank concentrationcamps where they slowly are dehumanized and dismolished .

  • Nurshafa Humaira
    Nurshafa Humaira 19 hours ago

    it wont be clear, if its just israel and palestine that negosiate. they need a mediator i think. what jubilee's team done are such a good start

  • Jared Van Wormer
    Jared Van Wormer 21 hour ago

    This was the best Middle Ground yet. The weight each person carried was palpable and it’s such an important thing for them, perhaps one of the most important things for them. Sharing a meal was such a beautiful touch, truly this was a treat to watch, and I was not invested in the subject at hand. But they have encouraged me and reminded me how important conversation is and how easy it is to lose sight or not recognize what’s right in front of us. Thanks Jubilee and it’s affiliates for another amazing video.

  • Attila Horváth
    Attila Horváth 21 hour ago +1

    I wish the best from Hungary !

    To Palestine 🇭🇺🇵🇸

  • melike robinson
    melike robinson 22 hours ago

    thats so sad

    KPOP TOWN 23 hours ago

    90% of people are muslims here support the Palestinian side. Talk about self - support.

  • summer
    summer Day ago +1

    Totally agree with Hannah on the violence topic and the Arab guy is amazing

  • Hgddggfg Hgfvhut

    You say those are Palestinian
    You come with USA people living there all life and you lit them speak about our cause 😡😡😡😡You doesn't have the right to do that

  • Alxofied Kxkxk
    Alxofied Kxkxk Day ago

    any group of people that take over a country that’s their country i don’t see the problem. as long as their willing to fight for it there’s gonna be casualties on both sides

  • Griffin g
    Griffin g Day ago

    Do you know why the guy in the suit wanted to have a one state solution with Israel as the one state? Bc Palestinians have more rights in Israel that they hate, than in Palestine bc of the Palestinian gov.

  • Omir Abdel khalek

    That peg in suit that that he doesn't believe in Palestine the real country , isearl is not even a country you're thief

  • kalunda
    kalunda Day ago +1

    Israelis and Palestinians are the same group of people just religion sub division.

  • Zyreth Z
    Zyreth Z Day ago +1

    Not a single soul:
    Israeli guy in a suit: It's free real estate

  • Foxhound
    Foxhound Day ago

    Look no further than that cold psychopath in the suit for why this war will never ever end. The majority of this planet stands in solitude with the Palestinian people FOREVER!

  • zaynab stn
    zaynab stn Day ago

    I don't know why but I get bad vibes from that Dorit girl, the way she stares it's so cold and scary.I kinda dislike her a bit too much:/ and the way she talks about palestini people.I'm not palestini but the way she talks and when she says that palestini people killed a lot of Israeli people? When did we hear that they killed hundredes of thousands of children who weren't even 10 while that happens a lot for palestini people!!! it's disgusting how they just see themselves and they're like" hey dude I don't give a f**k just give me what I want,If you don't,I'll take it however I want"

  • Lama Mishal
    Lama Mishal Day ago

    jordan does not have peace for israel

  • Nix Susanna
    Nix Susanna Day ago +1

    the world needs more conversations like these

    I'm subscribed

  • Digitizeddragon
    Digitizeddragon Day ago

    When I saw this Title I was like "0_0"

  • Magda Franco
    Magda Franco Day ago

    One of my favorite jubilee videos

  • Johan Magnusson
    Johan Magnusson Day ago

    the problem is religion... if we are going about it "who" was there first… well, Judeism is the longest running Abrahamic religion, and they call a Place on Earth "the holy motherland".
    for some reason christians seem to stay out of this conflict? and christianity is basicly the first cult of judeism who after some time became the second religion of Abraham.
    and then the third one, and we base this as the third because as a written religion it basicly starts when the prophet of islam "started" it. but according to many muslims, Islam existed Before the first prophet… and i guess in religion you can make these claims if you so wish. ive Heard the claim that islam is the oldest religion, ofcourse this is said because when it comes to religion, the older it is the more "cred" it seems to have to the followers, so it makes sense that they will claim it to be as old as mankind.
    BUT! if we are to go in numerical order, then judeism is the oldest, and when you look at christianity and islam you can see similiarites with judeism, because its basicly based on judeism… so by that logic, Judeism has claim to its holy land Before any other… and the only reason islam makes its own claim is because they are a third copy of it and thus holds the same lands as holy motherland… this is basicly the reason for this conflict.
    but if we are going back further, then you can see that judeism and christianity shares many similarites with egyptian mythology, you can almost make a claim that there was a religion prior to judeism, and someone simply decided to make some Changes to what allready existed and create a new religion that fits their agenda better…
    it is sad to see ongoing conflict like these because their fundamental Believes in religion will not allow them to really comprimise or come to a peaceful solution, back in their minds they will Believe they have the born right to this Place...
    a land is only a land, and a home is where your heart is, you can move, you can find Peace, now im not saying either side should just take a knee and move away, but what i am saying is the World is a fairly wonderful Place, and you ARE able to move from these places to other places, and as long as you dont bring your conflict with you, you can live happy and decently safe in a different Place.

  • Jethro Benigno
    Jethro Benigno Day ago

    North and south korea pls.

  • Yara Zgheib
    Yara Zgheib Day ago

    The tension is real

  • The Blown Up Burrito Show

    It’s a hard moral question: the Israelis escaped from war. The Palestinians COULDN’T compromise. Then the Israelis WOULDN’T compromise. They were so scarred from WW2 that they were done giving up their lives. But the Palestinians weren’t ready to start giving up there lives. This fear of death through conflict on both sides bread more conflict. This horrible ironic cycle will continue unless Palestinians can understand the horror of holocaust, and the Israelis can understand their impact on the area.

    3rdINFINITE Day ago

    That guy in the suit.. Ugh... I wanted to listen..

  • Saberlite Gaming
    Saberlite Gaming 2 days ago

    13:19 Pikuach Nefesh ?

  • atefa Nayel
    atefa Nayel 2 days ago

    Free Palestine!

  • Stephy Fairy
    Stephy Fairy 2 days ago

    ONe day you guys should really do Dominicans and Haitians.

  • lil_toyota_corolla
    lil_toyota_corolla 2 days ago +1

    Y'all hating on the man in the suit cause he's the one whom is right

  • Eric Glueckert
    Eric Glueckert 2 days ago +1

    Mr IDF is obviously brainwashed.

  • lam le
    lam le 2 days ago

    government of China and US finds middle ground

  • phantom nerd
    phantom nerd 2 days ago

    free palestine

  • renzoqu
    renzoqu 2 days ago

    Israelis are sooooo fucked up. That country has no future without war. I can believe that are able to lie in front of their victims without blink.

  • dvx le
    dvx le 2 days ago

    Hi im *Australian* , africa is my land

    *wears suit for the first time*

  • dvx le
    dvx le 2 days ago

    There is an energy between them, which made me feel like everyone has more words than what already been said.

  • dvx le
    dvx le 2 days ago

    " Its not your land ", sounds so weak comparing to " it will stay our land ".. Just saying.

  • TheFiggy13
    TheFiggy13 2 days ago +1

    God gave Israeli people the land its theirs!

  • Lil Water
    Lil Water 2 days ago +2

    *The only way to fix this is another crusade DEUS VULT* ✝️ 🇻🇦

  • Jamil Ahmed
    Jamil Ahmed 2 days ago

    Ya Allah my heart yearns for suffering across the world 🤲🏼.

  • xSpeckZor X
    xSpeckZor X 2 days ago

    I hate the Israeli guy

  • Decis Machina
    Decis Machina 2 days ago

    This should be a Christian land..

  • Bob Kay
    Bob Kay 2 days ago

    The answer is very very very simple,,,, Allah promised the Holy Land to the Jews,,, KORAN Sura 5:21 and 17:104 read all about it... second the Jews are like the North American Indians,,, except they fought back this time

  • Dominic
    Dominic 2 days ago +1

    They’re all hot ....models

  • 3nbra Exo-L&Army
    3nbra Exo-L&Army 2 days ago

    *Because :A it's not your land*
    I hate that so much ,that guy in suit is just ......

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 days ago +1

    This was incredible, thank you

  • someone xD
    someone xD 2 days ago

    I think the guy in the suit is right.
    Change my mind.

  • American Orthodox Vineyard

    It's not Israelis land. Israelis are European. Only Palestinian Jews that were there before are allowed. Wasting tax money on Israel is bad, but supporting Palestinian terrorists is also bad.

  • Kingsley Ifeanyi
    Kingsley Ifeanyi 2 days ago +1

    Geez Eastern girls are very pretty

  • Christina Franklin
    Christina Franklin 2 days ago +1

    If your not an Israelite you need to get out of that land before Jesus comes back and it's too late. He's cleaning it out and restoring it back to Israel. Palestinians can fight all they want but ultimately they will lose. They aren't radical Muslims. They are Muslims. It's what their Quran teaches them to do.

    • Javiera Villarroel
      Javiera Villarroel 17 hours ago +1

      lmaooo you're just sick justifying violence in the name of your god

    • Christina Franklin
      Christina Franklin Day ago +1

      @Foxhound are you getting your evil dose for the day? Smh. I know who you serve by your words. The devil himself. You'll be ignored. Go seek attention from someone who cares for evil. Good day.

    • Foxhound
      Foxhound Day ago +2

      Lol, calm down you brainwashed fool.

  • Polomamahuevo
    Polomamahuevo 2 days ago +5

    The only people that didn’t directly lose someone because of the conflict stepped up when they asked if they’re afraid of the other side 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • BWS
      BWS 17 hours ago

      Just because they didn’t lose someone directly doesn’t mean they can’t be afraid. One of Israelis said she knew people who lost family.

  • FlyHigh
    FlyHigh 2 days ago

    This conversation was too emotional

  • telmut247
    telmut247 2 days ago

    I’m not from there, have no affiliations with either side but I feel for the Palestinians in this discussion... They seemed a bit despondent against the Israelis. For instance, only those on the Palestinian side of this discussion seem to have lost loved ones through murder and only one of the Israelis seemed to genuinely empathise. 😢

  • Leah Sifris
    Leah Sifris 2 days ago +1

    Doris is saying the complete truth

  • دنيا عطية
    دنيا عطية 2 days ago

    I cant undrestand how come the sons of white europians immagrante from few years claime a land from the original palestinians who hase being living there for centuries
    Palastinians are from every relegion chretians jews muslims

  • Esraa Q
    Esraa Q 2 days ago

    They fear the muslims

  • IngLi Bu
    IngLi Bu 2 days ago

    The Israeli women are so empathetic and well-spoken. Radical Islamists are a problem, no matter if peaceful Muslims accept them or not. But it's people like Ran who only make everything worse. He has no right to feel entitled to anything.
    From my perspective as a German, Israel came to exist like it did because of the crimes Germans committed against Jewish people. I think Israel has a right to exist, but if peaceful Palestinians are being killed for the land they always lived on, that's not right. Like Arab, I hope there will be a two-state solution. And hopefully Europe and Russia will be safe enough for Jewish people so that they can live here without fearing for another Shoa.

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia 2 days ago

    one thing we can all agree is that there are beautiful Palestinians and Israelis woman lol. good to see everyone getting along and the food seems great.

  • Psymetric
    Psymetric 2 days ago +1

    Was a interesting conversation, but I got distracted so many times by the beautiful girls.. sorry?

  • Autistic & Short Memes 2.0

    The blonde one isn't an Arab I know her

  • Ferimosha
    Ferimosha 3 days ago

    I suppor Palestine from AZERBAIJAN .
    Jews are good people , but israeli jews are gypsy terrorists and pussies .

  • Leman DJagger
    Leman DJagger 3 days ago +1

    Freedom for palestine

  • Mariah x
    Mariah x 3 days ago +1

    i stand with Palestine 🇵🇸

  • عفيف موقع الاحمد

    these conflicts never end because when one person dies, someone always wants revenge, and then another life is lost, sad but true

  • Dominic Cirineo
    Dominic Cirineo 3 days ago +2

    Wow, so beautiful.
    One day we will have peace. ❤
    Much love to all people out there. Truly.

  • Maria Ruvalcaba
    Maria Ruvalcaba 3 days ago

    The Palestinians deserve a place in control just like the other side so keeps it to themselves.

  • Maria Ruvalcaba
    Maria Ruvalcaba 3 days ago

    The girl with the clear glasses reactions were creeepy

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special 3 days ago

    hong kong and china conflict!

  • Karliana Rhyz Hernaez

    Makes me wonder if there are any Israeli Palestinian People.

  • AeroCash
    AeroCash 3 days ago +1

    This dumbass in a suit shouldn't even be in this video smh.

  • Olivia Cejnar
    Olivia Cejnar 3 days ago

    This is awesome. What is need is the respect and empathy, the human conversation that occured in this room on a governmental scale. It was interesting to hear some of them talk about the impossibility of a two state solution when this essentially happened with the Oslo Accords of 1994. If Rabin hadn't been assassinated, I wonder if peace may have been attainable...

  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi 3 days ago

    The search is not about equality ... The search is about Truth of the matter... and the truth is that Palestinians should be back as a Nation. Meaning they will be the police. meaning they will have the government , meaning they will have the judges and the Army. They will serve and protect anyone justly by the truth that is given to them , NOT like in any other Arab Country because every Country is its own special case. And Finally the Truth of the matter is that the Jews should follow their Books too and Finally understand that they should actually be guests. Because Moses Died before having any land. and also before the coming of Christ. So you are actually Neither following Moses nor even recognizing that Jesus came. So at least when he comes back you will then realize that you took the Land before his coming ? Also you took the land by force from People and a State that you have destroyed unjustly. You should follow your Books , you should still be in exodus and accept being tourists because that is actually your destiny in your books and it is the right thing to do. until the coming of a prophet to rule you, you cannot rule yourselves much less rule over other people's land. that's really transgressing and God will punish you for not coming back to your senses. Earlier you were asking Jews just how much they know about their religion they said 6 , 5 , 2 , 1 , 7, only 1 had 10 ... how do you expect those people to recognize that they should still be in exodus ? Specially if they are Born in their Land due to the corrupted politicians who gave them that Land. It was never about who was there Before ... and even THAT Still is in favor to the Palestinians !!! If Jews were in Egypt and were kicked out by Pharaoh ! DOES this mean Egypt is also part of their Sacred land ? Of course NOT !! WHY ? SIMPLY COZ MOSES (May Peace be upon him) himself took them out ! Even Before going to Egypt to serve Pharaoh , You Left Palestine !!! To serve a tyrant , SO you didn't care to stay put and Claim your land even back then, before Moses (May peace be upon him) And if you Left People Behind that because those you left behind are Probably the Palestinians of Today , SO you are killing your ancestors Who actually didn't wanna go an serve Tyrant Pharaoh !
    For you jews to actually Worship the right way , and follow your books , You have to let go of governing ... in other words you have to be governed by other righteous people. So , it's either Go to Canada of any other Christian Country , or be Governed by Muslims. Coz these are the only Abrahamic that there is in the World. You Don't need a Country to be recognized We all Already know exactly who you are, I Think It's pretty clear now, You are the ones who Helped in Translating and making all sorts of holes & mistakes in the New Testament Bible. So that's why you would be much better off under the ruling of Islam. Not the ones you have distorted. You may be asking yourself why ? Well Simply Because Muslims Fear GOD !!
    2 state Solution is a Joke ! & 1948 Is also a Joke ! That's Why neither didn't work out ... if you haven't noticed already ! and the killing and Hate Still continues. Simply because you are not reading your own books correctly. You All Left it to Filthy politicians and Crazy religious people who think they are 10/10
    Making up Cocktails of Problems you are with your questions are you ?! The truth is simple and clear ... and it runs deep ... So much blood of innocent people you have killed by having these power tool ancient machines Games thinking you are becoming something and cheering your blood thirst and ignorance to the world.

  • Sniper Monkey
    Sniper Monkey 3 days ago +1

    When the food came out they were so happy. Food brings us together !!!!!!!!

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 3 days ago

    i honestly dont know how they could stand a minute next to that guy in the suit, such f douchebag

  • Official Maryam
    Official Maryam 3 days ago +1

    In my opinion, violence is never the answer. I think we all should come together, work together and unify. Violence leads to deaths & leaves people in horrific states whereas peace leads to people being empowered, empathetic etc. I think the significant point is that communication is important regardless if there’s conflict going on between two countries. The wiser way to come to a resolution is talk! Express what you feel & what you think should be done instead of using guns, machines etc. Peace ✌️

  • Mike S
    Mike S 3 days ago +1

    The blonde is pretty hot

  • Begum Kuran
    Begum Kuran 3 days ago

    Proud of being Muslim. Muslims are not terorists please understand this.

  • Le Magicien
    Le Magicien 3 days ago

    man in suit: *Makes logically and factually correct statements*
    girl in glasses: *yes, how about empathy?*
    Me: * crying laughing at the stupidity of that girl* XD

  • Elmira Tchagop
    Elmira Tchagop 3 days ago

    BOTH SIDES need to work with each other. Hatred will solve nothing