GTA V Online Which is best Flying Car | Deluxo vs Scramjet vs Ruiner 2000

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Deluxo vs Scramjet vs Ruiner 2000. Let's find out which is best flying car of GTA V Online.
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Comments • 1 022

  • chill__ dog
    chill__ dog Day ago

    Fully ruiner 2000 stomps any of this vehicles

  • Josh Simmons-Fan
    Josh Simmons-Fan Day ago +1

    Ok first of all, the deluxo is the only “flying car” so basically the deluxo is because the scramjet doesn’t fly it jumps and has a boost and the ruiner just jumps and has a parachute

  • Adrian Kossmann
    Adrian Kossmann 4 days ago

    Why deluxo on this race flew above the ground and note rode. Deluxo on the się is much slower than on earth.

  • EST plays
    EST plays 5 days ago

    Deluxo is best LOL!

  • PinBall Wizard
    PinBall Wizard 9 days ago

    *The Faggio*

  • Bree Tait
    Bree Tait 15 days ago

    Scramjet is very good for ceo crates it’s fast it can boost very high

  • Bethany The panda GIRL

    Technically the scramjet and the ruiner 2000 can’t fly

  • fuzzyboi
    fuzzyboi 18 days ago

    Deluxo like Scramjet comment

  • Mercenes s
    Mercenes s 19 days ago

    6:50 Good Ad for terrorists!

  • ItsGravelYt 697
    ItsGravelYt 697 20 days ago +1

    5:13 deluxo commercial
    5:53 scramjet commercial
    6:38 ruiner 2000 commercial

    *Made by SD1ONE*

  • Avocado
    Avocado 23 days ago

    Weapons test music pls

  • Oliver 542
    Oliver 542 25 days ago +1

    4:18 *Breaks trough invisible window*

    • Sr. Hughes
      Sr. Hughes 19 days ago

      Actually there is a window

  • asteroids
    asteroids 27 days ago

    None of these fly, but the deluxo

  • FX KD
    FX KD 27 days ago

    Appreciate the effort

  • Shrimpshot
    Shrimpshot 28 days ago

    I told my friend to paint his scramjet chrome so he can make it the invisible boat mobile

  • Sriman Chekka
    Sriman Chekka Month ago

    What kusick yiu used in the middel of the vedio

    DRAGON DAVID Month ago +1

    I love deluxo💗💗💗

  • Maria Guelvenzu
    Maria Guelvenzu Month ago

    Votaré por el Deluxo porque me gusta y me lo quiero comprar

  • Kristian Bauer
    Kristian Bauer Month ago

    Fix your English 😐

  • FizanVlogs
    FizanVlogs Month ago

    The deluxo is good and practical but it’s just so slow

  • GoldenCreeperMaster

    The ruiner 2000 also shocks players when its locked

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D Month ago

    Pro tip for next video: use MPH instead of shitty mp/h

  • zendo__ 13
    zendo__ 13 Month ago

    Deluxo best car in game
    Scramjet = most fun

  • David Andreasen
    David Andreasen Month ago


  • teebroken _
    teebroken _ Month ago


  • GMD Hyphen
    GMD Hyphen Month ago +3

    Deluxo: “Can fly!”
    Ruiner 2K: “I can jump, AND glide.”

    Scramjet: “Do I look like a joke to you?”

  • William P.
    William P. Month ago

    Wow. I'm the 666,666th view.

  • Nada
    Nada Month ago

    Deluxo is the only car to stay above ground for as long as it can

  • Elenor Lundgren
    Elenor Lundgren Month ago

    4:18 whyyyyyyy

  • Styl3x
    Styl3x Month ago

    the ruiner have only 8 rockets

  • Bjorn Smith
    Bjorn Smith Month ago

    4:18 breaks window to shoot in front

  • Aidan Birch
    Aidan Birch Month ago

    Y’all never seen knight rider and it shows

  • Unlikely Bread54
    Unlikely Bread54 Month ago

    Its time for another bigfoot ad.

  • MasterOf Dabbs
    MasterOf Dabbs 2 months ago

    Tbh I would pick ruiner 2000 because it looks like "night rider" if u don't know what that is it was an old tv show that had a talking car
    Also because it's badass

  • BirinoGamer
    BirinoGamer 2 months ago

    Ruiner 2000 only has 8 missiles

  • KrisXB
    KrisXB 2 months ago

    The deluxo uses the same missiles as the ruiner

  • Ben Walsh
    Ben Walsh 2 months ago

    Who uses hover mode over ground though?

  • Viktor Horti
    Viktor Horti 2 months ago

    Scramjet is the best i think

  • elik nuñez
    elik nuñez 2 months ago +1

    gano el scramyer

  • The Game
    The Game 2 months ago +1

    i want from rockstar to make a car that has a boost like the boost of scramjet and fly like deluxo and parachote

  • Bethany The panda GIRL
    Bethany The panda GIRL 2 months ago

    Thanks for this video because I couldn’t decide what to buy so I decided to buy the scramjet

  • Espetero Playero
    Espetero Playero 2 months ago +1

    Someone knows the songs used in this video?

  • SK Gamer
    SK Gamer 2 months ago

    I have all 3 of them

  • Levi Aus
    Levi Aus 2 months ago +1

    3.ruiner 2000

  • Zach Boland
    Zach Boland 2 months ago

    Only the deluxo flies

  • Not_G4BB0 _
    Not_G4BB0 _ 2 months ago

    Link of the race?

  • elliott j-s-r
    elliott j-s-r 2 months ago

    The vigilante can jump over 2000 feet

  • steve gtR
    steve gtR 2 months ago

    Scrajrmet sbider man hahahaha

  • Ogdan 05
    Ogdan 05 2 months ago +1

    I really want one but I’m broke on the game 😂

  • Sneaky_ Vlog3r
    Sneaky_ Vlog3r 2 months ago


    Demon faggio

    THEANDROIDHACKER 2 months ago

    No that's wrong the ruined can only have about 8 rockets not 30 like others and I'm pretty sure you can't store in garage as it's a special vehicle and if destroyed you don't even have to pay for it cud it's a special vehicle

  • itz kyle2k
    itz kyle2k 3 months ago

    And you don't need a moc or a avenger to customize the Scramjet if you have a arenawar workshop then you could customize it there

  • just for comments
    just for comments 3 months ago

    Which is the best flying car...
    *only one of the contenders is actually a flying car*

  • Sava4e_Gamer
    Sava4e_Gamer 3 months ago


  • Naim Forde
    Naim Forde 3 months ago

    Scramjetism is my religion it is superior too all and the fastest out of all of them

    GHOSTY3.0 GAMING 3 months ago

    What’s the song during the drag race I forgot what it’s called

  • The True Upgrade
    The True Upgrade 3 months ago

    I haven't used a Scram or Ruiner, but I can say that the Deluxo is probably the best vehicle I own. Its missiles never miss which means it's the only vehicle I have currently that can go up against aircraft. It's not too slow on the ground and can easily just start flying. Only issue is if i'm doing a mission where I have to shoot someone out of a car without destroying it. It's impossible with the Deluxo unless I wriggle around. But no way I can do that on a vehicle warehouse mission.

  • bakinpancakes _T
    bakinpancakes _T 3 months ago

    I like the runner 2000 just for the fact it’s from knight rider

  • Lucas Nederlandse Patriot

    1:40 song?

  • Matt H
    Matt H 3 months ago

    Join my discord