xGOx POS Staking Coin Development Update, Mobile Wallet, Merchant Partnerships, Game Release


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  • Tam Ho
    Tam Ho Год назад

    Are you able to transfer your coins to cryptopia? I've tried but still haven't seen the coins.

  • Franzinatr
    Franzinatr Год назад +1

    I was offline while you recording since my laptop got bootloop on some reasons and takes me half day to figure it out how to fix it :P
    Nice explainatons :)

  • AvatarVids
    AvatarVids Год назад +1

    How to stake??? Been looking at my wallet for over an hour and still can't figure this shit out????

    • CryptoMentor
      CryptoMentor  Год назад

      Hi there!

      Join the xGOx support chat here: discord.gg/gXbr7DM

      And detail the steps you've taken and were you're at and some helpful people will carry you through it step by step =)

  • YM Erik
    YM Erik Год назад +1

    Great video CryptoMentor...I bought my 1st batch of coins a few days ago....it appears they have a private staking pool with a 10k Goku coin minimum to participate in..I'm gonna gradually buy more coins to hit the minimum to get the STEAK! lol

    • CryptoMentor
      CryptoMentor  Год назад

      Cool! :) Yeah I forgot to mention the pool ^.^

  • Gurlandia
    Gurlandia Год назад +1

    any updates on ember coin? trying to stake it but still no luck :/