Chinese Phone with HIDDEN CAMERAS

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
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    The Find X from Oppo is the SECOND notch-less, bezel-less phone.. This time with an AMAZING sliding camera assembly and a Face ID competitor!
    Check out the Oppo Find X
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Comments • 7 942

  • Mandisa Mlambo
    Mandisa Mlambo 14 hours ago

    I want it

  • Shark Assassin
    Shark Assassin 5 days ago +1

    Checkmate, FBI

  • Melvin Cordovez
    Melvin Cordovez 6 days ago

    Well, I've been using my Oppo F7 for quite a year now and still loving it, no Problems at all. China is really kicking the USA's behind...
    By the way, this is my first Chinese Phone.

  • kasii somi
    kasii somi 8 days ago

    talking too much

  • SuperCookie 8000
    SuperCookie 8000 11 days ago

    And now.... oneplus

  • chazenova
    chazenova 14 days ago +1

    Pentagon USA :: Mr. President. China had Hidden Smartphone Cameras
    Absolutely it is used for spying . all hidden camera are used for
    Spying that’s why it is hidden.
    USA President Trump :: is the apple corp. has it>??
    Pentagon USA: nope not at all: they are still developing that technology.
    USA President Trump:: ok lets ban that Company. For spying and copying the technology..

  • brightgreenleaves iv
    brightgreenleaves iv 19 days ago

    U weeeeird

  • Mr Peco
    Mr Peco 22 days ago

    this guy is a fucking racist

  • Shawn Jenkins
    Shawn Jenkins 25 days ago

    I wasn't impressed enough with Pixel 2 to migrate from 1 non-XL & a notch and front firing speakers were no bueno for me! No notch is my preference too. I'm not swayed by the sheeple of iPhone. When I found out that even when Pixel 5 drops it's going to be 2 year's out of the state of current technology so I looked at everything that was not iPhone or Samsung 'cuz both they & Verizon screwed me on the Note7! If I wanted an S7 I'd have bought one. I've even looked at the Energizer phone before they got their brand off of the modern brick phone. Red Hydrogen One has the hope of promise, but I don't ever remember my N64 doing some kind of good stuff with the so called, "Expansion Port" so it might go the way of The Essential phone or it might be like Sega's Mega Drive add-on or not! Fold held out some promise, but it felt too Note7 for me. Oppo Find seems good, but to get it to run in the USA is not a game I want to play. I took Amazon pre-order for the S3 Pro & I was able to drag it on to the Verizon Network with the SIM card out of my Pixel 1 non-XL. And my buddy put me on his ancient plan for Verizon to add a line is only $20! Way better than the $125 I was paying for unlimited data and a VOIP router for a long lost landline of my childhood. $40 all in!

  • no name
    no name Month ago +5

    K, my galaxy s2 had face ID so I really dont get the hype about it

  • Z Bott
    Z Bott Month ago

    I can get into my phone with my O Face? Hope it works all the time otherwise it just becomes the vinegar strokes in public.

  • Riz
    Riz Month ago

    0:37 while I don't agree with it they somehow did.

  • Mark Shao
    Mark Shao Month ago

    this guy looks like my ex boyfriend. i hate him

  • dawson gamblin
    dawson gamblin Month ago

    samsung had face id like 4 years ? no 5 or 6 years ? .... 2013 some time... before crapple had it....

  • TheGinMarie
    TheGinMarie Month ago

    Full screen isnt that much of a big deal to me.. I prefer a great processor.. battery.. and cameras.. and Samsung (just because of the customization and functionality). I think that maybe including selfie cams in cases could be a possibility for those that really want that functionality.. you can still get full screen that way.. but nobody has thought to implement that. I do, however, find the selfie screen on the back to be intriguing... but that would mean you'd have to go case-less. 🤗

  • Nicholas Young
    Nicholas Young Month ago

    Yes China number 1 better understand

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    I had to go back and rewatch at 1:09 a couple times to figure out what the fuck he was going apeshit over. It's so subtle I didn't even see it till it was pointed out a couple times later in the video.

    TBH I just thought he was being a moron LOL

  • Javice W
    Javice W Month ago +1

    no Jack? No money....sorry but these chinese guys doesn't know Jack well

  • omegamanradio
    omegamanradio Month ago

    Your heading is misleading.."Hidden" infers that the chinese installed a spy camera.....

  • RedBridgeChris
    RedBridgeChris Month ago

    Dude you gotta tone down the whining, it’s annoying.

  • Makchu Cook
    Makchu Cook 2 months ago

    "Cloning the Iphone face recognition" talk about a guy that sucks Apple's dick

  • Dakota Cox
    Dakota Cox 2 months ago

    Ok what i dont understand about the point of a bezel less desplay bc everyones putting thick cases on and then boom new 1/4th inch bezels

  • Coonfused57
    Coonfused57 2 months ago

    Great so the police can take my phone point it at my face and unlock my phone, I don't get the fingerprint scanners either. Why would you want it?

  • Department of Thought
    Department of Thought 2 months ago

    What an annoying man.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 2 months ago

    This guy is the worst

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 2 months ago

    Can it make a phone call?

  • Michael Javert
    Michael Javert 2 months ago

    You do realize that every time you use stuff like that your fingerprints, your face, and anything else like your voice, your iris etc is all being stored in a database and a file is being compiled on you, right ? Someone would have to be a profound idiot to use that stuff. A n entire database of peoples voice, iris, facial features, fingerprints etc is all being compiled to a data base with your name attached to it. Of course, anyone that would sign a contract to a telephone and that would not put tape over cameras would have to be a profound idiot too.

  • Djordje XO
    Djordje XO 2 months ago +21

    "First to copy face ID"
    *Laughs in galaxy S2*

    • Djordje XO
      Djordje XO 11 days ago

      Really anything that allows you to open a phone can be considered face id,so s2 had the face lock feature first,and i know this because i had a s2

    • Rad Kotssigner
      Rad Kotssigner 11 days ago

      Djordje XO samsung doesn't have face id idiot. Go read up more about the difference between the two don't mislead others

  • smugman
    smugman 3 months ago

    Why are bezels so bad?

  • delt
    delt 3 months ago

    that retracting camera, hmmm... at first look it's cool, but seems gimmicky and like it would be prone to break, or potentially have other problems (stuff getting in the way, stuck in the mechanism etc) ... and i also hate apple's notch, it's so annoying.
    Personally i'm perfectly fine with good old top/bottom border being big enough to accomodate the camera, ear piece, proximity sensor etc. Plus the (reasonably) bigger bottom border makes it easier for the thumb to reach the bottom of the screen when using with 1 hand.

  • Gravity Exility
    Gravity Exility 3 months ago +1

    1:22 aaaahhahahaahahahhahaahahaahhah

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 3 months ago

    I like bixby and my headphone jack. I like to listen to the radio.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    Bixby was better in the past, you would say the name of the app and it would open. Now we have to give entire commands, instead of just "Instagram" we have to say "Open Instagram", instead of just "Resolution" we have to say "Settings" and go manual from there. I don't know what the hell they were thinking, I used to love it, how with single words I could navigate my phone. It also in the past could answers questions with predefined words and was more customizable, now if you don't do exactly how the programmers want it, it will simply refuse to work.

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput
    Nenad ИС XC Shuput 3 months ago


  • Silvanna w
    Silvanna w 3 months ago

    Tear drop on my mate 20 x just fine

  • Haistakaa Vittu
    Haistakaa Vittu 3 months ago

    ...someone tell Me..Is this a Kidshow..?

  • BigBadBoogie
    BigBadBoogie 3 months ago +1

    = Face ID, Apple was NOT FIRST :D Oppo was LMFAO
    But I will give the ugly notch to Apple :D

    • Linton
      Linton Month ago

      It's not ugly if you get used to it. And a motorized camera can fail at any time.

  • Eddie Wao
    Eddie Wao 3 months ago

    There's the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 too

  • Bon Bonjovi
    Bon Bonjovi 3 months ago

    Iphone's face unlock is really cool. Just pick up the phone and swipe up and it unlocks. I had to check if my phone was locked when I first got it by having my buddy try to unlock it. That's how smooth it is. Oh yeah, Iphone XR was my was I phone since Iphone 4. Had Nokia Windows, Motox, Galaxy s6, 7, and 8 in between.

  • TechnoSharp
    TechnoSharp 3 months ago

    This fling gay

  • Nestor Camacho
    Nestor Camacho 3 months ago

    LOL Just learned that my Galaxy S9+ Netflix has HDR. I installed Netflix when I set it up, but have never bothered to use it until today and it looks freakin' awesome, so thanks for the info :-)

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 3 months ago

    I don't care about a phone that's all scream just as long as it's all Samsung

  • Aliena Marie
    Aliena Marie 3 months ago

    you lost me at no headphone jack

  • Hu Jack
    Hu Jack 3 months ago

    I would rather starve to die than buy Chinese phones
    Wow, look at the hidden camera

  • tristan 123455
    tristan 123455 3 months ago

    The thing that baffles me I'd why don't they put the on screen fingerprint because Oppo and vivo(and OnePlus) are from the same company

  • Rigel
    Rigel 3 months ago

    China blocks RU-clip, takes thar idea and makes their own version
    "Youku" which i mind you is one the shittiest website you can use
    You have to go through 1minute ad for a 10mins video and 30 for less

  • URL
    URL 4 months ago +1

    Lmao but if u check Jerry rig everything's video on this OPPO find X it's really weak

  • Joey Crysel
    Joey Crysel 4 months ago

    Can we just go back to having bezels? I mean this is getting dumb.

  • Rob Earls
    Rob Earls 4 months ago

    The problem with lift to wake combined with face unlock on Android, would be that you can get interactive notifications on the lock screen, which you may want to read without unlocking the screen. So the swipe is better.

  • zulu warrior
    zulu warrior 4 months ago

    Dude ur not funny

  • fl00d
    fl00d 4 months ago

    No headphone jack? No deal.

  • Serite Ross
    Serite Ross 4 months ago

    I actually like that. Minimal bezel without sacrificing the front facing camera. Although I prefer the entire top moving upward over just a tab moving.

  • Koriakinides
    Koriakinides 4 months ago

    3:48 St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków :) Kościół Mariacki

  • ASD - Bus 10
    ASD - Bus 10 4 months ago

    no Windows 9? no iPhone 9? well no 9...

  • Tammie Hanenburg
    Tammie Hanenburg 4 months ago

    Have U Looked Much at the Meiigoo?? The 1 with the Larger screen seems INCREDIBLE!! Can you Check That 1 out for me?? I've Subscribed.....

  • Cosmo John
    Cosmo John 4 months ago

    Can China see you via the front camera when you are masturbating over a porn video?

  • soap231
    soap231 4 months ago

    I like teardrop and mechanical camera

  • HealyHQ
    HealyHQ 4 months ago

    I suppose you can't use a case with a device that operates with such a mechanism, eh? It would block the camera from coming out.

  • Bill Knox
    Bill Knox 4 months ago

    Went to mass drop to check the headphones out they forcing me to sign up I don't want to sign up to shop I just want to shop no signup if I want you later

  • d novida
    d novida 4 months ago

    Great review

  • Joel Frese
    Joel Frese 4 months ago

    Cameras matter more.

  • Kosmo Kids TV
    Kosmo Kids TV 4 months ago +7

    Your iPhone is made in China as well.

    • Melvin Cordovez
      Melvin Cordovez 6 days ago

      Nice comments.
      Actually, almost every Gadget are made in China because of Super Cheap Labor. Maybe Slaves, because I think there's no Workers Rights on China...

    • Steven Jonh
      Steven Jonh 2 months ago

      Not only made in china the hardware and accessories are also made in china.

  • Ram G
    Ram G 5 months ago

    I had facial recognition on my lg v10, apple didn’t make Face ID, they merely “popularized” it but I still like the finger print scanner on the back instead.

  • יובל הרמן
    יובל הרמן 5 months ago +1

    Did I hear you say hotzpa?!

  • Rozarijo Rodin
    Rozarijo Rodin 5 months ago

    What is that ”Apple ”...?
    So ugly box with touch screen...
    Oppo and Vivo...some of the best device ever...for every pocket!

  • Oak Park
    Oak Park 5 months ago

    It would be really miserable, if there are only Chinese phones that I can afford to buy.

  • Giacinto Boccia
    Giacinto Boccia 5 months ago

    Vivo is the most interesting of those.

  • Dalena
    Dalena 5 months ago

    Why this idiot have to mention the product as Chinese?

  • nutiketgotc
    nutiketgotc 5 months ago +1

    all screen phones are just begging for accidental inputs along the sides. Makes the device useless.

    • Shane Murphy
      Shane Murphy 23 days ago

      nutiketgotc late comment, but they have accidental touch detection

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green 5 months ago

    I considering the #Alcatel5V as a backup but that has DUAL Sim. 💳😤📱

  • adeline w
    adeline w 5 months ago

    can you stop the camera from moving?

  • Jessica Horowitz
    Jessica Horowitz 5 months ago

    Time for Apple to stop the dividend to billionair investors and replenish the research and development department.

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin 5 months ago +1

    just put a small lcd on the back of the phone for selfies with the good cameras and clear up that damned screen

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    iPhone is crap!! I never bought it. its a useless plastic crap at the price of 4x. Only people with low iQ by an iPhone! its a proven study!

  • night blade
    night blade 5 months ago

    I like it

  • Adarsh Mishra
    Adarsh Mishra 5 months ago

    Well atleast the FBI can't see me with that hidden camrea thing😂

  • Boyi Bolomi
    Boyi Bolomi 5 months ago +1

    Oppo is on the wrong track.

  • Tyler Cat feline
    Tyler Cat feline 5 months ago +1

    There's a rumor that US government is gonna confiscate all Chinese phones from stores. Because of embedded spy chips . don't know if this is b.s.

    • Sanka Umize
      Sanka Umize 3 months ago

      Oppo find x snapdragon chipset own America company.

  • leo junior
    leo junior 5 months ago

    If anyone drops that oppo phone!That camera side is history dude.

  • Luke Beauchamp
    Luke Beauchamp 5 months ago

    I still don't know what Apple was thinking, turning an incomplete display into a status symbol.

  • sersys1
    sersys1 5 months ago +3

    I don't know what's the hype about the all screen phones. For one I'm not bothered by the unused space above the screen that takes speaker or camera at all. What does bother me is that all mainstream and powerful phones focus on aesthetics rather than features some industrial or non mainstream phones have like: stereo sound featured on razer's phone, heat vision on CAT, fm/am or even cb radios. It feels like everyone is racing apple heading in the wrong direction and are removing the phone jacks....

  • Top Dog
    Top Dog 5 months ago

    You should check out the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, it's the return of the slider phone(and it's amazing!)

  • Jevie Jarongay
    Jevie Jarongay 5 months ago

    If you don't like it. You could give it to me. I would really appreciate if you do that. 😍😍😍

  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green 5 months ago

    Why do you need more than one camera?

  • Frank C.
    Frank C. 5 months ago

    I've got a boner everytime I imagine you as a bottom

  • Z M
    Z M 5 months ago

    O Face. :)

  • maclennanld
    maclennanld 5 months ago +3

    The real trick is the camera sends data straight to the CCP for social credit evaluation

  • Manny
    Manny 5 months ago

    I guess we know why oppo stopped making dvd/bluray players now.

  • Kevin Stempien
    Kevin Stempien 5 months ago

    I would pay for a phone that made me make my "o face" to unlock the phone.

  • Gregory Newman
    Gregory Newman 5 months ago

    I think bezels are needed so your fingers donot activate screen icons accidentally.but they can be made smaller if done right.

  • Haas Claw // Megumin
    Haas Claw // Megumin 5 months ago

    Asians hate apple :/

    like me.

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 5 months ago

    It unlocks for your face. Does it unlock for faces it shouldn't unlock for?

  • thenormalyears
    thenormalyears 5 months ago

    its like headlights from the 80s

  • 拒摸
    拒摸 5 months ago +1

    it's c0py iphone.

  • Al Paca
    Al Paca 5 months ago

    You got something on your lens/sensor in the lower left corner of the shot through the whole video.

  • Han Vroman
    Han Vroman 5 months ago

    Chaotic presentation... Most viewers are not Englishmen, so it's harder for them to understand all you're saying...

  • Han Vroman
    Han Vroman 5 months ago +1

    What no headphone jack...?that's not a smartphone to me...

  • Thasnis Vang
    Thasnis Vang 5 months ago

    Chinese phone chicken shit meb.i use too bad .

  • Hikaru WDM
    Hikaru WDM 5 months ago

    I'm sticking with my note 4, it works and doesn't have any silly shit.

  • Ronnie McCann
    Ronnie McCann 5 months ago

    How annoying is somebody trying to be funny who clearly isn't?