Mo’ Mueller, Mo’ Problems: Trump Implicated in Multiple Felonies | The Daily Show

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • Robert Mueller and New York prosecutors issue sentencing memos for Michael Cohen that implicate President Trump in multiple felonies.
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Comments • 3 923

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 Month ago

    2019 and the libtards are silent. All walk in shame. All wrong all day.
    Great day for america.

    RUSH ARON Month ago

    ``````````````````2019 NO COLLUSON----------IT WAS ALWAYS A FAKE INVESTIGATION ______

  • Bryan Gentry
    Bryan Gentry 2 months ago

    This didn't age well. 🤡🌎

  • Lao Ma
    Lao Ma 2 months ago

    This dumbass piece of dirt does not know when to admit defeat. Having lied, spun, fakeked news and generally made a fool of himself over Mueller he is still at it. There are none so dumb as they who do not know it, and this ass is too stupid to know he has lost. He still has a job????Shame on his employers.

  • Swim ming
    Swim ming 2 months ago

    Mo’ Mueller Mo’ Problems
    The irony 😂

  • SleepyCreek
    SleepyCreek 2 months ago

    ...damn, it's dumb shit like this that will just get him re-elected!

  • Speed King
    Speed King 2 months ago +4

    Now instead of laughing with Trevor, people laugh at Trevor for these Mueller digs.
    So funny!

  • Rob Gardner
    Rob Gardner 2 months ago

    Pretty embarrassing.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 2 months ago

    Things that didnt age well.

  • Ben Santoyo
    Ben Santoyo 2 months ago +1

    The mueller report is out.

  • wranglerman270
    wranglerman270 2 months ago +1

    'You know its true because people on tv are saying it'- Trevor's Noah baaaa

  • SuperDrumwolf
    SuperDrumwolf 2 months ago +1

    well, as usual you got it all fucked up Trevor, hahahahahaha NO collusion, the liberal media is THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  • Asher Pollan
    Asher Pollan 2 months ago

    Been over 3 months since this happened... Motherfucker is STILL in office with no consequences... AND he's been caught doing EVEN MORE stupid shit.

  • 88TheGmoney
    88TheGmoney 2 months ago

    So like now we know it’s not true right?????

  • Dennis Blair
    Dennis Blair 3 months ago +2

    You libtards are so funny. It's so much fun seeing you believe all the media lies and swallowing them whole. Liberals are a weird species. LOL

  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith 3 months ago

    Could this be called, The black curtain of america?

  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith 3 months ago

    I have started to study profiled....the many similarities of these insane white men! It is amazing.

  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith 3 months ago

    I have seen all the Criminal Intent - this has become a fascinating uncovering of the minds of white men in American History. I watch all of them.

  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor! The correct word is Premeditatd, means to plan every safeguard of schandalous behavior that could throw him out of the race!

  • Samael Terringam
    Samael Terringam 3 months ago

    any chance for more trump free shows?

  • Sohail Ansar
    Sohail Ansar 3 months ago

    I am least interested in American politics but I watch every episode of daily show just because of Trevor Noah

  • Zz Greg
    Zz Greg 3 months ago

    Trump Slime Clan = CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE

  • B Jvu
    B Jvu 3 months ago

    Driver monitoring
    Conventional in-vehicle monitoring systems generally use a single camera to analyze a driver’s face for drowsiness or distraction while more recent systems monitor the driver as well as the front passenger but require several cameras. Mitsubishi Electric has refined this concept by developing a technology that uses just one wide-angle camera to identify both face and hand gestures of driver and passenger, enabling a range of safety and personalization features at lower cost. Features in development include monitoring upper body position to detect slumping or collapsing in order to identify medical emergencies - critical as we evolve toward the self-driving car.

  • yoosuf Mughal
    yoosuf Mughal 3 months ago

    Not surprised

  • Alisha Thompson Steel
    Alisha Thompson Steel 3 months ago

    Omg he's funny

  • John Bai
    John Bai 4 months ago +2

    this video didn't age well...
    keep believing the conspiracy theories, lefties jajajajaja

  • dare d
    dare d 4 months ago

    What's going to be really fun, is when Trump put's half the democrat party in prison, including obama and clinton, and I will come back here, and dissect every one of you communist insects and have fun pointing out that your intelligence and self awareness = ZERO

  • LaToya
    LaToya 4 months ago

    I feel like I'm watching Scandal.

  • ariespiscismj
    ariespiscismj 4 months ago

    That only means three things: HIGH CORRUPTION in the Congress; Trump is the ANTICHRIST and they are his demons; Russia or Putin is controlling everything threatening and the Republicans are so cowards and are involved in that treason, corruption, FRAUD and THEFT

    • ariespiscismj
      ariespiscismj 2 months ago

      I see many hypocrisy here. And I don't like the Hypocrisy. But I say the truth. Soon all of you who are celebrating with these demons and Antichrist will be crying and destroyed. Because they are the EVIL in the Earth. Look all of you who are right now acting as corrupt liar criminals. And GOD doesn't support that. All of you are lying and being Hypocrite. But GOD let me know how all of you will be destroyed. I could see the WH and the Oval destroyed and USA will be attacked and many Americans will be dying and living in the street. Soon all these demons will show their nails and all of you will be acting as criminal and assassins. But GOD will destroy all of you, who now call yourselves Christians. Christians that will be crying and screaming with a lot of painful in the HELL with all these demons mocking of all you as all you are mocking of others. The other ones are more close to GOD than all of you acting as corrupt liar criminals. All you criminal behavior will bring your own destruction.

    • Swim ming
      Swim ming 2 months ago



  • Kakae
    Kakae 4 months ago

    you guys stole the script for these events from BR. that's cool

  • Kerye Eastin
    Kerye Eastin 4 months ago

    May.. May.. He may have repercussion... 👀 right.....

  • Jared Hayden
    Jared Hayden 5 months ago

    Brining racism into the factor in every single episode

  • Jared Hayden
    Jared Hayden 5 months ago

    I dare this dude to go into an interview with any other network besides the one he works for

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 5 months ago +1

    Please send him to prison. Please.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 5 months ago

    It makes sense! Like I said, why the heck did they vote for him?

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt 5 months ago

    giving money to your mistress is not a crime

  • Juan Fontanez
    Juan Fontanez 5 months ago

    Mueller sent four innocent Boston men to federal prison for over a decade, the four men were awarded 100million dollars for the wrongful conviction, but whatever just saying.

  • Normund
    Normund 5 months ago

    I dont see anyone better taking Trumps spot atm. soooo yeah.

  • Force Of Will
    Force Of Will 5 months ago

    "Real jail time". For a rich guy? You wish.

  • Mojig Brown
    Mojig Brown 5 months ago

    If Trump goes to prision mark my words I will form a group to break him out. But he won't go to jail. He is untouchable. Best president ever 😎 GO HEMP

  • Mojig Brown
    Mojig Brown 5 months ago


  • Gonzo Buddy
    Gonzo Buddy 5 months ago

    Being that 70,000+ indictments for the criminal Leftists are being delivered as I type, the delusional dumbocraps and lunatic libtards are fabricating any hoax they can in the attempt of drawing attention away from themselves.
    In 10 months of extensive investigation there is not one single thread of corruption in Trump. However The evidence against the left is coming in by the jet full :)
    Keep living in leftist fantasy land as soon you will receive a massive slap of reality.

  • N S
    N S 5 months ago

    Treasons Greetings!
    Have a Mueller Christmas!

  • Vincent Meyer
    Vincent Meyer 5 months ago

    What is hush money?

  • Caroline Apodaca
    Caroline Apodaca 5 months ago

    Trumps more likely to be the first president to run to another country to avoid jail. Recommend keeping an eye out that he doesn't start moving assets offshores and sets up his business to run it from a non-extradition country like Russia.

  • P4OUR
    P4OUR 5 months ago

    Why do republicans make the most incomparable, comparisons THE WORLD HAS EVER WITNESSED? Nothing alike… one could be forgetting something that led to a violation, the other, a felonious campaign money pay off in the hundreds of thousands! NOT EVEN IN THE SAME BALLPARK!

  • Alkamba Express
    Alkamba Express 5 months ago

    I was on the phone with my mom before watching this video and I'm dying of laughter right now!!!

  • Zivan _
    Zivan _ 5 months ago

    Kind of ironic he keeps on saying that Hillary is a criminal

  • Casper Berggreen
    Casper Berggreen 5 months ago

    Wow - Blackies really get money for talking and not sports 👍🏾

  • BaldingClamydia
    BaldingClamydia 5 months ago

    3:18 don't say that! He will start plotting to be president forever! He's already "joked" about it....

  • Robin Mackintosh
    Robin Mackintosh 5 months ago

    TERRORIST Donald HITLER TRAMP colludes everyday with Puton, the reporter Killer and north Korean president.

  • levi v
    levi v 5 months ago

    How is he considered news he’s so ignorant and thought of impeachment is never happening keep dreaming snowflakes ❄️

  • Terry Grant
    Terry Grant 5 months ago

    The President has been living rent free in Trevor's head for 2 years. Multiple felonies? Campaign finance? Obama's a felon? FEC fined him $375K in 2008 for false reporting.

  • Danish Hariz
    Danish Hariz 5 months ago

    When was the last time an American President went to jail? Davis Jefferson?

  • Martin Acosta
    Martin Acosta 5 months ago

    here trying to figure how much money you will have to get paid to have sex with him, i mean, i am pretty sure everyone have a number but for him....... mmmm.... it most be a freaking big number to even consider hahaha

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor
    HoneySiegalSurvivor 5 months ago

    NY AG forcing Trump Charity to dissolve due to "Shocking Pattern of Illegality" Honey R Siegal Stober 12/19/2018 Day 3095 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove&Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, Trump et al. Cannot wait until I am made whole and restore the former Republic & fire Trump. See

  • chinchenping
    chinchenping 6 months ago +1

    everytime i hear about Muller's investigation, i have to remind myself... oh yea, Muller is actually republican... there ARE some decent republicans

  • Ystopnow
    Ystopnow 6 months ago

    I figured out what is wrong with Trump after watching Springsteen on Netflix. Trump is the antithesis of Bruce Springsteen; the anti-Bruce. He hasn't got one iota of Rock and Roll anywhere in his entire personality. He has no idea what cool is nor where to get it. Trump is the uncoolest being in the universe. He just doesn't get the Rock and Roll spirit of America and is opposed to it most likely. Anyone who likes Trump doesn't fully understand Springsteen or Rock for that matter. Trump is un-American in that sense.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 6 months ago

    Channel ban requested.

  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 6 months ago

    We keep hearing about all the criminal charges, when will he have to pay for what he has done, and continues to do!! AND if he does go to prison, it will be one of those Country Club Prisons that they have for the RICH and FAMOUS, too bad he won't become someone's bitch just so he knows how it feels to be screwed over and over again!

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 6 months ago

    When you get tired of the lies and the photoshopping, watch Fox & Friends in the morning for the truth.

  • Charles Pieters
    Charles Pieters 6 months ago

    Old fake news as usual. Did Ocasio lend you her eyes ?

  • LHCreeper
    LHCreeper 6 months ago

    Its inDUHvidual 1

    read Scott Adams

  • shiek rabbani
    shiek rabbani 6 months ago

    I am from Melbourne Australia and I got all the news from my friends around the world about trump and putin of Russia who put trump in that chair today but trump crossed putin so badly by putting sansaction of Russia which putin didn't expected ? SO trump had to pay the big price for crossing putin and trump will be fucked ? I knew it from the beginning that trump will lose the election unless putin helps him but most americans people are stupids and fools. In the trade war between china and usa ,Russia gave china full support and ideas what to do with usa?

  • rob rob
    rob rob 6 months ago

    Politics and Porn,what a wonderful President America has! Id rather have a cockroach as President than this lowlife asshole!!!

  • Copper Rabbit
    Copper Rabbit 6 months ago

    The most boring show on earth now.

  • Nick Nerness
    Nick Nerness 6 months ago

    Victory nuggets actually sound pretty good right now.

  • dib07ce
    dib07ce 6 months ago +1

    Aren't past presidents able to have a secret security detail for the remainder of their lives? what do they do when Trump goes to prison? Do they go with him and protect him? Take shanks for him when he tries to make ramen noodle deals which bankrupt his cell block? this needs to be a show go!

  • Ms. Puff's YouTube Account

    talk show hosts need to be executed

  • Jeremy Mettler
    Jeremy Mettler 6 months ago

    America is in deep shit is none just wormy ass fake ass dumbass Americans don't know wtf Americans are first amendment and difference between news free press and state run not Americans news worms

  • Nerfgunner 360
    Nerfgunner 360 6 months ago

    This guy's a legend

  • scudrunner5
    scudrunner5 6 months ago

    lol 😂 it’s been 2 years of this and the guy is still president! obviously this is fake news! good times for comedians though!

  • Tone tele
    Tone tele 6 months ago

    Go back to where u came from u stupid wanna be immigrant

  • Tone tele
    Tone tele 6 months ago

    Fake news

  • Olga Orsini
    Olga Orsini 6 months ago

    God is in control of His last Trumpet,get it!!!😂🤗😇

  • Matthew John
    Matthew John 6 months ago

    The stupid thing is, he likely would of won the election even with the stories of these affairs. Low voter turn out=republican win, no other reason for trumps win.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 6 months ago

    Trump is invincible us... Don't be a fool
    You can't kill Satan, only God can

  • Nathan Hansle
    Nathan Hansle 6 months ago

    This was cringe af.

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 6 months ago

    How are you even on TV dude you are such a joke. As fake as done lemon and Chris cuomo

  • Lil Doc Davis
    Lil Doc Davis 6 months ago

    I love this Guy!

  • K Face
    K Face 6 months ago

    Media: Individual 0 was no hero. She blamed Russia for her loss at the elections. Founded ISIS and wrote a book about it's foundations.

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 6 months ago

    "don't come in mom, i am learning about the president" xD

  • Getajob5150
    Getajob5150 6 months ago

    Where are the crimes. LIBTARDS get your CRY CLOSETS ready, NDA are not criminal. As far as campaign contributions guess who paid a 2 MILLION DOLLAR FINE, that's right your boy BARRY OBAMA. Trump did lie , he said I would get tired of winning, IM NOT bitches

  • Sr. Chiqi Tibum
    Sr. Chiqi Tibum 6 months ago

    Wait, why is this a felony? Can someone explain this?

  • Lanora Ruiz
    Lanora Ruiz 6 months ago

    I noticed they called him mister and do not president, a Freudian slip maybe?

  • yuthefL erlim
    yuthefL erlim 6 months ago

    Don’t forget who Vice President is

  • Trucker TRAY
    Trucker TRAY 6 months ago +1

    Trumps a racist and all his voters are racist, can't wait for him to be put in prison with the crips an bloods.Felons belong togather.😐😐😐

  • Outside the box
    Outside the box 6 months ago

    Captain America Civil War coming soon...

  • Charles Walker
    Charles Walker 6 months ago

    Surely you got him this time right? All of Washington DC is utterly corrupt. Trump is the least of them.

  • Sam Treloar
    Sam Treloar 6 months ago

    I find it is easier not to hold any political views or discuss anything to do with the topic with anybody, it saves everybody a lot of harsh and unfair words.

  • mark smith
    mark smith 6 months ago

    The daily douche bag

  • Dorrene M
    Dorrene M 6 months ago


  • K Haynes
    K Haynes 6 months ago

    That is a bell!
    Yes you can tell
    All seems to say
    Today is the day!
    Christmas is here!
    Bringing good cheer!
    To young and old,
    To meek and bold.
    Ding dong ding dong
    Cohen sings a song
    With joyful sing
    Flynn’s caroling.
    One seems to fear
    Truth draws so near
    From everywhere
    Filling the air!
    Oh, Sarah’s sound
    lies that abound
    O’er hill and dale
    Weaving a tale
    Believe not a thing
    That orange cults sing
    Their songs are of fear
    Christmas is here!
    Have a Mueller, Mueller, Mueller Christmas!
    Have a Mueller, Mueller, Mueller Christmas! 🎄

  • Zachary Gallups
    Zachary Gallups 6 months ago

    You have single handedly ruined the daily show

  • Jonathan Arnold
    Jonathan Arnold 6 months ago

    What prison would any president ever go to...really?? And if anyone can make a deal.. it's the "D"

  • Jonathan Arnold
    Jonathan Arnold 6 months ago

    Lol.. my Mom does that too. I thought it was just her..

  • Kevin Holdorff
    Kevin Holdorff 6 months ago

    Wow , 3 years and still trying and crying and crying and crying ... WE LOVE TO WATCH YOU CRY!!!!! Good luck. Maybe by year 8 of the Trump administration you’ll be tired of failing to bring a good man down. But watching you cry everyday makes America Great Again

  • Lucky CharlieHD
    Lucky CharlieHD 6 months ago

    Yes, we get it... you wouldn't have a Comedy Job if Trump was not President...

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones 6 months ago +1

    So tired of people... the same ones who rallied for Clinton to be impeached because of his affair as the same ones saying “locker room talk is ok, his personal life is his personal life...”

  • FredyE11
    FredyE11 6 months ago +1

    Clearly the hush money didn't work tho 😂