Building a PC with my 3 Year Old... Again!

  • Published on Apr 3, 2018
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  • Sir Dragon
    Sir Dragon Hour ago


  • ROXAL m2
    ROXAL m2 6 hours ago

    I feel really bad for Linus .this must be extremely frustrating.

  • swiftlol
    swiftlol 7 hours ago

    3 year old : builds 2 pcs.
    me a 14 year old: building my first pc next week

  • rip off mongra
    rip off mongra 7 hours ago

    Linus:Do you want me too live?

    Daughter:No fanks

  • Stefan Weidenaar
    Stefan Weidenaar 9 hours ago

    My kid did 4 mln views lets make another one

  • Quentin Arrius
    Quentin Arrius 10 hours ago

    Ooh to build a compiuteuw
    You bet...
    Cuteness overload.

  • GPU
    GPU 11 hours ago

    a 3 year old rocking a gtx 1080 ti whiles i rock intel hd..umm noo thankss..

  • SamuraiPanda
    SamuraiPanda 12 hours ago

    Sooo cute

  • TeeThePenguin!
    TeeThePenguin! 23 hours ago

    Few weeks ago Linus harrassed Intel
    Intel sponsers Linus??

  • Army X Blink
    Army X Blink Day ago

    Being a father is hard

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S Day ago

    Cute daughter Linus.. makes me wish you were my dad because that is a sweet rig.

  • Született Gamer

    This kid will be a professional gamer and pc builder one day

    DGVEGA Day ago

    Who dislikes a video of a father and his daughter building a pc together???


    Adopt me Linus

  • Arin Sajwan
    Arin Sajwan Day ago

    wait last time it was a boy but now its a girl and it says son?

  • tacodude man
    tacodude man Day ago +1

    When a 3 year old does a better job building a pc than the verge.

  • OfficialAlt
    OfficialAlt Day ago +3

    hOw DaRE yOu AsSumE heR colOr prEfrEncE iTs 2019

  • Ammon Krraw
    Ammon Krraw Day ago

    Bruh I'm pretty sure long term memory isn't until after 4 or so.

  • James Roggy
    James Roggy Day ago

    the future of the channel is saved shes takes after her mum were saved

  • ItsJackandocky
    ItsJackandocky 2 days ago

    Omg her pc is better than mine. Oh fuck

  • Tanvir Hassan
    Tanvir Hassan 2 days ago

    No offense its to heavy xD

  • Khyles Gibrian Ramos

    "Screw this", " Now screw that"
    Apparently Linus have been doing a bad job at parenting

  • MrRehd
    MrRehd 2 days ago +1

    This is how much times she said
    No Thanks

  • Allison A
    Allison A 2 days ago


    • Allison A
      Allison A 2 days ago


    DEE-YLAN 2 days ago


  • Arthur Cabral
    Arthur Cabral 3 days ago

    Looking back at this now... She is better at pc building than Dennis

  • ItsMarkosPlays YT
    ItsMarkosPlays YT 3 days ago

    This is so cute!

  • TTV Sparrow
    TTV Sparrow 3 days ago

    *_N O F A N K S_*

  • Kirati Tekunin
    Kirati Tekunin 3 days ago

    Linus: look at the intel 9x core 999990000 processor
    Girl: I'm sorry but I do not speak you language

  • krish dave
    krish dave 3 days ago

    That girl is lucky

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 3 days ago

    What a slut!

  • Dutch Republic MappingTM

    She is so cute!!! Still my computer is shit.

  • Heisenshudder
    Heisenshudder 3 days ago

    Best Father 2018 :P

  • Robloxian aviyator
    Robloxian aviyator 3 days ago

    Linus: this will take years
    Me: gimme dat after finishing
    Linus’s daughter: yAs tfAnKts

  • Robloxian aviyator
    Robloxian aviyator 3 days ago

    Want a zillion dollars and PCs

    Nooo FTANKS

  • Kaleb Choi
    Kaleb Choi 3 days ago

    she's like Ah i get it not

  • Dat Sun
    Dat Sun 3 days ago

    I knew his kids where halflings, I just knew it.

  • Layton Wilson
    Layton Wilson 3 days ago

    First time being jealous of an 3 year old

  • Chrono Marle
    Chrono Marle 3 days ago

    1:13 Linus’s daughter knows how to screw

  • Japie_
    Japie_ 4 days ago

    It is 1 o clock in the night, I am drinking beer from a 1 liter blik and I am watching a 3 year old building a computer. How did i got here?

  • Adisun Wiedower
    Adisun Wiedower 4 days ago

    What is that case name

  • prince - roblox & more

    Holy a 1080ti i9 watercooled and saying no thanks

  • Gergő Czikora
    Gergő Czikora 4 days ago

    she is better pc builder than verge

  • Johnatan Rodríguez
    Johnatan Rodríguez 4 days ago

    His daughter has a PC better than mine😢

  • Hydan
    Hydan 5 days ago +1

    Child labour at its finest

  • EpicStarz_ Gamez
    EpicStarz_ Gamez 5 days ago

    Aw so cute u are a great father

  • GMG Jeff
    GMG Jeff 5 days ago

    Gtx 1080ti isn't one of the most powerful gpu's there are gpu's like titan rtx/v and quadro 8000

    • GMG Jeff
      GMG Jeff 5 days ago

      Also rtx 2080 and 2080ti

  • sid x8
    sid x8 5 days ago

    I just like how a 3 year old has million times better pc than me and I'm in collage

  • William Thurban
    William Thurban 5 days ago +1

    No thanks

  • Someday Everyday
    Someday Everyday 5 days ago


  • smekker the modder
    smekker the modder 6 days ago

    A spoiled canadian kid gets a gaming rig.
    A romanian kid gets a pentium 4 potato.
    The spoiled canadian kid : no fAnks
    The romanian kid: im so gratefull for getting my first pc.
    The romanian kid's parents : fuk we took another credit.

  • Jakub Kudlacik
    Jakub Kudlacik 6 days ago

    1:56 I am her "FAN" HAHHAHAHAH I find myself hilarious.

  • Supur Gogetuh
    Supur Gogetuh 6 days ago +1

    Fricking ungrateful spawn of evil, throw her back into the abyss where she came from.

  • Jose
    Jose 6 days ago

    The computer is one of the best one you made like the fans

  • UniversalDoge
    UniversalDoge 6 days ago

    3 year old gatta better pc than me

  • Dion Piggott
    Dion Piggott 7 days ago

    "No thanks" line in this segment...

  • Vez Legit
    Vez Legit 7 days ago +1

    Omfg she’s so fucking adorable

    NEMICNATS , 7 days ago

    When I was her age I was not even able to say no thanks properly

  • Magic_Doge
    Magic_Doge 7 days ago +1

    when a 3 year old has a better pc than everyone in your school

    • Stanley2000
      Stanley2000 6 days ago

      Why did you comment this 3 times

  • Magic_Doge
    Magic_Doge 7 days ago

    when a 3 year old has a better pc than everyone in your school

  • Magic_Doge
    Magic_Doge 7 days ago

    when a 3 year old has a better pc than everyone in your school

  • Bugatti Boy
    Bugatti Boy 7 days ago

    She speaks nice for a 3 year old Linus what a polite daughter

  • 일품고기
    일품고기 7 days ago


  • Slav Pepe
    Slav Pepe 7 days ago

    To everyone who says linus is wasting money he has a multi million dollar company and he has $5 million. How I know this? Googling his net worth

  • sTaTiic_ Alsanist
    sTaTiic_ Alsanist 7 days ago +1

    She clearly doesn't want to be near technology, but it's cute to see here say no fwanks

  • Walter Legere
    Walter Legere 7 days ago

    Absolutely adorable!!! Child is a peach!!!

  • [CGM] Sleo
    [CGM] Sleo 8 days ago

    Dad of the year goes to linus

  • YH3
    YH3 8 days ago

    She is very cute

  • Sebastian RC
    Sebastian RC 8 days ago

    This is the cutest video i’ve seen

  • Exo_ ShocKz
    Exo_ ShocKz 8 days ago

    2:28 cause she knows what that is lmao😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cao LU
    Cao LU 8 days ago

    So cute

  • WLG
    WLG 8 days ago

    I never knew a computer video would be so cute.

  • WLG
    WLG 8 days ago

    Linus can you adopt me

  • andy scott
    andy scott 8 days ago

    This three year old running a machine better than 95% of people 😂😂

  • exotiic_statics
    exotiic_statics 8 days ago

    She so cute

  • Arun Mani
    Arun Mani 8 days ago

    *Linus when he's old *
    Daughter: Dad sit down I have to tell you something it's important......
    I'm switching to Mac
    Linus : Baby why!!? Where did I go wrong!!?

  • Charbel Kobersy
    Charbel Kobersy 9 days ago

    2:22 He tell her that is special like she would know

  • Zato Zatoichi
    Zato Zatoichi 9 days ago +1


  • Blue Eye Woodworking

    She applies thermal paste way better than a few guys from the verge!

  • husnain wali
    husnain wali 9 days ago


  • MeDontKnowYou
    MeDontKnowYou 10 days ago

    Linus @ the end; no fanks to my daughter

  • Dann -y
    Dann -y 10 days ago

    I like ur son better cuz ur daughters a lazy ass

  • Ja'Tae Fordham
    Ja'Tae Fordham 10 days ago

    she will be watching bubble guppies 4K in no time XD

  • 彡lonely彡girigiridhar

    So cute😍😍😍

  • Abdullah Abubakr
    Abdullah Abubakr 10 days ago

    She sounds just like Alex the lion as a child

  • Abdullah Al Abir
    Abdullah Al Abir 10 days ago

    Still your son has double views in his build.

  • Anthony Huang
    Anthony Huang 10 days ago

    I want to be adopted by Linus

  • Or9ng
    Or9ng 10 days ago

    Its weird seeing linus talk so quietly

  • Micro Green
    Micro Green 10 days ago

    Sad Linus

  • Hurt Locker
    Hurt Locker 10 days ago

    screw this, screw that!

  • Patrick Chiu
    Patrick Chiu 11 days ago +4

    3:40 daughter spills thermal compound over a $1000 cpu.
    Linus: *GREAT JOB HONEY* (sarcastically)

  • Joaquin Badiang
    Joaquin Badiang 11 days ago

    I bet it doesn’t run coolmath

  • AFK JJ
    AFK JJ 11 days ago


  • Gallons Of Milk Gaming

    Linus' daughter : gives up
    Linus : grabs another three year old

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook 11 days ago

    "So, this is the only board on the market that can take an 18 core extreme edition and put it in a tiny little case, like this."
    A part of me is thinking does he really think she understands what he's talking about or is he playing it for laughs? This is in light of all of Linus's bad jokes.

  • Skully
    Skully 11 days ago

    Not Linus’s kids at 3: Building With Legos
    Linus’s kids at 3: Building A Pc

  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 11 days ago

    Awwwww... Great video, great daughter, and great rig.

    Just don't assume the colour preference next time. Blue > pink.

  • Seth Chapman
    Seth Chapman 12 days ago

    If you disliked this I’m sorry but Amara ate your soul.

  • i am venomous
    i am venomous 12 days ago

    Canasian 3 year old is sooooo cute

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller 13 days ago

    I wish my 3 year old was this polite