My Horoscope Picks My Nail Art ~*~⚖️Libra Season⚖️~*~

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • My horoscope said this video will get 1 Million views
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    ♥ Protective Peel liquid latex
    ♥ Unicorn Skins: 👀
    ♥ Dotting tools:
    Nail art brushes:
    ♥ Crazy glue: (used in place of nail glue I couldn't find for rhinestones, to me they're basically the same, just be careful not to glue fingers together, and do not use glue directly on nail, only on top of layers of polish)
    ♥ Rhinestones:
    ♥ Rhinestone picker tool:
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical  Month ago +11505

    All the dislikes are Aries

  • Eva Moutsi
    Eva Moutsi Day ago

    Where all my Taurus ♉️ ppl at?

  • KawaiiPotato
    KawaiiPotato Day ago

    Peel me like one of your french tips

  • QwQ_Yeet_Cats 9874
    QwQ_Yeet_Cats 9874 Day ago +1

    Im libra my bday is September 30th 2009

  • Owl Gaming
    Owl Gaming Day ago

    I’m an Aries and my bestfriend is a Libra

  • Nova Breyers
    Nova Breyers Day ago +1

    I only have 8 subscribers. I want to GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

  • Lizbeth Gomez
    Lizbeth Gomez Day ago

    Ch is in the spanish alphabet

  • Andreea 's story

    September 23 its my birth day and ai am a libra

  • Dakota The Trick Dog

    Everybody: Birthday
    Christine: *birfday*

  • TheSaltyandSad
    TheSaltyandSad Day ago

    I’m really into this shit and have been since middle school, my first tattoo is a matching tattoo i have with my brother of our sign....

    so how am I JUST now learning my ruling planet (Taurus) is the same as libra???

  • *Devin*
    *Devin* Day ago

    Ummm did she just eat the nail polish of the dotting tool??😂

  • Crystal _iceplayzzz
    Crystal _iceplayzzz 2 days ago

    Any saggitauris's?

  • MelodyGames 10
    MelodyGames 10 2 days ago

    I kinda wish she added gems for the stars on the constellation

  • Angel Lilly
    Angel Lilly 2 days ago

    When your allergic to latex but wanna do nail art like her

  • Pauline Litzler
    Pauline Litzler 2 days ago

    Manilus : "... Libra was the sign "in which the seasons are balanced.""
    Cristine : "Well that's definitely not in Canada."
    My thought exactly when I heard that sentence ^^

  • Maya V.
    Maya V. 2 days ago

    I too, have a funny story.

    So in Mexico, where my family is from, you can buy syringes at drugstores and stuff. Since my grandma is an architect, when she makes models of houses, she puts the glue in a syringe for better control. When my uncle was in architecture school, he was making a model for a class, and he was really tired, and he had the syringe ready when he fell asleep. He accidentally stuck the syringe in his finger and had a bump there for three years.

  • Nicole Masaki
    Nicole Masaki 2 days ago

    What website did you use to find the professions? I'm so curious what it thinks mine is

  • Cadence Hyde
    Cadence Hyde 2 days ago

    Cristine: "What? Self indulgent?"
    Me: *looks at all 2,000 nail polishes

  • XxLemonTeaxX
    XxLemonTeaxX 2 days ago

    UwU I'm a libra too

  • Ava Tasevski
    Ava Tasevski 2 days ago

    Wʜᴏ ᴀʀᴇ ᴀ ᴛᴀᴜʀᴜs♉️🙋🏼‍♀️ ɪ ᴀᴍ

  • Lexi Sookdeo
    Lexi Sookdeo 2 days ago

    I swear the music sounds like stranger things

  • Haven and Quinn's World


  • Nicola Bepainted
    Nicola Bepainted 3 days ago

    Did anybody else notice she missed a main star in the constellation ??

  • Mary Joyce Malicdem
    Mary Joyce Malicdem 3 days ago

    cristine: im not materialistic, i think im not a libra
    me: look behind you

  • shivsupreme_79
    shivsupreme_79 3 days ago


  • Kaitlyn White
    Kaitlyn White 3 days ago

    Please do these for all the zodiacs because I love this so much 😍

  • Love living the Dream

    I’m an Aries I love you’er

  • xX*MoonFall*Xx FullStar

    Boi my sister and mum are Pisces =3 and I am a Libra and my Cat

  • Prismzz -
    Prismzz - 3 days ago

    Hey I’m an Aries, and I love u vids, and I have a cato:(

  • Aleana Ghattas
    Aleana Ghattas 3 days ago

    She started talking about ad sense and an ad interrupted her - at least for me lol

  • Tracie Galante
    Tracie Galante 3 days ago

    I love you

  • Eeshanee Sharma
    Eeshanee Sharma 3 days ago

    Would love your launch in India aswell

  • Sayge Mares-McCray
    Sayge Mares-McCray 3 days ago

    im a libra

  • Fiona Schindl
    Fiona Schindl 3 days ago +1

    Wait has anyone noticed that the cat clock's colour changes in between videos?! It was always black, now it's this purple colour and in the reverse nail art video it was white and red - (cue music) what's going on?

  • Mad Peacock
    Mad Peacock 3 days ago

    I sort of wish she would do her take on all the horoscopes -sincerely a Taurus

  • hungrypikachu135
    hungrypikachu135 4 days ago +4

    Cristine: *_"I'm not self indulgent!!?"_*
    *>has an entire wall of nail polish behind her*
    You sure bout that?

  • Rae Millard
    Rae Millard 4 days ago

    Please please do all the signs!!

  • BloodShed Karma
    BloodShed Karma 4 days ago +1

    Ayye where my libra fam at! ♎️

  • Kiyara Johnston
    Kiyara Johnston 4 days ago

    Libra gang where you at? 🙋‍♀️

  • QueenOfDrangleic
    QueenOfDrangleic 4 days ago

    i'm sexually attracted to this music. Whats the name?

  • ItzYöGürlRåyRåy
    ItzYöGürlRåyRåy 4 days ago

    im aries♈ april babyyy

  • AlliePlaysMinecraft
    AlliePlaysMinecraft 4 days ago +1

    I’m a Libra lol

  • Natalina Branco
    Natalina Branco 4 days ago

    And the ad that played was about Saint Seya, Knights of the Zodiac 🤣🤣🤣 Perfect

  • Nightwolf Draws
    Nightwolf Draws 4 days ago

    Well I’m a Leo

    LAYA BABU 4 days ago

    im a ''Ben''

  • Frogger Tube
    Frogger Tube 4 days ago

    B-but im a cancer....◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

  • Michelle
    Michelle 5 days ago

    3:51 *cries in Taurus*

  • Epic gamer
    Epic gamer 5 days ago

    Am I the only person who only knows the different zodiac signs because if the anime fairytail and Lucy's keys?

  • Maple Fame
    Maple Fame 5 days ago

    I’m a Pisces 😔

  • Mainao12 RBLX
    Mainao12 RBLX 5 days ago

    I googled what month Beyyyyynnnnn was born and it said that he is an Aries

  • Evie H
    Evie H 5 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice that Cristine used the crystal katana?

  • loli tato
    loli tato 6 days ago

    Im a libra too my dude october 20

  • Maria Sahagun
    Maria Sahagun 6 days ago

    Patiently waiting for the unicorn skin polish she used.... 👀

  • ambersdoingsomeing withherlife

    I want to grow my channel

  • Glaceon Feather
    Glaceon Feather 6 days ago

    if u aren’t ur sun sign, look up ur moon sign with ur birthday, it will be ur other sign and that could possibly be more relatable to u than libra.
    my sun sign is gemini and my moon sign is scorpio but i am more like gemini

  • Faridah Othman
    Faridah Othman 6 days ago


  • Fishy Productions
    Fishy Productions 6 days ago

    I am a pieces with an aquamarine birthstone, and personality, I love water and fish, and pieces is a fish

  • Annie Boo16
    Annie Boo16 6 days ago

    What is the site you used for the colours and the other information?

  • Samantha Winton
    Samantha Winton 6 days ago +1

    I am a ♍️ virgo

  • İlayda Baykul
    İlayda Baykul 6 days ago

    3:12 Oh!~ Finally, something I know!

    There is a "Chh" sounded letter in the alphabet! (well at least in the Turkish alphabet) and it is *drum roll please* "ç".
    And even the word tea is actually with "ç" in Turkish = Çay.

    Plus, (just because I am Turkish I am giving that extra information) there is "Shh" and "Au" or "Ua" (there is no way to read it as a sound cause it is soft g we just say it soft g it makes the letter extend) letters too. They are "ş" and "ğ". For a better explanation for soft g "ğ" we don't have any word starts with soft g because there can't be one, cause we can not read it. It is a connective letter.

    Also, we have two "i" which one of them has dot one of them hasn't= ı/I and i/İ. "ı" sound is in "Tractor"'s "tr" but without "t" and "r" sound it's like the middle actually in Turkish it is "Tıraktör" so in English "ı" sound just swallowed up but we say it
    . "i" is the same with English "i".

    And for last, there are also "ö" and "ü". For example them... We can say u in "urgent" is read as "ö" and for "ü" we can say the "u" in "uber" is read as "ü".

    Free knowledge for everybody.