Stephen Turnor - The Art Tutor - Liquid Acrylic Film Technique


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  • Raven Faith Barnett
    Raven Faith Barnett Год назад

    Are you the grandfather of acrylic pouring?

  • valipafos
    valipafos Год назад

    You are so talented, I would love to be able to do what you have just done. Do you add water to the acrylics and there was on part where it seemed that you added a splodge of alcohol or similar because the paint exploded.I hope we see more of you on youtube

  • Sally Foley
    Sally Foley Год назад +1


  • F.I.N.E Forever Is Not Enough
    F.I.N.E Forever Is Not Enough Год назад

    This was the 1st poured painting I ever saw and now every bored middle aged housewife and retiree have magically turned into "artists". The sad part is they are probably making more $$ than a lot of career artists. Lol. You should come back & claim your thrown.

  • Martha D
    Martha D Год назад

    I enjoyed this. In reality, people do smoke, it IS still legal, and I don't care if you do it on a video or not. The option we all have is to just stop watching if it bothers you. I watched it because of the colors, how you moved them, what they did, how you manipulated them. I don't need to paint what you paint to enjoy what you do and how you do it. It is enough that I can watch different techniques and try the ones that do what I want to do. Thank you for showing me something new, and for being real. Now I think I'll light my own cigarette and go watch a couple videos.

  • Linda Carter
    Linda Carter Год назад

    beautiful painting. watched a little in the beginning then skipped to the end result as the smoking really grossed me out. sorry, that's just me. missed a lot of your technique... not sure what the film technique was..couldn't watch without getting nauseous. . maybe do a pic without the smoking???? would love to see how it was accomplished.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  Год назад +1

      im sorry, I do art to relax, and I do smoke,,,,,I only rarely smoke now, and have long since kept them out of any videos, my appoligies

  • Susana Botelho
    Susana Botelho Год назад

    Absolutely stunning

  • Mags Nash
    Mags Nash Год назад

    Excellent work

  • DeBorah Beatty
    DeBorah Beatty Год назад

    What did you thin your acrylics with? And did you add anything else to them? these are awesome!

  • Glennis Chabot
    Glennis Chabot 2 года назад

    Awesome artwork! Love it!

  • Mick Winters
    Mick Winters 2 года назад

    loved it bro. tryin it myself.

  • Heather Arens
    Heather Arens 2 года назад

    Thanks for the video! I've been experimenting a lot lately with different types of mediums (including Acrylics ) and different techniques. Like to see what other people are trying out when brainstorming for new things to try. Turned out great!

  • mike Patterson
    mike Patterson 2 года назад

    enjoyable presentation! are you using any painting medium or just acrylic and water?

  • TheeAirworks
    TheeAirworks 2 года назад

    you can make cheap medium /gloss or matte finish , by getting a bottle of "mod podge" gloss or matte , mix with distilled water to thin a little(so a little less then the elmers glue consistency). both the gloss and matte mod podge dry crystal clear and don't yellow.

  • Graeme Singleton
    Graeme Singleton 2 года назад

    Brilliant painting. DONT make the vids shorter, Its great to actually see how the painting is done.

  • Gayle Matthes
    Gayle Matthes 2 года назад

    very difficult to read and watch. maybe leave captions up longer. I never was able to address what kind of acrylics you were using. I do love your work!

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 2 года назад

    Is this high flow acrylic?? or just acrylic with water?

  • cubomania3
    cubomania3 2 года назад

    I've heard water doesn't have the best outcome for the color, but using flow fluid does.

    • Noon
      Noon 2 года назад

      yeah. better not to use water.

    • Cammeron Barnden
      Cammeron Barnden 2 года назад +1

      not entirely true. using a flow medium is always better. but as long as you don't add too much water to paint if you do it breaks the binder down and paint becomes water sensative 30% water from memory.

  • Jack Galley
    Jack Galley 2 года назад

    fuckin sick m8b

  • Rowena Pires
    Rowena Pires 2 года назад

    Love the technique, can we also use thick paints on top of the marbling effect get dry?

  • malcolm wiseman
    malcolm wiseman 2 года назад

    HOw would molding paste affect it flow-wise?

  • Joëlle Aebi
    Joëlle Aebi 2 года назад

    This is awesome Stephen. wow.. I have been taking art classes for 2 years now.. but never had the idea of doing this.. I self-taught myself the liquid acrylic & amazed of the results always.. Dont think will have the courage to create Saturn ;-)

  • Lee Warren
    Lee Warren 2 года назад

    Really nice. Can't wait to try it. Thankyou..

  • Scribble Artie
    Scribble Artie 2 года назад

    Hi, just a quick question about your beautiful painting - how did you keep the colours vibrant? I tried this a couple of times, and my colours ended up duller? Thanks :)

    • Scribble Artie
      Scribble Artie 2 года назад

      Ahhh, thanks for that! :) I'm all for keeping things simple and cheap, ha!

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      you could try a Mod Podge sealer on the ones you have, it will add a semi gloss lustre to flat color

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      this paint was super thick for a flow, almost plastered on thick that's why I use the super cheap craft acrylics for these. Golden or Liquitex would cost a fortune

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      the thinner the paint the faster the flow but less vibrant. the thicker the paint, slower flow, more vibrant

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      the thinner the paint the faster the flow but less vibrant. the thicker the paint, slower flow, more vibrant

  • Catherine Waide
    Catherine Waide 2 года назад +1

    great technique the music is Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture

    MLMLW 2 года назад

    I loved the music in this video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel Lawton, RN
    Rachel Lawton, RN 2 года назад

    Sweet job! You may want to consider switching up the water to a polymer medium, self-leveling or clear tar gel, etc.? It's been said that Water when mixed with Acrylic Paint, despite it being a "water-based paint, under binds the paint to canvas. Thus, making the integrity of the Artwork unstable.

  • Rhonda Sauer
    Rhonda Sauer 2 года назад

    DAAANNNNGGG! Wow, your work is beautiful! I've been fascinated with Ebru and as I've been researching it, I came across this! SOOOO glad I did! I cannot wait to try this technique! OH! And by the way, forget the naysayers that make rude comments about your cigarette. Some people just cannot keep inappropriate comments to themselves.

  • Debbie Lydy
    Debbie Lydy 2 года назад

    REALLY?? you couldn't loose the Cigarette for 5 minutes?

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      cigarettes I quit 6 months now :) no smoking in any vids I do now, sorry

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      +Karen Kelleher it's weed, lmao, smoked pot 30 years, relaxes me

    • Karen Kelleher
      Karen Kelleher 2 года назад

      Maybe it's not really a cigarette....?? Hmmmm? maybe it is INSPIRATION!

  • Rosemary Campbell
    Rosemary Campbell 2 года назад +1

    I love your work any DVDs for sale ...and where to find them .rosemary Ireland .thank you .

  • Iain Drennan
    Iain Drennan 2 года назад

    great tune,what is it

    • malcolm wiseman
      malcolm wiseman 2 года назад

      Sounds like the 1812 Overtureby Tchaikovsky

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      I'm sorry I don't recall, just a selection from royalty free classical

  • Lisa D
    Lisa D 2 года назад +2

    I love this technique! I can't wait to play around with it as I learn to paint 😊

    • Lisa Robbins
      Lisa Robbins 8 месяцев назад

      Gave me new ideas of how to work with Acrylic. Thanks

    • Lisa Robbins
      Lisa Robbins 8 месяцев назад

      A really good tutorial, one of the best. Couldn't always see the letters on left over the green.

    • barbara mckale
      barbara mckale 2 года назад

      Stephen Turnor flow looks easy

    • Lisa D
      Lisa D 2 года назад

      +Stephen Turnor
      I'll be checking out your other videos & sharing with my art buddy. This looks like an answer I've had to a question that I couldn't get an answer to regarding swirled paints. I love abstract type arts 😊. Thanks again for posting it, I'm so glad it came through my suggested videos. It's not only looking like fun, it really is beautiful work.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  2 года назад

      it is fun :)

  • Creative Lady
    Creative Lady 2 года назад

    wow, love this! love the music, 2

  • Esmeyesteban Reyes
    Esmeyesteban Reyes 2 года назад +1

    Luve it new suby!!

  • Julie Bishop
    Julie Bishop 2 года назад

    Love the cigarette, and doing it in the living room on top of a tote lid on the coffee table! Great video, simple technique!

  • Derpsta101
    Derpsta101 2 года назад

    So cool

  • sunshinensmiles
    sunshinensmiles 2 года назад

    WoW! FanTasTiC! InSpiRinG! The length of the video is perfect 👍🏻☺️🌸

  • Kelly Sheridan
    Kelly Sheridan 3 года назад


  • Rusty Bear
    Rusty Bear 3 года назад

    Will this technique work on wood? Thank you. Great work.

    • Rusty Bear
      Rusty Bear 3 года назад

      +Stephen Turnor
      Thanks so much for the tips and advice I really appreciate it! Again you do awesome work, props man.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад

      +DP Surfer oh ya, totally. You can do a liquid flow on anything. flat wood you can pour it on, and shift the wood ange different angles to control the speed of the flow and direction. you can do this on irrgular shaped object too, i recently did a entire guitar body with this method, it turned out great. the more of these you do the better they get with learning the technique. just keep in mind the more course the surface (wood), the flow will be less, and slower, on the end, the smoother the surface (metal/glass) it will be extremely fast. on irregular objects the paint always follows the crevices. Cheers, have fun. I should do a vid of the one i do now, not these oldies :)

  • Cheryl Fisher
    Cheryl Fisher 3 года назад

    ur other channel "pencils and paint" is not there would love to see it?

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад +1

      +Cheryl Fisher . I am sorry I was developing that to go with a Facebook page, because of lack of available time, I removed it all. I will continue with my channel when I find some available free time. I will be adding more DIY paintings, and some painting Tips and tricks. Thank You for the view. Stephen Turnor

  • Cheryl Fisher
    Cheryl Fisher 3 года назад

    very inspirational thank you

  • Julie Feedon
    Julie Feedon 3 года назад

    Love the painting! :) You have a lot of patience, dude. :O) It came out soooo beautiful. :)

  • Francine McGee
    Francine McGee 3 года назад

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful space scene, and techniques with us! It is beautiful! I will be checking our your other channel also.

  • Regina Howard
    Regina Howard 3 года назад

    What piece is this???

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад

      I was just messing around with space nebula things

  • Holly Hauser
    Holly Hauser 3 года назад

    Thank you! Used your technique and had a lot of fun!

  • paulgabor
    paulgabor 3 года назад +9

    Classical music instead of dikko?! I'm now forever devoted to your art...

  • Kristie Lim
    Kristie Lim 3 года назад +1

    Can I know what's the brand of liquid acrylic you used ? thanks !

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад +2

      +Kristie Lim student acrylics, very cheap

  • Janice Pickles
    Janice Pickles 3 года назад

    What do you do about the sides, do you paint it or just use your finger and smoothe it out on sides.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад

      +Janice Pickles can use your finger, maybe blowing through a straw, more paint, just playing when I do these, have fun

  • Janice Pickles
    Janice Pickles 3 года назад

    When your finished is the paint lumpy on some areas. I mean bigger in some spots. Is that ok.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад

      +Janice Pickles the paint should not be thick or lumpy at all, maybe chucks of pigment got into the mix. I would mix the paint longer and thinner, and keep a close eye for these in the mix, hope this helps

  • Janice Pickles
    Janice Pickles 3 года назад

    What do you do about the back. It must get messy looking.

  • Kacie Wilson
    Kacie Wilson 3 года назад

    So, you first mixed the paints with water?

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  3 года назад

      +Kacie Wilson I mix this with straight tap water to thin the paint assisting the flow

  • susannah1948
    susannah1948 3 года назад


  • Natalia Izotova
    Natalia Izotova 3 года назад


  • Arlene Dangerfield
    Arlene Dangerfield 3 года назад

    wonderful work really fine. But I wish you would not smoke in the video. I spoils the effect. Please don't be offended as I love your work just saying.
    Arlene in
    texas lol

  • Jeylanne
    Jeylanne 3 года назад +1

    I was rather enjoying that bit of Tchaikovsky. It was just getting to the best part! I really thought you were gunna do a fast bit at the end of the music like splashing paint on it or something haha really great vid though, I love the end result! I'm Guna try this today myself

  • kimmobley333
    kimmobley333 3 года назад

    The finished product looked to have some white spots on it. Is that where the paint dried thinner or did you add that?

    MARIA PARKINSON 3 года назад

    Absolutely Stunning - thank you for the beauty.

  • Sherry Daloisio
    Sherry Daloisio 3 года назад

    Loved watching and the music was fantastic. Who and what were you playing???
    I'm further inspired by your work. Thank you.

  • Karen Balduzzi
    Karen Balduzzi 3 года назад +1

    I was mesmerized by this video...I loved it!!! Thanks for sharing. I love color, I can't paint to save my life, but perhaps this is something I can do!

  • Maria V
    Maria V 4 года назад +1

    looks like Saturn! love it, what type of paint are you using that flowed and what type with brush??? very intersting!

  • Cheri Fisher
    Cheri Fisher 4 года назад

    Thank you for me new ideas!

  • Ladies First
    Ladies First 4 года назад +1

    Anyone else see the bull at 5:39?

    • Ladies First
      Ladies First 4 года назад

      Great artwork regardless!

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад +1

      no I didn't, but so many people see different thing with this style. that is great. usually not sure what I turn them into until I see a pattern or subject in them, then that's what I make it, cheers

  • Michelle Goodburn
    Michelle Goodburn 4 года назад

    what do you do about paint cracking?

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад

      Your paint may be drying too fast. After applying the paint, allow it to dry out of the sun and away from too much movement of air. Also, after it has dried a little you can lay a piece of newspaper over the top to slow down the drying.

  • Brianna Roper
    Brianna Roper 4 года назад

    what is the name fir this technique exactly

  • Deborah Durham
    Deborah Durham 4 года назад

    very NICE!

  • AbstractsByAdrienne
    AbstractsByAdrienne 4 года назад

    I'm wondering why you paint your canvas black instead of simply buying black canvas? In any case, I enjoyed your video and look forward to trying this technique.

  • Lyra Brayshaw
    Lyra Brayshaw 4 года назад

  • Deborah Elleston
    Deborah Elleston 4 года назад

    It is very easy and beautiful. Thanks

  • abby@IDI
    abby@IDI 4 года назад

    I think it would have looked better with a little less blue, but I still like it :)

  • Barbara Welby
    Barbara Welby 4 года назад

    Have just. One across yr vid, love love love it. I've just started on the acrylic road and you have given me lots of inspiration

  • Beadybonce
    Beadybonce 4 года назад

    I thought this was Jesse Pinkman...

  • Amada Luz Espinosa
    Amada Luz Espinosa 4 года назад

    The music horrible and the paint too

  • Odile Jenouvrier
    Odile Jenouvrier 4 года назад +1

    Bravo et merci pour cette vidéo très intéressante !

  • Mary Rae Rush
    Mary Rae Rush 4 года назад +1

    Love it... thanks for sharing your technique.

  • Culture Fan
    Culture Fan 4 года назад

    What kind of paints are you using? Thanks.

    • Culture Fan
      Culture Fan 4 года назад

      That's what I was wondering, came out nice and good to know price is not a stipulation to creativity.

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад +2

      cheap dollar store acrylic

  • Lisa Kearney
    Lisa Kearney 4 года назад +2

    Like the technique - Enjoyed the video, background music and the cig, reminded me of me. Thanks for the share.

  • Alicia King
    Alicia King 4 года назад

    gnarly stuff bruhz!!! shmick ink 2 ;)

  • bastet469
    bastet469 4 года назад

    I had a hard time focusing on the tutorial because I kept worrying about the paint spilling on the white rug underneath the table or onto the deer print throw blanket he's sitting on. lol

  • sparkle5ms
    sparkle5ms 4 года назад

    Just lovely love the use of colour and the sky scene is wow I do sky scenes with stampscape stamps but I just loved this

  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee 4 года назад

    Can someone tell me if it is ok to let it dry in the hot garage? Or should I let it dry in my bedroom with ac?

  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee 4 года назад +1

    I used a floating medium and I learned a lot on how not to go to much with it on the board. I also learned to not go nuts with a spray bottle. Also I am a messy lady. lol Mine came out good. And patience is a must! (getting there)

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад

      if you have any further questions you can message me at my Facebook (Stephen Turnor) for a fairly quick response, cheers

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад

      it really doesn't matter where you leave it to dry, however, if it is dried in warmer temperatures without a binding agent cracking in the paint can happen. room temp is fine, the cooler the better, the longer the cure the better. lots of trial and error. have fun playing around with it

  • Miss Alexandra
    Miss Alexandra 4 года назад +2


  • Culture Fan
    Culture Fan 4 года назад +4

    Thanks that was interesting.

  • Johanna Dunns Art
    Johanna Dunns Art 4 года назад

    did you use any medium on it firs like a flow aid ?

  • Hary Barlian
    Hary Barlian 4 года назад +2

    50/50 paint to water ratio will ruin binder agent... no more than 30% of water is a good measure for good final finish. or you can add acrylic medium for air brushing is better than adding more water

  • lik mybanana
    lik mybanana 5 лет назад

    Hard to watch as an artist seeing a cig that close to paint. Just keep imagining ash falling into it and the smoke seeping into the canvas. I'm the type who washes my hands constantly during any artwork on paper in case of oils from my fingers embedding into the surface.

    • Johanna Dunns Art
      Johanna Dunns Art 4 года назад

      I have the give me headaches

    • Johanna Dunns Art
      Johanna Dunns Art 4 года назад

      oh lol haha

    • Stephen Turnor
      Stephen Turnor  4 года назад +3

      +Johanna Dunn yes I smoke, big deal, I am happy creating art, and smoking while I do it, I actually believe that it was a joint not a smoke

    • Johanna Dunns Art
      Johanna Dunns Art 4 года назад +1

      who cares ash is all apart of the process haha

  • Angélica Lucena
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  • Alexandra App
    Alexandra App 5 лет назад

    top! :)

  • kim peinture
    kim peinture 5 лет назад

    very nice, i like

  • 529102
    529102 5 лет назад +1

    Cool! I like the colors

  • elenalucia2011
    elenalucia2011 5 лет назад

    Thank you! God bless you

  • Kathy Gledsdale
    Kathy Gledsdale 5 лет назад +3

    Very cool, I adore it!

  • Cheryl64014
    Cheryl64014 5 лет назад

    I'm usually not a 'planet' type person, Stephen, but this is absolutely beautiful! I love your color choices, and your patience in urging the colors to merge and move during the 'flow' process. Very nice piece!