Gabrielle Union Is Teaching Dwyane Wade Basic Life Skills

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • James asks Gabrielle Union about her husband Dwyane Wade's retirement from the NBA and learns that Dwyane, who essentially went from poverty to an international basketball sensation overnight, is learning a lot about the basics like the cost of milk and what happens at a car wash.
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Comments • 253

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G Day ago

    both his wives are so hot

  • Ayan Chowdhury
    Ayan Chowdhury 4 days ago +1

    “It’s a banana, Michael. How much could it cost, $12?”

  • claudio rabsten
    claudio rabsten 4 days ago

    by turnin up in miami beach or the florida keys or yall gotta check out the moorings village in islamorada or check LA

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 4 days ago +1

    Gabe Union is hilarious. And not even just for a woman standard funny. She is like legit funny. Great timing. And if Jessica Alba in not a married woman I just want to say she is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • Brian H
    Brian H 6 days ago +1

    I'll take "Made Up Stories" for $100, Alex.

    • Tat Bas
      Tat Bas 2 days ago

      Thank you i thought i was the only one who noticed that

  • Clarrisa Zeigler
    Clarrisa Zeigler 7 days ago

    Love her personality

  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid 7 days ago

    It sounds pretty stupid just because he was a basketball player he never did any i mean any normal shit that doesnt sound believable at all ......

  • Hidden Secrets
    Hidden Secrets 7 days ago

    I mean they have offseasons and he's missed large amounts of games with injuries. Did he just spend all his off time watching film and working out or are you exaggerating?

    JTG ENT 8 days ago

    They only skills she can teach Dwayne is how to play D
    If you know what I'm sayin .. ok let me stop .

  • NeoMicy
    NeoMicy 8 days ago

    DWade felt sad cause he realized less opportunitys for sidechicks

  • Wally Smith II
    Wally Smith II 8 days ago

    She's so amused by him. So cute.

  • Fo Reel
    Fo Reel 10 days ago

    Like how to be an adulterous ho?

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese 10 days ago

    Those two are so much better in real life than in their pretty bad TV show. And they both look like 25, unbelievable.

  • Postive Manifestations
    Postive Manifestations 10 days ago +2

    That the amount of hard work and effort needed to put in that you actually forget about normal stuff because your so focused on your craft/career. I think personally it’s great and it splits those who are great from the mediocre

  • William Walls
    William Walls 10 days ago

    the only thing i dont get is how come he doesnt know what milk cost like she said he was in poverty before so he never went to the supermarket when he was younger

    • Tat Bas
      Tat Bas 2 days ago

      She's fake and a lair

  • stelzi290888
    stelzi290888 10 days ago +30

    Jessica Alba and Gaby Union

  • Njabuloseh
    Njabuloseh 10 days ago

    Good God Gabby 😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • MarcusTv
    MarcusTv 10 days ago

    It’s just one banana Michael, what could it cost 10 dollars?

  • MrRodpec
    MrRodpec 11 days ago

    Is this his wife or his son?

  • Kalvin Barris
    Kalvin Barris 11 days ago

    How is that Woman so hot in her 40's....

  • footballstar757
    footballstar757 11 days ago

    Wade getting roasted so hard loool

  • Lila X
    Lila X 11 days ago

    okay i have literally never zoned out on someone's beauty while listening to them ever in my life but gabrielle just did that to me. she is hypnotizing. **anderson paak saying yes lawd**

  • Jasenko Prelic
    Jasenko Prelic 12 days ago +1

    Yeah, he never bought milk before he started playing in nba, fake show, fake stories.

  • Cindy Higgs
    Cindy Higgs 14 days ago


  • PAGR52VE
    PAGR52VE 16 days ago

    Yo I love Gabby an WADE 💯

  • samtv m
    samtv m 17 days ago

    Why we see this two acting like they married when they are not
    They all gays and lesbian

  • Bigmarian
    Bigmarian 17 days ago

    how the f... is she 46???:) she looked magical. wow

  • Tony Quick
    Tony Quick 18 days ago


  • Mikey Randazzo
    Mikey Randazzo 20 days ago

    I get that he traveled a lot, but how did he forget some of those basic things lol?

  • LTD Davis
    LTD Davis 28 days ago +1

    Hello Gabrielle,,, Your husband is a rich Black man who could've married any woman he want to, but he married you and i think that's great. Don't get me wrong because I'm not against interracial marriages, but i get so sick tired of seeing those rich race traitor black men who've dated black women all their lives when they were poor and the moment they became rich they stop dating those poor Black woman & go marry the poor White woman and make her rich and let her enjoy the finer things in life. It's great to see a Black woman get to enjoy the finer things in life as you're doing. May the good Lord continuously bless you and your family. Please understand, im not against interracial marriages. I'm totally against rich race traitor Black men.

  • Cindy Higgs
    Cindy Higgs 28 days ago


  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis 29 days ago +2

    Jessica Alba sitting there looking so hot

  • Sheldon Dacres
    Sheldon Dacres Month ago

    This girl is seriously funny. I think she could do a stand up set and she'd kill it.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson Month ago +2

    I think Jessica Alba is gonna be a guest judge on AGT when they do it in the second round

  • James Knowlen
    James Knowlen Month ago

    I would be enjoying her every day if I were Wade.

  • wildreams
    wildreams Month ago

    How old is she and Wade?

  • Josue Lopez
    Josue Lopez Month ago

    You can get fucked at a target

  • Mitchell Willard
    Mitchell Willard Month ago +5

    Show called "The adjustment"

  • The brotherhood of the wolf

    Gabrielle union is a feminist, and Dwayne wade is a super saiyan simp. ☹️👎🏿

  • Isaac Verhelst
    Isaac Verhelst Month ago

    Ok, car wash, old navy, vet, that’s understandable. BUT NO COUPONS?!? HE IS NOT FAMILIAR WITH COUPONS?!

  • Zblackness
    Zblackness Month ago

    Cant stand this barren witch

  • Shaun M
    Shaun M Month ago +2

    She makes no sense..if he was broke back in the day he would know what a coupon

    • Tat Bas
      Tat Bas 2 days ago

      @Shaun M thank you shes lies alot that's why she couldn't convince god dont like ugly

    • antwon carroll
      antwon carroll 7 days ago

      I am pretty sure when he was a broke teenager he dad did the shopping.

    • Kendra C
      Kendra C Month ago +1

      Surprisingly, I've never seen anyone in the projects use coupons. I actually see people with more money use coupons

    • Shaun M
      Shaun M Month ago +2

      @Yvonne Benjamin exactly. I get that she wanted to be more dramatic for tv but don't lie on D Wade like that...he knows how to shop..he was a dad before her so...

    • Yvonne Benjamin
      Yvonne Benjamin Month ago +2

      I love her but the exaggeration is just too much, your right, when your poor you know the stores especially the ones that you can't afford thinking one day when or if you make it, that is where your gonna shop!

  • 2G Goodgreenboy
    2G Goodgreenboy Month ago

    👎🏾👎🏾 shut this wild ass women up teaching young boys ( wade’s son) to be gay at 11 🤮

  • Aaron Orange
    Aaron Orange Month ago +1

    😂Gabby snuck that cuz word in there

    • Aaron Orange
      Aaron Orange Month ago

      @Chef 392 Lol yea I heard it and then I to rewind it back to see if I was trippin

    • Chef 392
      Chef 392 Month ago

      I was literally searching the comments to see if anyone else picked up on that..🤣

  • James Antony
    James Antony Month ago

    2 fine ass women right there.

  • esvan middleton
    esvan middleton Month ago

    Love gabby!

  • agthaog1986
    agthaog1986 Month ago

    two of my favorite slim goodies

  • Yo huckleberry
    Yo huckleberry Month ago +1

    Goats blood milk 😂😂

  • Dice 1997
    Dice 1997 Month ago

    Who believes this ish.

    • Tat Bas
      Tat Bas 2 days ago

      Alot of people who only see beauty on the outside. Shez fake

    • Kendra C
      Kendra C Month ago

      What's not to believe? He went from poor to rich. He never got to experience normal life.

  • GGirll22
    GGirll22 Month ago

    Her hair is CUTE !

  • jeron  jetter
    jeron jetter Month ago +1

    $20 for some milk

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    One thing that makes the story false is the coupons, every black person in poverty knows what's a coupon.


    My Cuzin no doubt been too old navy and a car wash

  • john hand
    john hand Month ago

    Dadada D wade .. Dwade the explorer.. we are going to the carwash ... vet .. & grocery store ... say it with me

  • Sunny Da Chief
    Sunny Da Chief Month ago

    That was so cute

  • S2BMB_33
    S2BMB_33 Month ago

    I would love to watch that too! Daily Adventures of Dwayne Wade

  • kataloony 10 Abu lujain

    I saw Gabrielle I clicked Like simply

  • Irvin Urioste
    Irvin Urioste Month ago

    You fucked up Wade. You could've done way better. Younger & hotter

  • Big Mesh
    Big Mesh Month ago +3

    Gabby is so Gorgeous!!!

  • Ishmael Thompson
    Ishmael Thompson Month ago +29

    Now I see how athletes, really anyone, can go broke without the right support system.

  • Maria Reynne Salazar
    Maria Reynne Salazar Month ago +4

    Miss Gabrielle is just brimming with personality. I love her!

  • Steffany K
    Steffany K Month ago

    How is this woman 46. Seriously LOL. like, are you sure?

  • Mr nobody
    Mr nobody Month ago

    Lol man all yall commenting but all she does is dog him out lol to make her self fell good notice Alba didn't do that shit lol because she is probably actually happy and don't have that dumb ass queen syndrome and if you don't like my comment fuxk you go solve a crime in your city

  • cj18
    cj18 Month ago

    this hair style BY FAR looks the worst on her, when she has white woman hair she looks much better

  • Baldwin Wallace
    Baldwin Wallace Month ago +2

    Does anyone know who did Gabrielle Union's sex-change surgery? She/he looks good except for that man-face & huge shoulders, which I imagine the doctors couldn't fix.

  • FunFishie
    FunFishie Month ago

    Love Gabrielle Union. Wow, she is 46! 🙌

    • FunFishie
      FunFishie Month ago +1

      Baldwin Wallace your brain works in wonky ways. I’m glad I don’t live in your brain.

    • Baldwin Wallace
      Baldwin Wallace Month ago

      Does anyone know who did Garbrille Union's sex-change surgery? Was D-Wade gay before he married him/her?

  • Tornadolph aka King gryph jr

    Gabrielle is funny and when james said Were going to target i laughed way harder than i should have had

  • aljohn tabion
    aljohn tabion Month ago

    Damn... wife talkn shit on TV...

  • Kwazzi K
    Kwazzi K Month ago +1

    I would love you to do a carpool karaoke with Koffee. Jamaican Artist🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💯❤🔥

  • nice day
    nice day Month ago

    Gabrielle is hot.... Is there anyone in the comments that is able to put up $50k toward building a cell phone product that can be bought by all age group users of cell phones. Your contribution will be worth $500k

  • Infinite Source
    Infinite Source Month ago

    Goat’s blood milk? These hollyweird witches always telling on themselves.

  • Clifton Brown
    Clifton Brown Month ago +2

    Lol, at the 2:02 mark she was about to say "its shit like that" but she caught herself.

  • Jessica Katzenmeyer

    You should make a New Kids on the Block Carpool Karaoke!!

  • Sauce Boss
    Sauce Boss Month ago +1

    Dude what is this act she is doing... Like this old English super over the top exaggerations lol.. I mean it's funny but sometimes I wonder if actors and actresses can turn it off

  • edlin riadi
    edlin riadi Month ago +7

    Her gesture and body language reminds me of whoopi goldberg

  • CrOwNePrince7
    CrOwNePrince7 Month ago +3

    I would watch that show. 😂😂😂

  • Avetor UAC
    Avetor UAC Month ago

    Imaigene situation)= dwaine stay in starbuks sek i give coupon waite i forget))in car

  • Melody Xaba
    Melody Xaba Month ago +6

    🙆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is hilarious!!!

  • Everything YouTube
    Everything YouTube Month ago +1

    She reminds me of Obama

  • Michigan_ Made
    Michigan_ Made Month ago

    She is bad as fuck... those braids wwhhhooo.

  • Stephanie Schwartz
    Stephanie Schwartz Month ago +6

    Can I be there when Dwayne Wade figures out how they take a dog’s temperature?

  • MrCarl27
    MrCarl27 Month ago +3

    Raw Milk does cost $20.

  • Ilham Kadir
    Ilham Kadir Month ago +1

    DWade was so focus on his career that he never bother stuffs outside basketball.

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago +4

    *Black Queen* 👌🏿♀️👑❤

  • Sugar Lipps37
    Sugar Lipps37 Month ago

    Hilarious 😂😂😂

  • PlayerMick -
    PlayerMick - Month ago +1

    she should teach him how to stop cheating and getting other women pregnant.

  • Lionel Kennedy
    Lionel Kennedy Month ago +1

    Dwyane and Gabby should do a reality show. I think it would be a really good show.

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny Month ago +1

    Shes very funny. I love them both

  • Nisha C
    Nisha C Month ago +19

    Have Gabrielle union on every week!! Hahah she’s brilliant with James!

  • Man lai
    Man lai Month ago +3

    D Wade was poor before NBA money, which isn’t that many years ago, so it’s kind of impossible for him to not know the price of milk wtf! Him finding the vet interesting is plausible though.

    • Shirley Lei
      Shirley Lei Month ago

      I'm sure Gabby is stretching the truth a little bit here for comedic purposes but who knows maybe he's never had to buy his own milk jug. Ha!

  • A. C. Morris
    A. C. Morris Month ago +92

    I want a wife like that. Somebody who loves my weird.

    • Matt Miller
      Matt Miller Month ago +5

      A. C. Morris have a hundred million in the bank, I’m sure you’ll find someone...

  • MsKimmy202
    MsKimmy202 Month ago +4

    I would actually watch that show 😂😂

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams Month ago +4

    I would love to watch that documentary

  • Kolu Rose
    Kolu Rose Month ago +24

    gabs is beautiful and her hair honey 😍😭

  • Kate DUFIE
    Kate DUFIE Month ago +8

    Nice braids girl, love it

  • tmlcrosbyfan
    tmlcrosbyfan Month ago

    Lol how does he not know how much milk costs? When he played in Cleveland and Chicago without Gabrielle, he didn’t buy milk? Lmao

    • Annie David
      Annie David Month ago +2

      He probably had ppl shopping for him lol he is rich guy

  • Shanice Sweetsmile
    Shanice Sweetsmile Month ago +41

    It’s like he just came out of a coma 😂😂 I love James

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Month ago +164

    " so many things can happen at target "

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Month ago


  • Jessica Elaine
    Jessica Elaine Month ago +4

    That’s so funny!! Her husband is great!!😂😂