Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel premiere, Darth Vader and more! | Marvel Minute

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • A whole crop of new number 1s drop this week, our Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel red carpet livestream, and more on this edition of the Marvel Minute!
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Comments • 200

  • Waffles_Hype _
    Waffles_Hype _ Month ago

    Goose is cute

  • MadamPluto
    MadamPluto Month ago

    *Sees Goose the Cat in the thumbnail*
    Clicks instantly.

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta Month ago

    Can you make more red skull comics

  • dionne tolbert
    dionne tolbert Month ago

    Why are we talking about Star Wars like this is marvel

  • El canal de Reni gacha

    Like si no entendiste nada porque hablas español

  • hung low
    hung low Month ago

    Why do you suck marvel

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person Month ago

    Also if the live stream has a live chat, it’s going to be a toxic chat

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person Month ago

    Captain Marvel is gonna be awesome! All you haters are going to be wrong

  • Eminem1064
    Eminem1064 Month ago +1

    Nick Fury is a skrull.

  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago

    hi lorraine

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher Month ago +2

    If that cat actually is on the carpet, I will die

  • nonbeliever101 siege

    Is cosmic ghost rider canon? I mean this upcoming comic probably not. But is HE canon?

  • Keenan Stanley
    Keenan Stanley Month ago

    What if darth vader got attached to Ultron because hes a droid with simular Intrests and views? here come the fantasys

  • Diego Rooks
    Diego Rooks Month ago +1

    Captain Tanked.

  • Dfoxy 678
    Dfoxy 678 Month ago

    Hmph my name is in the title

  • Дарья Чубарова

    We'll wait for the red carpet.

  • Alex Vanishvili
    Alex Vanishvili Month ago

    0:33 Vader on the horse

  • Joan Sibbald
    Joan Sibbald Month ago

    Marvel is suppressing FREE SPEECH. Captain marvel isn't a movie it's PROPAGANDA! GET WOKE GO BROKE!

    AERO MAX Month ago +1


  • Nurcan 05366701568 Kaygusuz

    Star Wars marvel

  • Nurcan 05366701568 Kaygusuz

    Captain marvel 4 days ☺☺😊

  • werthy is my name
    werthy is my name Month ago +5

    True believer.... 😭 rip stan lee

  • Nando Ginkaku
    Nando Ginkaku Month ago

    Goose isnt a cat. Shes a flerken

  • S. Tapia
    S. Tapia Month ago

    Was excited. Then the talking. You can delete this comment but know We the Fans dont want gender politics in our movies. -5 tickets here

  • Murza Zade
    Murza Zade Month ago

    А это не тот ли самый кот из первых людей в черном????🤔

  • Fortnite Studios
    Fortnite Studios Month ago

    If u looking for Vader stuff LOOK AT THE FAN FILM

  • Islamic media malayalam

    Marvel fans like avengers fans comment

  • Bayram Şentürk
    Bayram Şentürk Month ago +1

    The new trailer of Avengers 4 is now out.

  • Abdul Gani
    Abdul Gani Month ago +4

    tickets booked...

  • dip Patil
    dip Patil Month ago

    darth vader is marvel now?

    • MG16NCP
      MG16NCP Month ago

      No dumbass.

    • dip Patil
      dip Patil Month ago

      Azoz Azoz yes.

    • Azoz Azoz
      Azoz Azoz Month ago +1

      I don't know, is Punisher a Disney character?

  • Mrfrits94
    Mrfrits94 Month ago +2

    Sorry for being a white male Brie. i will obey your wishes and not watch this movie

    • PlayfulMyth18
      PlayfulMyth18 Month ago +3

      *Yawn* Don't go watch it then.

    • Skiller131
      Skiller131 Month ago +2

      It's snowing in the comment section. Snowflake!

  • Alonso Ar
    Alonso Ar Month ago +1

    Death Vader riding a Raptor/Horse hybrid is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen

  • Yashraj Parmar
    Yashraj Parmar Month ago

    End game second trailer?

  • Parvez khan
    Parvez khan Month ago

    your right

  • Chris Atherton
    Chris Atherton Month ago +2

    Please make a non-canon Star Wars Marvel Comics crossover

  • Slingblade87
    Slingblade87 Month ago

    Goose the cat will be our savior. Watch out Thanos.

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell Month ago

    Still find Star Wars and Marvel together strange

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell Month ago

      Azoz Azoz I know, but the idea of Marvel associating with Star Wars is strange to me. I just think about LucasFilms for Star Wars, not Marvel or Disney

    • Azoz Azoz
      Azoz Azoz Month ago +1

      That's because they only do a comics, not crossover

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine Month ago

    They need to make a comic about me.

  • 2 pac
    2 pac Month ago

    I literally just watched people's comments about this marvel libe stream showing a cat! People were showing a cat

  • ketçap içen ekmek kafalı godzilla

    Türkiyeden selamlar

  • Sarthak Kumar
    Sarthak Kumar Month ago +9

    Captain Marvel + Avengers = awesome

  • EL 3MEN2 TED
    EL 3MEN2 TED Month ago

    Like si amas marvel

  • Unpleasant Alex
    Unpleasant Alex Month ago +1

    The Fox deal needs to go through ASAP so that we can get Rogue's (from X-Men) origin story to rid ourselves of Captain Marvel. She steals her powers and puts her in a permanent coma. That's how they wrote out Captain Marvel last time we all disliked her.

  • shuri
    shuri Month ago +2

    captain marvel is going to be bOMB and there's nothing haters can do about it😴

    • Smurph Ftw
      Smurph Ftw Month ago

      When I first read that I thought you said it WAS going bomb and not BE bomb lol.

  • Ugbemugbem Osas
    Ugbemugbem Osas Month ago +3

    Goose The Cat, Goose the Cat, Goose is not very fat. We saw her in a livestream but in real life she is a flerken. Now she has Fury's eye, he is the coolest motherf... guy!

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46 Month ago

    I’ll wait for Queen’s Shadow Novel before checking out Padme’s Age of Republic

  • Jack Back
    Jack Back Month ago

    who came for the cat?

  • A. kalpana
    A. kalpana Month ago

    85th to comment

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Month ago +35

    another great week for marvel can't wait for captain marvel.

  • nitheesh gibson
    nitheesh gibson Month ago

    whole video felt kinda like dc all access. didn't know u guys had such promos

  • caçador de DCnauta Dias


  • rei mosquito
    rei mosquito Month ago

    Go Brazil

  • Orange Hat Reviews
    Orange Hat Reviews Month ago +2

    I would love to ask Kevin Feige why he felt changing the formula to include Identity Politics in the MCU was a smart move? I would also ask why they felt it was okay to give Brie Larson free reign to say the things she did and literally cause a Civil War among Marvel MCU Fans? And why should we see a movie that is not meant for certain people, that goes against the statement Marvel Films are meant for everyone. But Brie Larson says her Captain Marvel film isnt for men. I would like these answers genuinely answered by the higher ups. No, I am not a troll, I ask these questions for those who felt cheated or turned off by BL's controversial statements. And 2 last questions. Why did you think this was a good Idea to do AFTER Stan Lee passed? And you do know China HATES Identity Politics, right?

    • Smurph Ftw
      Smurph Ftw Month ago +1

      I'll reserve judgment on whether or not there's a lot of identity politics in CM until after I've actually seen it, but I find it highly unlikely Kevin Feige would produce a movie that is the cinematic equivalent of the worst parts of Tumblr Feminism.

    • My Channel Sucks Help
      My Channel Sucks Help Month ago

      +PlayfulMyth18 why because someones opinion doesn't fit your agenda?

    • RIP Schnepp The King of Sweaties
      RIP Schnepp The King of Sweaties Month ago +3

      Dan Maloney Just shut up

    • PlayfulMyth18
      PlayfulMyth18 Month ago +4

      You must be really stupid

  • Ja-son Gaming
    Ja-son Gaming Month ago

    Who can't wait for Capt Marvel because of Goose the cat? 🌚

  • Cor pse
    Cor pse Month ago


  • smfg321 star
    smfg321 star Month ago +1

    Australians are forced to watch Captain Marvel

    • Zen Mate
      Zen Mate Month ago +1

      This RU-clip channel is not for you. Go back to the channels where you belong.

  • Forza top
    Forza top Month ago +14

    I go cinema watch this film soon
    Capitan marvel❤️ +1

  • Ramsaran Ram
    Ramsaran Ram Month ago

    Tok me Tamil

  • gaydrienagreste
    gaydrienagreste Month ago

    i want darth vader to slice thanos in half

  • HippieSkippy100
    HippieSkippy100 Month ago +7

    I see Kitty, I click like. Not for Cpt. Marvel.

  • DA WAY
    DA WAY Month ago +1

    Scooby got wave

  • SuperMario 67432
    SuperMario 67432 Month ago +4

    Marvel is working with Lucas film 😀

  • XΛNDΞR :]
    XΛNDΞR :] Month ago +25

    I can't wait for see the premiere

  • Ranjan Dev
    Ranjan Dev Month ago

    Avengers endgame is attached with captain marble I mean the captain marble will in endgame????????

  • Crimson X
    Crimson X Month ago

    Wrong Channels

  • Suros Bray
    Suros Bray Month ago +10

    Captain Marvel looks AMAZING I really want to see her fighting against white men, what a Epic Battle!

  • Akhil Global Media
    Akhil Global Media Month ago

    Where is Captain Marvel,??? എവിടെ

    ABHISHEK MEENA Month ago

    thank you marvel for entertaining usssss...........

  • Maksuda Khatun
    Maksuda Khatun Month ago +5

    Who else got confused coz of Darth Vader

  • HATERs
    HATERs Month ago +2

    How is Marvel fan?

  • Maksuda Khatun
    Maksuda Khatun Month ago +14

    Looking forward to Captain Marvel

  • mostafa aboeleyon
    mostafa aboeleyon Month ago +2

    I can't wait 😬

  • מעין שרמן
    מעין שרמן Month ago +13

    I love this cat 🐾🐱🐈

  • Gappies
    Gappies Month ago +1

    Did anyone here see the “leaked” LEGO sets of Avengers: Endgame?

    • Veverka Hnědá
      Veverka Hnědá Month ago

      I believe, that they found out...

    • Veverka Hnědá
      Veverka Hnědá Month ago

      You havent seen them then, I mean I really saw a LegoSet with this Title. And I checked the source again since you dont believe me, but unfortunetly the whole page got completely erased... :(

    • Gappies
      Gappies Month ago

      Veverka Hnědá Yes I’ve seen it and I know you’re joking so you can’t woooosh me and the sets are labled as Avengers: Endgame

    • Gappies
      Gappies Month ago

      Veverka Hnědá I’m* serious* (dead isn’t use as an adjective in this case, and even if it was it would be deadly*)

    • Veverka Hnědá
      Veverka Hnědá Month ago

      +Gappies Im dead sirious... You havent seen it yet?

  • мenтнo̸ѕ
    мenтнo̸ѕ Month ago +7

    Never clicked a vid so fast OoO

  • Cordial Gaming
    Cordial Gaming Month ago +7

    Wait I am confused. Star wars? Marvel?

    • Ira Ford
      Ira Ford Month ago +2

      Potato Cooker marvel is currently publishing star wars comics.

    • Caty Galgano
      Caty Galgano Month ago +13

      Potato Cooker Star Wars comics are published by Marvel because... Disney.

  • Sumaya Akter
    Sumaya Akter Month ago

    Wow super

  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma Month ago +5

    any dc fan ???
    like here

    • Alain Smith
      Alain Smith Month ago

      I am a Starfire fan, a huge fan ( not Anna Diop’s version though) and I like DC as well

  • Double Cheeseburger

    Came for Vader...

  • nik stam007
    nik stam007 Month ago +11

    Who wants to see end game trailer hits like

    • Alex Schloesser
      Alex Schloesser Month ago

      Wow, I guess only 7 people want to see the Endgame Trailer. Make that 8 people now.

  • Myles
    Myles Month ago +15

    At reading the title, I thought we were getting Darth Vader into the Avengers/Guardians comic lore and what not. It's a start, I guess. Anything star wars, I'm up for

    MORCH Month ago


  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy Month ago

    The video is 90 seconds


  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


  • Rakan Hamam
    Rakan Hamam Month ago

    12 views 50 likes!!

  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


  • Daraksha Anjum
    Daraksha Anjum Month ago


  • Razo_Gamer
    Razo_Gamer Month ago +2

    23th comment

  • J4CKT1C4L
    J4CKT1C4L Month ago


  • Ajay Rawat
    Ajay Rawat Month ago +45

    Marvel is better than dc right???

    • Light Fist
      Light Fist Month ago

      Little light dc fanboy alert

    • Keenan Stanley
      Keenan Stanley Month ago +1

      +Öykü Melis Sarı yea Marvel movies are better but dc has better animations. i actually just had this conversation with my teacher and he agrees as well lmao

    • My Channel Sucks Help
      My Channel Sucks Help Month ago +1

      currently marvel has been making better movies but DC is getting better

    • Öykü Melis Sarı
      Öykü Melis Sarı Month ago

      Marvel's live action movies are better than DC's... But DC's animations are better than Marvel's, I think...

  • Leela Dhar
    Leela Dhar Month ago +204

    Who want to see captain Marvel hit like here

    • Lily Adams
      Lily Adams Month ago

      I've just seen it! NO SPOILERS, but one of the drivers for the movie is Michelle J. Jones! Coincidence? I THINK NOT

    • jay hernandez
      jay hernandez Month ago +3

      Seeing it on saturday

    • Job sih
      Job sih Month ago +2

      +Mrfrits94 Me too, no one cares

    • MovieProtocol
      MovieProtocol Month ago +4

      +Mrfrits94 me too

    HUNGRY EMERALD Month ago +49

    Nick furry is the coolest mortherf.....

  • Aayush Jaiswal
    Aayush Jaiswal Month ago

    Before 500

  • Love you Status
    Love you Status Month ago

    Cool video

  • AH Sports club
    AH Sports club Month ago

    Hey I'm Arafat

  • #Master of Tech
    #Master of Tech Month ago +2

    Please say your indian ticket booking partners to open ticket booking of captain marvel in hindi also please i am not able to buy tickets of imax version of captain marble in hindi or 2d version of captain marvel also

  • Marks 14
    Marks 14 Month ago


    RUTANSH JAGTAP Month ago


  • Robo Cat
    Robo Cat Month ago

    Nick Fury is (spoiler)