Surviving R. Kelly - Drea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex wife speaks her truth on domestic violence

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Val sat down with Drea Kelly. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, she is a dancer, choreographer and mother. She was also married to R Kelly for 13 years.
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  • kelechi ebere
    kelechi ebere Day ago

    Why does she still add Kelly to part of her name? That's hypocrisy I would say!

  • Gina M Wendel-Lockhart

    I can so relate to what she means when she said that she just knew when his switch had flipped and that things were about to get bad

  • Gina M Wendel-Lockhart

    She is right. Abuse is insidious, it starts slowly and every time we make excuses for him, and allow the verbal abuse, the controlling behavior, the emotional abuse then it will continue to escalate until it gets to physical abuse. Get out at the very FIRST red flag. You can't fix him, save him, heal him. Save yourself and your children if you have them.

  • jermaine edwards

    You got enough money now so you can speak and leave

  • sergio Azar
    sergio Azar 2 days ago

    What a bitter woman!

  • Browneyez Mzs
    Browneyez Mzs 2 days ago

    So does she have herpes too tho?

  • The Finn
    The Finn 2 days ago

    Well spoken, extremely smart woman.

  • Regina Jones
    Regina Jones 2 days ago

    People who have been through this understand better, those moments when the demeanor changes and the feeling of 'here we go again'. Coming from an abusive marriage, I relate to all that she's said. It often requires a push from someone that helps you see that it is absolutely time to get out before it is too late. With me, it was seeing myself in a body bag. Had already been told, 'if you leave I'll kill you'. 3 years after that, and my kids telling me to leave, I decided that I'd rather be in a body bag and be free than to stay and continue to be abused and be in prison.

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 2 days ago

    She was there if any abuse went down between him and any one of the ladies she knew about everything but that's what Hollyweird wants her to act so she can get a show on television its a setup Y all

  • Special K
    Special K 3 days ago

    Andrea's story changes all the time she is such a big liar 😔💅

    • Vanessta Puryear
      Vanessta Puryear 2 days ago

      This woman is amazing to me i can't say this didn't happen but to me y it took her so long to say something y did she wait tll the other woman to she could have save a lot of woman to me see seem to no what to say and how to say it and this is y i don't believe all of it she was down with alot of the shit it was talk about so how can you say you was a victim and you should never trun the children away from there father's the world don't have to no what going on in your home cause when the news get it it's wrong she are very smart she no how. To make some shit seem so real but it's a lie come on wake-up people wake-up 1 love

  • scott payne
    scott payne 4 days ago

    Vessel of God.....and married R Kelly......hmmmm.....ummmm.....yeah......gotcha.

  • ghetto c
    ghetto c 4 days ago

    her fake ass now has been indicted

  • Anton
    Anton 5 days ago

    I 100% believe her.

  • Logan Jarbath
    Logan Jarbath 6 days ago

    i love Drea so much

  • Kimberly Howard
    Kimberly Howard 7 days ago

    This man is a liar she knew he was a demon. I know she heard the stories she just thought she could change him.

  • Biljana Milanovic
    Biljana Milanovic 9 days ago

    La sua ex moglie e' molto intelligente, eloquente, spiritosa, interessante e bellissima. Persone come suo ex marito dovrebbero andare dall' analista per capire che si comportano male con le donne. Mi fa molto piacere che Lei e' felice da quando non sta piu' con lui e mi dispiace per tutto questo che sta passando lui, pero' si deve rendere conto del .ale che ha fatto a tante donne.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 9 days ago

    She is so fake. If you listen to her interviews and watch her demeanor and actually understand and been through abuse you can see learned behavior opposed to actually been through behavior. Yeah, he cheated and probably kept her away from all activities of his money, but she is an angry woman who wanted fame money and all that goes with it. She is out of this so called madness, why is she continuing to bring him down. He did it to himself, her help is really not necessary unless she has other motives. Simple as that.

  • slimdeala4life
    slimdeala4life 9 days ago +1

    Why did r kelly marry this dragon lady you go from Aaliyah to this? Eww 🤢🤮

    • Carla Tillery
      Carla Tillery 6 days ago

      Aaliyah was a can u compare that

  • Dudley D-Jarrett
    Dudley D-Jarrett 10 days ago

    People fall for her pleasant smile and careful explanation. You have to be wise to see through this. Nothing but a snake. Deception at its highest form.

  • Cute Queen
    Cute Queen 11 days ago

    Why is she smiling??

  • candyman junior
    candyman junior 12 days ago +1

    🅳🅰🅼🅽!!! The host, VAL, has some 🆂🆄🅿🅴🆁. 🅲🆄🆁🆅🅴🆂...
    í cσuld lσσk αt hєr Ä̤L̤̈L̤̈ d̤̈ä̤ÿ̤!!👀👀

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 12 days ago

    She's getting indicted to so please retract your comments about this lady

  • A Colley
    A Colley 13 days ago

    I believe her.

  • Caroline Carnevale
    Caroline Carnevale 15 days ago

    Kudos to her

  • tiffany Stallworth
    tiffany Stallworth 16 days ago +4

    Something about her spirit doesn’t sit well with me

  • Devangi Sharma
    Devangi Sharma 18 days ago

    She's amazing !!!

  • Kim Essex
    Kim Essex 19 days ago +1

    I'm glad that she had the courage to leave him I have two grown children I didn't have not even one penny to leave my situation but God help me out this young girl help me out my aunt gave me money for an attorney and I never regret leaving my ex-husband

  • Carla Pendergrast
    Carla Pendergrast 19 days ago +1

    She is making it bad for women who really suffer abuse

  • Carla Pendergrast
    Carla Pendergrast 19 days ago

    Girl Bye!!! Traitor,

  • Pink Lemonade
    Pink Lemonade 20 days ago

    RK had very poor taste in women.Drea is one ugly female.

  • Michelle Tiger
    Michelle Tiger 20 days ago

    Drea Kelly speaking her's powerful and necessary. It can save lives. Thank you, Drea Kelly!

  • meatyhotpockets
    meatyhotpockets 21 day ago


  • christopher womack
    christopher womack 21 day ago

    You can clearly see this woman has been coached and is straight up full of shit.

  • christopher womack
    christopher womack 21 day ago

    This hoe is lying.

  • Njabulo Mahlangu
    Njabulo Mahlangu 21 day ago

    she speaks very well

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee 23 days ago

    I empathize be with what she went through. The color of her skin has no bearing on her trials and tribulations as far as I'm concerned. We all hurt. Her pain was no less important than anyone else's. She's a strong Christian woman. God bless her.

  • Antonio Fernandez
    Antonio Fernandez 24 days ago +1

    0:35 LOL

  • Brother Voodoo
    Brother Voodoo 25 days ago +3

    Why does she still have his last name if he was such a monster?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣😂😂

  • Lyndon
    Lyndon 25 days ago

    love how she played her race card. lol wow ugh.

  • Barbara Crutchfield
    Barbara Crutchfield 25 days ago

    Drea Why did you have 3 children by this MAN. Now you want to put him in Jail. What the Hell do you think about your children. You need to listen to what he is saying in the Music. (Trade My Life) . Comment on THAT!! GIVE THE MAN SOME RESPECT YOU ARE GETTING 20,000 a Month it does not take that much money for 3 children to LIVE!

  • V Lhasa
    V Lhasa 26 days ago +6

    WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAVE???!! I don't get it?!!

    • Michelle Tiger
      Michelle Tiger 20 days ago +1

      The children. She did eventually leave, but women usually leave when they start to see the negative impact on their children and/or when the abuser puts his hands on the children. I've worked in domestic violence. That's the usual turning point. The women think they've got it under control and they keep taking it, but one day there's a lightbulb moment with the kids. Abusers (and pedophiles) can be very charming and manipulative....they're predators.

  • Angel S.
    Angel S. 26 days ago

    Y she holding on to his last name...bless her girlllll getting money...y she take so long to tell her story?

  • Angel S.
    Angel S. 26 days ago

    She may be telling the truth but I see through her. She have a side of her that need to be told. She rapping up on the bags

  • cora lynch
    cora lynch 26 days ago

    Drea doesn’t deserve the respect to call her Andrea Kelly she is a real b-ch she is wrong for what she is doing claims she doesn’t have money for that girl college but he just paid her 162,000 dollars plus another 120,000 dollars for child support where is that money at plus her and all 3 of the children are working on love and hip hop Joann is of age so she can pay her own way to college the snake need to explain why she can’t pay for that child schooling if she stop taking care of her other baby daddy then she can pay I hope R Kelly lawyers bring it up in court on her sorry ass. Right is right and wrong is wrong but that snail is wrong and it going to come back on her .💀💀🐄

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 27 days ago

    She ain't even cute!!!

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 27 days ago

    Drew Kelly is a DEVIL in decise!!!clout chaser..she is a clout chaser..i don't believe nothing coming out of her mouth..a broke money hungry hoe..bye Drea

  • Kathryn Gleason
    Kathryn Gleason 27 days ago +7

    I have sooo much respect for you.God bless you .

  • H. Haussermann
    H. Haussermann 29 days ago

    Bless You Drea.

  • Quantisha Commander

    I respect her so much!!!!

  • G. J-H
    G. J-H Month ago


  • G. J-H
    G. J-H Month ago


  • Rasheed Huett
    Rasheed Huett Month ago

    She was married to this man for all these years, and only got 1 picture with him.

  • Rainbow Brite
    Rainbow Brite Month ago

    ❣Black Cat? Yellow Made Lemonade? Common Denominators!!! SIGNED The Honorable Supreme Court awaiting, Queens and Princesses awaiting. The Detective awaiting.

  • Flawless by Lola
    Flawless by Lola Month ago +1

    Her story never changes.

  • Rx Mc
    Rx Mc Month ago

    (AMEN)!!!!! WE ARE ONLY HIS FANS!!!!! U Are Truely A STRONG & BEAUTIFUL Lady Though!!!!!
    GOD BLESS U!!!!!

  • Ozone Randle
    Ozone Randle Month ago

    She cnt pin point shit.... gold digger "victim"

  • De Kunstcafe
    De Kunstcafe Month ago

    A lot of black women love that Baby-hair-effect ....with their Straightened Relaxed hair and Extensions

  • Stephen Corbitt
    Stephen Corbitt Month ago

    She is making a career off of tearing down Robert but R Kelly is being killed off which is her financial support. Go figure.

  • Eddie Graves
    Eddie Graves Month ago

    A strong woman of God. She refuses to be a victIM because she knows she is a VICTOR in CHRIST! Amen!

  • Claude Ndifon
    Claude Ndifon Month ago

    So ugly

  • Nike23 Air23
    Nike23 Air23 Month ago

    Lock him up 4 10yrs move on let him know how feels to b stuck in house his b cell
    Eat when worden say time eat.

  • sheltiepaws1
    sheltiepaws1 Month ago

    I have a whole family like R Kelly, they accuse you of betraying them,they scream, they yell, the start of the break down begins with a character assassination (labeling you as this or that, like saying your stupid, you don't know how to think right, you don't know right from wrong like they do, they're gonna teach you they're way, after they make you feel like nothing then the mental abuse begins, nothing ever gets better, God help you if decide to call them out, what you don't understand is they want to take they're pain out on you, if you stay too long they will physically abuse you as well..........I admire this lady, I walked away from my family for every reason I mentioned except the physical......

  • sheltiepaws1
    sheltiepaws1 Month ago

    Pain begets pain, I feel so bad for her but I know what she's talking about...

  • Virginia Vallez
    Virginia Vallez Month ago +1

    God bless you Drea for telling your will help women everywhere being with this abusive MONSTER will show people we as women are very powerful and we can leave an abusive relationship and you are truly a woman we can look up too! Bless you Drea for telling it..

  • Alice Hood
    Alice Hood Month ago

    Miss Drea Kelly do you have an STD did he piss and s*** on you did he hold you hostage I would think not why have you turned your children against their father look at the damage you have done only for money so sad you should be ashamed of yourself because you are a liar lying for money so sad because you are the one that has harmed your children I hope that you read this and I hope it sinks in your mind that you have damaged your children Beyond repair. I pray that God will open your children's eyes and protect them and help them to understand truth!

  • Caroline R
    Caroline R Month ago +2

    Drea, you need a series of TED talks. You're excellent! We have experienced this too. The Narcissist is a monster behind closed doors, be they male or female. This needs to be shown in every high school in the world!

  • Caroline R
    Caroline R Month ago

    Drea, you are such a beautiful, intelligent, dignified, articulate woman! We would so be friends IRL. We who understand you, love you. We support you!

  • Caroline R
    Caroline R Month ago +1

    "Whoever turns away from evil makes herself a prey" (Isaiah 46).... A beautiful kind, loving woman is a magnet for an abusive Narcissist. I'm one too.

  • fridaytieday
    fridaytieday Month ago

    Wow! What a woman!!!!!!!

  • Joy Musa
    Joy Musa Month ago


  • Lindalia Moran
    Lindalia Moran Month ago

    Drea is a beautiful woman of GRACE. She surely didn’t need a psycho like R. Kelly in her life. Thank God she’s ok! ♥️🙏♥️

  • Voice of Insight
    Voice of Insight Month ago

    Tied to a man because you need the money?! Girl get a job! That's what you do if you need money.

  • nyree matthews
    nyree matthews Month ago

    This woman is lying . Kelly never beat her or hogtied here... hogtied is a sex position! Drea was a freak! Y’all better
    Wake up! Also drea was the aggressor in the marriage!
    Sharron winbush” the nutritionist videos
    She expose drea and sparkle!
    Joe because sharron cooked for kelly, drea, and joann(baby)..... and was in the house five days a week!! you want to know the truth watch all her videos!!!!

  • S H
    S H Month ago +1

    This Andrea Kelly has been caught TELLING lies after THE documentary was singing HIS SONG happy people AND saying THAT HE was a great father and provider AND THAT she admired him for THAT ,she took her daughter with her ON a tv show while she bashingthatchild,father, a good parent would not do THAT in front of her child, use common sense when you LISTEN TO This documentary, every one OF those girls Have been caught TELLING lies

    • Justice Sam
      Justice Sam Month ago

      I love THE way you JUST randomly capitalize WORDS, it really drives the POINT home.

  • Pat Haigis
    Pat Haigis Month ago

    She is so phony

  • MrDatgurl0987
    MrDatgurl0987 Month ago

    She ain't to hurt to give up his last name... miss me with the bullshit

  • Brig 000
    Brig 000 Month ago

    Shes amazing!! Love her

  • Crulycoolgamer 88
    Crulycoolgamer 88 Month ago

    I like her

  • Larry Nelson
    Larry Nelson Month ago +1

    Question: Why is it that the ONLY pic she has of her and Kelly is he with the white Doo rag on?

  • hideem1
    hideem1 Month ago

    Dear Drea,
    Thank you. God bless you. Everything you say is clear and absolutely heartfelt. You are obviously a wonderful human being full of love and light and the best of humanity. Please know you are heard. Please know you are felt. Please know you are making an impact. I wish you and your children more blessings than you can count every day for the rest of your life. What you are doing is more important than you could ever realize, more worthy of gratitude than could ever be shown. The way you describe the chopping of the tree, how physical abuse is the result after the build up - this is so accurate and it is so important because it helps clarify and clear the cobwebs that build up in the minds and hearts of the abused. You have and will continue to save lives. You are respected.

  • lavia belle
    lavia belle Month ago

    She's so strong, and yes we can't judge Robert too. She said it well he needs help nd serious help from a professional.

  • cindy allen
    cindy allen Month ago +1

    4:40 I know those evil eyes all to well

  • michael monareng
    michael monareng Month ago

    To be honest , these girls have to understand that some things are as blatant as it seems .
    What someone says in their music is a reflection of their soul just like you interact with the music on an almost spiritual level ..
    Stop associating People who are Rich and Famous with General life success and maybe you will see it coming , that a man that has power needs to be crept around and not praised .

    Blame all of the abuse on how blind you as a victim where to a Mans tangible wealth and status . You never hear of Average guys getting into this because girls dont even give Good Guys a Chance .

  • Kelley Richman
    Kelley Richman Month ago

    I really like drea i believe her and i feel empathy in my gut for her and her children. R kelly is a pos

  • What A Life
    What A Life 2 months ago

    I believe in every word she said. Well spoken

  • Nafisatu Mansaray
    Nafisatu Mansaray 2 months ago

    Am impressed by R Kelley's wife. she's strong and bold love her 😙😙.Am happy she's free now

  • Mr. Anonymous Bytch
    Mr. Anonymous Bytch 2 months ago +5

    Do anyone wonder why she still has his last name? If she hates him so much.

    • Carla Tillery
      Carla Tillery 6 days ago

      I hear alot women carry they ex name because it's easier to conduct business with ppl who knows that name if I been married for 20 yrs under the name white then start goin by Tillery shit credit card ppl the IRS gone make u go thru hell just to Identify u

  • Anetta J
    Anetta J 2 months ago

    Wonderful woman !

  • La Belle Desire Fanou
    La Belle Desire Fanou 2 months ago

    Yeap it’s so true my brother was very abuse to his girlfriend I have witnessed the changing face when that happened.

  • Laiona Michelle
    Laiona Michelle 2 months ago


  • frankytalks
    frankytalks 2 months ago

    amazing woman. thank you for speaking out

  • Rachel Jones
    Rachel Jones 2 months ago +1

    Girl bye.... Change your damn name then......

      GETWRIGHTLIFE Month ago

      I disagree I will be keeping my soon to be ex husbands last name. It's my children's last name too. When I get married again I might change it. It's her life she can do what she wants.

  • Jaurden Services
    Jaurden Services 2 months ago

    She sound emotional abuser too. She can start the fight and when his husband fight back, she cries out loud as she has done nothing. Man doesn't like women who speak to much like that too. Careful to judge to quick

  • Jacqueline B
    Jacqueline B 2 months ago

    She’s an inspiration and a class act!

  • J Reynolds
    J Reynolds 2 months ago

    Shes lying.

  • Soul'e Rhymez
    Soul'e Rhymez 2 months ago

    I love this Woman

  • Shannon Renis
    Shannon Renis 2 months ago

    There is a pattern here with this man he keeps getting arrested. He may be set free but that's not unheard of. That doesn't mean he didn't do it. And that sure as hell doesn't make him innocent

  • corviaus
    corviaus 2 months ago

    This woman is being paid to do this SHIT...i see through the BULLSHIT not falling for it

  • corviaus
    corviaus 2 months ago

    She full of BULLSHIT!!!!

  • LaShon Gibson
    LaShon Gibson 2 months ago

    Andrea looooooooves attention.