People Who Felt TRUE Disappointment

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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Comments • 765

  • Bella O’Brien
    Bella O’Brien 16 hours ago

    Max: cake and tea that is a typical granny meal
    Me: coffee and salad my grandmas typical meal

  • The Coz Vlogs
    The Coz Vlogs 2 days ago

    My Grammy is too healthy... even outruns me🤣

  • Xaviano Brown Year 9

    Plzzzz do a challenge

  • Sharky Hals and Jessie V #1 FANN FANN

    My grandmother has diabetes so she can't have sweets

  • Amy Cameron
    Amy Cameron 9 days ago

    Whenever they do a 👌perfect intro, they mess it up with swirling it.😢I just want a normal intro for once!

  • Shawna Fritzsche
    Shawna Fritzsche 9 days ago +1

    0:09 me :D

  • Linda Chilcott
    Linda Chilcott 12 days ago

    My granny avoids sweet things!

  • Cam Barry
    Cam Barry 14 days ago

    The only sweet my grandma likes is chocolate I think

  • Ella C. Charo
    Ella C. Charo 18 days ago +1

    Mine doesn’t

  • Steve Berger
    Steve Berger 20 days ago +1

    My granny doesn't like sweets👵🏻💔🎂

  • Kailen And Izzy
    Kailen And Izzy 20 days ago

    And our sweet

  • Kailen And Izzy
    Kailen And Izzy 20 days ago

    My grandma hates cake

  • Eden's Squad 4 life
    Eden's Squad 4 life 21 day ago +1

    uh max my grandma dose not eat cake its to sweet but............................SHE EATS HEALTHY BISCUTS lol she dose there like wheat and chocolate oh and tea haha

  • escapethenight_minecraft ETN

    Wengie 100% farted

  • Hana Casimina
    Hana Casimina 22 days ago

    Today is my birthday but no one is here to celebrate it which I like

  • That one person who loves anime way to much

    my grandma doesnt like sweets

  • Arshya. Audri.
    Arshya. Audri. 23 days ago

    My granny love love loves sweets

  • Kaylee tat
    Kaylee tat 24 days ago

    My grandma doesn’t eat sweets at all

  • unicorns for life 77
    unicorns for life 77 24 days ago

    My grandmother hates sweets

    DIAMOND UNICORN 24 days ago

    My grandma doesn’t like sweets! Don’t really know why😂

  • Riley Young
    Riley Young 26 days ago +1

    My favorite youtubers

  • GirlOne
    GirlOne 28 days ago +1

    My granny doesn't eat cake

  • savage wolf
    savage wolf 29 days ago

    Is ShE pRegNat

  • Emma Swanepoel
    Emma Swanepoel 29 days ago +1

    My granny hates sweets and stuff like that

  • Riya Angel
    Riya Angel 29 days ago

    741th comment

  • Demi Stevens
    Demi Stevens Month ago +1

    Love it love you.💘 Wingie.💘 and Max.💖

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS

    My grandma
    Buys sweets for me and my brother but I don't think she rlly eats sweets much
    But tea 👌🏻

  • Stella Glazier
    Stella Glazier Month ago

    Pause at 3:21

  • John Martin
    John Martin Month ago

    One of my grandmas has diabetes

  • Aqua Sqid
    Aqua Sqid Month ago

    Wait... o: ... brownies are cake!

  • Kiera Bjork
    Kiera Bjork Month ago

    That face is like my uncul

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Month ago

    My grandma hates sweets with a passion 😂 and we always tease her about it

  • Andrea Reed
    Andrea Reed Month ago

    My Granny dose no like sweets 😇

  • MyUnicornWorld 2002

    My grandma does not like sweets
    And she hates tea.....

  • Mamta Kumari
    Mamta Kumari Month ago +1

    My grany can't eat sweets because she has diabetes

  • Ashlynne Carver
    Ashlynne Carver Month ago

    My grandma listened to micheal Jackson and smoked her cigarette and ate raspberry’s and hated any candy

  • Danielle Holm
    Danielle Holm Month ago

    I’m granny eats super healthy!!! They aren’t all sweet tooths!!

  • Preppy Princess
    Preppy Princess Month ago

    Wengie you're not alone, I don't like cake either.
    And just in advance, sorry for those of you who are triggered by this, I have zero control over what I was born to like and dislike, and you just need to accept that.

  • Patrick Nitrosound
    Patrick Nitrosound Month ago

    my granny hates sweet
    [ hope that helped a little lol ]

  • Kathlene m
    Kathlene m Month ago

    Sorry I’m late...
    Blue unicorn/ Max: Every granny likes candy/ sweets...
    Me: ~thinks of my grandma...~
    My grandma hates sweet stuff :/

  • Mutendera family
    Mutendera family Month ago

    All my grannies are diabetic but still love sweets

  • palace1ist
    palace1ist Month ago


  • Dunno Squad
    Dunno Squad Month ago

    My granny is 66 yrs old. I'm 12. She likes to go swimming and she does 80 - 120 laps backs and fourth in a row every week - day! :) trust me, I'm telling the truth. She drinks water and coffee... she rarely eats sweets unless in the night. She reats tones of vegetables! And she tidied the house and does gardening. XD :p

  • LoryStories
    LoryStories Month ago

    Me granny love coffee ☕

  • Your main gacha girl zoey

    Max: all granny's like the typical tea and sweets
    Wengie: there must be a granny that doesn't like sweets!!! I'm looking at you!!!
    Me: go Wengie!!!
    That's not true blue unicorn ....
    My granny likes COFFEE and sweets

  • Sophia Powery
    Sophia Powery Month ago

    my grandma can't even have suger she's doing Keto

  • Paris Valentine
    Paris Valentine Month ago

    My nan doesnt like sweets that much. And doesnt really drink tea but drinks coffee and got chocolate.

  • Rhythmpreet Kaur
    Rhythmpreet Kaur Month ago

    My granny hates sweets

  • Nicola Walsh
    Nicola Walsh Month ago +1

    I can do better than the drawing and I'll be 9 in September

  • Trinit Banana
    Trinit Banana Month ago

    My granny doesn't like sweets, she has diabetes...

  • jaymz thomas
    jaymz thomas Month ago

    My grandmother like coke and sandwich

  • Gacha Sky
    Gacha Sky Month ago

    My granny doesn’t like sweets

  • xXThe Bean XtremeXx

    Im sat next to my granny right now
    Tea: Yes we are british
    Sweet cake:Never had one... no

  • nevaeh ruble
    nevaeh ruble Month ago

    no that never happens with my grandmas

  • Honey Galaxy Gamer Plays

    My Grandma doesn’t like sweets

  • Lily Rollag
    Lily Rollag Month ago

    my grandma doesn't like sweets

  • Tiffanny Lin
    Tiffanny Lin Month ago

    You like cake because you sang the song cake.

  • Isabela Boyns
    Isabela Boyns Month ago

    my friends grannydoes not like sweets

  • SavaBavaGacha
    SavaBavaGacha Month ago

    In America grannies eat butterscotch hard candies.