Taron Egerton Is Petrified Of Horses | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Keanu Reeves, Taron Egerton & Jamie Bell all share their stories about working with horses on set.
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  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Day ago

    Very fun and natural conversation here. It just flows. Love Graham for these talk show moments.

  • Lena Mazalica
    Lena Mazalica 2 days ago

    You know horses are not scared , it’s just how you think they are and make fears in your head , it’s all in your head. I was scared of them too , but when you are close to them and you feel scared horse feels that you’re scared and horse is automatically scared because you are , you just need to act like infront of you is a human. I know how to ride horse except gallop. Don’t hate me I’m just saying this in positive way.

  • Ethan Hanna
    Ethan Hanna 4 days ago

    Robin Hood was terrible

  • donrainesoh
    donrainesoh 5 days ago

    Omg his ears are bright red.

  • Dani Renee
    Dani Renee 5 days ago

    such a doll, with love Baby Taron

  • cuddly crow
    cuddly crow 10 days ago +1

    Honestly, a movie starring Keanu, Taron, and Jamie Bell would be spectacular.

    • !Ab26¡
      !Ab26¡ 7 days ago

      cuddly crow and Suranne Jones

  • Nevaeh Karoscik
    Nevaeh Karoscik 12 days ago

    Haha as an equestrian u shouldn't be afraid of the horse after you've been thrown off. It is scary don't get me wrong but just try it again and relax. Btw Targon is my husband❤❤

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H 13 days ago

    I was 12/13 when I 1st fell off a horse. Was shocked, not gonna lie, but got right back on! Miss riding them! Love riding horses!

  • judith Drexhage
    judith Drexhage 16 days ago +6

    I agree with Taron, horse are pretty from a distance closeby they freak me out.

  • Ciclopea2
    Ciclopea2 19 days ago +9

    Taron's face at 2:48 LOL he makes it impossible not to like him, a lot

  • Frd Dlrd
    Frd Dlrd 19 days ago

    keanu's forehead is smoother than a newborn's skin

  • Kim mcgaughey
    Kim mcgaughey 19 days ago +1

    I love Keanu!! 😘

  • gracealana_
    gracealana_ 21 day ago


  • MrJJ221
    MrJJ221 21 day ago

    He’s such a gentleman!

  • Yura Graterol
    Yura Graterol 21 day ago +2

    What a good looking couch! Keanu. Please marry me

  • some short asian
    some short asian 23 days ago +2

    may keanu have all the damn horses in the world

  • Ningtamba Naorem
    Ningtamba Naorem 25 days ago

    Taron should play Elon Musk

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 26 days ago +5

    Honestly we all should strive to be like Keanu when we grow up

  • Michael Lefort
    Michael Lefort Month ago +12

    Taron Egerton needn't feel bad. Henry Fonda and Kirk Douglas made lots of westerns and neither one was fond of horses,

  • Ricky Carrillo
    Ricky Carrillo Month ago +517

    Keanu: I fell off a horse so they strapped me to a truck while I rode the horse on its side.
    Taron: I fell of a horse once now they’re dead to me

    • Fallon Estrello
      Fallon Estrello 2 days ago +1

      Ricky Carrillo and that’s why I love taron lol 😂

  • RMD23
    RMD23 Month ago

    Is it just me or jaime bell really looks like tom holland brother ?

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli Month ago

    What a handsome man

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation Month ago

    Am I the only one concerned by how red Jamie Bell's ears are? That can't be normal.

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation Month ago

    0:28 🤣

  • Subarna Ghosh
    Subarna Ghosh Month ago +1

    Playing Robin Hood and never riding a horse 😄

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Robin Hood was awful

  • MyTwentYEEOneChemical RomancesAtTheDisco

    *e x c u s e m e*

  • blinkx1 3
    blinkx1 3 Month ago +28

    Keanu is where his looks doesn't match his personality. you would think that he would be all serious and stuff but in reality he is a fluff ball

  • biljons
    biljons Month ago

    Are those two twins? 😁

  • TheOtherDarkMeat
    TheOtherDarkMeat Month ago +2

    People have no idea what a good guy Keanu is.


    Jamie bell looks like tom holland

  • Caitlin Oliver
    Caitlin Oliver Month ago

    i was bit by a horse when i was 8, requiring stitches. ive been bucked, stepped on. i was never scared of em

  • Tommy Loika
    Tommy Loika Month ago

    I love the money shot thumbnail

  • TheKolin63
    TheKolin63 Month ago

    Boycot 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

  • Connor Webb
    Connor Webb Month ago +3

    Well I'm petrified of Robin Hood (2018) so there you go.

  • Shaylynne Swanberg
    Shaylynne Swanberg Month ago

    When I fell I got back on... guess I'm more of a man than these guys.

  • Amer Dark Knight
    Amer Dark Knight Month ago +24

    Keanu with every fiber of his being is a gentleman, I realised this when he was explaining the scene and just cuts and says" Excuse me".

    I love this Motherlover

  • Charlotte Wollacott

    Me too lovely me too ♡♡♡

  • Band Lover
    Band Lover Month ago

    I want to marry Keanu please

  • Darth Star Killer
    Darth Star Killer Month ago


  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 Month ago

    So the key for winning over your paralyzing fear of horses is good old emotional suppression. Of course the Brits excell in that and the American looks clueless.

  • susn1987
    susn1987 Month ago

    I guess I'm too used to American talk shows because half of the time I'm wondering "why is the audience not screaming and clapping at every sentence". So nice to actually have a flow in the conversation...

  • After Dark Paranormal

    Such a nice guy!😇💜

  • Yassin Hani
    Yassin Hani Month ago

    I’ve watched no John wicks am I missing out?

    • Pat Lee
      Pat Lee Month ago

      Yassin Hani ever seen a retired assasain killed the gang he worked for becuase they stole his car and killed his dead wifes dog?
      Oh and he kills a man with a pencil

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago

    I ride for a living

  • Luca
    Luca Month ago

    Keanu is the happiest sad person I’ve ever seen..or the saddest happy one

  • LaBotellona08
    LaBotellona08 Month ago +12

    Keanu Reeves, the 21st century Jesus spreading positive energy everywhere he goes.

  • Francisco Menano
    Francisco Menano Month ago +103

    "I never once sat on a horse during the shooting of Robin Hood"
    Keanu "Badass" Reeves, trying not to laugh: "What??"

  • Saanvi Sai
    Saanvi Sai Month ago +4

    Keanu should join mcu. Like, really.

  • Anna Muller
    Anna Muller Month ago

    I watched this, and then I had to watch it again to know what Keanu Reeves was actually saying.

  • Osama Qasho'
    Osama Qasho' Month ago

    Why does Taron Egerton look like he's high on meth?

  • Origami Chik3n
    Origami Chik3n Month ago +55

    Billy Elliot's ears are so bright red as if they have their own power supply.

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite Month ago +3

    Jamie Bell is a stud.

  • The RED Samurai
    The RED Samurai Month ago +12

    why are Jamie Bell's ears so RED?????

  • Qais Al Bulushi
    Qais Al Bulushi Month ago


  • Serenity113
    Serenity113 Month ago +728

    *Keanu leaning on her* "Excuse me."
    Suranne: It's fine. :D
    Me: Same, girl.

  • J. Puebla
    J. Puebla Month ago +2

    Those ears are very red

  • Little-Tangled -Beauty
    Little-Tangled -Beauty Month ago +10

    The way Taron looks a Jamie though...

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David Month ago +5

    I'll ride Taron.

  • LuxLisbon
    LuxLisbon Month ago +19

    Love Suranne Jones! "It's fine" :)

  • Tayler Daye
    Tayler Daye Month ago

    I don't even like hearing Keanu speak. Stop. He's cancelled. John Wick is good writing, not casting or acting. Dude is arrogant trash, looking homeless. Foh

  • tony haskell
    tony haskell Month ago +9

    Keanu is the coolest guy every time on this show

  • Ellie Jones
    Ellie Jones Month ago +19

    Not to be that person but you shouldn’t run a horse on concrete, it’s so bad for their legs

  • Words & Whimsy
    Words & Whimsy Month ago +3

    Would love to see Keanu ride a horse and talk at the same time. He wouldn't be able to talk with his hands, so that would be a challenge for him, I think lol

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 Month ago

    Me too one chased me and bit my arm when I was 11 been terrified ever since then.I needed eight stitches.

  • Josef Mottershead
    Josef Mottershead Month ago +8

    He sounds so sad when he says they made it safe 😂

  • thedragonlee76
    thedragonlee76 Month ago +20

    Keanu Reeves...looks like an Asian assassin JESUS!

    • tylerpurrden
      tylerpurrden Month ago +3

      totally agree - tho on the early post (the ballroom one i think was the headline), the consensus appears to be that he is Snape IRL

  • Colyn Marie
    Colyn Marie Month ago +6

    My Ultimate Crush, Keanu Reeves!!!! I am forever single for you....

    • MRTN13
      MRTN13 Month ago

      Of course that's the only reason, isn't it

  • Turbo Lazer
    Turbo Lazer Month ago +21

    did you mean: "Jamie Bell Is Petrified Of Horses"

  • Tessa Erickson
    Tessa Erickson Month ago +161

    Why is no one talking about eggsy and John wick on one couch😱

  • The Cynic of Cinema
    The Cynic of Cinema Month ago +531

    Taron is very bold to remind us that Robin Hood happened.

    RDJ FOR OSCAR Month ago +4

    Isn't this the guy from Kingsmen

  • TheMusicivy
    TheMusicivy Month ago +26

    Can't get over the fact that Jamie Bell totally looks like Tom Holland!

    • TheMusicivy
      TheMusicivy Month ago +1

      @James D yes you're right! Haha was thinking about my phrasing after submitting the comment ^^

    • themicoism
      themicoism Month ago +4

      @Z and now we're gonna realize that almost all boys who played Billie Elliot can almost totally pass as brothers coz they all look alike.

    • Z
      Z Month ago +6

      Fun fact they have both been cast as Billy Elliot, one in the movie, and one in a stage production

    • James D
      James D Month ago +14

      No, Tom Holland looks like Jamie Bell. Let's not make that mistake ever again.

  • RandyPantheGoatBoy
    RandyPantheGoatBoy Month ago +4

    I want to rub Suranne's shoulders.

  • Manuel H.
    Manuel H. Month ago +1

    Which idiots writes these titles?

  • Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton

    I’m so excited to see him as Elton John...

    • Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton
      Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton Month ago +2

      Happybuses102 I agree! So excited!!!

    • Happybuses102
      Happybuses102 Month ago +1

      Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton Well he definitely is just as talented as Sir Elton John himself to do all of his own singing in the film 😊

    • Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton
      Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton Month ago +6

      Happybuses102 Egerton does all of his own singing in it. Elton said “no one is more perfect to play me.”

    • Happybuses102
      Happybuses102 Month ago +6

      Same. I really want to see that Rocketman film so badly, especially as I love Elton John's music.
      (EDITED) Spelling error

  • Tremain Bowman
    Tremain Bowman Month ago +73

    The end was worth it...lol

  • Cryptic Cell
    Cryptic Cell Month ago +34

    Give Keanu a hat and a pigeon and he's the real life Rob Lucci

  • Tom Ramsay
    Tom Ramsay Month ago +145

    Already one dislike? The horses have made it to RU-clip...

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba Month ago

      Tom Ramsay I love horses 🐎 and riding them. The dislikes must be haters.

  • sunny singh
    sunny singh Month ago +98

    People talk about the longevity of leading men in movies such as Harrison Ford & Tom Cruise but in my view Keanu is toe to toe with the long running leading men of the movie biz. He got his breakthrough in 1989 with bill & ted, since then he has consistently given successful movies as a lead actor .....from Point blank to speed to devil's advocate to matrix trilogy to constantine to street kings to now the john wick series.......2019 will prove to be 30 years since he became popular

    • MRTN13
      MRTN13 Month ago

      He's not leading at all. Just hanging in there for a long time.

    • Mary Willson
      Mary Willson Month ago +2

      And he looks about two years older.

    • Willis
      Willis Month ago

      I'm not sure how it would hold up today, but I loved Hardball growing up, too. Little G baby dieing man, almost crushed me.

    • thedragonlee76
      thedragonlee76 Month ago +5

      Having longevity in Hollywood is about always working with the right people,such as directors and other actors and finding the right script.

  • RiꜱᴇnHᴇᴇd
    RiꜱᴇnHᴇᴇd Month ago +172

    Graham just chilling on his chair laughing

    • Jakub Wójcik
      Jakub Wójcik 12 days ago

      That's what makes him the best talk show host

  • Aiman Gul
    Aiman Gul Month ago +305

    Keanu is the eldest and look at him taking it like a thrilling experience and challenge. This man is golden, we must protect him at all costs!

  • Mateo Banda
    Mateo Banda Month ago +905

    I thought I use me hands too much when talking! Keanu uses his WHOLE BODY when stressing his point!

    • Jim Crow
      Jim Crow Month ago +1

      @Zuraida Zakaria That lady wouldn't mind Keanu falling right inside of her.

    • RobCee4ever
      RobCee4ever Month ago +2

      Mateo Banda and she was so polite and graceful about it. Bless her heart.

    • Mateo Banda
      Mateo Banda Month ago +1

      @Zuraida Zakaria you know what, that's true. I would let him fall over me whenever he feels like. Hell, I would let him kill my puppy. Kidding. I don't have a puppy

    • Zuraida Zakaria
      Zuraida Zakaria Month ago +6

      @Mateo Banda
      I think that poor lady doesnt mind Keanu falling on her.
      I wouldnt mind a bit if I were her lol

    • Mateo Banda
      Mateo Banda Month ago

      @Em E. Yeah

  • Niamh Latham
    Niamh Latham Month ago +46

    Omg!! That's Billy Elliot!

    • tylerpurrden
      tylerpurrden Month ago +3

      i was thinking the same exact thing - it's almost pride that I'm like, "He's all growns up!!"

  • 러버덕
    러버덕 Month ago +798

    taron's face when he realizes jamie can now ride a horse is so cute🤣🤣 now taron should go meet this lady who cured jamie

  • Robert Curley
    Robert Curley Month ago +538

    Taron Egerton sounds like a character on Game of Thrones.

    • Taffy Ducks
      Taffy Ducks Month ago

      @Braa M Yes, but you have to stress the differences because of my original point. Many foreigners dont realise British and English doesn't mean the same thing.
      So to say he has a British accent when all you have ever heard is an accent from a certain place within the Uk is accidentally disingenuous, as four nations make up the UK and three make up Britain.
      Geographically, Wales, Scotland and England are all British. But they are still all cultural unique from one another. The only link betwen them is the English language.
      You wouldn't use the term European when you are talking specifically about a German accent, would you?! SurelyYou would be specific and say German? As Germany and other European nations are different from one another.

    • Braa M
      Braa M Month ago

      Nigel Sheppard Yes. That is still British mate

    • Nigel Sheppard
      Nigel Sheppard Month ago +1

      @Taffy Ducks also his is an Aberystwyth accent, it's very soft anyway, not as nasal as Gwynedd or as Taffy as Swansea, Port Talbot and the Valleys.

    • Nigel Sheppard
      Nigel Sheppard Month ago

      @Braa M Welsh

    • Chrizelda Bernil
      Chrizelda Bernil Month ago

      @Braa M I think the OP means the name like House Egerton of The Reach or maybe more like a Wildling name?

  • Pineapple Person ryan


  • Pralay Aryan
    Pralay Aryan Month ago +11

    every animal can sense fear.


      @Pralay Aryan Indeed, it's true. They're quite sensitive and will reflect exactly what you're feeling (horses especially) back to you.

    XBGAMBIT GAMING Month ago +7

    Graham is the best

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Month ago +2


  • Lars Sandnes
    Lars Sandnes Month ago +1500

    Keanu is the definition of positive energy

    • MRTN13
      MRTN13 Month ago +1

      Tom Cruise agrees. It's positive energy. Not a crazy man on a couch moving in unexpected ways.

    • Nellie K. Adaba
      Nellie K. Adaba Month ago

      Lars Sandnes 👍

    • KarinaAthenaRose
      KarinaAthenaRose Month ago +2

      I love him

    • DJD &c.
      DJD &c. Month ago +5

      Hey Marvel MCU, Keanu needs to be Moon Knight; for real, he is a Marvel Knight

    • Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ
      Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ Month ago +11

      Lars Sandnes until you kill his doggo, he becomes the grim reaper

  • Pierre giudicelli
    Pierre giudicelli Month ago

    can i get some free tickets pleaseeeee

  • Kiarash Zh
    Kiarash Zh Month ago +3


  • Kiarash Zh
    Kiarash Zh Month ago +2