Steve Harvey - 5 Best Rules for Success In Life (Law Of Attraction)

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
  • Law Of Attraction Motivation
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Comments • 50

  • Step It Up Morons
    Step It Up Morons 28 days ago

    wow over the top mannnnn

  • Step It Up Morons
    Step It Up Morons 28 days ago

    thanks steve,,,

  • Marcus vinicius
    Marcus vinicius 3 months ago +7

    Been watching Steve for a couple of months now, and since then I've recognized my gift and opened my own company and have been working hard to make it grow. Thank you Steve, you're such a motivation for the youth!!!

  • Xolani Nondabula
    Xolani Nondabula 3 months ago

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  • Daryl Waltz
    Daryl Waltz 3 months ago

    44 thumbs down? What? I don't understand...

  • Francoise Mendy
    Francoise Mendy 3 months ago +1

    I am from Sénégal West AFRICA so it is words i need to hear right now in my life!

    • Asia S M
      Asia S M 2 months ago

      Francoise Mendy please open a restaurant with Senegalese food. You guys have the best jollof rice. Maybe you can sell the spice and herb mix 💕🌻👌🏽✨💥💐

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 3 months ago

    Thank you Mr. Steve Harvey for waking me up again. I real appreciate you and love you. You're a father to many people 💞💕💯😭😔💯🙏

  • Reel Deal
    Reel Deal 3 months ago

    I woke up and watched Steve Harvey videos. I know I have a purpose in this life

  • rlalko l
    rlalko l 3 months ago +1

    I think I'm the person with my feet up only because I don't know my husband's the one who's on the wagon pulling it and I'm just on it I got to fix that

  • Charles Jack Frost
    Charles Jack Frost 5 months ago

    Wow Oh Wow! I jumped and the view is amazing! Without a vision...the people will perish. Bible and Steve!

  • Royal Rouge
    Royal Rouge 5 months ago


  • Kyle Kozma
    Kyle Kozma 5 months ago

    Been pulling the wagon for yrs. Time to get back to work and drop those riders

  • Chill E.D.
    Chill E.D. 5 months ago

    Your kids got their feet up! AMEN!

  • We Love Libraries
    We Love Libraries 6 months ago

    Steve Speaks the truth

  • gurteenview
    gurteenview 6 months ago +2

    Jesus is Thee One l follow and walk with everyday l thank Him for sending people who speak into our lives daily to encourage us to keep going even when it is a struggle we must keep walking
    For me it's called Walking with Jesus
    Beautiful honest truth
    Amen xx

  • YourGirlSudanny
    YourGirlSudanny 6 months ago

    Steve is an amazing man!!

    HURPSY IMAGERY STUDIO 6 months ago


  • Calvin Gilmore
    Calvin Gilmore 6 months ago +3

    U can't help but get up and do something with yourself.If this hasn't hit your spirit u just wanna do nothing with your life


    He is so awesome I’m jumping fr

  • Plot7 Plot 10
    Plot7 Plot 10 7 months ago +3

    Thanks Steve ,you're just another motivation to me

  • Victor Taylor
    Victor Taylor 7 months ago +1

    Most of the time your own family & friends will be your opponents, the Bible says that.i think people are more afraid of that than amything, going agaisnt their friends and family.i got a fund going years ago & it did well but I never got credit for it, and my sibling took the funds trying to justify that taught me a lesson.

    • Lonje Maries Wisdom
      Lonje Maries Wisdom 6 months ago

      Victor Taylor I’m really sorry that person abused your trust ,do your best to forgive your sibling ,move past it and do not put yourself back in harms way in that area again,that’s not the right way to forgive someone that’s foolishness ,do your best to put it behind ,you lesson learned. Trust is earned

  • Bosslady Wilson
    Bosslady Wilson 7 months ago +41

    I was lost, about to give up on life. I listen to Steve Motivation speeches EVERYDAY! I know my life has a purpose! 🙏🏽

  • Intuitive Investor
    Intuitive Investor 7 months ago

    Who are the 24 retards who gave this a thumbs down?

  • Madalina Gutu
    Madalina Gutu 9 months ago +9

    Steve!U r amazing!❤️U!

  • sou saelee
    sou saelee 9 months ago +40

    Steve a real one. I relate more to his stuff than any other motivator speakker out here rn

  • Jaron's Halal products LLC
    Jaron's Halal products LLC 10 months ago +8

    the dead weight is so true

  • junior planche
    junior planche 10 months ago +2


  • Healing German Shepherds
    Healing German Shepherds 10 months ago +1

    I am living my dream and what I good at but how do I turn it into what I need to live ?

    • Lonje Maries Wisdom
      Lonje Maries Wisdom 6 months ago

      Healing German Shepherds Pray about it and ask God to open doors ,but you have to take the necessary steps towards it of course ,the money will come eventually guaranteed

  • Troy Nickson
    Troy Nickson 10 months ago

    This law is true!!! As a man thinks so is he!!!

  • Random World of Rozier Marie
    Random World of Rozier Marie 10 months ago +11

    I’m still trying to find my gift 🎁

    • Lonje Maries Wisdom
      Lonje Maries Wisdom 6 months ago

      Random World of Rozier Marie Pray about it,Ask The people that know you well,what do you think I’m good at ? Here are some clues,what do you feel 1,000,000% qualified to do ,that you do very very well without even thinking about it ? What do you do so well that you enjoy , and love so much that you could do it all day and lose track of time ,and not even eat ,what would you literally do for free ? That’s your gift

    NICK BONNIE Year ago

    I've been researching into the laws of attraction then we discovered an awesome resource at Makale magic method (check it out on google)

  • Pushpa raj
    Pushpa raj Year ago +1

    He's my motivation!!

  • Mickey Medrano
    Mickey Medrano Year ago +7

    I need to jump!!!

  • Destiny Grows
    Destiny Grows Year ago +2

    LOVE IT!!!! Nothing but the TRUTH

  • Colin McLean
    Colin McLean Year ago +2

  • Colin McLean
    Colin McLean Year ago +4

    Just jump you only have one good on this place they call earth

  • Remya Mya
    Remya Mya Year ago +2

    Woww ...great videos and It’s a great JOB. I am grateful. If perhaps manifestation is not simple and easy for you, then you are doing it the hard way. But once we remove whatever is stopping us from imagining, realizing and effortlessly manifesting our needs or wishes, it immediately commences happening at the mere whim of your thought. Manifesting may seem to be impossible to your brain, yet it is really as natural as the heat from sunlight above. We all have been blessed with this innate capability to materialize thoughts into physical form. The easiest way to find out if you are motivated to take action is to check on inside your heart and soul. Simply choose to start out taking a couple of new inspired activities every day. Soon you will feel your vibration soaring and synchronicity will all of a sudden begin to show up. Try these super easy manifesting techniques

  • Jason Rougeau
    Jason Rougeau Year ago +1

    jump where dude...
    fuck man, I've jumped in all the wrong places this year.

  • Iris Gonzalez-Caulder

    thank you

    O'Lord - song
    Lauren Diagle - artist
    Pastor Madeline - channel

    • Destiny Grows
      Destiny Grows Year ago

      Yes, he is and definitely able to pull from his own experiences to now teach others.

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Year ago


  • ColbyCheeser
    ColbyCheeser Year ago +8

    Good stuff! Even though there's a bunch of these channels I still love them!

  • Karim Mohamed
    Karim Mohamed Year ago +6

    Nice one man !!! Great job 😊