Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Nov 9, 2015
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Comments • 12 892

    ZFORCE08 GAMING 3 hours ago +1

    1:36 we traffic more people well I dont

  • Unlimited star gaming Under cover

    Well in canada we have more freedom in voteing

  • UltimateSocialist
    UltimateSocialist 2 days ago

    I don’t like the fetishization of the founding fathers. They were white slave owning elitists who favored a plutocracy

  • TheLittlePaige
    TheLittlePaige 3 days ago


  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah 3 days ago +1

    There is a bare minimum of electoral votes so this is irrelevant. And if you don’t pay attention to the safe or non swing states then they might vote for the other candidate or make it much closer.

  • Darren Y.X
    Darren Y.X 3 days ago +1

    Dosen’t the majority of the vote in a state wins the whole thing?
    Etc:51% and 49%, the 51% party takes the electoral vote right?
    So how does it differ?

    RSD SKITS 4 days ago

    I know this is late and all but us ohioans dont get to much attention so that was pretty cool also idek what people in ohio like maybe cussing🤷‍♂️😂

  • F T
    F T 4 days ago +1

    I think it's time to move to wyoming!

  • PopcornEgg
    PopcornEgg 5 days ago


  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 6 days ago

    The idea of problematic election systems is without a doubt a great problem worth conversation. My problem with his presentation of the Electoral College is that he completely ignores what the College was designed to be: a final safety net in the event of a populist revolt. Ie should a man like Trump have been elected by the popular vote, the EC could have overrruled. The EC merely did the exact opposite of what it was meant to do.

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 7 days ago

    To bad America isn't a democracy

    • Josh Davis
      Josh Davis 7 days ago

      Also pure democracy Is evil... democracy is all about the majority ruling over the minority

  • Gatlingun511 Brooks
    Gatlingun511 Brooks 8 days ago

    Whatever you people like in Ohio, I’m Ohioan, and I like cats

  • CJ
    CJ 9 days ago

    But if it went by pop vote then they would ignore small states so yes it is fair

  • Da Goat King
    Da Goat King 11 days ago

    You think turtles are cooky?! I have a snake!

  • Someone Who doesn't exist

    I'm not American, why am I watching this

  • Rayne Lee
    Rayne Lee 13 days ago

    Wow! No way, we’re not a democracy! Duh, we are a republic and that’s how it works. We have democratic systems, but the election is primarily a republic.

  • Alexis Means
    Alexis Means 14 days ago

    Just for you to know we're a democratic republic...

  • Ryan De Silva
    Ryan De Silva 14 days ago +24

    In Soviet Russia, we never have this problem.

  • Firji
    Firji 18 days ago +15

    But electoral college stops people from just focusing one large population states.

  • MrRasZe
    MrRasZe 19 days ago +1

    but when the democrats win this video will be deleted

  • IhavealongnameGaming
    IhavealongnameGaming 19 days ago

    Keep in mind that this video is extremely partisan, and doesn't always tell the whole truth (for example, yes, there have been 80 "turncoats" in the electoral college, but that accounts for less than 1% of electors, and they have never influenced an election). It gives good points on why the electoral college should be abolished, but it's definitely not an obvious choice; do some extra research on youtube.

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 19 days ago

    And people wonder why young people don’t vote.

  • sean miller
    sean miller 23 days ago

    Boy meets world flashback

  • Josie J.
    Josie J. 23 days ago +1

    I mean we don’t like lebron anymore...

  • Andrastos
    Andrastos 24 days ago

    I would love to see full episodes... -.-

  • Tfrenchiestfry
    Tfrenchiestfry 26 days ago

    I love democracy

  • hello._. brady
    hello._. brady 28 days ago +4

    America is not a full democracy. It's a democratic republic. Are government was made so that the states with larger populations have all the power. SWING STATES CHANGE!

  • Petter Wiggen
    Petter Wiggen 29 days ago

    That is one reason Texas and California should be divided up

  • Sha'a Gi
    Sha'a Gi 29 days ago +10

    Adam the Communist
    Next Episode: why Stalin is b- i mean GOOD!

    • Nihil Ego
      Nihil Ego 2 days ago +1

      I don't where he said that communism was good.

  • AgentSteve
    AgentSteve Month ago

    Why Robots ruin democracy

  • Colin Nguyen
    Colin Nguyen Month ago +1

    Ok. The electoral college exists to prevent any single political party from gaining absolute power. It has done this effectively for years. Selecting a representative rather than a direct vote allows that.

  • Tomsk
    Tomsk Month ago +2

    🤡honking intensifies in distance🤡

    • Micah Adamson
      Micah Adamson Month ago

      This video was made in 2015, a year before Hillary lost.

  • My Channel my rules

    I’m from Ohio

  • Советская Россия

    You have socialism to thank for everyone being allowed to vote

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming Month ago +1

    If this came out after the elections, I'd almost think Adam had something in mind...
    But, it was made in 2015, so that is not the caee

  • Nityc
    Nityc Month ago +1

    Why are you people in the comments so surprised by this? Don’t they teach you this in U.S History?

  • Zeferlin
    Zeferlin Month ago +1

    America is not a true democracy it's a constitutional republic which is why the founding fathers created it. If it were a true democracy there would be no need for a electoral college because there would be no need for a president or a Congress . The people would directly vote and make new laws and we would not vote for people represent us in making and passing laws. Just thought I would point that out because Adam called it undemocratic (TLDR) but we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic which is why the founding fathers created the electoral college

  • or4nge 408
    or4nge 408 Month ago

    2:21 the outfits these two seem to have switched clothing

  • Seth Andrus
    Seth Andrus Month ago

    yea Adam is a retard who knows nothing about this Republic or the electoral college and I lost like 100 brain cells listing to him. Swing States always change. EVERY STATE and EVERY VOTER IS IMPORTANT IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. He really needs to read up on it more. Every thing he said about it was wrong.

  • Toby LIM
    Toby LIM Month ago +2

    If you don’t understand how Trump could win before Nov. 8th, I totally understand you.
    If you still don’t understand how Trump won now, you have a serious arrogance and ignorance problem.
    I would assume you, the reader to this answer, live in a urban area in either Northeast or the West Coast, college educated, a typical left-wing supporter and advocator for your entire life.
    That’s nice. You work in the office with HVAC on 24/7/365. You go to gym after work, watching news from CNN or NBC on the treadmill. Then you eat your dinner out somewhere with a friend, probably not cooking at home. Sometimes you fly between NYC/Boston and LA/SFO for business. When you look down from the plane window and see those endless farmlands and mountains in the midwest, you are thinking “I can’t imagine living a life down there.”
    When you saw Trump won, you were shocked. Holy shit! There’s not a single person around me who supports Trump, how could he win?
    That’s where the problem is. You are living in a completely different world than those Trump supporters.
    When you refuel your car, have you ever wondered where the gas comes from, if not imported? Who drilled the oil for you?
    When you charge your phone, have you ever wondered where the electricity comes from? Who dug the coal to power the plant?
    When you shop in the supermarket, have you ever wondered where the fresh vegetables and fruits come from? Who drove the truck all the way from California to New York to deliver those goods?
    Those are the people who support Donald Trump. Have you ever talked to any one of them?
    Without you, they can still feed themselves, but without them, you will be starved to death. You don’t know how to grow crops, and you dare not to kill a chicken.
    So now how could you despise them as “uneducated redneck racists”?
    When they watch the news, even when watching Fox News, the camera is always on the big cities far away from them. They are ignored, as if they don’t exist in this country. No one pays attention to them, and no one speaks for them, until Donald Trump.
    They could drive a truck for $8k a month 20 years ago working 60 hours a week, but now the illegal immigrants are willing to do it at $3k. They lost their jobs.
    They could work in a factory for $4k a month 20 years ago, but now the job goes to China and Mexico when the workers there make $500 a month. They lost their jobs.
    You can’t urge a 40-year-old man with a high school diploma having a family to raise to go to college again and learn programming or investment banking. He can’t and he can’t afford.
    You also can’t say in 10 years robots are doing the job for them and they should just vanish because their minds and skills don’t follow the era.
    They are human beings. They are also lovely nice people. They don’t hate you. They work hard so you can live a comfortable life. Why do you hate them? Why do you label them as racist deplorables and xenophobic bigots without even knowing how hard their lives are?
    When they are losing jobs and falling into poverty, they don’t know what to do. They stay at home and turn on the TV and see Obama and Hillary speaking on ABC News: “The biggest problem our society now facing is climate change.”
    They may voted for Obama 8 years ago and hoped him to bring change to their life, but they could only sigh when they see this. So they switch to Fox News and see Donald Trump speaking on his rally in Detroit, MI: “We need to rebuild our inner cities, we need to bring jobs back.” They follow him and say: “YES! Let’s make America great again!”
    When they saw Obama visiting NYC after hurricane Sandy in 2012, but was playing golf when the devastating flood in Louisiana destroyed thousands of homes this summer, they knew they were forgotten.
    However, when they saw Trump visiting Louisiana after the flood, a state that he didn’t need to campaign at all, they knew someone actually cared for them.
    If you are them, who will you vote for?
    They are the silent majorities. They live in your flyover states. They don’t care about LGBT or BLM. They are not racist or homophobic. They just want jobs to feed their families.
    Please throw away your arrogance and start to care about those people. They are Americans too. They might be more American than you are, since many of your clients and customers are foreign.
    They have no methods to let you hear them. All the medias don’t speak for them, all the celebrities don’t pay attention to them. All the career politicians don’t represent them. The only weapon they have are their ballots. They vote to knock you out of your utopia. That’s the power of democracy. That’s why democracy is great. It never ignores anyone.
    If you believe your value is progressive and right, you need to help them getting out of their trouble first. You can’t blame and mock them. It will only push them away from you even more.
    Trump has been a democrat longer than republican in his life. He has married 3 times, agrees with progressive income tax, has been pro-choice in most of his life and pro-LGBT all the time. The only hardcore conservative thing I can think of him is anti-alcohol. However, he could still defeat 16 truly conservative republican candidates and won more votes in the primaries than anyone else in the history. This has already proven that the silent majorities are much more tolerant now on social issues. They just want someone to fix the economy for them.
    Now it’s your chance to work with them, help them under the 4 years of Trump’s presidency. Stop protesting and introspect yourself. Isn’t your arrogance and ignorance that brought Trump to the White House?

  • Quinntus79
    Quinntus79 Month ago

    Why should we get rid of the electoral college? The majority of the time it's lead to a peaceful exchange of power. With the exception of that little debacle during the election of 1860, every presidential election has ended in a peaceful exchange or some sort of compromise between the parties. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • Mario Fatovic
    Mario Fatovic Month ago

    I'll ignore the pointless debate about whether or not the US is or isn't a democracy, let's get into this instead.
    California has a population of about 40,000,000 and Wyoming has a population of less that 600,000 and that means Californias population is more than 60 times that of Wyoming. That means they would never be heard in a "mob rules" kind of society. Think about this, California is about 14% of the population in the US, that would mean you would have to get California, New York (20 mil), Texas (27 mil) and Florida (20 mil) and you have well over 100 million. THAT'S 4 STATES and you'd have basically a third of the population, when about half the country doesn't vote. That'd let less than a dozen states have the say in who runs the country, while the rest would be ignored.
    Also, 3 million Texans out of 27 million voted democrat, and 5 million Californians voted Republican out of 40 million? That's not very purple, that's very red and blue, that's very deceptive because they're high numbers, but when you add context like that it's only 1/8 of Californian, changes your view.
    Also, also, swing states change.

  • Alex Bolding
    Alex Bolding Month ago +3

    The irony, the people bordering Mexico could not care less about who comes and goes.

  • Common Knowledge
    Common Knowledge Month ago +1

    The labron James thing was a joke aimed at white folks . if you actually get it .

  • jstnsmutek
    jstnsmutek Month ago

    Isn't that the mom from Boy Meets world?

  • NyanimeGamer
    NyanimeGamer Month ago

    3:48 - Wth kind of pour is that?

  • Tempting Fate
    Tempting Fate Month ago

    I hate to break it to you all. But Abraham Lincoln won because of the electoral college and would have lost to a pro-slavery Democrat if it was based on the popular vote. Thank goodness we live in a constitutional republic and not a democracy.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner." - Benjamin Franklin

    • Tempting Fate
      Tempting Fate Month ago

      wolfmancal the wolf Your call. Good luck with life.

    • Tempting Fate
      Tempting Fate Month ago

      wolfmancal the wolf to your points:
      1. Yes I watched the video and Adam is completely wrong about swing states. First and foremost they change every election, they are not set. They are the states polls say are most up for grabs by either candidate because the population is center. Not to far right or left. You didn't see Hillary campaigning in California. Not because they weren't important but because they were already in the bag. Trump didn't spend any time there either because he didn't have a chance. California voted for who their people wanted. The campaign trail focuses on undecided states. "Swing states." Adam is literally complicating a very simple situation just to make it appear "undemocratic." There are plenty of vids on YT that debunk this.
      2. Republic does not mean Democratic. Yes, most republics are democratic but a republic is simply where the power of the country resides with the people through a chosen representative. Democracy can have nothing to do with it. You could vote in a life long king in any style you wanted and it could still be a Republic. It's how North Korea gets away with calling itself one. A democracy is were the majority have complete power. Which is never so great for the little guy.
      Changing the electoral college would not make us a pure democracy, you are right. But going to a popular vote would. I'm suprised you don't get that.
      3. Not ETHNIC or cultural minorities!? The minority. As in... "the anti-slavery crowd before the Civil War were in the minority." The pro-slavery crowd were the majority. So if we go to a popular vote and the majority of the country is Liberal, then Conservative viewpoints would never have a say. They are silenced. That pisses conservative states off and they leave the United states. Which they can do, called succession. It's another civil war. Good news is this helped the left when they were the minority a few decades ago because they were never silenced. And it allowed them to grow. It goes back and forth. The system is designed to be flexible. A popular vote is not flexible and eradicates a check and balance that keep us united.
      4. Again you make the point that ending the electoral college wouldn't make us a pure democracy, which has failed time and time again because it's always been used to silence the minority by the majority. But then go to say you want to institute the very definition of a pure democracy with a popular vote. Our system, as flawed as it can be, is completely designed to be temporary and ever changing. Flexible. Things like term limits were to insure we never get stuck in one pattern for too long. Same with not having a popular vote.

    • Tempting Fate
      Tempting Fate Month ago

      wolfmancal the wolf I'll take that as a yes. And I'm asking because your responses were typical of someone who has only the most fundamental education in civics, which isn't bad so long as your open to learning. I'm going to respond accordingly. One sec...

    • Tempting Fate
      Tempting Fate Month ago

      wolfmancal the wolf legitimate question... are you still in highschool?

    • Tempting Fate
      Tempting Fate Month ago

      wolfmancal the wolf no, I'm a fan of the electoral college because it tries to equalize the power of the state's during elections while still allowing for the states with the larger populations to hold more sway. It's a compromise which allowed the US to be created, since we are a Republic of independent States. If we allow a popular vote only, then the majority will always squash the minority. It's why we don't live in a democracy but a representative republic.
      Pure democracy is mob rule. That kind of thinking led to the Jim Crow laws, discrimination of the LGBQT community, and many other atrocities in history. Any time a pure democracy has been tried it led to the minority being disenfranchised and led to violent conflict.
      It wasn't created this way on a whim and any student of history knows the flaws of a pure democracy. Sad that few are knowledgeable and are pushing for a failed experiment that will fail again. "Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - Winston Churchill.

  • Kevin pezza
    Kevin pezza Month ago

    This guy is a fucking idiot if you got rid of the electoral college only California and New York would control every election because of their population he’s stating the exact opposite this is a lie

  • Kevin pezza
    Kevin pezza Month ago

    Your a fucking idiot we are not a democracy

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Sogexx technically we are both. Look up the definitions

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Month ago

      @I Ya Not a republic, not a democracy.

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      I love when people say "We're a republic, not a democracy!" First of all, A republic IS a democracy. Democracy is an overarching term that engulfs all sorts of ideology. When people talk about how democratic we are or how we're a democratic nation, they don't mean that we are a direct democracy. Claiming they are is disingenuous.

      The moving from FPTP to representative voting does not change the system. We would still be a Republic since it would still be us electing officials rather than directly voting on policy. The only difference is that representative voting not only encourages people to get involved with the democratic process (Or if you want to be a pedantic nerd, republican process, literally the exact same thing), but it more fits the views of America as a whole rather than the slight majority in a state.

      This would not only allow third parties to rise to prominence and cut down on the two larger parties and allowing more personalized ideology rather than just blue and red, but it would also help those who have differing ideology in their state be able to make a difference. California has more red voters than entire red states. If they were counted Republicans would do a lot better. Same for blue voters in red states.

  • NG king long
    NG king long Month ago

    if everyone have equal voting.
    those fat McDonald oil politic correct IQ

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson Month ago

    I swear, 90% of the comments are conservative assclowns saying “we’re a republic, not a democracy.”

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Month ago +1

      John Henderson Shut up goon

    • John Henderson
      John Henderson Month ago

      biggiecheese77 your mother never loved you did she?

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Month ago +1

      Which is true.

  • Filip Rebro
    Filip Rebro 2 months ago

    im not American, But what are the Swing States?

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Filip Rebro his economic policies and his way of combating crime.

    • Filip Rebro
      Filip Rebro Month ago

      @I Ya Why you dont like Reagan?

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Filip Rebro worst was Reagan in my opinion but many conservatives like him though.

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Filip Rebro a swing state is for example, Ohio. it went right in 2004 then left in 2008, 2012 then back to the right in 2016.

    • Filip Rebro
      Filip Rebro Month ago

      @I Ya Thanks. and also, if you are American, who was your least favorite president (Not Worst because even bad one has something good/some states like him. and im not including Trump because he hasnt yet finished his second elections in future year.)

  • Herman
    Herman 2 months ago

    Well "Adam".. First off, we're a republic, not a democracy. A democracy is majority (mob) rule, rights of the individual are endangered. A republic is rule by representatives elected by it's citizens, rights of the individual outweigh the needs/wants of the majority (mob). Secondly, old white guys wordsmithed the Bill of Rights added the electoral college because of past failures of pure democracies throughout history (Greece and their city states). I expect more from you "Adam". I guess you push whatever your masters tell you to push.

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 2 months ago

    Say what you will about the Electoral College but I'm grateful it was there just save us from the most evil woman ever to put on a pants suit

  • blob fish
    blob fish 2 months ago

    wait i want a part 2

  • blob fish
    blob fish 2 months ago

    yay florida!

  • Usta
    Usta 2 months ago

    So who will bring democracy to USA?

  • Brayden Perry
    Brayden Perry 2 months ago

    “People in Ohio like Lebron James”
    Me in 2018-19: Nope

  • Andrey Makarevich
    Andrey Makarevich 2 months ago

    This is very misleading. The electoral college protects the minority. Stops mob rule.

  • Henry Torres
    Henry Torres 2 months ago +2

    More propaganda by the left to steal the republic away. Its embarrassing that this many people liked this propaganda piece.

    • Mictla
      Mictla Month ago

      @Sogexx Its a waste of time and energy to talk to people like the OP, I have learned that.

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Month ago

      @Mictla Instead of saying that, try to come up with an actual point to counter it.

    • Mictla
      Mictla Month ago +1

      Lol, you are so full of shit.

  • user
    user 2 months ago

    Presidents aren't voted in. They're chosen.

  • Jorge Santana
    Jorge Santana 2 months ago

    Corry’s mom!!! I love Boy Meets World!

  • Nate Burnside
    Nate Burnside 2 months ago +4

    But it fights against tyranny and pure democracies always fail

    • Nate Burnside
      Nate Burnside 2 months ago

      Ayelis no are side is probably more tolerant of people because we don’t label minorities or call them victims or because of there race they need more help instead we like to live by a capitalist system that you get what you work for not what you need and that’s why we have the number one economy in the world we like minorities we want them to go to school and learn we want more in office but we also want to treat them equally and for them to treat us equally giving them scholarships because of there race is racist because what that also says is that they are superior it’s like reverse racism but honestly and this will shock you the Republican Party is more tolerant that democrats and has been longer than democrats have been people only see republicans as racists because most republicans are in the south which some people see as confederates but no we like minorities and we want to get them on the same level of opportunities and experiences as the rest of us but we don’t want to hand it to them we want them to work for it just like how we do also thinking about stuff in a racist way also makes you a racist

    • Nate Burnside
      Nate Burnside 2 months ago

      Ayelis there is more reasons I’m just not equipped to give full argument that’s just an example and besides you know how hard it would be to check who has had dentures and who doesn’t and this is just the one example

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 2 months ago

      @Nate Burnside Didn't realize your side cared about minorities not having power all of a sudden. 🙄

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 2 months ago

      @Nate Burnside Then pass a law that allows people with dentures to opt out of teeth cleaning, but they'll still need a fucking periodontist won't they? Blah blah shortsighted blah. Get a real argument.

  • Alex Post
    Alex Post 2 months ago

    Yeah Ohio

  • Garrett Williamson
    Garrett Williamson 2 months ago

    We have the electoral college because most people don't know what is best for them and the rest of the country. If we get rid of the electoral college whoever wins the larger states gets the presidency. The logic behind this video is flawed.

  • Isam Elder
    Isam Elder 2 months ago

    America is the furthest thing from a democracy or a free country lol.

  • Impossible eatable
    Impossible eatable 2 months ago

    In America if you get a certain 22% of the population you can win the presidency.

  • Peyton Wilson
    Peyton Wilson 2 months ago

    You're an idiot. We are not a democracy. Democracy is evil. It's two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. We are a democratic republic. This just means if you have less people in your state, your vote still matters. And swing states change dumbasses

  • Anthony Decesare
    Anthony Decesare 2 months ago +2

    Good thing we aren't a democracy.

  • Rusty Stephens
    Rusty Stephens 2 months ago

    Hey Adam..... you're right, the electoral college does ruin democracy but guess what you idiot, we are not supposed to be a democratic state. I don't want big cities telling me who they elected, thanks.

  • Filip Rebro
    Filip Rebro 2 months ago

    any explanation why your forefathers didn't want you to vote?
    because they know that people are stupid herd of sheep. they are able to vote for anyone they don't even know, or vote for another king.
    George Washington said that "If we give right to vote for people. they will definitely vote for another George III with with other name"

  • Michael Hartline
    Michael Hartline 2 months ago +1

    It is supposed to be undemocratic, also swing states change you idiot! And yes the founding fathers did make it this way. Why??? Because we are not a democracy.

    • Michael Hartline
      Michael Hartline Month ago

      @I YaHowever I did a little more research and found that america is still a republic BUT we have some (like 1 or 2) properties of a democracy. Creating a whole new thing. And that is what america is a nation with no specific culture but its own. So lets just sit down and say that america is great the way it is. Please.

    • Michael Hartline
      Michael Hartline Month ago

      @I Ya Yeah saying it was a republic

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Michael Hartline we know what they said because they wrote alot of records and books.

    • Michael Hartline
      Michael Hartline Month ago

      @I Ya how du u no its untru you know the founding fathers

    • I Ya
      I Ya Month ago

      @Michael Hartline because it's wrong and I'm correcting something untrue

  • wolfpackflt670
    wolfpackflt670 2 months ago

    Ohio likes aviation

  • Van Crocker
    Van Crocker 2 months ago

    *obligatory America is a republic comment*

  • Jason Sacuta
    Jason Sacuta 2 months ago

    “America is one of the most hypocritical countries of the world, its self-perception based on lies and myths, the biggest myth about America is the thesis that it's a Democracy. Bullshit, de facto America is not a Democracy; it's an Oligarchy. Freedom of speech & expression does not exist, except if one thinks that shit written on Constitution is not a joke fabricated by Americans.”

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man 2 months ago

    First the college goes off how many representatives plus your two Senators so it evens it out its not off population and yes you could say well the representatives are based off your population but it still evens out and thoes people in the collage have to vote for its state choses also that john Edwards was an accident. Sorry for the long paragraph but this episode was bullshit

  • aladdin charradi
    aladdin charradi 2 months ago

    oh my god the US is fucked up 😂😂

  • Ling Yuan Leow
    Ling Yuan Leow 2 months ago

    is there a part 2?

  • Potato City!
    Potato City! 2 months ago

    Lol that LeBron James joke though

  • pat saultz
    pat saultz 2 months ago

    foolish foolish ....smh

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 2 months ago +2

    This guy needs a civics lesson. Apparently the electoral college only works when a democrat wins.

    • Sogexx
      Sogexx Month ago

      @Ayelis Racist? How can it be racist?

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 2 months ago

      Nah, it's pretty much never worked. Except to be racist and classist. It's worked very well at doing that. But it's fine. Things are gonna change.

    MO BAMBA 2 months ago

    And 1

  • Madlyn Darmody
    Madlyn Darmody 2 months ago

    The map at the beginning is WRONG Alaska is bigger than Texas!!

  • Egyptian Gamer
    Egyptian Gamer 3 months ago

    adam has such ugly hair

  • Technically Gaming
    Technically Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Ha, haha, ha.
    Of course it's unfair, because big cities have more people who want the better interest of the cities, and they are in bigger states, and smaller states want the better of the farmers and such, the smaller states, this was designed to give both political orientations equal opportunity, and the USA isn't a democracy, it's a republic.

    • Mikey Bjornberg
      Mikey Bjornberg 3 months ago

      Finally someone who understands the United States of America. Love these informed people 😁 this is not a joke.

  • ervc1
    ervc1 3 months ago +1

    Obviously you dot want to acknowledge we are a representative republic , not a democracy..be honest

  • ChickaWikaPie
    ChickaWikaPie 3 months ago +10

    Y'Know I don't really acknowledge all of thw famous people that lived in the state I do, so I can't really say anything special about it.

  • Riley Reads
    Riley Reads 3 months ago

    I think Adam is mentally retarded the founding fathers did think we should vote

  • Yasmeen Said
    Yasmeen Said 3 months ago

    There are 27.7 million Texans with only about 9 million under the age of 18 meaning that the voting population is about 18.7 million. So while 3 million may have voted democratic, the leaves 15.7 million voting republic (with a smaller fraction voting third party). That was a misleading fact at 2:15

  • Marko Garcia
    Marko Garcia 3 months ago +4

    Adam snorts a line before every take.

  • Niker Dra
    Niker Dra 3 months ago

    Can US be a great communist country

  • PlatinumGamer YT
    PlatinumGamer YT 3 months ago

    LeBron isn't an actor he is a doctor

  • YO tEnGo
    YO tEnGo 3 months ago

    Wtf is electoral college?

  • Aman kodimela
    Aman kodimela 3 months ago

    my country has a better system but its not so good right now

  • The Roaring Duck
    The Roaring Duck 3 months ago

    In Ohio we like losing at sports

    THAR GOFERY GOOBER v.v 3 months ago

    Also hi past pepole

    THAR GOFERY GOOBER v.v 3 months ago


  • Margo Hughes
    Margo Hughes 3 months ago

    People from Ohio like their football

  • Маджик Ман Magic Man

    Adam the only thing threatening democracy is a handful of overpopulated states making the decision

    • Red Lily
      Red Lily 2 months ago +1

      He just explained how it's the underpopulated states that have more power over overpopulated states.

  • Bryan Neblett
    Bryan Neblett 3 months ago

    i have no idea what we like either