Test Tube Meat, Are You Ready?

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
  • www.functionalwellnessacademy.com/ Dr. Patrick Krupka, DC, CFMP explains the announcement that we are closer than most of us thought to having lab-grown muscle tissue to eat as meat. Are there functional medicine implications of this? Will it be nutritionally sound? What are your thoughts?
    You can read the full transcript as well as lots of other functional medicine and nutrition related videos on my blog at functional wellness academy
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  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones Year ago

    Hi. Can you help me I,m fatigued and can't get my life back. I go for a walk and I'm exhausted after this, it's only a slow walk. I was diagnosed with plurisy at Xmas and still suffering. I'm in bed quite a lot. I'm eating raw fruits and veg for optimal nutrition. Drink water, eat plenty of oranges. Help me please. Drs have not a clue what's wrong with me, they say what do you want in medications terms. I want nothing but to be well I say...here some antidepressants for you, no I say, I'm not wanting to be drugged up to suppressing my own body that's trying to get well. I may have to stay in bed for the rest of the year so my body can overturn this monster that's inside of me.

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ Year ago +1

    More franken food. No thanks, I'll pass.

  • sue leedy
    sue leedy Year ago

    NO! Tire of these money hungry people wanting us to eat GMO anything! You can bet the politicians don't eat trash like that!
    That's why they retire at 85 and up
    Take naps during important meeting because they have no
    Interest on whats going on.
    One example is OBAMA CARE
    they wasn't going to read something that lengthy they just voted and didn't care about the people! Why because they weren't
    Covered buy it! OUR government been gone for years! MONEY the root of all EVIL!!

    • Joseph1NJ
      Joseph1NJ Year ago


    • sue leedy
      sue leedy Year ago

      Joseph1NJ I would not bet on that
      The law is for the people not for the government! There is one of us who aren't informed you might want to research!

    • Joseph1NJ
      Joseph1NJ Year ago

      There's no excuse for people to be this misinforned. Congress is in Obamacare, it's federal law. Jeez...

  • Mary E. Celaya
    Mary E. Celaya Year ago +1

    Nice Doc, love that you are trying to keep us informed on the next prefab'd commodity (they) are trying to push off on us! I am not at all for the test tube meat or any other processed crap they concoct, and frankly wonder when that time arrives, how we'll know the difference. Like you said, they will most likely get around the labeling requirements. I myself, am not a big Consumer of beef anyway accept for the grass fed 85/20 ground beef, but I do consume my fair share of grazed chicken and wild caught salmon. This will definitely be something to stay on top of and follow through development. Thanks for your informative video's. I am a new subscriber and so happy to have run across your channel.