Sex Life Of A Polyp (1928)

  • Comedy short subject with Robert Benchley.

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  • Barry I. Grauman
    Barry I. Grauman 8 years ago

    Originally released in July 1928 (and one of the first "all-talking" comedy shorts released), this is a slight reworking of Benchley's "The Courtship of the Newt", covering basically the same ground as the original. For many years, this film was considered to be "lost"- this print is probably the only surviving copy.

  • NellsStuff
    NellsStuff 10 years ago

    1928 makes it a rather early sound film!

  • Emily Stoll
    Emily Stoll 11 years ago

    that's one of the reasons why men get a sex change. or they feel they are lacking in general.

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick
    Kevin Fitzpatrick 11 years ago

    This is excellent. Thanks so much for posting. This short was among the 25 movie classics to be preserved for posterity by the Library of Congress' National Film Registry.

  • McLir
    McLir 12 years ago

    Where did you find this? What a bizarre relic!