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  • SkyLightGaming
    SkyLightGaming Year ago +1827

    They are probably gonna get whooped how ever much hair their dad had. Lmao funny video overall

    • Chris Condon
      Chris Condon Year ago

      @_ Trust Li

    • SkyLightGaming
      SkyLightGaming Year ago

      @Octavius V-Real of course it's fake. Who do you think I am a brainless person, if that was me of course I would feel it, ifs just a joke

    • Octavius V-Real
      Octavius V-Real Year ago

      Lol, that was fake. Does anyone truly believe he wouldn't feel the hair falling on his face, and a clipper just grazing the little hair he has on top?

  • Shiraz Khan
    Shiraz Khan Year ago +1

    This ain't joke bro.. u can get jailed for this

  • dharshinik nair
    dharshinik nair Year ago +1

    Me: WAIT WHAT he didnt realized IT even shaving his quater half of his hair!

  • r     i     m     u
    r i m u Year ago +1

    They were just shaving the fake hair

  • Hyder Mirza
    Hyder Mirza Year ago +1378

    I can't believe how many people don't realize this was planned.

    • توبوا الى الله
      توبوا الى الله Year ago

      Bruh he went to the barber to cut bald because there’s really no point in his hair anymore so they made this a video and cut off the end because the dad is not going to react

    • Lamarr Otems
      Lamarr Otems Year ago

      @Kevinin addition to my other questions, what exactly were the heart surgeries for?

    • Lamarr Otems
      Lamarr Otems Year ago

      @Kevin been to the light twice? What's that mean? Have you really had two surgeries in the past year? If so, wow. Glad your alive and (hopefully) well.

  • Kitty
    Kitty 11 months ago

    Paid 500$ for your own funeral

  • Muhammad Uzair
    Muhammad Uzair 11 months ago


  • F Lalji
    F Lalji 11 months ago

    500 bucks to shave. Holy goat l was in the wrong line of work.

  • Mark Foster
    Mark Foster Year ago

    Yeah. I always fall asleep while someone is cutting my hair. Especially with noisy electric clippers. Idiots.

  • Merlin Kuruvila
    Merlin Kuruvila 10 months ago +24

    Sammy need an oscar nomination for that acting 😂😂

  • Ryan Champoux
    Ryan Champoux Year ago

    It looks better

  • Tal23-Tanika
    Tal23-Tanika Year ago

    He looked better.

  • mamohon1
    mamohon1 Year ago

    Who falls asleep at the barber? This is planned... No, it’s real! Any man who goes to a barbershop on the regular! It’s relaxing, almost spa-ish, (yeah I maid that up). The buzz of the clippers, the chair swinging, the barber doing all the work... Like a long road trip in the passenger seat. Notice! The haircut is done, which means he’s been sitting there for a minute, before these spoiled brats had a brilliant idea, “Hey, let’s cut off the rest of the hair that dad has left, it only took him 6 years to grow it!” I hope he cut their allowance for a year!!!

  • Michael White
    Michael White Year ago

    So fake so scripted

  • Memoiana
    Memoiana Year ago +240

    And the dad is kind enough to close his eyes while all this is happening..

    • OrteKorkorrso Nana Asantewaa
      OrteKorkorrso Nana Asantewaa Year ago

      @Shady Evenings isn't it frustratingly amazing...lmbao

    • Tonya Crawford
      Tonya Crawford Year ago

      @Shady Evenings you need to relax! It’s ALL in Fun as their videos usually are! Duh!🤪🤪🤪🤨🤨🤨😬😬😬

    • Ryo Johnson
      Ryo Johnson Year ago

      It is real!

    • MWhitehall
      MWhitehall Year ago

      ... think he was napping.
      I pity those fools

  • The Beast
    The Beast Year ago

    rigged asf

  • ГАЗ.
    ГАЗ. Year ago


  • Jonathan Creed
    Jonathan Creed Year ago

    Even though it was staged. If your going bald no point of holding it back. I’m a 1 year old and I’m bald. Hi my name is Drake and my life....is pretty crazy...

  • Razija Babajeva
    Razija Babajeva Year ago

    He is already bald

  • letz come to enjoy life

    U gyyz r always rockzzz👍

  • Gabriel Velea
    Gabriel Velea Year ago

    Annoying fake people doing fake stuff

  • Adamn
    Adamn Year ago


  • Timothy C
    Timothy C Year ago


  • Deanna Dropping
    Deanna Dropping Year ago

    They ain’t slick!! That was soooo a comb over!! Lol

  • Heman Gohil
    Heman Gohil Year ago +240

    Suddenly Dad wakes up..
    That was moment they knew... They fucked up... 😂
    This barber is getting lots of belts marks on his body... 😂😂

    • Norma Gilchrist
      Norma Gilchrist Year ago

      @Anthony Jørgensen l87u709

    • Anthony Jørgensen
      Anthony Jørgensen Year ago

      Thats assult
      And, this may be my messed up childhood talking but, that sounds slightly sexual considering that they are both adults

    • Cloud
      Cloud Year ago

      Its fake

    • C. W.
      C. W. Year ago +3

      You know that's right

  • Nathan qvc
    Nathan qvc Year ago

    I don't know the exact laws but I think the funniest thing here is how the father could probably see that barber for more than $500

  • Rayanna Campbell
    Rayanna Campbell Year ago

    🤣😂😅 poor daddy

    REGGIE G Year ago

    1. $500? Gtfoh! 2. How someone been gettin haircuts all his life not know his shit gettin fckd up?

  • Janine C
    Janine C Year ago

    They have $500 for a prank but couldn't pay for their own candy at the grocery store...
    Of course dad was in on it. He is in on all the video plots. And yes, whatever hairs still have life in them will grow back if he wants them to.

    • Ryan B
      Ryan B Year ago

      I despise clickbait. That Father should feel absolutely ashamed 😔

  • Gabby's Life!!
    Gabby's Life!! Year ago +52

    Who gets a hair cut with their eyes closed and bending down their heads? The dad was in on it. 🥱

    • Julieanne
      Julieanne Year ago

      @Matthias Ruttner you mean sue.... NOT SEE...THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE....LOL

    • Matthias Ruttner
      Matthias Ruttner Year ago

      It would be illegal anyways if the father wasnt in on it he could sue the shit out of the barber but its fake anyways

    • Rob Banks
      Rob Banks Year ago

      @happy hour no

    • Makoch 1237
      Makoch 1237 Year ago +4

      You probably stare at the barber when he cutting yo hair

  • Abdulmajid Albloushi

    Fake video
    Greetings from Dubai 🇦🇪

  • Jan Matejko
    Jan Matejko Year ago


  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth Year ago

    More fake.

  • ambhound vian
    ambhound vian Year ago

    Why is like that dad is bald in 1st.., 🤔
    Can hair machine cut like that 🤔

  • [deleted]
    [deleted] Year ago +4

    RIP to the new belt, and RIP to the boys too. We will remember you.

  • dato salukvadze
    dato salukvadze Year ago


  • Mary J
    Mary J Year ago

    That would be messed up

  • Randy VanDerWegen

    So staged

  • Eric Karczewski
    Eric Karczewski Year ago

    Am I the only one wondering if they put him under general anaesthetic for a haircut?

  • Bisan Wahhab
    Bisan Wahhab Year ago +73

    After everything he did for y’all y’all returned him with a shave hope it’s fake ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻 lol funniest family ever 😝

    • Love Laugh
      Love Laugh Year ago +1

      It is fake its not a prank who sleeps that deep and doesn't feel the vibrating blades on ur skin that make u ticklish even mentally ill people feel the difference between clipping and trimming down to 0

    • Emmanuel Okeke
      Emmanuel Okeke Year ago +1

      @Elena Corral I think it need to be like that so that their show can portray the real attributes of a reality TV show

    • Harry
      Harry Year ago +4

      @Elena Corral no they were told by the father to shave his head I think

    • Elena Corral
      Elena Corral Year ago +8

      It's not fake as you can see in the newer videos he's bald

  • Truthbetold
    Truthbetold Year ago

    So he didn’t feel it no 🤔

  • vanessa small
    vanessa small Year ago

    Oh please from the looks of it wayyy over due!!

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me Year ago

    Next time, father will give $500 to shave their heads...😂😂

  • Azfareen khan
    Azfareen khan Year ago

    This is not funny

  • Vinay Mahajan
    Vinay Mahajan Year ago +399

    Imagine he's not a son and just a random person doing a prank!

    • Token & calamaity
      Token & calamaity Year ago

      @liiiaam020 ye ik

    • liiiaam020
      liiiaam020 Year ago

      @Token & calamaity So you decided to pick on someone else because people pick on you? Don't you see how flawed your logic is here? 2 wrongs don't make a right. If people bully you for being a furry or whatever, that's between you and them... not some random guy in the comments that you are going to pull him up for his grammar, when yours is no better.

    • Token & calamaity
      Token & calamaity Year ago

      @liiiaam020 idk maby its just cuse im bored and tired of some crap that ppl pull me being a furry/neko tends to start a lot of fights snd stuff so ye you all ready should know the rest

    • liiiaam020
      liiiaam020 Year ago

      @Token & calamaity So why do you feel the need to call someone else out on their bad grammar? Makes no sense.

    • Sathish Govindarajan
      Sathish Govindarajan Year ago

      @Athens pradel oooooo

  • Infected
    Infected Year ago

    I can hear Arabic music on the background

  • Luke's Corner
    Luke's Corner Year ago

    This aint right they they in big trouble when the dad gets outside

    ZALEEM XT Year ago

    This father is a paid actor

  • skott townzend
    skott townzend Year ago

    Fake, $500 to lose a good paying customer. No, never

  • Aiza Zehra
    Aiza Zehra Year ago +394

    The brothers were never seen again after their dad woke up😂😂
    Y'all thx for the likes !

    • Erin j D
      Erin j D Year ago

      @John Q I'm dead bro 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jaye
      Jaye Year ago

      Yall just paid too get PHFUCKD up & das 💯

    • John Q
      John Q Year ago

      @patricia brown you cool

    • patricia brown
      patricia brown Year ago

      @Aiza Zehra ko hi

    • patricia brown
      patricia brown Year ago

      @John Q j no

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa Year ago

    İt is so clear that man is acting


    I want to see your dad reaction 😂

  • B•Z•T~ 🐆
    B•Z•T~ 🐆 Year ago

    Yo that's just sad being mean to ur dad all day but lo iek ayy lol kin dd's a

    BAG.SECURED bro Year ago

    His head was already bald that hair fake

  • Reena Bibi
    Reena Bibi Year ago +20

    The barber must have been so happy since he got 500$

  • Ibrahim shugri
    Ibrahim shugri Year ago

    Where is my belt next time 😂😂😂

  • Addie Is my name
    Addie Is my name Year ago

    I think he looks good bald 👨‍🦲

  • Mark Montgomery
    Mark Montgomery Year ago

    Pay back time looks like 😄

  • Savvy I.
    Savvy I. Year ago

    U mean this whole time he didn't feel that?

  • Agnes Grey
    Agnes Grey Year ago +18

    I wanna see his reaction lol

  • Da Royal General
    Da Royal General Year ago

    *they put a bald head hit out on their pops.*
    *serves him right for falling asleep in a barbershop chair.*

  • linda yeboah
    linda yeboah Year ago


  • Dominic Froude
    Dominic Froude Year ago

    Hahahaha I sense the belt come out 😂😂😂

  • Katherine Braxton
    Katherine Braxton Year ago +7

    These boys are always going something crazy to their dad. Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stinger
    Stinger Year ago

    Taking honouring and respecting your parents to the next level👹

  • Rambabu Deevi
    Rambabu Deevi Year ago +1

    I want to see what's his dad's reaction 😂😂😂

  • Ameri K.
    Ameri K. Year ago +231

    Now his dad gonna show him what *fear* is at home

  • Lupita Saikia
    Lupita Saikia 4 months ago

    Sam deserves an Oscar for his acting😁

  • jay jones
    jay jones Year ago +10

    Right side brothers face had me dying. He was loving it

  • Baby Dee
    Baby Dee Year ago +8

    Would of been nice to see his reaction. lol

  • PJ Leon
    PJ Leon Year ago +2

    He had the windows open & the barber let the convertible down with all his glory...respect.

    CAPTCHA Year ago +153

    And the barber Rest In Peace 🙏

  • Ritwik Gupta
    Ritwik Gupta Year ago

    such great taste in humor 👌🏻

  • A. G
    A. G Year ago

    Goes to show that for the right amount, anything can be bought. Even Integrity

  • Bruhnnan S
    Bruhnnan S Year ago +20

    I feel like he could feel the fresh air on his head for the first time

  • Victorious Unboxer
    Victorious Unboxer Year ago +87

    RIP to the little hair he had. It won’t grow back the same as it was before.

  • Just me
    Just me Year ago +4

    Yea, I also always sleep when my barber cuts my hair.

  • Drew Crawford
    Drew Crawford Year ago

    Disclaimer: bro was already getting the bald cut 😂

  • Richie Kelly
    Richie Kelly Year ago +44

    I'm so lucky when I go to my barbers and fall asleep in the chair he wouldn't do that to me! #Blessed

  • TonDoo Suuweeta
    TonDoo Suuweeta Year ago

    The barber 💈 seemed to be having more fun than the sons 😄

  • Ht Lufc
    Ht Lufc Year ago +451

    You can tell by how thin his hair was and how easy it all just came off, he's never gonna have that hair style again.

  • Aaditya Singh
    Aaditya Singh Year ago

    You can see that the dad really loves them and is willing to do degrading shit for his kids

  • Godavari
    Godavari Year ago +1

    I think there is no need to take part-2..

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster Year ago +45

    I don't care if I know exactly what's going to happen, if I'm in a chair I'm watching them cut. I can't just close my eyes and trust it. NOPE.

    • Psychos Se7en
      Psychos Se7en Year ago

      I feel you, happened to me after a long day of work out in the Arizona sun my boy.... Fell asleep LMFAO

  • Promisemade Promisekept.

    We just want to know which jail dad's at, when is his next court date and when is the brothers funeral? 🤣🤣😅

  • ᴬᴸᴬˢᴷᴬᶠᴸʸᶠᴵˢᴴᴵᴺᴳ

    I remember the days of vine when young adults did real pranks and you never had the camera pre situated, or the bad acting. I miss those shenanigans...

  • Cuauhtemoc Morisco

    Father to the barber :Did you do it?
    Son's : he did
    Father : what did it cost?
    Son's : Everything

  • KARKI sid
    KARKI sid Year ago

    Your dad really proud of you now..!!

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina Year ago

    Could you imagine paying a barber 20x more just to do their job

  • vigneshwaran K
    vigneshwaran K Year ago

    Dad after waking up
    Time to buy new Belts🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • FireRuby
    FireRuby Year ago

    Ah yes I also wouldn't notice if I suddenly felt the razor running on my head skin...
    Like the amount of people that think this isn't staged...

  • Miguel Roman
    Miguel Roman Year ago +1

    Omg i wanted to see the father's reaction to the baldness in real time lol for real!!!

  • Rosy Krupa
    Rosy Krupa Year ago +3

    Poor father belt is eagerly waiting for both brothers 😂

  • Uduak Udo
    Uduak Udo Year ago

    Dad looking good 👀 with his new baldy!

  • Olivia Bronx
    Olivia Bronx Year ago

    Yall know your dad is gonna get y'all back he always has something in mind for y'all.. be ready..😳

  • Nothing
    Nothing Year ago +11

    I bet he thought before they planned this video, "All of my hair will be gone anytime soon, so why not make a TickTok prank about cutting it off? TIMI, BILLY AND JOESH, COME OUT OF THE BASEMENT. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A MEW TIKTOK".

  • Rylee.o
    Rylee.o Year ago

    director: how fake do you want this to be
    them: yes

  • 𝙹𝚞𝚒𝚌𝚎

    $500 . This is like my 2 months medical college fee , which I can't afford 😔

  • Graci T
    Graci T Year ago +4

    His daddy gonna get the belt on him and barber😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Canukistanian
    Canukistanian Year ago

    First time I ever seen a set of clippers go right to the wood like that and leave it so shiny and smooth 🤔