Trying WISH APP Beauty Gadgets 😫💬 5 UNDER $5

  • Published on Jan 15, 2018
  • Trying a foot peel (!?), facial threading tool, hair curling noodles, a mask spreader and an ear wax extractor! LOL I found Safiya Nygaard when looking up Wish App too and love her versions!

    Red Cut Crease (Makeup @ End)
    Mecca Best Of (Makeup @ Beginning)
    Full Coverage First Impression

    👉 Safiya Nygaard


    Face Halo (restocking soon)
    Face Mask

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  • Shaaanxo
    Shaaanxo  Year ago +1049

    Apparently the face threader thing needs more twisting, I thought I followed the instructions well but APPARENTLY NOT haha. Have any of you used it with success? Comment below!

    • Casey Alexa
      Casey Alexa 2 months ago

      What was your makeup remover. It worked so well

    • A2Z 101
      A2Z 101 4 months ago

      I used it and found it worked...maybe I just have more hair on my face😭😭😂😂

    • Sammy Scott
      Sammy Scott 4 months ago

      I have that threading item and it actually works pretty good 😊

    • Scarlet Bambi
      Scarlet Bambi 5 months ago

      Thanks, this spares typing.

    • blueberrypomegranate
      blueberrypomegranate 6 months ago

      More twisting? You didn't even have the thread twisted together once lol

  • Tasha Maher
    Tasha Maher 13 days ago

    We always leave the foot mask on for an hr or put a movie on and watch it while soak our feet, they work a treat and the entire sole of your foot peels!!

  • Shalanda Hughley
    Shalanda Hughley Month ago

    Any and everybody use the bendy rollers

  • Drama Queen
    Drama Queen Month ago

    Sis didn’t even put the thread on right and she’s like it’s not working 😭😂 same

  • Livi Vlogs
    Livi Vlogs Month ago

    Im Sorry u are just so fun and inspiring me to be a blogger as well = )

  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel Leigh Month ago

    Girl you are beautiful 😍😍😍😍 & the makeup you bang out is majestic af!!! I love it!!! Keep it up!!❤❤💋🤙

  • video_pamela
    video_pamela Month ago

    You can use this code for a GREAT DISCOUNT on wish
    You are welcome uwur

  • WeePepsi
    WeePepsi 2 months ago

    I’m not sure if mine was maybe a different brand or not but I used one of those ear things! I found it fab for removing the wax but it must have pushed a bit in or something, because the pain I had the next day was unbearable. Got it sorted quickly thankfully but I don’t think I could use it again after it😭 thought I’d found a safe ear cleaning option but apparently not😩

  • Lottie G
    Lottie G 2 months ago

    When using the foot peel/mask you have to soak your feet for 15mins every day for a week.

  • Patricia Taylor
    Patricia Taylor 2 months ago

    I have watched like 5 of your bids back to back. Love you. Your make up is gorgeous even with the oxidation

  • Ashley's Opinionated Reviews

    You're so pretty and I absolutely love your makeup look at the end of this video. Where can I find it?

  • Gale Bender
    Gale Bender 2 months ago

    Could you try moxie lashes? They aren't from the wish app but I would love you try them. Love you girl!

  • Samantha Kahrs
    Samantha Kahrs 2 months ago

    “Rid beg”

  • CJxLuvly
    CJxLuvly 2 months ago

    I’ve heard the original brand of the foot treatment REALLY works lol I think it’s called Baby Feet and it’s in a pink pouch and you can find it at Daiso or on Amazon

  • CJxLuvly
    CJxLuvly 2 months ago

    For the foam rollers you should roll from the tips of your hair to the root that way the ends will be tucked in and stay put. It also helps to wet your hair with only water (no product) first then roll your hair. If you put products like leave in conditioner or dry oils or oily products in your hair before rolling it will make your hair too heavy and it won’t curl. Foam rollers are an easier way of doing ribbon/rag/paper curls ☺️💕 works beautifully once you train your hair fibers to curl

  • CJxLuvly
    CJxLuvly 2 months ago

    I love your lashes!! What brand are they if you don’t mind me asking??☺️💕

  • Naylee Garza
    Naylee Garza 3 months ago

    i’m doing a vid on wish items that are coming in buy the end of july

  • Sandy Meachem
    Sandy Meachem 3 months ago

    And your red shadow is my favorite

  • Sandy Meachem
    Sandy Meachem 3 months ago

    U are so like me. Big difference with makeup lol.

  • StyxNyx1
    StyxNyx1 3 months ago

    Often times, you can find the same exact products on eBay, as you can Wish or Aliexpress, for $1 to $2 + cheaper.

  • jessica eiting
    jessica eiting 3 months ago

    Those foot masks take up to a week to 10 days to peel. It takes at least 2-3days to start peeling. At least the ones I have used in the past 😀

  • SexxxyStarGirl
    SexxxyStarGirl 3 months ago

    Omg you try far to hard to talk like every other stuck up girl youtuber!!! So fake should just be yourself like littaaralllyyy

  • Erika Pennella
    Erika Pennella 3 months ago

    Stop coverings ur freckles!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Camellia Chastain
    Camellia Chastain 3 months ago

    What type of sponge did you use to wipe your face

  • Rays World
    Rays World 4 months ago

    Idk why but the thumb nail made me so happy

  • Susan Betts
    Susan Betts 4 months ago +4

    Question.... Does frozen ice cream smell different than melted?? 😂
    Not being rude!! That just made me laugh! Lol.

  • Leah_reading 2019
    Leah_reading 2019 4 months ago

    Your supposed to do it with small pieces and start at the bottom and work your way

  • Kenzie H
    Kenzie H 4 months ago +1

    Her accent is so fake in some parts of the videos your British and then you English one or the other

  • Fozia Parveen
    Fozia Parveen 4 months ago

    What did you use to remove your make up

  • clare R
    clare R 4 months ago

    What type of Mulan's sleeve type sponge was that you used to remove your make up? 😮

  • Aarti Dee's Not So Secret Diary

    I loved your makeup at the end

  • Roxxi Ray
    Roxxi Ray 4 months ago

    I use those noodle things for my hair. I love them. I got mine on Amazon 4 years ago.

  • Ky
    Ky 4 months ago

    What was the round spongy thing you used to remove your make up????

  • Waterlilly Fun World
    Waterlilly Fun World 4 months ago

    The end makeup of yours is a gift of whole video. Dam that mehroon look and earring

  • True Diana
    True Diana 4 months ago

    You Talk alooooot

  • True Diana
    True Diana 4 months ago

    You Talk alooooot

  • Cass Wade
    Cass Wade 5 months ago

    Where did you get your avocado phone case on I love it 😻😻
    I live in Auckland 😊

  • Holly Bryant
    Holly Bryant 5 months ago

    she’s soooo pretty without makeup idk why she wares so much 😱😱😍🤩

  • exstaci
    exstaci 5 months ago

    Good lord your lashes are giant

  • Alexis Martin
    Alexis Martin 5 months ago


  • Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson 5 months ago

    You shoukd have kept the string that come on the facial hair remover instead of taking it off because im pretty sure you put it back on wrong.

  • Amelia Coates
    Amelia Coates 5 months ago

    “I don’t take care of my feet” *brings out foot spa*

  • Kiarra Wilkins
    Kiarra Wilkins 5 months ago

    baby black people use these alot we use them curlers to curl our hair and sit underneath a heater

  • ASMR_ASHLEY Wasmund
    ASMR_ASHLEY Wasmund 5 months ago

    I don’t really suggest wish because I ordered like 10 things and they never came and they were supposed to refund my mom and they never did so I don’t like it 😑😡😤

  • Elisa Muntyan
    Elisa Muntyan 5 months ago

    I only use those to curl my hair! But I use them just a little thicker and it gives me beautiful big waves! My fav.

  • Mexii
    Mexii 6 months ago

    Cringe c h i n e s e

  • Kenki hito
    Kenki hito 6 months ago

    But i dont know zip code number of my card. Can you tell me what is postal or zip code?

  • Kenki hito
    Kenki hito 6 months ago

    I want to buy also

  • April may June
    April may June 6 months ago

    I love feet mask but you have to always order baby feet.. that is the absolute best

  • Adama Garba
    Adama Garba 6 months ago

    You don’t need fake eyelashes!! Your natural lashes are so long and beautiful!! Your gorgeous xx

  • KodaKenai
    KodaKenai 6 months ago


  • CJLeeTV
    CJLeeTV 6 months ago

    Thanks for the video. I've always been curious about wish

  • bryanna mesa
    bryanna mesa 6 months ago

    She said long nails 😂😂🤦‍♀️ they’re like a quarter of a inch long or less while my nails over here are nearly 2 and a half inches long and aren’t long enough for me 😂😂💀

  • רעות דוקטורי

    9:31 you didnt put the tail well

  • Death666_ Night
    Death666_ Night 6 months ago

    Why are your “eyelashes” so long

  • stariimidniight
    stariimidniight 6 months ago

    She didnt do the string hair removal correctly she's supose to twirl the string 2 or 3 times more than just one

  • Silvia Halme
    Silvia Halme 6 months ago


  • Deandrea Buxton
    Deandrea Buxton 6 months ago +1

    Whew you talk alot. I'm going back to Mia Maples channel.

  • Kerry Alexander
    Kerry Alexander 6 months ago

    It’s Asian not Chinese

  • Taylour Steeves
    Taylour Steeves 6 months ago

    I need to know about them earrings! I want my own!