Driving a Peugeot 205 GTI For the First Time

  • A Peugoet 205 GTI is buzzy and odd.
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  • Neil Riley
    Neil Riley 14 days ago

    You can lower the seats by removing a series if ‘plastic washers’ which are approx 1cm tall at the front and a little more than that at the rear (I believe) from the runner mechanism. I think this was done often for tall drivers. I am 6ft 1” and have no issues. I certainly don’t need to adjust my seat like you do.

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий 15 days ago

    this is the most boring video with the stupids

  • kroooassant
    kroooassant 16 days ago

    Why don't you go cruise across murica on the 1rst gear since you are there? Sorry but awful driving you have no ears for the engine I am sorry for the car.

  • Lick My gooch
    Lick My gooch 28 days ago

    Poogoe loool

  • Youssef Zmarrou
    Youssef Zmarrou Month ago

    OMG this car is really not for muricans nor murica, the shitty and dull wide roads, the complaints about simplicity, leg room, knob feeling .... While I personnaly can only dream about such car in such condition.
    Seeing this car in these kind of roads, among these stupid huge 19 inch wheels SUVs and trucks, it's like seeing an old pure arabian horse among mules.
    When you are moving, don't downshift to first gear, keep it on second, unless you stop moving, even grandmothers know that in europe.

  • Julien le breton
    Julien le breton Month ago

    Omg pity ...America trying French car ...guys go home and drive your automatic shit

  • Redwood Madrone
    Redwood Madrone 2 months ago

    Iconic car.

  • bob bob
    bob bob 2 months ago

    This is 1.6 version the best is 1.9 gti

  • Daniel Kistler
    Daniel Kistler 2 months ago

    1 auto nit lang ghebt

  • peteohead
    peteohead 2 months ago

    I defy anyone to find a less suitable road to test drive this car on...

  • Samza92
    Samza92 3 months ago

    My brother had black 205 GTi too. It was nice car, i was like 10 years old back then.

  • l0k1Rulz
    l0k1Rulz 4 months ago

    the 205 gti can reach 190-210 Km per hour easely even the 1,4l has no problem to reach 180 a light and qick car.

  • Yonatan Goldman
    Yonatan Goldman 4 months ago

    4000 RPM at 100 km/h? No thanks.

  • Peugeot Sport Club UK
    Peugeot Sport Club UK 4 months ago +1

    You’ve not got your seating position correct. In the 205 like a lot of other euro cars of the period you need to pull the seat slightly further forward then normal, with your legs splayed slightly for the steering wheel. Then recline your seat more then you would normally. Then you will find it’s much more comfortable.

  • grzesiek1x
    grzesiek1x 4 months ago

    maybe it is just made for smaller people ;P

  • Juan Vicente
    Juan Vicente 5 months ago

    A car like this in the US must be a joke...

  • Kayzen L7
    Kayzen L7 5 months ago

    A GTI in the US ? I was thinking Peugeot never sold it out Europe especially France

    • CottonCatt
      CottonCatt 5 months ago +1

      Imagine if it was a T16 xD

  • Mac Ten
    Mac Ten 6 months ago

    Every European now: Yeah he is not familiar with H-pattern.

  • newest bear
    newest bear 7 months ago

    Curator or guy seems very uncomfortable.

  • Rob Lam
    Rob Lam 7 months ago

    Ultra Stupid Amercans! Try a comparison to a 85 Chevette!
    And put your wallet somewhere safe :-)

  • Peter Kolesar
    Peter Kolesar 7 months ago +2

    Sorry found you rude and the leg room for you, well nobody gives a shit, it sounds like you are comparing a 86 model hot hatch to what you are used to drive now, sorry couldn't watch till the end and love these cars

  • M4tty official channel
    M4tty official channel 7 months ago +1

    You know what's better than a Peugeot 205 gti a Peugeot 205 t16

  • Mini O
    Mini O 7 months ago

    Good tip alot of French cars locks out first gear above 10 KMH~ some higher depending on gearing

  • watershed44
    watershed44 7 months ago

    The USA missed out so badly not receiving this car! I remember being at the Philly Car show back in the mid 80s and bugging the official French Mfr Rep for Peugeot, I was a teenager back then and the guy completely lost his temper with me actually yelling at me when I persisted at getting a yes or at least some answer as to why they wouldn't bring it here!

  • Benjamin CHARLIN
    Benjamin CHARLIN 7 months ago

    Did he just sneeze in a museum car?

  • José Domingo Silva Leoz

    What a shitty driver this guy is.

  • Stephen Peacock
    Stephen Peacock 8 months ago +5

    No clue how to drive it. Had one 25 years ago and they are awesome on UK backroads. You have to drive it hard and change gear quick as they don’t have a lot of torque. Mine was modded to 170bhp 143 of torque standard 1.9 was 130bhp and 113 torque and the 1.6 was 105bhp. Mine slaughtered Audi Quattros and Porsche 911s of the time on B roads in UK.

  • radudeATL
    radudeATL 8 months ago

    Bless you!

  • Sonda Kaustik
    Sonda Kaustik 8 months ago


  • mandez adamz
    mandez adamz 8 months ago

    are GTI All petrol or there is a Diesel Version of GTI .??

  • velocy raptor
    velocy raptor 8 months ago

    Don't panic you're just too tall normal people will enjoy it

  • velocy raptor
    velocy raptor 8 months ago

    I guess you're the autotopnl guy

  • Haoliang Li
    Haoliang Li 8 months ago

    The starting place is the Lane Motor Museum, a great museum with lots of classic European collections. Visited there a month ago and I recommend anyone interested in cars to have a visit.

  • Pierre Pignal
    Pierre Pignal 8 months ago +2

    Man 205 GTI is very rare in USA but in Europe it's a classic ! great you drove one

  • Thordur Hogna
    Thordur Hogna 9 months ago +1

    This is painful to watch

  • Omar Liu
    Omar Liu 9 months ago

    In 1989 it was the first new car of my life.

  • LazyRock
    LazyRock 9 months ago

    Are you a giant? Because I never had problems with the driving position of 205s.... My dads XS had the same seats.

  • SkyGaruda
    SkyGaruda 9 months ago

    What a stupid fuck

  • carley northcoast
    carley northcoast 9 months ago

    Bought my first manual a year ago - 2001 Accent. It's a bit sketchy entering a parking lot in second gear - it's stressful, but you almost have to be stopped to put it in first (grinds very loud) If you double clutch you have to memorize the exact rev point and you have to guess the speed of the car because the speedo doesn't register below 15 km/h. I drove a newer mazda 2 recently with a mint first gear synchro but you still can only go into first smoothly at almost a stop. Seems to be an archilles heal of synchro gearboxes. Pain in the ass at speeds to low for second without starting to lug

  • Badly_Dubbed
    Badly_Dubbed 9 months ago

    The 1.6's were very gutless compared to the 1.9's. A 1.9 with a 1.6 gearbox made a world of difference to the performance. Swapping a 1.6 engine to a 1.9 was also more or less plug in and play.

  • Marc Fransen
    Marc Fransen 9 months ago +2

    ''It looks very Volkswagen'' Isn't just an offense to Peugeot fanboys but all the retro european car fans around

    • Dalle Smalhals
      Dalle Smalhals 9 months ago

      Yup! Germany ≠ Europe!
      Where the FUCK! do YOU cunts live?
      If I may ask ;-)

  • Brian Griffiths
    Brian Griffiths 9 months ago

    I owned one of these during the late 1980s and can confirm that the steering was incredibly heavy and the gearbox notchy. However, that brilliant 1.6 engine could see off most other cars with ease and the owner's manual allowed running-in for the first 750 miles at engine speeds up to 5,000 rpm, which was 95 mph in top gear.

  • John Hamilton
    John Hamilton 9 months ago

    What a cockwomble

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 9 months ago

    Atlanta considers the metal plates a permanent fix

  • sam henzler
    sam henzler 9 months ago

    Who downshifts into first.?

  • Isaac Lucas
    Isaac Lucas 9 months ago

    I love the 205 and the 405, now I own a 307. but I wish I had my 405 mi16

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 9 months ago +1

    I used to have a 1.6 GTI. Didn't have the electric windows. YOU SELL OUT!!!!!

  • Protector of the Republic

    I find it adorable how scared and panicked Mr. Regular is when driving a car that's not his, especially one that's unfamiliar. To be honest, I'm the same way.

  • dalem04
    dalem04 9 months ago

    Sounds like it drives a lot like my 206 GTI did. Seating was somewhere in the roof, way too high for me at my towering 5'9" to see properly out the back window, shifter was somewhere in the climate controls. Loved to be revved and driven hard, died just above a thousand RPM when moving, typically you wanted to be somewhere around 3000 when just cruising, then punch it up to 5000 to shift.

  • MrSweetohmygod
    MrSweetohmygod 9 months ago

    Maybe I missed it? Did you say what engine it had? 1.6 or 1.9? Thanks

  • Marko Markov
    Marko Markov 9 months ago

    The gears are short because ALL European streets are short, especially in the main part of the big cities and because of better 0-60 (0-100) numbers.

    • Philly never you mind
      Philly never you mind 9 months ago

      Not quite so, these are short geared yes. Like lots of other small hatches, as they're primarily for city driving and economy. They don't need to go fast.
      But 205 git's are still very different.
      it's designed for twisty back roads, best thing for that is a closer ratio that keeps the revs up and in the power band.
      Also yes, some streets in aaaall of Europe are quite short.

  • Nichen Fauster
    Nichen Fauster 9 months ago +3

    "very VW in here" Wtf???

    • Philly never you mind
      Philly never you mind 9 months ago +1

      Yeah right, I think to everyone else who knows cars of the era, it's just 'very 80's' in there.

    NOT_ROOKY 9 months ago

    Throttle on and off feeling is due to the fuel injection system

  • Jonathan Watmough
    Jonathan Watmough 9 months ago

    YES!!!! "All the way past 5 and the gears just drop in."
    Exactly so.

  • Susanne Voss Pedersen
    Susanne Voss Pedersen 9 months ago

    Stick shift noob!

  • Jerrick Bak
    Jerrick Bak 9 months ago

    I would like but I don't want to be the 667th like

  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 9 months ago +1

    Don't invite Mr. Regular in your classic cars, he'll sneeze in 'em

  • Jace Downs
    Jace Downs 9 months ago

    Bless you

  • hypocycloidiaspora
    hypocycloidiaspora 9 months ago

    This video demonstrates yet again why Sunroofs are the Devil's work.

  • FrostWarp
    FrostWarp 9 months ago

    Seems like a fun little in town car

  • Frank Tha Tank
    Frank Tha Tank 9 months ago

    How can you drive by Joey's House of Pizza twice and not stop to get a slice?

  • Indy Zato
    Indy Zato 9 months ago

    Dad mode is hilarious. Followed by dads sharing cargo pockets, how sweet.

  • Krishnakumar Pandit
    Krishnakumar Pandit 9 months ago

    ive got a 309 and a lot of things u said about the 205 holds- low gearing, snappy 1st gear, seating position. only mine’s a diesel and terribly slow

  • Not The Technician
    Not The Technician 9 months ago +2

    So it has an automatic cooling fan control unit after you turn the car off the cooling fans run? Noice.
    So 80s and 90s.
    The exact thing rotarys needed but never got: bigger radiators and automatic cooling fan control units.
    Did the 205 GTi have A/C?

    • Philly never you mind
      Philly never you mind 9 months ago +1

      No I don't think that was ever an option on any 205, they're meant to be quite basic or simple fun at a low cost (fixing at least)
      Insurance for these sort of things was eye watering here for a long while.

  • Mrt Gamesz
    Mrt Gamesz 9 months ago

    Daihatsu yrv revieuww

  • Terry Orcutt
    Terry Orcutt 9 months ago

    Man, the sound of that glove box is just as plasticky as their reputation from the era. At least they drove like a dream.

  • jigrodrigues
    jigrodrigues 9 months ago

    Ive learnt to drive on a 1100cc 205

  • PhazonLord 4337
    PhazonLord 4337 9 months ago +1

    About the sitting position, for someone who drove it: It is that weird or is simply because Mr. Regular is too tall for it ? I don't think a guy like me with my 1,7 m or 5'7" of height would be that uncomfortable driving it.

    • TomD Tom
      TomD Tom 9 months ago

      I have a 205 xsi ( I'm 1.83 m ) and for me it's ok.

  • mrgw982
    mrgw982 9 months ago

    As someone who lives in Nashville, I can definitely agree with what he said about the trains. The average from what I've noticed is 15 minutes per train. It has taken much longer before though.

  • J Pennant
    J Pennant 9 months ago +1

    The 205GTi is on my small list of French Cars I intend to import along with the Citroen CX Pallas. Along with a container of spare parts.

  • Cherif Zidi
    Cherif Zidi 9 months ago +2

    You do not drive well ...

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 9 months ago

    It’s funny that they have the same weird first gear thing that Toyota has. I have 1990 2wd Toyota pickup and 93 Celica GT with a 3sgte swap, and you have to be going less than 8 mph to get into first and even then you’re applying a decent amount of force. Also, very very snappy in first, especially my pickup. A lot of clutch work to get it to drive through a Parking lot slowly.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 9 months ago +1

    That car looks SO fun

  • Tiago Costa
    Tiago Costa 9 months ago

    That's the experience really. Except for the smoothness, i find the 106 really identical. Mine is a 1.0 so it doesn't go that fast but i experience nearly everything he said.

  • Nandesz00
    Nandesz00 9 months ago +5

    Thanks for the POV driving. Btw this is the weirdest pronunciation of Peugeot I've ever heard.

  • boundish1
    boundish1 9 months ago +1

    seating position is fine if youre smaller than 6 ft

    WOOOOZAAA 9 months ago +3

    If you can't get it into 1st gear, don't force it! Put it in neutral, release the clutch, hit the clutch again and then 1st goes in smoothly. Also it helps, when you shift down into 2nd while stopping and then put it in neutral. The shifter should go precisely and without any force. I guess this car is driven too rarely. My 205 has similar issues after the winter when I don't drive it ;)

  • Alexandre Starinsky
    Alexandre Starinsky 9 months ago +6

    I miss my AX GTI. Now I would love to have one of these snappy 205 GTIs.

  • ThatWolffe
    ThatWolffe 9 months ago +1

    This GTI wheel is weird, the ones I have seen are all 3 spoke..

    • ThatWolffe
      ThatWolffe 9 months ago

      @Alexandre Starinsky oh that makes sense, yeah I agree with you to be honest.

    • Alexandre Starinsky
      Alexandre Starinsky 9 months ago +1

      @ThatWolffe The wheel and the whole interior were deeply "upgraded" in 1987. Same happened to other Peugeot models like the 305 or 505. Your brother's cars were probably of these "phase 2" models. I personnally love the first 1984-87 generation as I find it more genuinely rooted in the eighties.

    • ThatWolffe
      ThatWolffe 9 months ago

      @Alexandre Starinsky that's also strange to me because my brother had 2 1.6 and they both had the three spoke, although one of them also had the 1.9 wheels

    • Alexandre Starinsky
      Alexandre Starinsky 9 months ago +1

      First generation, with the 105 bhp 1.6 engine.

  • ThatWolffe
    ThatWolffe 9 months ago +3

    two guys in a 205 wearing dad shorts, this is the best thing.

    my favourite kind of porn