Water up your nose? Quick easy fix. Freestyle swimming breathing.

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • I have been analyzing why water enters our nose. I had to take a video and slow it down to figure it out so I could give you an easy solution and I finally got it!
    But first we need to understand why water enters your nose and why it is so painful.
    Water doesn’t enter your nose when you are facing down, that is if you don’t inhale. This is because there is air that won’t let is pass. But when you move your head to breath, in that little space of time when your head is sideways but not out of the water yet, those bubbles escape your nose and they go to the surface and water goes into your nose. The same thing can happen when you con back from taking a breath to put your face back in the water.
    It is painful because inside your nose there are a lot of nerve endings, it is warm and because it is a salty environment. The water of the pool is cold and not salty. That is why it hurts but how come more experienced swimmers don’t get water up their noses while swimming? Sometimes we do, but the main reason is that we are so used to our nose being around water that we have an immediate reflex of blowing bubbles out.
    So how can you, a beginner, start developing that reflex without pain? It is simple! Start practicing with a nose clip. Water will not enter your nose, you will start learning how to breathe through your mouth and since your mouth is more accustomed to being around water, you will intake less water or maybe nothing at all.
    Before you start thinking, “but hey! I already look ridiculous enough with the swim cap and goggles, I don’t need a nose clip!” You are right. But even to best Olympic swimmers use it too! So you are in great company!
    They Usually use it for backstroke for another reason that we will go over in another video.
    Once you get used to breathing through your mouth, you can start doing drills without the nose clip like these. Click here to watch a video about this in more detail.

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    Thanks for watching!
    Swim fast!
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  • Netta Huebscher
    Netta Huebscher 22 days ago

    Thank you for bringing this up! A lot of trainers have a dismissive approach to using nose clip, saying that swimmers should learn to get rid of the water by exhaling through the nose at all times. But I find that in certain head positions (side breathing / flipping attempts), water get in and hurt no mater how hard I try to counter them with blowing bubbles through the nose. I think that any solution to make front crawl drills more effective and less painful, is absolutely welcome. Great video!

  • Mary Nussio
    Mary Nussio Month ago +1

    Thank you SO MUCH for discussing this. I have been working on the front crawl and breathing correctly for a month or so. I usually get some water in my nose and it is frustrating. I do use a nose clip when I use my snorkel, so now I will use it while I learn my breathing techniques for this too. I hadn't used it for this because I watched videos that said you should be exhaling through your nose and that's impossible with the news clip. However, after seeing the videos of professional swimmers using nose clips I don't worry about using it myself. Also, I loved that you said we may feel we look ridiculous with the goggles and the cap! I certainly felt that way when I first started trying to swim laps. LOL now I don't care I'm just hoping, eventually, to get the breathing down.

  • Brooklyn Bby
    Brooklyn Bby 3 months ago

    I got one of them but it didn’t work it kept coming off

  • Sav and Tay
    Sav and Tay 4 months ago +1

    Just tell me how to swim without a nose clip and without the pain😒

    • Sav and Tay
      Sav and Tay 4 months ago +2

      Skills NT Swimming Ik, it’s hard finding a nose clip where I live and I had to do to another state to get one, I tried the nose clip a few weeks ago and when I was underwater, the nose clip feel off and my nose was burning like crazy

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming  4 months ago +2

      @Sav and Tay It's very difficult. That is why I recommend a nose clip. It is like having training wheels when you learn to ride a bike. After a while when you swim with it you get used to breathing only through your mouth and you completely block usage of your nose while breathing and when you take it off it is a lot easier to breathe without getting water up your nose.

    • Sav and Tay
      Sav and Tay 4 months ago +1

      Skills NT Swimming I tried that and it felt like I was drowning

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming  4 months ago +1

      Blow bubbles

  • DollyBear 57
    DollyBear 57 4 months ago +14

    Me: ok easy..


  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 4 months ago +1

    Doesn't work, they pached it in the latest version.

    • Lionel
      Lionel 4 months ago

      Voldy356 shut up

  • D A.O
    D A.O 4 months ago +7

    “dONT speND A loT of MONey tho” 🤣

  • ReecesPuffss
    ReecesPuffss 5 months ago +1

    Trying to gt to level 2 but I just need to swim with my head underwater

  • bin long
    bin long 7 months ago


  • forgottenone90
    forgottenone90 7 months ago +3

    When I'm face-up underwater water slips on my throat through my nose DESPITE the fact that I'm constantly blowing bubbles... I need to blow them really hard to avoid getting water in my nose. I am not beginner, it's been this way from the beginning. This is ridiculous because I see a lot of swimmers barely even blowing only little bubbles yet their nose doesn't get flooded face-up. Moreover, at least 70 people (most of them don't even swim regurarly and have never been swimmers) who I asked can do the face-up nose equalization underwater (pushing just enough air not to let water in, but not to release bubbles either) and guess what, they either didn't have to practice this, or learnt it in a day or two...
    Why am I a genetic garbage?

    • Henry Ascencio
      Henry Ascencio 2 months ago

      forgottenone90 i have so many genetic disadvantages as well. such a long list, can’t stop tho

  • camp first
    camp first 7 months ago

    What is the brand of good and durable nose clip! I have bought a cheap one two times and it's broken from the middle I used to use nose clip and enjoy swimming and breathing from mouth with it.

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming  7 months ago +1

      I don't use any brand I just order the cheapest of amazon but i use the one with a wire. It has never broken before

  • HiI'mNew
    HiI'mNew 7 months ago

    are you a jew? asking for a friend smile

  • faberho
    faberho 7 months ago

    Unfortunately this only covers normal swimming not face up swimming which is the actual problem.

  • Unknown GM
    Unknown GM 9 months ago +1

    water enters my ear

  • Naga.no.made
    Naga.no.made 9 months ago

    Should ve seen this before swimming freestyle in the salty sea of Perú

  • TheAddo10
    TheAddo10 Year ago +1

    how can i hold my breath underwater? i only can hold it for 30 sec 40 max
    ,how can i hold it longer?

  • Today is HappyDay
    Today is HappyDay Year ago +1

    Thank You!!

  • Chester Ian Velasco


  • Betija Secic
    Betija Secic Year ago

    Is IT dangerouers

  • Chartao Z
    Chartao Z Year ago


  • madhu verma
    madhu verma Year ago

    I had a request from you. Usually I love to do breaststroke and fly but in fly I not able to do create a hip drive from my fly stroke .
    So if u can upload the next video for hip drive in fly .

    SUDIRMAN Riau Year ago

    Its not painfull but i have allergic. And when water enter my nose i get runny nose thus make hard to bubbling

  • Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화

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    Maybe the link should connects to ru-clip.com/video/-k7n60ZelRo/video.html .

  • Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화

    코로 물이 넘어온다고요? 간단한 해결책. 자유형 호흡.
    Water up your nose Quick easy fix. Freestyle swimming breathing.
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    온라인으로 코마개를 사려면
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    빠르게 헤엄치세요!

  • Nestor Evmorfopoulos

    Great channel guys. I am a completely different swimmer after watching your videos for a year now.
    Here's an idea/request for a future video. I would like to hear your opinions on season (and week) planning for fitness - not competitive - swimmers. For example, should I focus on kick work, aerobic work, technique work, or something else at the beginning of the season, and then move on to speed work or higher intensity work (and for how long)? Also, what could be a good way to partition the week (e.g. one day kick, one day drills, one day aerobic, two days dryland, or should I mix them all each day)? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • Chien Nghiem
    Chien Nghiem Year ago +1

    It's hard to swimming without water in my nose especially in backstroke start and flip turn. Do you have any video to solve this problems? Or any tips to training these?. Thank you!
    P/S: check my Vietnamese Subtitle. I will try to contribute as much as I can because your channel is really helpful

  • Peter Bakker
    Peter Bakker Year ago +3

    During swimming I notice a difference in how easily water enters my nose related to how I position my head; looking slightly forward (angle 40°) water does not easily enter my nose. But when facing straight down to the bottom of the pool e.g. when adopting arrow position, water almost always wants to enter my nose and I have to blow bubbles hard to prevent that happening.

  • Ray Nguyen
    Ray Nguyen Year ago +1

    Please do more how to lift while swimming

  • Van Gogo
    Van Gogo Year ago

    Thank you for yet another helpful, informative video. I use the nose clip when practicing, it does help. I buy the cheapest ones I can find because like you said it really doesn't matter, I would love to get one of those swimcaps, will have to check out the website. I know I always harp on practice but I find as I become a more seasoned swimmer and if I keep up with practice(lap swims etc) the water in my nose becomes less frequent, man do I hate when it does happen!

    REDandBLUEandORANGE Year ago +1

    I don’t get water in my nose in freestyle

  • yonas vanhamel
    yonas vanhamel Year ago +13

    Who loves freestyle and fly but hates breastroke and backstroke

  • yonas vanhamel
    yonas vanhamel Year ago +3

    Just be like a dolphin
    U can close your nose of with no help i cant explain how

  • cute cat
    cute cat Year ago +20

    Synchronized swimmers (me) use every practice noseclip

  • Asser Mossad
    Asser Mossad Year ago +2

    Love this channel

  • 이승현
    이승현 Year ago +2

    해석해 주실분^^;;;;

    • 이승현
      이승현 Year ago +1

      @Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화
      감사합니다^^ 천사시네요♥

    • Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화
      Lee李이Sang相상 Hwa和화 Year ago +1

      방금 한글 자막을 제출했습니다. 조금 기다리시면, SkillsNT가 자막을 게시하겠네요. ^_^

  • saurabh parihar
    saurabh parihar Year ago +3

    Loved your videos amazing work guys very helpful please make a tutorial on how to stop water from entering nose face up underwater dolphin difficult but you people can crack it with knowledge & skill .

  • K L
    K L Year ago +4

    Wow only 4 comments including me

    • K L
      K L Year ago +1

      Lene Andersen yep lol

    • K L
      K L Year ago +1

      Lol he loved it

    • Lene Andersen
      Lene Andersen Year ago +1

      Now 5

  • Li/ fe
    Li/ fe Year ago +14

    I wouldn't call myself a really skilled swimmer but water in my nose has never bothered me and it's not painful at all, i don't even feel it when doing backstroke underwaters...
    But every time when i hit the wardrobe after, i start sneezing like crazy, and my nose gets absolutely completely blocked.
    I have a blocked nose like 90% of the time and sometimes it develops into sinusitis and then pneumonia :(
    Should i consider getting nose clips in times of having a chronically blocked nose?

  • vanessa_ _maria
    vanessa_ _maria Year ago +2

    Second 😂 😂

  • Robert Boncota
    Robert Boncota Year ago +3