Wish Ads Are Something Else...


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  • Icebrine
    Icebrine 32 минуты назад

    Is this cat in the sequel of bird Box?

  • Percy
    Percy 35 минут назад

    Boiga !!!!!!!!

  • Emily Otley-Howard
    Emily Otley-Howard 2 часа назад

    I'm here too uwu

  • Thomas Conroy
    Thomas Conroy 2 часа назад

    He didn't wipe

  • 食べ尻
    食べ尻 2 часа назад

    Hey want some breast enlargement pills

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 4 часа назад

    Okay but does anybody remember Wanelo? That was like Pinterest but with things I wanted to buy online

  • Johannes Sjøstrøm
    Johannes Sjøstrøm 4 часа назад

    Why did i get a fucking wish ad about the fucking chair thing on this video

  • Miguel Conway
    Miguel Conway 5 часов назад

    Another fuqin wish add

  • Miguel Conway
    Miguel Conway 5 часов назад

    And another one with Neymar in it

  • Miguel Conway
    Miguel Conway 6 часов назад

    And another one in the middle of the video

  • Miguel Conway
    Miguel Conway 6 часов назад

    There was a wish add at the start of this video byw

  • Den Mother Arkala
    Den Mother Arkala 6 часов назад

    2:51 I think that may also be intended to be...How do I explain? Well, in places like Alaska, you'll see dogs and police k-9's with specialized goggles to protect their eyes from the sun. That product looks like a cheap plastic mimic (that probably doesn't actually work).

  • Alex Jagger
    Alex Jagger 7 часов назад

    I had a wish advert for a weed grow house like the pop up ones😂

  • Big Fill
    Big Fill 7 часов назад +1

    In the UK you get orthodontic treatment for free if you're under 16

  • Hunter Miller
    Hunter Miller 8 часов назад

    Smells like
    peter knetter

  • Kevin Scully
    Kevin Scully 8 часов назад

    If you only had five dollars you wouldn’t be able to buy the metal unless shipping is free which I doubt oh well caught lacking

  • unkown someone
    unkown someone 9 часов назад

    I love Michael Macaroni

  • Moist Cologne
    Moist Cologne 9 часов назад

    You should put music in the background, the white noise makes me feel awkward

  • liquid _
    liquid _ 10 часов назад

    *wish add pops up*

  • jorher G
    jorher G 10 часов назад

    The wish ad in the video

  • Jimmy Prattipuss the coward of all battles ever

    *iPhone 5S

  • Simon
    Simon 11 часов назад

    That is how Wish works

  • Justin Leary
    Justin Leary 12 часов назад

    The beard thing works great tbh 😂

  • Aksels Nemme
    Aksels Nemme 12 часов назад

    I got 3 whish adds watching this

  • Stale
    Stale 12 часов назад

    "yea i drive a nisen so what about it"

  • Xxx_SirSwag420_xxX Steinhardt
    Xxx_SirSwag420_xxX Steinhardt 14 часов назад

    Lol got a wish add on this video xD

  • wedontknow !
    wedontknow ! 15 часов назад

    I got a wish ad on this vid.........f in the chat for these ripoffs

  • juwy
    juwy 15 часов назад

    The ad for this was wiSh

  • diamant_skovl
    diamant_skovl 15 часов назад

    nice got a wish app and I can confirm its bad

  • Nature Damon
    Nature Damon 16 часов назад

    This background music was back in the reddit days of slazo

  • SinnamunBun
    SinnamunBun 16 часов назад

    I got a wish ad on this.....

  • otis foust
    otis foust 18 часов назад

    Why did that lady in the white bra on the last ad grab her titty like that 😂

  • not a troll
    not a troll 19 часов назад

    Potition to get his old outro song back. Its not too late my friends 😂

  • You don't know me
    You don't know me 19 часов назад

    Fuck these wish shitty ads. These shit is everywhere, on every video I open. Fuck off, bastard wish's stupid ads. Your stinky face is so annoying. You think your shit is a good way to attract people? Fuck your dickhead. Will never buy any shit from this moron wish!

  • Codename Kendall
    Codename Kendall 19 часов назад

    Haven't watched it yet but 5 stars

  • imastuffedgoat
    imastuffedgoat 19 часов назад

    You get points for leaving reviews of your purchases that can be redeemed for discounts, so they are usually half-assed.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 20 часов назад

    Last time I saw an ad from them was 1973.

  • Mrs. Mosquito
    Mrs. Mosquito 23 часа назад

    that's how wish works

  • Can we get 2000 Subscribers without any videos?

    Single EarPod. Just one. Nice.

  • WitheredKnight
    WitheredKnight 23 часа назад

    Actually I have bought some good stuff from wish. Sure shipping takes a while and its not the best quality but it does work and the stuff I have bought has not broken

  • Millicent Schächter
    Millicent Schächter 23 часа назад

    Me, a fish: Press X Troubt

  • xEth_
    xEth_ День назад

    I got a yubo ad on this video, do yubo ads next!

  • TCE waffelz
    TCE waffelz День назад

    YESSSSSSS, im not the only one who notices these

  • marshall theodore
    marshall theodore День назад


  • Sadus Dusk Shannon
    Sadus Dusk Shannon День назад

    10:10 I think I remeber this picture. It was some chick showing how you stand and what angle your body is can make such a difference and how her body looks like on the right only in pics but she looks like the pic on the left 99% of the time

  • Jaedensheretoo
    Jaedensheretoo День назад

    I got a wish add I-

  • Yaoi LovER
    Yaoi LovER День назад

    I got a bracelet for my sister that said walking dead..it was a buck..like their motto is "if you're willing to wait" because YOU WILL wait lmao

  • kreatyvkamz17
    kreatyvkamz17 День назад

    Who else got a Wish add on this video?

  • FerociousFilingCabinet
    FerociousFilingCabinet День назад

    Just got a wish ad on this vid

  • Ash Meh
    Ash Meh День назад

    A wish ad just came right now!

  • Stellar Gaming
    Stellar Gaming День назад

    Well Slaz, *That's how mafia works"

    SOOSSAGE День назад

    I payed 6k cad for braces + retainer

  • Captain Club
    Captain Club День назад

    Mfw I got a wish ad on this video

  • TheUltimateCrafter
    TheUltimateCrafter День назад

    I got a wish ad in the middle of the video

  • Deva
    Deva День назад

    Got a wish ad while watching this

  • Đąvïđ Mąbęrry
    Đąvïđ Mąbęrry День назад

    Wish actually has some really good things

  • O G
    O G День назад

    No joke I bought that smile that goes onto my toilet 🚽 :)

  • Gunner Beefy Cakes
    Gunner Beefy Cakes День назад

    There was nowhere near enough time for that man to wipe his ass after putting the fidget spinners away 😂 that's nasty as hell lol thanks wish

  • my name don't matter
    my name don't matter День назад

    slazo should buy popular wish items

  • Lorenzo Pagani
    Lorenzo Pagani День назад

    Swindling fools out of their money is an art

  • Succ
    Succ День назад

    I *WISH* someone would chop off my head

  • cringy art
    cringy art День назад

    I got an ad for mafia city on this

  • Crumb
    Crumb День назад

    Bruh channel

  • Pro Gamerz123
    Pro Gamerz123 День назад

    I just got a wish ad

  • Andrus
    Andrus День назад

    Omg i want that 3ds

  • Tintilinic 1912
    Tintilinic 1912 День назад +1

    I got a wish ad on this video 😂

  • Geoffrey The Pig
    Geoffrey The Pig День назад

    Watched it and got multiple ads, wouldnt ya know it, they're all mafia city

  • Ben Jamin'
    Ben Jamin' День назад

    I got a mafia city ad when I opened this video

  • Fiona Brennan
    Fiona Brennan День назад

    I definitely bought that cat shirt from wish 😂 the fucking cat peeled off after a week I don’t know why I didn’t know better

  • DaChickenWingMaster
    DaChickenWingMaster День назад +1

    I got a wish ad on this video

  • Salty boi is salty
    Salty boi is salty День назад

    I got a Wish ad before this video lol

  • dingo dino dang
    dingo dino dang День назад

    Both got a wish add and a mafia add in this vid

  • here's Butler
    here's Butler День назад

    product is free
    postage its £499.99

  • Jimmy McHale
    Jimmy McHale День назад


  • Nekoszowa
    Nekoszowa День назад

    Deidara cosplay

  • MarioLuigiFun
    MarioLuigiFun День назад

    That is definitely not how you say Nissan (knee-saun)

  • Djuntas
    Djuntas День назад

    3:47 Does it come with a slight smell of decayed human flesh?

  • Spartan Gamer
    Spartan Gamer День назад

    Watches video about how wish’s ads are weird.

    While watching video gets an ad for wish.

    That’s how wish works.

  • Louie Österberg
    Louie Österberg День назад

    5/5, it was a good size. Haven't watched it yet tho but i'm pretty excited

  • ben doonan
    ben doonan День назад +1

    Pretty ironic I got a wish add....

  • NOR1_FMi
    NOR1_FMi День назад

    Got a Wish ad on this video lmao

  • the Aquarius One
    the Aquarius One День назад

    *I got a Wish advertisement in the middle of this video*

  • Kiarash Mohammadnejad
    Kiarash Mohammadnejad День назад +1

    99% of people get mafia city ads while I get WISH ADS
    Some of them are so specific it is tryna say it has ANYTHING but I don’t think I want a pimple popping toy tbh

  • Cam lux
    Cam lux День назад +1

    I got wish ads while watching this.

  • acidhexde
    acidhexde День назад

    *i got a wish ascert on this*

  • Adam Dib
    Adam Dib День назад

    you forgot the link for the background music you doof

  • Jaiven Sasnett
    Jaiven Sasnett День назад

    I Wish, I was dead

  • Spectra _
    Spectra _ День назад

    I got 3 wish ads watching this. Enjoy your revenue

  • lord shrek
    lord shrek День назад

    Love you slaz

  • wilson nichols
    wilson nichols День назад

    2:07 excuse me sir, that's not a crack pipe, it's clearly a Colored Glass Oil Burner Pipe Glass Oil Burner Glass Tube Oil Pipe Glass Pipe Oil Nail Glass Oil Pipe KCT. Please fact check next time.

  • CuteButCrazy016
    CuteButCrazy016 День назад

    I'm pretty sure the reason people leave comments before they've used the product is cause you can get points to get discounts on your next purchase from leaving reviews and such

  • maks cilic
    maks cilic День назад

    Haha has anyone else got a wish add

  • FantasticOwen
    FantasticOwen День назад

    I got a wish ad at 2:40

  • Ethan Curko
    Ethan Curko День назад

    And i bought a fidget spinner and it came with the bearings

  • Ethan Curko
    Ethan Curko День назад

    I ordered a pair of yeezys size 8 and it came with a size 4

  • Frida Friday
    Frida Friday День назад

    I got a wish advertisement...
    How ironic 😂

  • a987654
    a987654 День назад

    7:37 *dies*

  • Biedui Chunununu
    Biedui Chunununu День назад

    i like when on metal pieces it says only "5" not $

  • _Luga_
    _Luga_ День назад

    Anyone else get a wish ad....

  • Ella Gaming
    Ella Gaming День назад

    I just noticed i got an wish ad before this video