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He is the Main Vocalist of BTS, Jung Kook!!! [The King of Mask Singer Ep 72]

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018
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  • F S
    F S 21 minute ago +1

    Oh my coconut

  • Lan BTS_V BTS
    Lan BTS_V BTS 15 hours ago


  • Bungarose Bungamawar
    Bungarose Bungamawar 15 hours ago


  • Rosalinda Poot
    Rosalinda Poot 17 hours ago


  • BTS ARMY 920
    BTS ARMY 920 20 hours ago

    Audience: OMG IT WAS JK?!?
    ARMY: Eh. I knew it from the start.

  • Semut Merah
    Semut Merah Day ago

    Ahhh the fact that we army knew that is jongkook just from "if youu~~~"

  • Hellen Yayuth Munguia

    Every time I watch a video of Jungkook I get so emotional 😭

  • Tatiana Bulisi
    Tatiana Bulisi 2 days ago

    Jk : *breathe*
    Me : it’s jungkookie !

  • park jimin _bts _army_blank big bang

    HOS IS HE ?

  • jeon Taetae
    jeon Taetae 2 days ago

    idk how ppl didnt knew it was jk from his voice

  • Nhat Ngi
    Nhat Ngi 3 days ago

    Giọng của junkook tuyệt vãi

  • jungkook jeon
    jungkook jeon 4 days ago +1

    The thumbnail is so cute😭😭😍

  • schlandos
    schlandos 4 days ago


  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 5 days ago +1

    I Love Jung kook

  • Aida Sears
    Aida Sears 5 days ago

    JK makes you proud. 2019 JK is a wholesome entertainer so gifted and talented. He can do everything. He will always be great in anything he does and BTS is so proud to have him. He is the blood that runs the band, the rope that connects the members and still remains humble💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Dung Nguyễn
    Dung Nguyễn 5 days ago

    I love you Jungkook

  • Dagdigdug Der
    Dagdigdug Der 5 days ago

    Kalo army pasti tau kalo itu suaranya si golden magnae

  • Jin Seok
    Jin Seok 6 days ago

    While I watching "damn damn damn damn damn damn damn shit shit shit shit FUCKED JEON JUNGKOOOKKK

  • Lhianne Vasquez
    Lhianne Vasquez 7 days ago

    ㅡㅕ ㅠㅁㅠㅛ!! ㅑ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ ㅛㅐㅕ! Babe!!

  • Estefanny Army
    Estefanny Army 7 days ago

    Canta bien bonito Jungkook ❤️😭😘😍♥️

  • Mane Litt
    Mane Litt 7 days ago


  • Nelika herecka
    Nelika herecka 7 days ago

    Jung kook. Jung kook

  • Elyssei Vaitilingon
    Elyssei Vaitilingon 9 days ago

    Truly the golden maknae of bts

  • Crowning Cousins
    Crowning Cousins 11 days ago

    I could tell it was jungkook cause of his voice lol🤣 like hOW COULD YOU NOT RECOGNIZE HIS ANGELIC VOICEEEE?🥺❤️😂

  • Mybutiful baby_07
    Mybutiful baby_07 11 days ago

    Why you all don't recognize his voice
    Well if im there one of the judges or one of the viewers from the back i will literally go shout his name over and over again
    I really love jungkook not just because he is handsome but also he is sweet,kind,loving,caring and also super talented 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Little Mix
    Little Mix 13 days ago

    maybe...maybe I screamed

  • Just Facts
    Just Facts 14 days ago +1

    Idk why but he is so precious at the thumbnail gosh

  • Mireng Abuyo
    Mireng Abuyo 14 days ago

    as an Army since 2017 like i already kbow who's vooce is it🤣

  • Jam Cookie
    Jam Cookie 15 days ago

    My main 💜

  • nikki j
    nikki j 16 days ago

    It is not a surprise for the armys siting their and watching this live. Every army will amazed when jungkook walk into the stage. We armys know our boys very well from walk to laugh we get them correctly. Ami right armys.

  • Jeon Jungguk
    Jeon Jungguk 16 days ago +1

    love u jungkook💜💜💜

  • Arina Shay
    Arina Shay 16 days ago

    They be like “I know his voice” “ but I don’t know his name” lol 😂 💜

  • Taespill
    Taespill 16 days ago

    is that a bunny I see in the thumbnail?

  • Saswati Nayak
    Saswati Nayak 16 days ago

    Oh my my my #HisVoice#JUNGKOOK

  • Fabliha Fairuz
    Fabliha Fairuz 16 days ago

    JUNGKOOK: *takes breath*
    ARMYs: It's Jungkook!!!

  • Sari Petrus
    Sari Petrus 16 days ago


  • Joy Sui Tha Chin
    Joy Sui Tha Chin 17 days ago +5

    This is why i love JK. You are the best.. 😆😁🤗👍👏
    I love you JungKook.😘😍😆😆

  • ShiningStar4Y channel
    ShiningStar4Y channel 17 days ago

  • Stan Shiber
    Stan Shiber 17 days ago


  • Mariane Wendell
    Mariane Wendell 18 days ago


  • Chocolate Kookies
    Chocolate Kookies 18 days ago

    2:26 I need a HD version of this on my wall

  • Hafsa Hanif
    Hafsa Hanif 18 days ago

    He is the best vocalist😍😍

  • Mildred Almasco
    Mildred Almasco 19 days ago

    Love this much jungkook.💕💕💕
    His voice is so amazing how can u not recognize it..His angelic voice ahh can't move on even the year fast..Our Golden Maknae is so much talent..his angelic lovable voice love his muchhhh💕💕💕💕

  • Novie Ganela
    Novie Ganela 19 days ago

    Jungkook voice like angelic and his so handsome and cute smile

  • im your mom now!!! yes im your mom

    his still a fetus☹️☹️☹️

  • M Lover
    M Lover 20 days ago +1

    Although I already knew it because of the captions but when they made big fuss about who's behind the mask it makes me nervous and excited 😍😍😅

  • Athena Dizon
    Athena Dizon 20 days ago


  • Bubujin Dia
    Bubujin Dia 21 day ago

    Он такой милый

  • Jhords Sac
    Jhords Sac 22 days ago

    Handsome very handsome jungkokieeeeee 💖💕😊😘😍😙

  • Timothy Cruz
    Timothy Cruz 25 days ago

    You couldn't fool any of us Jungkook, I could tell it was you by your breathing throughout the song! 😂

  • kang choding
    kang choding 28 days ago

    just by singing with his mask on you can it's jungkook
    srry for my english
    watching again

  • Yến nhi Danh
    Yến nhi Danh Month ago

    Mình la fan jungkook nek

  • Nom Nom
    Nom Nom Month ago


  • Haruto Haruto
    Haruto Haruto Month ago

    I happy if he happy if not i not to i really like he voices

  • Jjan Kookie
    Jjan Kookie Month ago +2

    This video is the reason that I first fall in love with Jungkookie and BTS

  • Dung Nguyễn
    Dung Nguyễn Month ago

    Jungkook makne bts

    KIM YURI Month ago +1


  • Lorein Esteban
    Lorein Esteban Month ago

    His voice is charming😍 I totally knew his voice💜

  • Lily May
    Lily May Month ago +1

    Omg Jungkook was 18 here

    • i purple you
      i purple you 16 days ago

      19 I thought and 20 in korean age.

  • JD Onfroy
    JD Onfroy Month ago

    When the crowd realised that they voted the wrong person

  • christina andresen
    christina andresen Month ago

    I absolutely love all their reactions hahaha the moment it counts down and to the moment they lose it! Amazing. Well done Kookie! 💜

  • Gacha Alexis
    Gacha Alexis Month ago +2

    For me, BTS is the number 1 popular K-POP Group.

  • joon on the moon
    joon on the moon Month ago


  • 花札ブラザーズマホっちゃんとこまくんと


  • Rahma Yulita
    Rahma Yulita Month ago +1

    Why his eyes so beautiful ??

  • jimin park
    jimin park Month ago +1

    Arab army:Jungkooka we know that you are
    Jk: oh really
    Arab army: yeahhh
    Jk: i know
    Arab army:yeahh you know😂

    Arab army love you kook❤

  • 10969_ shirazu_
    10969_ shirazu_ Month ago

    OMG he chose "if you" by BIGBANG, so cute from him💕

  • Delia De jesus
    Delia De jesus Month ago +1

    jk your so very very sweet voice



  • gardens disney
    gardens disney Month ago +1

    everyone lnows its jk eventho ur not from the fandom😂 his soft voices and dreamy we know it😍

  • Azul Min
    Azul Min Month ago

    Jaja lo hubieran besado mientras podían 3 años después como Iván a imaginarlo cantando con Charlie Puth hecho todo una obra de arte😍😁

  • Sarang Park
    Sarang Park Month ago

    I think if Jimin and V joins King Of Mask Singer, they will be easily identified because of the uniqueness of their voices just like Jungkook 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • slmcnm benamcanım
    slmcnm benamcanım Month ago

    so cute

  • Priscila Perna
    Priscila Perna Month ago

    lindo, amo Jung kook❤

  • fayiza 24
    fayiza 24 Month ago


  • Jungkook Daddy
    Jungkook Daddy Month ago +1


  • Даня Таргарян
    Даня Таргарян 2 months ago +2

    Why when I go to Jihyos performance or any other girl groups there are people saying that women's voices are "average" but his voice is really nothing special and no one talking about it not even mention this?

  • Lucicleiderocha Cleidinha

    Jungkook 🇰🇷🇧🇷❤❤

  • Trina Ebrada
    Trina Ebrada 2 months ago +3

    2019 ANYONE?!?!

    MAYRA BR 2 months ago +1


  • Salve Mint
    Salve Mint 2 months ago +1


  • xXSoldier08YangXx
    xXSoldier08YangXx 2 months ago

    When I just started liking BTS 2 years ago and saw his performance, I kept thinking to myself that I've heard his voice before but I couldn't pin point where. Then found out it was him!!! Now, his voice is so obvious, if he ever went back on Masked Singer, I would know it was him. His voice is beautiful! 🇺🇸😍💖💜💖

  • 说你想要什么
    说你想要什么 2 months ago

    and now his voice (what a voice, even the breathing) the whole world knows

  • BTS my live ok
    BTS my live ok 2 months ago

    Jungkook extra

  • AceFamilyForever
    AceFamilyForever 2 months ago

    Did he win? I'm sorry i'm so confused lmfao

  • Unrelyrable Mochi
    Unrelyrable Mochi 2 months ago

    When he was introducing himself I was kinda hoping for him to say his lil intro like you know :D

  • Mine_ koren95
    Mine_ koren95 2 months ago


  • Ahwan Ahwancom
    Ahwan Ahwancom 2 months ago


  • jung kook
    jung kook 2 months ago

    Oppa jk

  • Andy Mapper
    Andy Mapper 2 months ago

    I love him so much! 😭

  • Toadz
    Toadz 2 months ago

    1:28 look like sugA

  • Virág Kővári
    Virág Kővári 2 months ago


  • Nayla Armi
    Nayla Armi 2 months ago

    that mullet hair😭💜

  • Nayla Armi
    Nayla Armi 2 months ago


  • Sophie Vee
    Sophie Vee 2 months ago

    *i didn’t realize how wittle he was in 2013*

  • vante varmy
    vante varmy 2 months ago +1

    our Golden Maknae 💜💜💜😭

  • Dulce Pascual Mallari
    Dulce Pascual Mallari 2 months ago

    vovo yan.. porma lng nman alam nya .. hindi man gwapo tapos bakla pa... is this peaple today???

  • Que dian ?!
    Que dian ?! 2 months ago

    The man of my life!!😍😍💖💖💘✨

  • Sunita Shrestha
    Sunita Shrestha 2 months ago +1

    He is always the best😙

  • Elkos Olivia
    Elkos Olivia 2 months ago

    Tamvan sekali 😄😄