Aching Joints? This “Miracle Mineral” Could End Your Suffering

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg talks about one of the best minerals for achy joints (arthritis). There’s a study - double-blinded placebo control that shows using one trace mineral showed 71% of improvement with no side effects. It is boron. Trace minerals are minerals needed in smaller amounts. Boron functions as an enzyme co-factor, specifically to make cortisol and other steroid hormones.

    Benefits of Boron
    • Boron is also good for post-menopause that enhances estrogen and testosterone.
    • It is involved in vitamin D metabolism.
    • It can potentially help with erectile dysfunction.
    • It has a natural antimicrobial effect (natural antibiotic) - It can help toenail fungus.
    • It helps in calcium magnesium absorption.

    Eric Berg, DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of "The New Body Type Guide" and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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    Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “Doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients, so he can focus on educating people as a full-time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose, and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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  • remotely mom
    remotely mom 5 days ago


  • Sophia Mcclure
    Sophia Mcclure 15 days ago

    Hi Dr. Berg would Boron still be okay to take if I had my gallbladder removed?

  • kay T
    kay T 21 day ago

    what about neuropathy? what minerals are good for nerve damage?

  • brian olson
    brian olson 24 days ago

    Is it just me or has he lost some weight

  • Briggitte Rod
    Briggitte Rod 26 days ago

    Any recommendations on what's a good brand?

    • Briggitte Rod
      Briggitte Rod 25 days ago

      +Helen Walz
      Thank you.

    • Helen Walz
      Helen Walz 25 days ago

      Briggitte Rod Dr Berg has recommended Angstrom Minerals in another video. They have Boron as well as all the other minerals. All liquid minerals. Looks like a good company. I’ll be placing an order soon.

  • Meryl Paspa
    Meryl Paspa Month ago

    Is there Boron in his trace mineral drops?

  • Susan Gold
    Susan Gold Month ago +1

    Dr Berg, sounds great but I'm concerned about testosterone in my body causing a heart problem I'm 58 past menapause and with less estrogen what do you think?

  • Shaimaa Mohammed
    Shaimaa Mohammed Month ago

    Hey dr Eric i'm crohn's patient and have pain in my all joints what should i take??

  • Julie Walsh
    Julie Walsh Month ago

    Thank you! Does your trace mineral supplement contain this recommended amount of boron?

  • John Frontier
    John Frontier Month ago

    Dr. Berg, Thank you for this information. I noticed in some of the ingredients, in a tablet form, it contains RICE FLOUR, is this ingredient OK?!

  • mommyof3
    mommyof3 Month ago

    Could anyone tell me what dose I would give my son with juvenile arthritis?

  • Vivek
    Vivek Month ago

    You are a blessing in disguise, Dr Berg... Love from India.. Sharing this video to all my friends and family members.

  • Furlong Nancy
    Furlong Nancy Month ago +1

    Is there a certain brand you recommend?

  • mica onyx
    mica onyx Month ago

    Boron is wonderful, I really wish medical doctors would tell people about this and MSM. My aunt have bad arthritis where her knee swells up and hurts a lot. She takes a tablespoon of MSM and the pain goes away really quickly. MSM is really good for muscle recovery after workouts as well. I take 3 to 6mg of boron a day and it seems to give me more energy, as well as hopefully stronger bones. I think it's good stuff.

  • Sun-Sea Sand
    Sun-Sea Sand Month ago +1

    What dosage do you recommend for arthritis suffering lady of 65 yrs?

  • Carla Tijhuis
    Carla Tijhuis Month ago

    Dear Dr.Berg, would you please have a remedy against Polyneuropaty? Or just something to minimalize the pain?

  • Snoopy Beagle
    Snoopy Beagle Month ago

    Dr. Berg please please do a video on calcification in the joints of the hands. I have a bad problem with it, my hands look deformed and it’s getting worse. My Rheumatologist who diagnosed it, my immunologist and my family doctor can not tell me why I have it or what caused it or how to get rid of it. They absolutely can’t answer anything! I know other people who also have the same issue as I do with their deformed, ugly, hurting hands. I can send you pictures to show you want I’m talking about. Thank you for all your videos, Your a great doctor! Love your supplements!

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    Great information.

  • Nacho Fnub
    Nacho Fnub Month ago

    If cortisol is good as an anti-inflammatory why is it bad for us to produce it? When we get stressed out and produce cortisol it stops weight loss so how is this good? Confused...

  • Keto Diet Pakistan
    Keto Diet Pakistan Month ago


  • Old Man Fuzz
    Old Man Fuzz Month ago

    How long do you need to take for it to take effect. Also any complications with other meds like blood pressure. Any long term side effects. Ty again for the video and info. Regards.

  • LaiA
    LaiA Month ago

    Oh oh writings on the paper screen are extremely tiny to be seen on RU-clip ! Plus your talking was very fast, couldn’t grab the contents completely! Couldn’t learn anything at the end!

  • Monica O Keeffe
    Monica O Keeffe Month ago

    Wooow I thought cortisol was bad for your body producing more illness !! Now I'm confuse ... wish please help me with my doubts.. thank you so much.. and God bless you for all your help sharing to us ..

  • Janie Hutchinson
    Janie Hutchinson Month ago

    What if I can’t have estrogen? I took an estrogen blocker for over a year because of breast cancer. I ended up with arthritis 🙄

  • Hassina Ahmadzada
    Hassina Ahmadzada Month ago

    Love you

  • George Ramos
    George Ramos Month ago +2

    Dr. Berg .
    James L Wilson
    Jacob Teitebaum
    John Bergman
    Thomas DeLauer
    Greg Barnes
    Montreal Healthy Girl.
    Least to say. Some of the best sources on youtube. Not to dis Dr. Axe. But i prefer how Berg goes over detail

  • George Ramos
    George Ramos Month ago +1

    I always thought Dr Berg is a legit Doc. Not Dr oz

  • Jane’s Health & wellness

    Google said taking a boron supplement will increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. Wouldn’t that be bad? Your video sounds great for helping my Rheumatoid arthritis but I don’t want to mess with my hormones. Please let me know what your thoughts are???

  • baddabing28
    baddabing28 Month ago

    I’m confused as to why producing more cortisol would be good since it causes weight gain.

  • April Swallows
    April Swallows Month ago

    Can you please recommend where to buy the supplements you suggest. I want to be sure to get the highest quality when buying them and that can get pretty confusing. Thank you.

  • Nan's Fam
    Nan's Fam Month ago

    Darn.... I ran to order this. Read the reviews and saw some alarming reviews. Backed myself up... 😁 Read more about Boron. It *can* have some unwanted side effects. Also said it is extremely hard on the kidneys. SUPER disappointed, I truly want to help my arthritis....ugh.. Now, I feel nervous to try this.

  • michael mm
    michael mm Month ago

    New research study shows , 6-10 mg a day is not enough... 35-70 mg is the optimal range...

  • Bela Palmer
    Bela Palmer Month ago

    Wait I'm confused I thought is a stress hormone and is not good for the body

  • Dottie Sullivan
    Dottie Sullivan Month ago

    This guy gets right to the point , you don’t have to fast forward the video at all ! he’s right in it and he doesn’t run off on rabbit trails he stays with what the video is about and the videos are short! big thumbs up 👍

  • Finder Outer
    Finder Outer Month ago +2

    I've been watching him for a year or so. If you're into this thing, you know he's a visionary and a true philanthropist. I know what you're doing, and I thank you for it.

  • Kathy McDevitt
    Kathy McDevitt Month ago

    tried to download and something is wrong

  • Hyacinth D'souza
    Hyacinth D'souza Month ago

    Lovely I need this.

  • Natasha Mudford
    Natasha Mudford Month ago +2

    I used to add Borax to my water. It helped my knees and ankles, which kept me from running awhile back. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Om Mariam
    Om Mariam Month ago

    Thanks a lot 🙏🏻

  • Christina C
    Christina C Month ago

    Hello Doctor! Why am I always cold? 🤔

    • tousif t
      tousif t Month ago +1

      +Christina C sluggish thyroid dosent show up on tests, lugols iodine 5% along with selenium will surely help, good luck

    • Christina C
      Christina C Month ago

      +tousif t thank you! I get my thyroid checked annually and they say it's normal. But hopefully these will work. 😊

    • tousif t
      tousif t Month ago

      Slow thyroid , hypothyroid, take iodine lugols and selenium

  • Kimbo Lee
    Kimbo Lee Month ago

    I'm taking trace minerals in a liquid form. I'm a
    Bit worried it might stuff up my mineral balance though.

  • DIANA1999
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  • Gr8Believer
    Gr8Believer Month ago +4

    Thanks for the video Doc. It would be more en lighting if you tell us what foods would have the substance you're discussing in your videos. I'd rather eat food that HAS the remedy than take a pill.

  • margaret elmajed
    margaret elmajed Month ago

    I eat 6 prunes a day for Boron, I believe there’s a small study done on the effectiveness of prunes for osteoporosis.

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    How can you get boron from food?

  • Badass Heyoka
    Badass Heyoka Month ago

    Boron is said to lower SHBG and thus increasing free unbound sex hormones. So my question is. Isnt estrogen gonna wreck havoc on a male body if its unbound from SHBG? Or is that only true if you have to much estrogen in the first place? Maby you could do a video on SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) Dr. Eric Berg?

  • Snehal Patil
    Snehal Patil Month ago

    And can you suggest which trace mineral complex we should buy then?

  • Snehal Patil
    Snehal Patil Month ago

    Dr Berg last Link provided by you took me to Facebook messenger again n again. Why is that? Please can you ask your team to recheck it.? Link is about keto essential.

  • aMTBer
    aMTBer Month ago

    Joint pain is cured by bromelain, in pineapples.

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon Month ago

    What a crappy presentation... Paper taped to a wall... not very professional from a fake doctor

  • Sally Semrau
    Sally Semrau Month ago

    Boron is in chemtrails isnt it??? so every time it rains im sure were all getting more than what is needed.

  • Christopher Alden
    Christopher Alden Month ago +1

    Solution = 1/2 tsp Borax to 500ml distilled water
    . 1 tsp of solution = 2 mg boron. 1 Tbsp = 6mg boron.

    • Christopher Alden
      Christopher Alden Month ago

      +Badass Heyoka Borax is not a soap or detergent, but rather a salt of boron. Borax is a non-synthetic chemical and is mined directly from the deserts of California and Turkey as a mineral salt. Also known as sodium tetraborate, Borax is 99% pure while being safe to use for various household and personal applications.

    • Badass Heyoka
      Badass Heyoka Month ago

      Boric acid isnt the same as boron.

  • Tom Sawyers
    Tom Sawyers Month ago

    A unrelated question for you dr berg. Since I have been in ketosis for a couple of months now it seems that my blood is thinner when I check my blood glucose and I cut finger at work, not very bad but it didn't want to stop bleeding. My wife said her blood looked watery also she started healthy keto the same time I did. Thanks for all your wonderful advice.

  • Dr. Ho Lee Phuk
    Dr. Ho Lee Phuk Month ago +2

    Anyone use 20 Mule Team borax from the laundry aisle? Just started using it and just checking did any of you guys receive positive benefits from using it?

  • Zari valentine
    Zari valentine Month ago

    I wonder if this would help with joint inflammation from Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism 🤔

    • tousif t
      tousif t Month ago

      Joint inflammation cold ice water and water fasting, boron for remineralization, iodine selenium hypothyroid, also add magnesium flakes with boron

  • Vicki C
    Vicki C Month ago

    Thank you Dr.Berg

  • Kamran Delan
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  • Hung Tran
    Hung Tran Month ago +1

    you can take more than 12 mg per day if needed

  • Norm Johnson
    Norm Johnson Month ago +10

    Low carb foods that are high in Boron: Almonds, hazelnuts, peanut butter..

    • hydrofuelincanada
      hydrofuelincanada Month ago +1

      Dont forget the highest containing one avocados. Very old story. Boron is a necessity.

  • K Lo
    K Lo Month ago +1

    Read....the borax conspiracy. Such a good read.

  • lizzymoore54
    lizzymoore54 Month ago

    I've seen videos of people using Borax mixed with water to drink, to get their Boron. Is this dangerous?

  • Genevieve Dickman
    Genevieve Dickman Month ago +1

    Hi Dr Berg I’m taking an aromatase inhibitor long term after breast cancer. Would taking Boron interfere with my treatment? I was just diagnosed with arthritis. Thank you for your videos I am following your Keto diet. Thank you Genevieve

  • S Sims
    S Sims Month ago

    My boyfriend has Rheumatoid Arthritis. He hates taking the Enbrel that his MD prescribed and has been looking for natural stuff ways to help with pain. I will send him this. Thanks!

  • Brett Foster
    Brett Foster Month ago

    TY. I will try it . I have AS. & I take Humana that has been a life changing drug for Me . I will do 3 mg and magnesium with a evening walk for yellow light.

  • monalisadiva
    monalisadiva Month ago

    Hey Dr Berg, I have aching muscles in my shoulders and now my groin, since a fall, and my muscles don't seem to get better, they sometimes are achy, or even pinchy if I move in the wrong way, I'm fairly certain it's not my joints, but my muscles, do you have any suggestions?

  • ALLCHECKOUT Product Videos, Reviews, Infos, Tests

    Thanks .... but taking it since about 6 months and close to no improvement :-(

  • Bill Carroll
    Bill Carroll Month ago

    Watched this last night, and searched where to buy this in my area, and found this on the health food website.
    "Safety notes;
    We only need trace amounts of boron and toxicity can appear at low doses.
    Long-term use of 1g daily can cause dermatitis, diarrhoea, lethargy, alopecia (hair loss), nausea and weight loss."
    Is this right?
    (Australian website)

  • Rety Fuller
    Rety Fuller Month ago

    Love your vlogs! Thank YOU!

  • José Luis Garcia Clement

    But where do I get boron?

  • Young Earth Organics Kombucha

    Ankylosing Spondylitis?

  • D. Davis
    D. Davis Month ago

    Thank you! I’m so tired of the pain.

  • Barbara K
    Barbara K Month ago

    Great information as always. Thankyou💃🏼

  • Yasmeen Shaikh
    Yasmeen Shaikh Month ago +1

    Hello sir all video is very nice pls make a video on Plantar Facia thnks alota

    • Yasmeen Shaikh
      Yasmeen Shaikh Month ago +1

      Thnks alots

    • tousif t
      tousif t Month ago +1

      @ Reducing inflammation is the key , how ever u do it , right slippers is also a main factor , fasting I mean dry fasting helps

    • Marlene Kay
      Marlene Kay Month ago +1

      He had a video a while ago about your feet and liver connection. Plantar Fasciitis is sometimes mistaken for problems with your liver.

  • Christian Rosencreuz

    Please don't make the thumbnail pictures with red bottom like in this video. It becomes very difficult to see if the video is watched or not. RU-clip shows the progress with red bar below the video thumbnail.

  • Joe Blake
    Joe Blake Month ago +10

    3 mg per day is NOT enough for doing away with your pain! I recommend 21 mg per day until your pains go away and then taper down to 3 to 6 mg per day. NOTE: Boron is an antagonist to ZINK and visa versa! Do not take Zink while taking Boron in the beginning to make sure it doesn't interfere with the Boron, BUT, you will need to add some Zink to your supplements after taking Boron for a while if you start getting dry skin from a Zink deficiency. Boron was a MIRACLE cure for my back pain that I had for many YEARS. After ONE week taking 21 mg of boron per day, my pain was GONE! I now just take "Life Extension Only Trace Minerals" one per day and I'm still pain free after more than a year! Dr Berg is late to this info, but better late then never. See "The Boron Conspiracy"!

    • hydrofuelincanada
      hydrofuelincanada Month ago

      I agree I had the same outcome on 20 Mg per day. Now i just use 6 mg per day. Along with my Keto of course.

    • Badass Heyoka
      Badass Heyoka Month ago

      Boron becomes toxic if to much is taken. Its not recommended to take more than 20mg!

    • Shion Tanaka
      Shion Tanaka Month ago

      I want to try I have chronic back pain and getting worse since since ever. How do you take boron? From borax? How much mg of that? Thanks! Where I live borax is unavailable and considered dangerous.

  • Sherif Mohamed
    Sherif Mohamed Month ago

    Which foods contain boron ?

  • Lori Duncan
    Lori Duncan Month ago

    Is boron in
    Himalayan or Celtic sea salt since they have so many minerals?

  • Blackbird Singing
    Blackbird Singing Month ago

    Dr.Berg provides a link for Arabian translation in one of the comments- above and beyond,Im impressed! Global reach,health for all❤️👍🏻

  • trolli polli
    trolli polli Month ago

    Are boron supplements absorbable? Are they bioavalable? Is there any boron supplement better than another?

  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson Month ago

    Thank you Dr. Berg - interesting!

    JOHN BISWANGER Month ago

    what foods are rich in boron?

  • Zina Alnabulsi
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  • Texanboiii
    Texanboiii Month ago

    Can you make a video of what we should request when getting a blood test done like vitamin/mineral deficiencies and such. Please.

  • the lost rose 12
    the lost rose 12 Month ago

    Love you doc

  • sylvainster30
    sylvainster30 Month ago

    Bone support ED 😂
    Awesome stuff Doc!

  • Aniwesh Srivastava
    Aniwesh Srivastava Month ago

    Would you please make a video on lipoma or fatty tissue under the skin and a diet for that in detail please sir

    OMGTHERE IS NO GOD Month ago +26

    This is the most imortant things for bone and joint
    Sulfate compounds are essential like msm , chondroite sulfat and glucosamime
    Vitamen D and k2 and calcuim
    Maggnesuim chloride

  • Kusum K
    Kusum K Month ago

    Thank you

  • Jm Laf
    Jm Laf Month ago

    Ive heard of taking a swim in a mineral dense beach or whatever can help alot

  • iamphil84
    iamphil84 Month ago

    Any suggestions on what brand of boron?

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +1

      Marlene is right.

    • Marlene Kay
      Marlene Kay Month ago +1

      A lot of people use the regular 20 mule team borax in the laundry aisle at your grocery store. I use it as well. Just a pinch in water. I see Dr. Berg "liked" or "hearted" the comments when people said they use the borax from the store.

  • White Ninja
    White Ninja Month ago +1

    CANNOT go wrong with Boron. Excellent recommendation with the 6 mg per day. In a conclusive study, 64% reduced risk of prostate cancer is obtained with adequate boron levels. Another study showed men with the highest boron intake showed a 54% lower risk of prostate cancer compared to those with the lowest intake.

  • Josh Lockie
    Josh Lockie Month ago +1

    Yeah it’s pretty great, been taking it for 3 months

  • 603spikem
    603spikem Month ago

    Is there a natural way of getting more Boron in our diet?

    • Kathy Henderson
      Kathy Henderson Month ago

      +603spikem You're welcome.. :)

    • 603spikem
      603spikem Month ago

      +Kathy Henderson Thank you!

    • Kathy Henderson
      Kathy Henderson Month ago +1

      +603spikem peanut butter, apples, avocados, hazelnuts and almonds.

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago

      Oh, I don't know what that information
      would be. But there _is_ a way.

    • 603spikem
      603spikem Month ago

      +20alphabet would you care to share that info with me?

  • Kiwi Siwi
    Kiwi Siwi Month ago

    What’s the dosage daily weekly monthly yearly alternate ??!!

  • Rita LaFleur
    Rita LaFleur Month ago

    Ty Dr. B. I just wanted to let you know that I was trying to watch yesterday's q&a, but was not able to, buffering alot. Warm Hugs and God bless you for sharing Vital information.

  • Pat Fluegel
    Pat Fluegel Month ago

    What form of boron?

  • Kiran Govind
    Kiran Govind Month ago

    Hey Dr Berg. I'm getting clicking in all my joints. From all my finger joints, wrists, elbows, toes, ankles, knees. I've been on Keto for 3 months and have lost 20 kilos. What could be happening? It's happening everytime I move. Is it because of the sudden weight loss?

    • Kiran Govind
      Kiran Govind Month ago

      +tousif t yep no pain. Just loud clicking. Maybe inflammation has reduced in my joints and there is just enough play between my joints to cause clicking like when people cracking their fingers on purpose.

    • tousif t
      tousif t Month ago

      Take some carbs or refeed on carbo food for 1 day in between and see if the clicking goes , u have to re minaralize ur body , but as long as it is not paining it should be fine

    JACK ATTACK Month ago +2


    • Corinna Schütt
      Corinna Schütt Month ago

      Well, could be from sth else then but boron deficiency?

  • Tommy Tulpe
    Tommy Tulpe Month ago

    Nice video.I think that is the reason why Borax is prohibited in Germany. :(

    • Corinna Schütt
      Corinna Schütt Month ago +1

      +20alphabet these people are called Zionists, do your homework. And no, this is a global problem, Borax is already demonized everywhere yet you can still get it online. I got mine from Italy via eBay, no problem (Germany). 👍

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Month ago +1

      Further evidence that the Nazis
      never left the government.

  • Laura Travin
    Laura Travin Month ago

    Enhance the estrogen, but what about estrogen dominance, can we have it?