Alabama Football's 2019 Quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • MaxPreps presents WeSEC featuring future Alabama football quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa and brother of the present Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Taulia talks about his family, brother, football and future with CBS Sports / MaxPreps reporter Chris Stonebraker.
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Comments • 188

  • Stephanie Grow
    Stephanie Grow 15 days ago

    Is Taulia the hidden gem in the bottle? Great attitude and personality!!

  • Rey Vazquez
    Rey Vazquez 2 months ago

    Aloha from Montana... I too from West Oahu and these guys make me proud... I love their faith and how they was raised Talofa

  • David Merlin
    David Merlin 5 months ago

    What a great kid

  • Luis Amador
    Luis Amador 5 months ago

    He was right about being better than his brother.

  • Robert McCoin
    Robert McCoin 6 months ago

    Peter Parish says Hello. Lol.

  • Stacey Horton
    Stacey Horton 8 months ago

    Tua&Taulia!!! Autocorrect😒😒

  • Stacey Horton
    Stacey Horton 8 months ago

    Owilli Kaha Owilli!!!!! So much respect for Tia & Tulia!! Great video!! Blessed to have you both at ALABAMA!!!

  • kaelin guidry
    kaelin guidry 9 months ago +1

    Welcome to the land of the legends !!!! ROLL tide roll

  • Glenda Freeman
    Glenda Freeman 9 months ago +3

    Tua tagvailoa
    DALLAS chase Este Freeman
    The usos

  • Devin Brooks
    Devin Brooks 9 months ago +2

    We go to the same school

  • Amanda Cooper
    Amanda Cooper 9 months ago +1

    What an awesome family💕

  • Sefa Moa
    Sefa Moa 9 months ago +2

    SAMOAN kids outta the STATE of Hawaii have a great chance to do well. SAMOAN kids on the mainland even better. Proud to see the Uso's reppin their SAMOAN blood, their Roots and their new home. Good luck in TIDE COUNTRY Uce.

  • Gregory Rose
    Gregory Rose 9 months ago +3

    I hope we can keep him #RollTide

  • Wil Bridges
    Wil Bridges 9 months ago

    Come to Ole Miss.

  • Sam Campbell
    Sam Campbell 9 months ago

    Tua the child molester.

  • Activelyfe Fitness
    Activelyfe Fitness 9 months ago +1

    Only Bama could move an entire family from Hawaii to Alabama for football. 💰💰💰

  • Iraxks 23
    Iraxks 23 9 months ago +1

    Roll Tide 😉

  • Sonny Asker
    Sonny Asker 9 months ago

    There’s another one 😯

  • Mauiboy808
    Mauiboy808 9 months ago

    You forgot to thank the Lord Taulia😂💯🙏🏾✨

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 9 months ago

    I thought he was going to bama??

  • Sneaker Chef
    Sneaker Chef 9 months ago

    Fun fact he committed to auburn

  • Tama Fai Popo
    Tama Fai Popo 9 months ago +1

    Coming from Hawaii as a Samoan has many chances than Samoans coming from Samoa.. Just wanna thank all the uso's that made it big for paving the way for many undiscovered talented Samoans out there and for all Polynesians who are beasting on the field... Malo le finau!

    • Sefa Moa
      Sefa Moa 9 months ago +1

      Tama Fai Popo: SAMOAN kids making it outta Samoa to the league is damn near impossible, but through the State of Hawaii anything is possible. Samoan kids in the mainland have the golden opportunities. It's great to see our SAMOAN people representin and never forgetting their roots. Samoans paving the way not only for other Samoans, but for other Polynesians to follow. Ma'lo lava.

  • Robert Parris
    Robert Parris 10 months ago +5

    Taulia I hope for the best for you and Tua. You will do well. Keep grounded.

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 9 months ago

      Robert Parris yes indeed! ♡♡♡

  • Scott Bishop
    Scott Bishop 11 months ago +1

    Come play at Ole Miss Rebels !

  • ebok98
    ebok98 11 months ago +4

    What a great family. Just warms my heart to learn more about them. So happy and they have their priorities right.

  • onotasiiva
    onotasiiva 11 months ago +1

    He funny

  • JoeRay7771
    JoeRay7771 11 months ago

    I think what is so scary is that he actually may become better than Tua...

  • mattmann111
    mattmann111 11 months ago +4


  • 99bitchass
    99bitchass 11 months ago

    is that herpes on his lips🤢👀

  • Vaalotu Iakopo
    Vaalotu Iakopo 11 months ago +2

    All the best to the Tagovailoa brothers. Faamuamua le Alii i mea uma, e manuia ai lua taumafaiga. Stay humble and God bless

  • Classical Liberal Warrior
    Classical Liberal Warrior 11 months ago +3

    He's got a nice self-confidence to him. Hope he kicks ass in his senior year. Then: RT! :-)

  • Mr StealYoGirl
    Mr StealYoGirl 11 months ago +1


  • bird gotti
    bird gotti 11 months ago +1

    So if he was the center does that make them booty brothers ha jk o shit saban aint retiring soon

  • Gilitar
    Gilitar 11 months ago +6

    We Bama fans are sooo fortunate.

  • mp205wizard
    mp205wizard 11 months ago

    Great interview. The greatest Alabama video of all time has been uploaded by JohnDoe and the "unOFFICIAL Assistant Coaches." THIS COULD BE THE BEST OFFENSE EVER AT BAMA. Search "King Tua - From Freshman To Hero. (Its a shorter version w/ John Doe talking as a narrator ( ) and 1 without him talking (full movie ( ), it is EPIC!!!

  • Bamajama1969
    Bamajama1969 11 months ago +3

    Great interview and esp for giving him a moment at the end to say whatever he wanted. What an awesome, humble kid. Kudos to his parents for raising respectable children. Such a blessing to have them here in Alabama. I wish the whole family nothing but the best.

  • Emma Danner
    Emma Danner Year ago +77

    I love the fact that these two kids love Jesus and have great parents

    • Jayden413 !
      Jayden413 ! 6 months ago

      Tim Bob Praying for you

    • Tim Bob
      Tim Bob 9 months ago

      What the hell does jesus have to do with this . He is a fictional character .

    • Michael Toland
      Michael Toland 9 months ago

      Emma Danner parents who beat their kids

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 9 months ago +3

      Emma Danner Amen!

  • Lei Moonstah
    Lei Moonstah Year ago +1

    Kaulia, listen to your unko, eh? E puuuuuule a Kaulia i le mea e aoga ai Kaulia. Leai ma se feau a seisi i le mea e ke aoga ai. Don't be like your aunty le fiapoko. A faimai a Kaulia e aoga i ASCC, o le a alu unko e faaku se liki i Kukuila e kaalo ai gao oe. Just foa you, eh? A faimai fo'i Kaulia o ia e fia sasa fa'i, o lea e kele le kogafai a unko e ke sau e sasa.

    • Paul Taele
      Paul Taele 9 months ago +1

      Se soia Unko Ga...

    • Lee Tuliau
      Lee Tuliau 9 months ago +1

      @Vaalotu Iakopo Oregon Ducks is ready for Taulia to join them... Go Ducks!

    • Vaalotu Iakopo
      Vaalotu Iakopo 10 months ago +1

      Sasa ga kogafa'i o lea e kele kupe a le kama e maua i le Bama lol

    • trump HELL 666
      trump HELL 666 11 months ago +1

      Man, I totally agree with you.

  • RedRaider Nation
    RedRaider Nation Year ago +1

    Put up sol jay another QB from Hawaii who currently plays for St John cadets he is another athlete 💯

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Year ago +5

    You all don't just give the kids from the island hope,you give many of us "old timers" from the mainland hope. Thank you all for the reminder that it's never too late to start and that I can keep moving forward! God bless you all!🙂👌👍☝️🙏

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan Year ago +5

    Hope he does well

  • kekoa hoomanawanui
    kekoa hoomanawanui Year ago +1

    yesssssah sole

  • landunallmighty
    landunallmighty Year ago

    Hes outstanding and all but watch paul tyson stay in contention (bear bryant grandson)

  • Quinn Smith
    Quinn Smith Year ago +10

    Welcome to Bama. Roll Tide

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker 9 months ago

      Quinn Smith yes indeed! welcome to Bama♡♡♡

  • Rodney Sparks
    Rodney Sparks Year ago +74

    The parents of these young men deserve so much credit. If I had a production company I would be doing everything I could to sign the parents to a documentary project. They are great examples and I would love to see how they run their family structure.

    • UCExPYRO951
      UCExPYRO951 8 months ago +1

      Samoan culture is where to start my brother ❤

    • Scott Kautz
      Scott Kautz 10 months ago +2

      There already is one. Look up, "TUA homecoming"

    • Space
      Space Year ago +12

      That's how our culture is Family Oriented it takes a village to raise a child.

  • David N
    David N Year ago +9

    These kids from Hawaii are amazing..Owilli kaha Owilli...that means Roll Tide Roll.

  • LaMesha Hale
    LaMesha Hale Year ago +11

    The whole family are just classy. His family raised some respectable kids & I love it. ROLL TIDE!!!!

  • Andrew Hopoi
    Andrew Hopoi Year ago +3

    Go to Clemson! What a story that would be. better yet, go Auburn!

  • David Blue
    David Blue Year ago +20

    Impressive kids! Great parenting no doubt about it!

  • Vincent Maiava
    Vincent Maiava Year ago +15

    Stay with Bama uso. Keep grinding. God bless. Vi’ia le Alii ♥️

  • YungHomie Renz
    YungHomie Renz Year ago +35

    "Never forget where I came from" "It's so big to come from Hawai'i, and it's unusual to make it out of Hawai'i" This so humbling man, seeing guys making it out of Pride Rock and doing it big, Gives the youth so much hope!! People stay overlooking players from Hawai'i let alone any type of potential and not just sports. One thing you learn growing up in Hawaii, is putting that 808 state on the MAP, cause you don't get that much opportunities to do so being so isolated and growing up on a small island. HUMBLED

    • YungHomie Renz
      YungHomie Renz 9 months ago

      @Randy Jordan Yeah but not at this level, they were spectacular in the state of hawaii but where else.

    • Randy Jordan
      Randy Jordan 9 months ago

      Hawaii had several notable QBs back 20-25 years ago when June Jones was the coach.

    • YungHomie Renz
      YungHomie Renz Year ago +2

      David Blue Yeah, why?

    • David Blue
      David Blue Year ago +1

      Do you come from that island?

    • Reason Ward
      Reason Ward Year ago +7

      KnowDat Productions I'm from Alabama but went to elementary in Hawaii Oahu, halikula. wheeler. learned how to play football there. Hawaii football is best. Hawaii is home. Shaka brada

  • Emmanuel Jenkins
    Emmanuel Jenkins Year ago +2

    so is he going to bama? because he seems like he wants to play against his brother in college. which makes more sense to me because they are close in age. only 2 school years apart. unless tua goes to the nfl after this year his brother will be his back up as a freshmen and possibly a backup behind jalen. he would lose a year. i doubt he wants to redshirt.

    • Jayso
      Jayso Year ago +1

      @Pepe Shrek bro what? Any player can choose to redshirt if they want to. Matter of fact. Tyrell Shavers told my whole football team he chose to redshirt last year for alabama so he could get his body right.

    • Pepe Shrek
      Pepe Shrek Year ago

      PlayBoyJay that’s the coaches choice not his...

    • Jayso
      Jayso Year ago

      @Pepe Shrek he said he'll redshirt his first year when he committed lmao

    • Pepe Shrek
      Pepe Shrek Year ago +1

      David Blue did you not hear him, he said we wants to play against his brother, teams like auburn, tenn, and LSU would fit that but he has no interest in auburn and Tennessee is overall terrible but with LSU they already have the pieces besides quarterback

    • Pepe Shrek
      Pepe Shrek Year ago +1

      David Blue yeah LSU’s definitely a losing program, also I hope he’ll have fun sitting behind his brother for 3 years

  • Kaisa Tevaga
    Kaisa Tevaga Year ago +55

    Everybody eats

  • PeseSamoa75
    PeseSamoa75 Year ago +24

    Nice interview. Stay humble uso.

  • V M
    V M Year ago +11

    Love this family!

  • The Original American
    The Original American Year ago +72

    Tulia will be taking Jalen Hurts spot

    • hyperrealisticdoge 21
      hyperrealisticdoge 21 9 months ago

      🤦‍♂️ jalens graduating after this season so he'll basically take mac jones' spot

    • Big Oxidation
      Big Oxidation 9 months ago +1

      Wrong, He will be taking Tuas spot. This kid is better than Tua, Jalen won’t even be in the picture.

    • Randy Jordan
      Randy Jordan 9 months ago

      @The Original American You're the one exhibiting racism here, bud.

    • The Original American
      The Original American 9 months ago

      @fugiapple96 Once you eradicate all the racist white ppl, notice no one really cares about race. All the evil around the world revolves around racist white ppl

    • The Original American
      The Original American 9 months ago

      @Randy Jordan I'm 99% sure you're a southern white racist piece of shit, the world would have 1 less turd if you dropped dead this afternoon

  • Ryan Stanfield
    Ryan Stanfield Year ago +17

    welcome to bama kid💯👍👌💪😎.........leave no doubt🚫

  • Nittyque
    Nittyque Year ago +55

    Already committed to bama

    • Michael Sang
      Michael Sang 7 months ago

      Are they both on alabame now?

    • Prick James
      Prick James 9 months ago +1

      @Randy Jordan Yeah, just disregard my previous comment. I didn't know at the time that their father makes the decision. With that in mind I doubt he(Dad) separates them and their family.

    • Randy Jordan
      Randy Jordan 9 months ago +3

      @Prick James Clemson already has its QB for the next two years. I'd say that Tau wants to play at Bama with his brother for a year.

    • NCTarheel13
      NCTarheel13 11 months ago +2

      Prick James He will say no to Clemson.

    • Prick James
      Prick James 11 months ago +1

      Until Dabo offers.

  • Loutube Hi
    Loutube Hi Year ago +19

    Telling y’all, TAULIA has NFL Talent! Not as good runner as Tua but SHOCKINGLY He’s better pocket passer then Tua! If there’s any schools who wants to win a Natty pick up TAULIA ASAP!!! 🔥🔥🔥🤙🏾🌴💯

    • tikaij
      tikaij 10 months ago

      Taulia seems to have interest in LSU,so we’ll so. I hope he commits to LSU,we need someone like him help change our program,plus i’d like to see Brother vs Brother

    • SabanWorshipper
      SabanWorshipper 10 months ago

      Seen him run against Hewitt the other night he's not as slow as you might think

    • Maylon Jones
      Maylon Jones Year ago +2

      A better pocket passer than tua lol...... Right

    • David N
      David N Year ago +7

      He's going to win more than one Natty where he's going... Bama!

    • LBReal78
      LBReal78 Year ago +6

      Bama bound

  • mark smith
    mark smith Year ago +6

    i hope he goes to Auburn, Alabama's greatest rival

    • NCTarheel13
      NCTarheel13 11 months ago

      mark smith Or he wants to take Alabama to a national title just like his brother.

    • Maymoney Mayfield
      Maymoney Mayfield Year ago +4

      mark smith well he’s not so stop dreaming

    • mark smith
      mark smith Year ago

      Just saying if he truly wants to be better than his brother he needs to go somewhere else

    • Maymoney Mayfield
      Maymoney Mayfield Year ago +2

      mark smith he’s already committed to Bama

    • Shane Lizard
      Shane Lizard Year ago +6

      mark smith he’s already a bama commit