Top 10 Ridiculously Bad NFL Draft Picks

  • Published on Sep 8, 2016
  • Top 10 Ridiculously Bad NFL Draft Picks
    NFL scores didn't improve with these NFL draft picks! The NFL draft happens after the NFL combine, which helps scout new players for the NFL. These stand-out prospects, however, never managed to live up to the hype.
    00:44 #10: Tony Mandarich - OL, Green Bay Packers (1989)
    02:11 #9: Heath Shuler - QB, Washington Redskins (1994)
    03:07 #8: Ki-Jana Carter - RB, Cincinnati Bengals (1995)
    04:11 #7: Courtney Brown - DL, Cleveland Browns (2000)
    05:16 #6: Tim Couch - QB, Cleveland Browns (1999)
    06:29 #5: Lawrence Phillips - RB, St. Louis Rams (1996)
    07:45 #4: Akili Smith QB, Cincinnati Bengals (1999)
    08:34 #3, #2 and #1 ???
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Comments • 4 300

  • mikepodella
    mikepodella 8 hours ago +1

    Worst ever? Tie between Vince Young and Johnny Manziel.

  • Rondough Howell
    Rondough Howell Day ago

    no Funny Manziel,Really and Rick Myers the guy Bill Walsh said was going to be the next Joe Montana

  • mark fahey
    mark fahey 3 days ago

    Phil Doaks

  • hermitcrabbot
    hermitcrabbot 3 days ago +1

    Art Schlichter is still rotting in jail after fleecing a bunch of people out of their life savings to pay for $7 million in gambling debts.

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph Day ago

      For a moment I thought Schlicter was a member of the 83 draft, but he came out in 82. I could only imagine Baltimore fans if he had been chosen over Marino.

  • Rodney James
    Rodney James 4 days ago +1

    Wait!!! Where is *ARCHIE GRIFFIN!?!* Two time Heisman trophy winner out of Ohio State!?! Drafted by the Bengals!

  • Rodney James
    Rodney James 4 days ago

    How did Bucky Brooks not make this list? He was a 2nd round pick in the 1994 draft as a cornerback and kick return specialist (he sucked at both). That's a mediaocre NFL career for a 2nd round draft pick who played for 6 teams in 4 years!

  • Rodney James
    Rodney James 4 days ago

    As a *RAIDERS* fan! I *DEMAND* Jermarcus Russell be moved to *NUMBER ONE!!!* Russell was much worse than Ryan Leaf! At least on the field!

  • Nick Wride
    Nick Wride 6 days ago

    Another honorable mention should be Archie Griffin, the ONLY two time Heisman winner, just couldn't cut it in the NFL.

  • John Billington
    John Billington 7 days ago

    Haha two Spartans make the the list of top 10 worst ever.

  • Draconisrex1
    Draconisrex1 7 days ago

    Kijana Carter is pretty unfair. He blew his knee out and never recovered.

  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator 9 days ago +1

    I knew Jackassus Russell was a bust when I saw him at the draft at the podium. He had a horrible attitude. You could see he was a worthless ghetto rat.

  • Jody Wagner
    Jody Wagner 11 days ago

    Tony Mandarich was taken OVER Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, AND Deion Sanders! How is he NOT #1????

    • Ninja Tim
      Ninja Tim 8 days ago

      Ryan leaf was worse bust on and off the field

  • Joseph Gray
    Joseph Gray 12 days ago

    What year did this come out?? Lol JaMarcus Russell is deff number 1.

  • Jonathan Atkinson
    Jonathan Atkinson 13 days ago

    Facing the steelers don't help does it tim

  • 4JayeP Borden
    4JayeP Borden 15 days ago

    Ryan Leaf hates me. I screwed his girlfriend in San Diego.

  • Dexter Jackson
    Dexter Jackson 15 days ago

    Russell SUCKED

  • Dexter Jackson
    Dexter Jackson 15 days ago

    I was on a flight with heath Schuller

  • Dexter Jackson
    Dexter Jackson 15 days ago

    The MINISTER OF defence Reggie white but HIM dead on his ASS

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 16 days ago

    Tim Couch was in a bad situation and wasn't as bad as Leaf or someone else.

  • JPk 2nd04
    JPk 2nd04 18 days ago

    Lawrence Philips did good things???? Um he was the embodiment of evil...

  • Adam P
    Adam P 18 days ago

    And yet they all still make more than most of us in our lifetime

  • Adam P
    Adam P 18 days ago

    Good players are hard to find, good scouts are even harder to find hardest to find are football people and not physical trainers.

  • Landfill
    Landfill 18 days ago

    No one protected Tim Couch because of what they were paying him. This guy didn't like taken pills for his migraines or steroids. Hands down one of the few drug free player's to play in the NFL. If you ever get the chance to meet him ask him how many weeks it took for headache to go away that was caused by a concussion 2 years ago..

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 22 days ago

    The Title for this should have been Top 10 Bengals, Lions, and Browns Busts

  • matthew galer
    matthew galer 24 days ago

    Dammit MSU

  • Edward Soohoo
    Edward Soohoo 25 days ago

    New York Giants running back rocky Thompson and Don Looney

  • Monte Van Vleet
    Monte Van Vleet 25 days ago

    Leigh Steinberg is / was a player agent, and his statement that Ryan Leaf was physically gifted is hilarious. The guy ran and looked liked the Baby Huey cartoon character. He could throw, but at Washington State he had 5 outstanding college receivers. He was a giant turd from the word go. And Beathard should have known he had a horrible personality from just one conversation.

  • Robert Casarez
    Robert Casarez 26 days ago

    On the top ten all time running backs in the nfl they forgot Gale Sayers of the Chicago bears.

  • Robert Dore
    Robert Dore 27 days ago

    Jamarcus Russell should be number 1 on this list; if he had any self respect or class he'd give 50% of that guarantee back to the Raiders. even with $15m he can still afford to buy all those twinkies and chicken wings that made him the size of the USS Nimitz, but without the power.

  • check ya chin
    check ya chin 28 days ago

    Tim couch was great, u try to be a browns QB then. Ridiculous

  • Fernando Tadeo Perez Capistran

    At least the chargers got ladanian tomilson, Drew brees and phillip rivers after drafting ryan leaf

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington 29 days ago

    the boz should have been there oh wait bo took care of that.

  • Loth Sanamane
    Loth Sanamane 29 days ago

    First of all, Cleveland Brown moved to become Baltimore Raven won Super Bowl

  • mushroomking11
    mushroomking11 29 days ago

    Ummmmmm...Ryan Leaf ???? gotta be top 3.

  • John Collins
    John Collins Month ago

    Giants Dave Brown QB from Duke. #1 in 1992 Supplemental draft. The guy could not even throw the football properly. He looked like he was throwing hand grenades....but he did well on the psychological test...WTF ????

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    Jamarcus Russell should be #1. He did nothing good. He is the number 1 reason why rookie contracts were vastly changed for the benefit of the organizations (ie rookies make a lot less)

  • Jon Con
    Jon Con Month ago +6

    So basically you guys plagiarized a documentary in to a top 10 video

  • Chik Curtis
    Chik Curtis Month ago

    todd marinovich no. 1 not even mentioned ,do your homework people

  • McCannon Vaughn
    McCannon Vaughn Month ago

    Ever heard of Paul Martha?

  • James Snee
    James Snee Month ago

    Half these guys were Roid heads. See what happens kids.

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams Month ago

    Hahaha... #10 Cincinnati, #9 Clevland, #8 Cincinnati, #7 Cincinnati, #6 Cleveland....

  • Deborah Nadolski
    Deborah Nadolski Month ago

    Todd Collins was terrible.

  • pop uloner
    pop uloner Month ago

    Ryan leaf helps NFL drug rehab program

  • pop uloner
    pop uloner Month ago

    Todd marenavich

    • pop uloner
      pop uloner Month ago

      it shows how good u have to play

  • Dimpus
    Dimpus Month ago

    I think Tom Brady was the biggest bust of all time. What a waste of a 6th round pick

  • Pennywise Wadford
    Pennywise Wadford Month ago

    My boy Leaf better be 1. Russell was trash, but not Leaf trash.

  • Pennywise Wadford
    Pennywise Wadford Month ago

    Can we start blaming the GM's?

  • Barney Fife
    Barney Fife Month ago

    “All the little chicks with their crimson lips Go: ....”

  • CoChatt
    CoChatt Month ago

    I forgot half these guys.

  • sedric lopez
    sedric lopez Month ago

    I think Matt leinart should be on this list.. They should make an updated version cuz I've never heard of any of them.. I'll tell you who the biggest sheister is Sam bradford.. made more money per game he played than anybody in the NFL

  • Eric Rios
    Eric Rios Month ago

    Fuck Ryan leaf chargers all day

  • Ronnie Hall
    Ronnie Hall Month ago

    Brown's f'ed up a lot huh?

  • David Titus
    David Titus Month ago

    Jail not prison! 23 days is not a prison sentence. This channel calls basic jail prison all the time. There is a huge difference

  • THAT channel
    THAT channel Month ago

    *every Browns first round pick in the last 10 years*

  • Colin #YangGang2020

    11:10 David Carr was only a "bust" because he had *no team*

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson Month ago +3

    So really this is just the ESPN list and interviews posted by WatchMojo

    • MrSleepy
      MrSleepy Month ago

      Should had been done by Urinatingtree.

  • Mr live stream Justin Jacobs

    David Carr has a ring exclude him

  • Justin Brent
    Justin Brent Month ago

    Ryan Leaf blew everything. Screw that dude.

  • joe mcchowin
    joe mcchowin 2 months ago

    The biggest bust is the DNC selecting Hillary Clinton to run for the presidency, and Trump is like one of those unsigned free agents that goes all pro

  • thesinaclwon
    thesinaclwon 2 months ago

    Couch tha slouch!!!!!!!

  • Jim Fath
    Jim Fath 2 months ago

    Rex Grossman

  • Alpha H
    Alpha H 2 months ago

    Courtney brown had 15 sacks in one season

  • Metal RocksOn
    Metal RocksOn 2 months ago

    RG3!!! The skin's gave up a fortune for that bum! He sucked and Mike knew it but synder is a fool and like Jerry Jones thinks he knows football and does not!!

  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago

    I wouldn't call Rick Mirer a bust. He managed to carve out a pretty decent long career for himself.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago

    Jamarcus Russell was overrated to begin with. He was a great athlete, but his head was never in it.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago

    Lawrence Phillips had a very promising career, but his character & personal issues did him in. Damn Shame.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago

    Tim Couch had no chance with the Browns. He was a victim of circumstance.

  • Ryan_Banik
    Ryan_Banik 2 months ago

    I'm good friends with Navy Shuler, son of Heath Shuler. Heath is one of my coaches and Navy is our quarterback with many D1 offers!

  • Gideon Mickel
    Gideon Mickel 2 months ago

    I also liked how they threw in a small clip of Tony Manderich in at the end. Still remember the S.I. cover when it mattered besides for swimsuits and the hype around him. Guess he didn't make the list because he was a O.L.

  • Gideon Mickel
    Gideon Mickel 2 months ago

    I knew Leaf had to be number 1 from the start. What I didn't know is winning your first two games, and being out the league with four total wins, wow. And of course his legal and drug problems down the road.

  • R. Biko
    R. Biko 2 months ago

    Ive come to figure that in most sports...a bust is 50 the player 50 the team/mangement....some players would have been amazing if they only fell to another team.

  • amani mango
    amani mango 2 months ago +1

    Lol where’s Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart?

  • jknevadaclassics
    jknevadaclassics 2 months ago

    Todd Marinovich USC

  • Angel Dejesus
    Angel Dejesus 2 months ago

    Danny watkins

  • shawn C
    shawn C 2 months ago

    If your calling Couch a bust u don't know shit. No offensive line what happened to him David Carr same thing till u step out on a football field stfp

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez 2 months ago

    4:30 the Qb was Drew Brees

  • Felix Lara
    Felix Lara 2 months ago

    Giovanni carmazzi was a big bust for the 49ers, never was able to become that 1 draft pick.And the team he lost against his preseason debut, was against a team that was coming up. That team, the Patriots, the Quarterback, Tom Brady!!!

  • YeaLogan
    YeaLogan 2 months ago +1

    Ya that 6th round QB was pretty bad, I think his name was Tom Brady?

  • RockyBaconator 1
    RockyBaconator 1 2 months ago

    Ki Jana carter went to my high school

  • gutenbird
    gutenbird 2 months ago

    I think Leaf possible gets ranked too high on this list because people compare him to Manning who went right before him. Had Manning not been such a monstrous success, Leafs failure would not have been so contrasted.

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 2 months ago

    Never draft a QB in the first round, the failure rate is higher than for QBs drafted in the 2-4th rounds. No Tebow? In particular never ever draft a QB at #22. Brady Quinn, Timmy Tebow, Johnny Manziel. etc were all picked #22.

  • T mo
    T mo 2 months ago

    You got it wrong! In the late 80's Andrea Bruce from auburn was first pick first round in the nfl. Never before or after has there been so much waste.

  • Crash33
    Crash33 2 months ago

    This list needs a HUGE updating, I can think of another 10 morons that belong to this list. Funny how Mel Keiper, to this day, says that Jimmy Clausen was the only NFL ready out of that draft class and should be starting as of a year ago for some team. We also have another ND failure in DeShone Kizer. While Clausen did have some jobs, drafted second rd, he was one of the WORST back-up QB's to ever hit the field. I remember Keiper almost laughing at every team that passed on him saying they will all regret their decisions. We are the ones laughing at both of them. THIS is the reason why they should never get more than 1 mill as a signing bonus. They played great IN COLLEGE but sucked against real talent. Most of the CB's that QB's throw towards in coverage never see a starting NFL job and some never see a contract even.

  • Victor Palamar
    Victor Palamar 2 months ago

    Tim, Tebow T'bowed all of them hands dow!n

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein 2 months ago

    #1 Ryan Leaf. Gotta love the Chargers. They let Drew Breeze go a few years later.

  • Joe Z
    Joe Z 2 months ago

    After the first season, us San Diegans just stopped watching football. Thanks, Leaf.

  • blackflag 321
    blackflag 321 2 months ago

    If I was a manager I would draft o.j LOL 😂😂

  • Dragon Rider
    Dragon Rider 2 months ago

    What about Johnny Manziel?

  • Valhalrik
    Valhalrik 2 months ago

    Ryan leaf hell yes

  • Yahya Ali
    Yahya Ali 2 months ago

    Mandarich was a beast. Man could bench like 600 30x like nothing. Obviously on roids but he was physically one of the strongest ever to grace the NFL fields.

  • Lewis 970
    Lewis 970 2 months ago

    Why isn't Kyle Boller included?

  • 英語Sensei
    英語Sensei 2 months ago

    I heard many scouts favored Leaf over Manning that year, but the Colts went with Peyton. Well. freaking. done. That has to be the best decision ever made in NFL draft history

  • 英語Sensei
    英語Sensei 2 months ago

    Damn Skip looks young in this video lmao

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington 2 months ago +2

    can anybody tell me did the boz ever press charges against Bo Jackson for assault for running his ass over?😂😂😂😂🏈🚔

  • Gilbert Washington
    Gilbert Washington 2 months ago +1

    you mean to tell me that the green bay packers could've had Barry Sanders?😲😭😭

    • UWalvern0810
      UWalvern0810 Month ago

      Yup. Barry Sanders and Brett Farve in the same backfield. Think about it...🤔

  • Eric Kienitz
    Eric Kienitz 2 months ago

    Did they really just rip off an old EPSN top 25 thing from years ago, reduce it to ten, and recut the footage with their narration?

  • Keith Andrew Bounds
    Keith Andrew Bounds 2 months ago +1

    Ryan Leaf made the list of "Top NFL Draft Pick Busts" as well as "Biggest Sports Flops," both on ESPN, in SPECTACULAR fashion!!!!

  • Joseph Dodd
    Joseph Dodd 2 months ago

    All fairness to Tim Couch he played for one of the worst teems ever and was beat up all the time

  • Joseph Dodd
    Joseph Dodd 2 months ago

    Chris Berman is a joke

  • Joey Mason
    Joey Mason 2 months ago

    Nobody remembers gino torretta spelling that wrong but this guy won a heisman.