Time Lapsed Ant Farm - Tunnels in Antworks Space Gel Habitat

  • Published on Jan 2, 2010
  • Ant farms aren't just for kids anymore... I took these shots with a Nikon D300 every 60 sec for 4 days = 4,500 photos. Thanks ThinkGeek for providing the gel farm! www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/pets/6fd6/
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    The ants are NOT harmed in this process - www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=4bb6187618cef571&hl=en&fid=4bb6187618cef57100047c330f4036c4
    Beats by Dan'S - The Thing - "Got the Jazz"
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Comments • 279

  • Queen Of slime
    Queen Of slime 7 months ago

    This is the same one I got and I have my ants from outside.......

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Year ago

    Hey! I have LOTS of videos of ants attracted to different colors of candy! I thought I was the only person to feed ants! You should check them out! 💛

  • Duckadoot ゴミ
    Duckadoot ゴミ Year ago

    When I got a gel antfarm the ants lasted a while but then they just died...

    • ThunderKar /
      ThunderKar / 7 months ago

      Nick the gamer Rule no not age they died of starvation most likely

    • Nick the legend Rules
      Nick the legend Rules Year ago

      Died of age probably

    • Duckadoot ゴミ
      Duckadoot ゴミ Year ago

      It was really cool seeing them carrying the gel back to this little nest hole they had made though.

  • Tellin'ThaTruth
    Tellin'ThaTruth 3 years ago +3

    why only americans buy that kind of stuff? lol
    IQ of a banana... thats why ofc...

    • CallMeAWeeb
      CallMeAWeeb 7 months ago

      Ha, I like your username paired with your comment

    • Unicorns Are Life
      Unicorns Are Life Year ago +1

      actually, 50 percent of human dna is shared with bananas... so..... who's the dumb one now?

    • Tellin'ThaTruth
      Tellin'ThaTruth 2 years ago

      I am not british lol... and I've been 1 year in a high school... idiot.

    • Tellin'ThaTruth
      Tellin'ThaTruth 2 years ago

      hahahah :D... thats what they tell you in american schools^^... like in your TV everything is only about the usa... the most brainwashed society of all time. USA is a real concurrence for North Korea^^... fucking idiots

    • Tellin'ThaTruth
      Tellin'ThaTruth 2 years ago

      haha, you wouldn have electricity and cars without us^^... so no pc's either... "america will accept you"... pahahahahahhhh omg dude...

  • Dustin Chilluffo
    Dustin Chilluffo 3 years ago +3

    I'm a little confused. clear this up for me. The ants treat the gel like dirt/sand? I realize the gel has nutrients needed for the ants, but weird to see them moving it like from the earth itself.

    • ThunderKar /
      ThunderKar / 7 months ago

      Dustin Chilluffo they don’t have protein and gel farms are terrible for ants

    • Joel Ong
      Joel Ong 11 months ago

      Not really they don’t seem to have a queen and are probably trying to find a way out

    • PilotStudios Channel
      PilotStudios Channel 3 years ago

      Yeah, they do. It's wierd.

  • Make-it-swift
    Make-it-swift 3 years ago +2

    You realize that those ants don't require food because they get all of the nutrition and protein they need from the gel

  • Caleb Reese
    Caleb Reese 5 years ago +2

    My ants arrived dead

  • Zielona Mrówka
    Zielona Mrówka 5 years ago +19

    Why do people even buy this gel antfarms? This gel is without protein, what means that if U will have queen of ants in this, she will not be able to lay eggs. Colony will not grow! Also this is not the environment for offspring - always wet, always with the same conditions, no ventilation.
    This gel was invented in NASA to observe ONLY workers in space and has nutrients ONLY for them. But lonely workers will be all dead in a few months (1 up to 6).
    If U want real and more fun with COLONY just buy or do formicarium by yourself - U may see my video with tutorials if U want to observe whole REAL functioning COLONY, not this.. kind of prosthesis..

    • Logan Midyett
      Logan Midyett Month ago

      Bruh the gel has protein :/

    • ThunderKar /
      ThunderKar / 7 months ago

      Nick the gamer Rule what do you mean

    • Nick the legend Rules
      Nick the legend Rules Year ago

      Yeah right you should live in gel ants like it you can get dirt for your own farm😡😡😡😡😡

    • kevs' life
      kevs' life Year ago

      Cassar that just made me laugh out loud! :-))

    • Severius Brandusa
      Severius Brandusa 2 years ago

      Zielona Mrówka
      There is no such thing as "space". NASA lies and lied about everything.

  • MrBigChimi
    MrBigChimi 5 years ago +1

    its weird how the ants are instinctually designed to tunnel towards the light

    • ThunderKar /
      ThunderKar / 7 months ago +1

      MrBigChimi it’s because they are trying to escape and get back to their colony, they don’t want to live in the gel so they think that the light is coming from sunlight and that means they can escape so they dig towards it

  • Orla
    Orla 5 years ago

    it's past my bed time but I'm watching ants dig.

  • Andrea Ruiz
    Andrea Ruiz 5 years ago

    i have a question :D what did you do after the ants finish de gel? o_o ´cause I just bought an ant farm i have have that doubt :D cool vid

  • Virtue Production
    Virtue Production 5 years ago +1

    I say NO!!! To gel antfarms.... It's just WRONG way to keep ants.. thats all. Do you have a queen??..... so fuckn gay

  • Brucewoo1
    Brucewoo1 5 years ago

    great bass

    CORRECTS YOU 5 years ago

    Actually..Human's are the only animals on Earth that practice organized warfare..but I suppose you're right.

  • melelconquistador
    melelconquistador 5 years ago

    It hurts alot when they bite at first but since when i got covered by them when i was six i no longer feel their bites hell my little brother held them like nothing since hes was 3 hes also immune to their bites

    • ThunderKar /
      ThunderKar / 7 months ago

      melelconquistador most species don’t bite for defense but instead sting

  • kelly harper
    kelly harper 5 years ago


  • Angryel
    Angryel 5 years ago

    I have understood that the ants eat the blue gel. And when the farm is left without gel?

  • John Scott
    John Scott 6 years ago


  • Wesley Boaler
    Wesley Boaler 6 years ago

    ant are friends not food

  • Sgt Doe
    Sgt Doe 6 years ago

    you dont need to feed the ants the gel is their food source

  • Apocalypse Gaming
    Apocalypse Gaming 6 years ago

    Can you feed the ants your self cuz im thinking of buying this and how much is it?

  • random3884
    random3884 6 years ago

    Could the lot of you please shut up! Look, ants are always at war. Animals are always fighting. Humans are no exception. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WORLD PEACE. All life is conflict. And if we DID get to world peace, we would all be dead. Not only humans, but animals too. NOW SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP. I'm watching ants....

  • Jason Horning
    Jason Horning 6 years ago

    Hi i liked your youtube video it helped me.

  • Zenith Bradlee
    Zenith Bradlee 6 years ago

    I'm thinking about buying one of these. Would I need a queen ant in there? And how long do the ants live for once inside ? Ty

  • Xaekai
    Xaekai 6 years ago

    Connecting two ant farms together with tubing is NOT the same as throwing two abused dogs together in a pit.
    The ants would CHOOSE to fight. In fact one could argue you're only trying to provide a more realistic simulation of their native habitat, because ants in the wild are CONSTANTLY at war.

  • combinemetro
    combinemetro 6 years ago

    Well I did what I want and you cry about it. You're point just fell on itself

  • combinemetro
    combinemetro 6 years ago

    You are the one saying humans shouldn't be at war. I stated my opinion not for a debate. You are going way into detail.

  • combinemetro
    combinemetro 6 years ago

    The argument that you started, You can't fight my opinion and should not have started fighting his opinion even if you made a good point.

  • combinemetro
    combinemetro 6 years ago

    You're right. But Ribstailey's idea is amazing.

  • TheNovaDinomo
    TheNovaDinomo 6 years ago

    If I were to take the gell out.. would that be safe?

  • Chris Knight
    Chris Knight 6 years ago

    you are so lame, ants are so efficient that they grow somewhere in the range of a 1000 times their mortality rate or higher each year, so pitting them makes no difference to their population whatsoever. This rts ant war could actually be very insightful as it shows everything from them building their colony and resource gathering to their war tactics and how they handle multiple forces.

  • June Wx
    June Wx 6 years ago

    oh chill, competition over resources is nature at work

  • RanDumSocks
    RanDumSocks 6 years ago

    Wow nice I have the same one.

  • gamerJSC
    gamerJSC 6 years ago

    did i just saw 2 people agree on the youtubes!!

  • Dex33u
    Dex33u 6 years ago


  • Sevarate
    Sevarate 6 years ago

    You did it Rick, you saved us, you saved Christmas

  • Sevarate
    Sevarate 6 years ago

    Ah, but Winning isn't always the truth, as it can result in many deaths of poor ants, and humans, you sir should feel ashamed...

  • Sevarate
    Sevarate 6 years ago

    Who wouldn't lol xD

  • Sevarate
    Sevarate 6 years ago

    I want to have a Hunger Games ._.

  • Josh Rzepka
    Josh Rzepka 6 years ago

    your number 1

  • SanadB1
    SanadB1 6 years ago

    i dont give the most miniscule fuck about bugs, sorry :).

  • SanadB1
    SanadB1 6 years ago

    lol i dont care if you consider it abuse, i would love to see it!

  • John TheAssasin
    John TheAssasin 6 years ago

    Actually The Gel Farm Is Owner by Val19

  • charlie page
    charlie page 6 years ago

    what do they eat?

  • Sevarate
    Sevarate 6 years ago

    The True Winner is Maxazin

  • Maxazin
    Maxazin 6 years ago

    If they could work out their differences, they wouldn't be fighting.
    It's their fault.

  • funnysam6
    funnysam6 6 years ago

    man i used to have a ant farm but the FIRST day i got it all the ants died (Not the one in the video) Wtf how do they die on the first day if i followed the instructions :/

  • DustyMcCool
    DustyMcCool 6 years ago

    Looks like me while I'm playing minecraft

  • Jonathan Tran
    Jonathan Tran 6 years ago

    thats awesome, ive been wanting an ant farm for the longest time. i think its time to go get one!

  • iamcuddles
    iamcuddles 6 years ago

    Nah. I think it's standard.

  • SalsaTiger83
    SalsaTiger83 6 years ago

    they need to build a queen to inject larvae!

  • doagie
    doagie 6 years ago

    It's pretty annoying when people fight in the comments. Don't you think its slightly disrespectful to the maker of the video??

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    UM I DID NOT CHECK TO SEE IF YOU WERE a Brit i wanted to see if you had a successful you tube account witch you do

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    only dumb asses spell like the way you just did girrafe lover

  • kevin xiong
    kevin xiong 6 years ago

    What happen if you put a queen in there (misterous) O.O

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    bro no 1 tinks thats funny u immature child

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

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  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    bro shut the fuck up hippys like u dont diserve to live plus i dont fuck with ants they crawl up on me
    dont bring any giraffe sayings in here cuz i dont live in that dirty country africa like u

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    you dumb ass hippie

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    in the bible god says we may feast on animals so who cares bout ants all they would do to us is bite

  • MaxamillionDuck
    MaxamillionDuck 6 years ago

    bro they r the most i mean thee most abnoxious creatures in the world just like mosqitoes so who cares bout ants

  • Renegade Brigade
    Renegade Brigade 6 years ago

    well humans have war all the time there will be more human deaths then ant deaths

  • forge229
    forge229 6 years ago

    lol the red ant plague!!

  • leanne
    leanne 6 years ago

    wow its usually hard to win

  • Zed Dash
    Zed Dash 6 years ago

    My ants I caught had some disease, they all died with weird red spots over them.

  • ym1r
    ym1r 6 years ago

    I guess they eat the gel

  • bravestripes
    bravestripes 6 years ago

    oh wow.... thanks for the Thumps Up dudes!

  • Kasallamacher
    Kasallamacher 6 years ago

    this is mean!

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P 7 years ago

    This is amazing

  • ndguy2
    ndguy2 7 years ago

    Dear ad,

  • Nufara Viokie
    Nufara Viokie 7 years ago

    DON'T GO TO ZE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teapotwar
    teapotwar 7 years ago


  • DKZomb0
    DKZomb0 7 years ago

    Minecraft in real life :-P

    OGSWAGLORD 7 years ago

    lol give them a day to build up and get stuff done than do that. hunger games much?

  • Emīls Murziņš
    Emīls Murziņš 7 years ago

    what if u put a mother ant in there?

  • who
    who 7 years ago

    @Robstailey and turrets controlled by the team closest to it

  • Ozcomz
    Ozcomz 7 years ago

    @Konfu make a time lapse

  • BB
    BB 7 years ago

    Are we ants of this world?

  • More than words can say

    @KuzzNshazziie That shit is called recording, when a camera is taking pictures to make a smooth motion

  • Coolca83
    Coolca83 7 years ago

    there are external timer control and plug into the camera...

  • Konfu
    Konfu 7 years ago

    Shizzle. I've tried two of these and all my (common black) ants do is sit and die. Later on water condenses inside the box and new recruits drowned in it. In the end, the gel just went bollocks and turned into mold :(

  • Toni
    Toni 7 years ago

    its funny how they dig towards the light

  • ThePistolero909
    ThePistolero909 7 years ago

    @sasusakubleh INDEED *evil maniacal laughter ensues*

  • austin veras
    austin veras 7 years ago

    this is so cool !

  • omgtkseth
    omgtkseth 7 years ago

    this ant thing is kinda cruel. not because ants, because of people. people do the same.

  • posada432
    posada432 7 years ago

    @Robstailey Can you give me a list of supplies and stuff so I can make a video of it and post it on RU-clip? :)

  • Richard M
    Richard M 7 years ago

    when i got this it was with harvester ants. one charged me when i dropped it on the table.. Lol those things had jaws the size of JB's vag!

  • TakeShot Films DJ MARCELUS

    I think there trying to spell something for you.........ants" hey hey down here,look We spelled a Y.....you want the winning lottl numbers?""" LET US OUT!!!

  • cuban Kagome
    cuban Kagome 7 years ago

    Hey, I bought an ant farm with ants that look similar to yours. But its been more than a week and they haven't done crap!!!! Are you sure yours only took four days? Do u have any advice? Mine are not sick or anything, they're always moving but they wont dig.
    Btw I love ur video, very cute!

  • Ham jacobson
    Ham jacobson 7 years ago

    @Robstailey hahah you sound like a dictator or some shit haha

  • yonathan halim
    yonathan halim 7 years ago

    have ur ants ever walk upside down on th elid?

  • Mohaned Eldeary
    Mohaned Eldeary 7 years ago

    how do i even catch ants rofl

  • Justine Bodenheimer
    Justine Bodenheimer 7 years ago

    Just got a tad itchy after watching this. xD

  • Olivia R
    Olivia R 7 years ago

    @CfFial the jello stuff

  • Olivia R
    Olivia R 7 years ago

    @MattBlytheTheOne they eat it

  • MattBlytheTheOne
    MattBlytheTheOne 7 years ago

    what si the gel made of, do they eat it? or do you have to add sigar??

  • Sage Gameplay
    Sage Gameplay 7 years ago

    @Robstailey That's an awesome idea. It makes me want to get these ant farms for myself and try it out. I'd like to see who turns out victorious in the end.

  • nelson carvalho
    nelson carvalho 7 years ago

    were did you find that ants?

  • bravestripes
    bravestripes 7 years ago


  • zakster2222
    zakster2222 7 years ago

    @XyZxYz1293 I don't believe the species in there are fire ants... So the queen would be demolished.