Tasting 10 Flavors of Oreo

  • Published on Nov 15, 2015
  • Ever wonder what those weird Oreos taste like? Wonder no more because I taste a bunch of them (10 to be exact) in this episode of Emmy Eats 10 Flavors of Oreos on Emmymade in Japan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!
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    Uncle Bavaria music courtesy of audionetwork.com and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you're reading this, you're lovely and there's no reason to wear a clothespin on your nose. Comment "Ouch, ouch, ouch!" below. :)
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Comments • 893

  • E
    E 3 months ago

    Do more of these! Tons of flavors on amazon :)

  • SCGGamer3 Ghidorah
    SCGGamer3 Ghidorah 3 months ago +1

    5:28 that should be her manifesto for President

  • Kayla shepard
    Kayla shepard 4 months ago

    I've never tried marshmallow creme! I want it so bad.😥🥺

  • CathyAnimates
    CathyAnimates 4 months ago

    Did you know that Oreo brand is a knockoff of Hydrox
    Hydrox: 1908
    Oreo: 1922

  • Jaision Dream
    Jaision Dream 5 months ago

    Cinnamon bun and carrot cake and apple pie are my fav flavours

  • Colls054
    Colls054 6 months ago

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  • Carlos Davis
    Carlos Davis 7 months ago

    you're beauuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful .......

  • Gene Lariv
    Gene Lariv 7 months ago

    Red Velvet. Carrot Cake. Cinnamon Bun Oreos Mmmm

  • Cajon Cover songs
    Cajon Cover songs 7 months ago

    Nutella Oreo???

  • Marjolaine Menard
    Marjolaine Menard 8 months ago

    Nothing says delicious like scratch and sniff! :p

  • Stacey H
    Stacey H 10 months ago

    Try these limited editions while you can: white fudge covered Oreo (comes in 8.5 oz box), and Peppermint Bark Oreo (10.7 oz package) with white peppermint flavored creme with crunchy sugar crystals. Both excellent, but white fudge covered is my fave of those I've tried so far.

    • Belt kid
      Belt kid 8 months ago

      Stacey H oh I have that but it’s gonna leave soon

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan 10 months ago

    Hey what a amazing video

  • Richard Muhammed
    Richard Muhammed 10 months ago


  • blake jensen
    blake jensen Year ago

    I loved the marshmallow ones and brownie ones isnt too bad

  • ZeldaGirl Xo
    ZeldaGirl Xo Year ago

    OMG an Oreo ad played Before the video

  • Haughty government 57

    Do a video where you eat Oreos

  • Freakyller
    Freakyller Year ago

    You look, sound and are hyperactive just like a hamster. In a good way.

  • Carl Carlson
    Carl Carlson Year ago

    God damn you're adorable af Emmy ♥️

  • FlamoFox
    FlamoFox Year ago

    I've got one question: Who or what is Winston? I see that you mention them in your videos and I really wanna know :>

  • Tirrel kennebrew
    Tirrel kennebrew Year ago

    I love mint Oreos

  • KITTY5
    KITTY5 Year ago

    yeah like pop rocks for the 4th🎆✨🎇🎈

  • MS. ZEE
    MS. ZEE Year ago

    8:20 my fav.part....WOW!!!!!!

  • Dennis Carver
    Dennis Carver Year ago

    ME EMMY 😠! ME NO LIKE 🎃!

  • King Golden
    King Golden Year ago

    I'm seeing which Oreos to buy

  • Deidre Cruickshank

    So far in NZ I've only seen the original but I'm going to hunt in my local supermarket tomorrow. I sure wish we could get all those amazing flavours here 😄

  • Just Ducky
    Just Ducky Year ago

    you are the best at what you do!

  • Rylee Canaan
    Rylee Canaan Year ago +3

    i wanna try EVERY flavor of oreos!

  • Andreea Nastasi
    Andreea Nastasi Year ago


  • Yeonie
    Yeonie Year ago

    Since I live in the Philippines I dont know where to buy those flavors

  • IconicPlata
    IconicPlata Year ago

    Y’all are some fucking weirdos for just sitting down and watching a girl eating Oreos

    • Belt kid
      Belt kid 8 months ago

      Kingplata0382 wow you are so dumb you came to dislike and judge cuz your Oreo broke stupppid

  • gilliana nicole vlogs

    It’s funny how she says “Itadakimus” when she eats an Oreo but the next, she doesn’t XD

  • SilveR Dust
    SilveR Dust Year ago +1

    You can try indian oreo please..

  • Three little ROBLOX Gamers


  • James Blunt
    James Blunt Year ago

    Fuck shes hot

  • VexxTheDipGod
    VexxTheDipGod Year ago +3

    You're a better food critic than Gordon Ramsey. The only difference is that you're nicer and more mellow then he is.

  • osas is my city
    osas is my city Year ago


  • Kristoffer krener

    So delicious!!!

  • lac92576
    lac92576 Year ago +1

    You make me want to eat an Oreo...and I HATE Oreos! :P

  • Nicole Aponte
    Nicole Aponte 2 years ago

    all the ores look so good

  • ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇTM
    ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇTM 2 years ago

    I'm currently eating birthday cake oreos

  • Steven
    Steven 2 years ago

    Your voice is very sweet

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans 2 years ago

    My 8 year old tried the chocolate birthday cake ones and he asked for a spit bag.... He hated it lol

  • marykacyy
    marykacyy 2 years ago +3

    1:58 Shit emmy... you didnt even give the freaking cookie a chance to soak up the milk, lol no wonder it didnt didn't work

  • LisaTigressHardy
    LisaTigressHardy 2 years ago

    The mint oreos are my favorite :)

  • Danielle Ampomah
    Danielle Ampomah 2 years ago

    5:34 awww😂

  • mnmb3640
    mnmb3640 2 years ago

    I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Rice Krispy one! Since it was limited I bought the last 3'packs and stretched them out until they were all gone- so sad that they didn't make them anymore.

  • Sheldon Cooper wants 10k subscribers

    Ah she's adorable 😂😆

  • Ronnie singh
    Ronnie singh 2 years ago

    birthday cake is DA best

  • Lam Trần
    Lam Trần 2 years ago

    Great review Emmy! Though you were kind of biased on the mint one, lol!

  • Jovahs Angel
    Jovahs Angel 2 years ago

    Emmy, can you do a video on how to make a healthier, home made version of Oreos?

  • JustAnAveragePerson
    JustAnAveragePerson 2 years ago

    I love how your mouth makes that sound when your eating it's so satisfying and I have no idea why 😂❤️

  • Faith
    Faith 2 years ago

    That crunch is so satisfying

  • Productive Channel
    Productive Channel 2 years ago

    It was interesting watching my two absolute favorite flavors cause such extreme reactions haha I love the mint ones, but ADORE the berry ones with milk, seriously try them like that, they are GREAT.

  • Neil Cho
    Neil Cho 2 years ago

    I tried Oreo Thins for the first time today and it is my favorite Oreo now lol.

  • starilie
    starilie 2 years ago

    Mint Oreos are the bomb diggity.

  • UrbanLands
    UrbanLands 2 years ago

    We just have the regular ones and the peanut butter ones in Germany.

  • Kitty Li
    Kitty Li 2 years ago

    Oreo biscuits

  • mikepeeeee1000
    mikepeeeee1000 2 years ago

    you are adorable. great video...

  • Cole Hrapczak
    Cole Hrapczak 2 years ago

    Ur really positive it's great

  • Elias Samson
    Elias Samson 2 years ago

    I have a peep one