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SATURN THEORY OVERVIEW by David Talbott January 25, 1997 VOL I, No. 1 - THOTH - An ECN (c) Lloyd

  • Published on Aug 17, 2020
  • Written by David Talbott 1997
    Narrated by Electric Universe Eyes 2020
    Artwork by Ryan Darger ⚡️EUE2020VISION⚡️
    Fair use. For educational purposes.
  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

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  • Electric Universe Eyes

    I like when people disagree, but if you leave a thumbs down, please leave a comment here as to why... 😅👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿

    • Joe Deglman
      Joe Deglman Year ago +1

      Thumb down, I had to get out my sewing kit, patch up the fabric of space-time.

  • Leandro Lima
    Leandro Lima Year ago +11

    Thanks for bringing this to audio!

  • Alissa Wrightsman
    Alissa Wrightsman 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for putting this together!!! Enjoying pondering over these theories!!!! I am a fan of your work.

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +9

    The comet Venus/mermaid/Leviathan in pass by's . . had a an alleged siren song . . if true it;s sound effects would have reached into our atmosphere , that's fair enough . . but too close for comfort

  • jacks smirking revenge

    velikovsky was a genius well in the mold of newton. i would put greater weight in his opinions than a modern day memorise-and-repeater specialist in the fantasy ridden field of modern cosmology, dark matter, black holes et al

  • Stone Wall Research - budcat7

    Hey Dave!! Dave Talbott is not only an amazing Velikovsky researcher but also a great writer and you can sense his passion in it. The only thing I might challenge him on is the "rise of the 'first' civilization, it could actually been the remnants of an even older civilization that homo sapiens were witness to but not "in charge". The "Golden Age" isn't disputed by scholars but their perception of it isn't very clear. Not long ago they thought only cavemen running around with animal skins and not wiping their behinds existed 11,000 years ago yet Gobekli Tepe was found. Now researchers are finding even older sites in the Americas. I think the past was even far different than even Dave can imagine, more like Tolkiens Trilogy but no magic, just real technology. Maybe even more advanced than our own! And maybe we are only a minor part of the story of the past and the real story is about "large humanoids" that witnessed a past in which these "happenings" were reoccurring. I don't know but I think there's a big grey area there where we think we "know" the past and we don't really. Anyway, love hearing Dave's thoughts on this subject. Great reading!! Thank you!!

    • Stone Wall Research - budcat7
      Stone Wall Research - budcat7 Year ago

      @Joe Deglman I have plenty of evidence on my channel, plenty of newspaper articles from major news publications such as the New York Times and many more. Many from the 20th century up to present. The Humbolt Museum which houses the artifacts from Lovelock Cave including a 14" sandal, says the skeletons were "slightly more robust, a euphemism for "bigger". These people weren't suffering from "gigantism" they were bigger all around, including the diameter of their bones. That's what "slightly more robust" means. Besides according to many of the accounts official academics were often dispatched to these funds from the Smithsonian to any number of universities. At any rate you can at least watch some of my videos where I examine this issue, you might find it interesting, there's much more to say about it than I can write here. Try the latest video I did on Hawaii and Guam that I did about a month ago, you'll find it easily on my channel. I also have a playlist that goes through this subject on a state by state basis. You will be surprised at my take on these things, it's quite different than anything you ever heard.

    • Joe Deglman
      Joe Deglman Year ago

      @John Pershing Show me them, All the pictures that I have seen of Hominoids that are larger than 9'2" have been debunked as fake. Most of the giants from the past are about 6'4" and are said to have towered over the people of the times. largest.org/people/human-skeletons/
      I am not disputing that our atmosphere was different in the past, but since you are the one bringing it up, I am interested, What is the evidence that our atmosphere has changed.

    • Joe Deglman
      Joe Deglman Year ago

      @John Pershing Are you just on here to toot your horn or are you goin to show me some evidence of your claims?

    • Joe Deglman
      Joe Deglman Year ago

      @John Pershing a modern thing today is called giganticism. Giganticism is caused by a growth on the pituitary gland that causes abnormal growth increase.

    • Stone Wall Research - budcat7
      Stone Wall Research - budcat7 Year ago +1

      @Joe Deglman If you care to, check out what I say on my channel and the actual accounts. The past has it's share of "humanoids" maybe not necessarily human.

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy Year ago +2

    Are you suggesting early Earth traveled with Saturn throw the Galaxy before meeting up with our Sun or was Saturn part of a two star system

    • James Murphy
      James Murphy Year ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes what about the moon's not only Saturn's but the other planets like Neptune ?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +3

      Yes, both. Earth wasn’t as close to the sun as it is today. It’s also my opinion that Jupiter is the binary to our Sun... Jupiter is really the reason for the alignment, dragging Saturn and all the other planets in its wake before he reveals himself at the end and the smaller planets get locked into orbit around the Sun.