NUKING WITH ALL THE NEW HALLOWEEN SKINS in Call of Duty Mobile! (Spending $250 of COD Points)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Comments • 446

  • %%
    %% 9 days ago

    I haven’t spent a penny on cod ,some how I feel like that’s more impressive than a pumpkin skin

    EASY EARNINGS TRICK'S 28 days ago

    Bro play with pro's and master's ..... don't play with noobs

    GRIZZY Month ago

  • meka bellard
    meka bellard Month ago


  • Marvz Pontillas
    Marvz Pontillas Month ago

    I've got that AK and right now I regret it because it cost me at least 15k php...

  • Cute Krishna
    Cute Krishna Month ago

    Noah u just got robbed
    With that money U can buy 10 Online PC games
    U used just for a one game skin

  • Kelvin Anarchy99
    Kelvin Anarchy99 Month ago

    I had never spend any actual money on game buying skin at all. As this's Scam you'll never get the skin u've to spend all the CP nd made u to buy the CP. They give the skin at the end every time.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    Don’t say your bad

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    You are so ggod

  • nowwithmorekick
    nowwithmorekick Month ago

    I want to start a clan .looking for a team that can be flexable.i need at least two good snipers and two good defenders and one two good runners aka flankers or baiters if baiting players in the line of fire of our snipers.i am a good runner aka flanker and a good defender and depending on the map and the team will need one to two snipers and one defender per sniper and than flankers and a team that practices digging in and knowing when to completely bunch up and dig in against competitive kd ratio is well over a 3.0 and on cpmetitive play over a 2.0.

  • ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&More

    So... different skins has their own voice huh? Thats kind of neat

  • Brian Luckey
    Brian Luckey Month ago

    "I suggest using this in 2019 if you need credits&points:"
    i have a lot now!

  • Andrew Farinella
    Andrew Farinella Month ago

    How the hell u play with 4 fingers tho lol

  • Andrew Farinella
    Andrew Farinella Month ago

    Bro u got played so fucking hard please dont buy anything beyond the battle pass this game is a scam

  • Skuwashi
    Skuwashi Month ago

    you should’ve donate those to the poor

  • Syafiq KP
    Syafiq KP Month ago

    Well I got the outrider skeleton early for 200 cod points. Couldn't believe it myself 😅😅😅

  • Hera Prod HD
    Hera Prod HD Month ago +1

    How to rank master II ????????

  • Michael Keisha
    Michael Keisha Month ago

    "I suggest using this in 2019 if you need credits&points:"
    i have a lot now!

    • LEGO
      LEGO Month ago

      Michael Keisha why you always lying

  • Jenny Adventure2
    Jenny Adventure2 Month ago

    The first try, I paid a dollar and instantly got the M4 Halloween skin 🎃
    It's not a scam it's just luck

    • Jenny Adventure2
      Jenny Adventure2 Month ago

      @Effixent I agree, it just looks cool I barely use it at all. I was just thankful that I didn't pay for a useless item for the first go

    • Effixent
      Effixent Month ago +1

      Jenny Adventure2 lmao, worst ar, congrats

  • Franky ZH302
    Franky ZH302 Month ago

    How is your killfeed purple?

  • Elizabeth Liones
    Elizabeth Liones Month ago

    Cod mobile is a great game and I love it but I’m telling you now DO NOT EVER SPEND MONEY ON GAMES LIKE IT. It’s a free game and the weapon skins have the same stats as the original. Like that one karambit knife does the same thing as the normal one. It’s not worth spend even 10+ dollars so you can have sick looking weapons that doesn’t do anything different.

  • JBlakeTV
    JBlakeTV Month ago

    Awesome shooting skills Noah, Subscribe added. Please add me. thanks

  • SwipeGameplay
    SwipeGameplay Month ago

    It is so bad how cod done this to everyone. I'm glad I don't pay on this game. I would only pay say for zombies if you had to buy it but not for weapons. Just a rip off. Plus probably on gun game at some point they would add it anyway

  • Ram H.
    Ram H. Month ago +1

    I like how this stupid kid says “top up” hahaha
    Dumbass is getting shafted and wants to pay more money for it! God I laughed too hard

  • King Ramen
    King Ramen Month ago

    PYRO eSPORTS Month ago

    I'd rather use the Ak-47 red action than spend tonnes of money for the pumpkin head.

  • Brendan Jacobson
    Brendan Jacobson Month ago

    3 nuclears in one vid damn brother

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  • Henrique Teixeira
    Henrique Teixeira Month ago +2

    Its just me or this ak has less recoil? Idk if im crazy or what

    • Cute Krishna
      Cute Krishna Month ago

      Ak recoil will be less if u use it on iron sight
      Also he is a Pro 😉

  • xenomorph alien
    xenomorph alien Month ago


  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Month ago

    It's not possible to play like that trihard

  • Sara MacCharles
    Sara MacCharles Month ago

    Hey go check out mine i play call of duty mobile to

  • Chris zafe
    Chris zafe Month ago

    $250 In the philippines it cost/is 12,797.5 PHP

  • Jennifer Doyle
    Jennifer Doyle Month ago

    "I suggest using this in 2019 if you need credits&points:"
    i have a lot now!

    • OK OK
      OK OK Month ago +1

      Shut the fuck up scam bot

  • The Epic Doge
    The Epic Doge Month ago

    You spent 250 dollars on a FREE mobile game
    Kinda cringe bro

  • AnnSVictor
    AnnSVictor Month ago +1

    Owen I got the Halloween ak47 you have to unbox it 30 times and you get it it really works!

  • Jesus Chang
    Jesus Chang Month ago

    Noah when are u bringing RULES OF SURVIVELS? when?

  • Corey Gunz
    Corey Gunz Month ago

    Everyone who bought from those holloween crates are idiots lmaooo

      CHEAT SCRIPT VIP Month ago

      Not really cause they gonna be exclusive and rare so hopefully they wont bring it back

  • yeBoi said
    yeBoi said Month ago

    Dude same thing happens you literally have to pay 6000 cP for the pumpkin gun and another for the skin that's like +$300 to get the whole set talk about microtransactions...


    Respect +1 like +1subs +1comment

  • Mr Ussia
    Mr Ussia Month ago

    Wow such a scam

  • Captain Robert Falcon Scott

    that's just sad.

  • Lucas_TheOfficial
    Lucas_TheOfficial Month ago

    looks so nice even the iron sight

    SIVLE E Month ago

    I would have bought it if it was fair 😭

  • Lucky D
    Lucky D Month ago +1

    Come check out LuckyDevil Plays Call of Duty Mobile

  • Misty .Gonzales
    Misty .Gonzales Month ago

    Why would anybody play this gay ass shit

  • Gerardo Higareda
    Gerardo Higareda Month ago

    How is this Ak so stable?

  • xXCozerXx
    xXCozerXx Month ago

    Activision wrong for this

  • Virginia Mandigma
    Virginia Mandigma Month ago +1

    Noah ur forgettin about ROS if u forgot its Rules Of Survival pls continue playin ROS like dis comment if u want Noah to play ROS

  • Lightningman 126
    Lightningman 126 Month ago

    red action is a better purple plus if you did it right you would have several days left to get more premium crates from the battlepass

  • dboss
    dboss Month ago +1

    I just uploaded a call of duty dank meme video! I'm a new channel so if anybody could check it out, it would be amazing. thank!

  • Jlopez240 Gaming
    Jlopez240 Gaming Month ago

    Never waste money in this game cause the developers will never learn their lesson and they will keep releasing this shit to rip people off

  • Jlopez240 Gaming
    Jlopez240 Gaming Month ago

    Shits a scam my dude

  • Soulplexus Empathos

    These videos are just as much of a scam as the Devs with the Lucky draw.... Nuclear bitch you didn't get a nuclear...

  • xBerns YTC
    xBerns YTC Month ago

  • T Hard
    T Hard Month ago

    I’ve watched two separate videos on the strap and the odds came out the same way

  • Margit Redlawsk
    Margit Redlawsk Month ago

    noha is a god

  • Yong Ming
    Yong Ming Month ago

    This ak47 pumpkin skin like no recoil???

  • eddyk
    eddyk Month ago

    Watched maybe 10+ of these halloween lucky draw vids and it was the same result each time.

  • Roger Stewart
    Roger Stewart Month ago

    Clickbait. No nuke with the shotty