Lebanon Protests: Protesters reject new economic package

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Lebanon's government has approved a package of economic reforms that it hopes will end the biggest protests to sweep the country in more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have vented their anger at what they see as a corrupt political class pushing the economy to collapse. But as Sarah Morice reports, the new measures have not impressed protesters.

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Comments • 20

  • janan kabor
    janan kabor Month ago

    Stay away, dirty Ottoman

  • Lebanese_falafel
    Lebanese_falafel Month ago

    What we want is the fall of this stupid sectarian regime and the end of corruption

  • J North
    J North Month ago

    The translator is he Italian looool!!!! I can’t take him seriously, dayum

  • Dawaleeb Alhawa
    Dawaleeb Alhawa Month ago

    they need to do much more than promises. they need to put immediate plans to build electric plants and water. Half the size of the government and replace all ministers with new blood, educated and specialist in their subjects. OH, and get rid of Hezbollah- ship them to Iran or Gaza to liberate Palestine.

  • sohail asghar
    sohail asghar Month ago

    They r complaining Saad Hariri saying u r heard and election r near... Now what's the point of burning public places....

  • 405 BOY
    405 BOY Month ago +1

    I guess the people are pissed because Hezbollah has fully taken over that terrorist government..🤭🤭

    • Lebanese_falafel
      Lebanese_falafel Month ago

      No you are far from it brother, we would rather see hezbollah take the power of the whole country than staying in the actual situation

  • Dhiya Khairi
    Dhiya Khairi Month ago

    According to the newspaper in my country, they oppose the surcharge on WhatsApp.

  • Omar El Cheikh
    Omar El Cheikh Month ago +11

    Lebanon should consider joining Turkey and developing from there

    • Deeper layer
      Deeper layer Month ago

      @Lebanese_falafel Man with all my respect to you and your opinion but i think most lebanese people will find your comment hilarious. lebanon is mostly a civilized country.

    • Lebanese_falafel
      Lebanese_falafel Month ago

      The only country we would accept to join is our big brother Syria... but this is not going to happen anytime soon

    • jiji309
      jiji309 Month ago

      @KristofferBuddhist what a load of bullocks!!!

    • Umar Bin Mohd Taufik
      Umar Bin Mohd Taufik Month ago

      @KristofferBuddhist Wtf

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish Month ago +1

    Inez Qtaish is writing saying Inez Qtaish don't take orders from anybody, I give orders so do not tell me what to do, evildoers better isten to me and do what I command.

  • alex gee
    alex gee Month ago +6

    Be carefull that the hizballha wont take over the government..then u really going to have a reason to complain

    • elioanis136
      elioanis136 Month ago +3

      Actually they tried to demonstrate last night with the Amal movement but the 1.5 millions peoples on the street received them well they were beaten and 3 headquarters of hezbollah were destroyed and burnt

  • the the
    the the Month ago +4