Glenn Miller - In The Mood - Piano Tutorial

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
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    Learn how to play In The Mood by Joe Garland (performed by the Glenn Miller Band) on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!
    In The Mood is a chart by Joe Garland, made popular by Glenn Miller. It was a number one hit for 13 weeks in the US. Since its initial success, In The Mood has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and even into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". You will love how this swing classic sounds on the piano, and everyone will love it when you play it on piano!
    This piano arrangement of In The Mood is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our Synthesia piano tutorial, or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!
    Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson
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    TheDixieNutjob Day ago

    next stop? all board boys, it's the Chattanooga Choo Choo, why don't y'all give it a shine?

  • Pequod 2881
    Pequod 2881 5 days ago

    I play this while eating chunky chicken

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    24 people weren't in the mood. 😄

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    "I've never seen you quite so thirsty before Madame"
    "Well, would you believe, Martin darling, I've never tasted vodka before this trip"
    "Could've fooled me, Ma'am"

  • Professor Random
    Professor Random 27 days ago

    Could you do "sleep walk" by Scott bradlee?

  • Riku Anita
    Riku Anita 28 days ago

    I love the tone color of the midi piano you use, can you send it to me via fax or something?

  • Em D
    Em D 28 days ago +3

    This was my great grandmas favourite song. Thank you for uploading this it means a lot.

  • Jordin Owenby
    Jordin Owenby 28 days ago

    I hate how this only has 50k views. It deserves way more.

  • Elijah Mata
    Elijah Mata 29 days ago

    Maybe some jazz like John Coltrane, Art Tatum, McCoy Tyner, or Thelonious? Please 😁

  • Chris Benna
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    Please don’t zoom in on the keyboard It makes octaves look huge

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    My grandfather would live this piece ...

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    Well you turned the swing to boogie woogie I see

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    My Grandpa's favorite song to hate. XD

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    As a woodwind player I can say that I hate playing this song.

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    Night in tunisia plz!

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    Do Carmen by Bizet

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    Oh that's amazing! Next time please play miller's moonlight serenade :)

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    Sing sing sing by Benny Goodman

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    Who dislikes these videos?🤨

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    Can u make ir Russian tho 😭
    Well done :) legit a great piano transcription

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    This is just amazing.
    Can u do Bryan Ferry - jealous guy ?

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    Oh my gosh did they actually read my RU-clip comment? I suggested this song, and they made it! Nice! It’s my favourite song of all time! But of course, I was probably not the only one who suggested it. Still, I am so happy that they did it! This is definitely one of my favourite RU-clip channels!

  • ViTrO
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    please do moonlight serenade by Glenn Miller!!

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    Go MURKA.Pls!!!

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    Please more big band era stuff

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    Damien MacKeigan Month ago

    I actually have this on a Vinyl Record..

  • JTSkinny
    JTSkinny Month ago +2

    I love this soo much. Thank you Sheet Music Boss. I play in my school’s jazz band and we play this but I don’t get all the parts. Only the piano part. Which is missing all of my favorite parts. And because you made this I can buy it and play it. Once again. Thank you!

  • wookieboycot
    wookieboycot Month ago

    it needs to be faster

  • Alexander Georgiev
    Alexander Georgiev Month ago

    Molly on the shore pls

  • Ryan O’Malley
    Ryan O’Malley Month ago

    I just got fuckin chills everywhere I played this in jazz band recently and fell in love with this song and I am a fan of glen miller being a trombone player my self

  • Andrew Nick
    Andrew Nick Month ago

    Oh God why it looks so easy just watching, damn

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    Fun fact, my great grandfather was a gunner in a Lancaster Bomber and was coming home across the English channel the day that Glenn Miller disappeared, and saw a plane crash into the water that was potentially the one with Glenn Miller in. Would've been cool to ask him about it and disprove all the conspiracy theories

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    It song good on your piano

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  • Matthew Perttula
    Matthew Perttula Month ago

    It's awesome that this was adapted to piano, but I'm always a little disappointed when I hear the same solos every time it's played. I think those sections would be great practice for jazz piano improv. I'd certainly spice thighs up a little.

  • Everett Wicks
    Everett Wicks Month ago +1

    You should do The Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert

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    WOW!ILOVE this music!
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