• Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • I thought today I would share with you some of the travel products I have been loving for a while! They are all psycho approved after taking them out on the road!
    *** ALL PRODUCTS ***
    *Some are affiliate links which means I make a tiny bit of money when you click a link and buy something at no extra cost to you!
    Free Audiobook and 30 day free trial with Audible: *
    Foldable water bottle: *
    My custom high tops:
    Clickpack Pro Backpack: *
    $40 backpack (Similar/Same brand): *
    Lily Cup: (Use code LCPSYCHO for free worldwide shipping) *
    Copper flight compression socks: (They just sent me this code: psychotraveller10 - 10% off first order)
    Packing cubes (similar): *

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    Hi, name’s Aly! Originally from Birmingham, England, I have been discovering the world for over 4 years straight. I am a psychology graduate with a love for Pho and red wine. Whether I throw myself into a novel or from 14,000ft up out of a plane, I look at adventure big and small and say “Let’s do this!”
    PsychoTraveller is more than just travel, its a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live. PsychoTraveller showcases through weekly videos her life on the road, the people she meets, the food she tastes as well as the highs and lows behind living as a digital nomad.

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  • Christy Bolagner
    Christy Bolagner 17 days ago

    First time watching your video and let me make a suggestion. You shouldn't touch any part of your face after handling your filthy shoes, just saying. Otherwise, thank you for your tips.

  • Kamran Behzad
    Kamran Behzad 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the tips, particularly the copper socks. I'm ordering some. BTW, the solid shampoo is useless - I have no hair! ;)

  • Anna Hovakimian
    Anna Hovakimian 2 months ago

    yaaas this video is so helpful, thanks for the great video

  • Steel 18
    Steel 18 2 months ago

    A little to hyper for me but great information.

  • Nef T
    Nef T 3 months ago

    Can you do an update? And updates on the apps you use

  • Victoria Hutchinson
    Victoria Hutchinson 3 months ago

    You are SO fun!I've been geeking out on travel videos before I head to Ireland next week (and have spent HOURS) researching travel products foe my last two trips, lots of people are super fun on their videos and I just so loved yours - you have an extra, EXTRA special funnyness that just hits the spot! Thanks, enjoy your next adventure and I look forward to more from you! OH - ALSO you have stuff I have totally not seen before!! No repitition or overlaps here! I learned so much!!

  • IrishFlyGirl12
    IrishFlyGirl12 3 months ago

    Too bad that you are all over the place likev that, it's distracting

  • Raquel Ontiveros
    Raquel Ontiveros 3 months ago

    Thanks I love everything they so amazing😍🤗 I hate to look on Amazon or other stores so much looking for things I really need you video make it so much easily...

  • Offensive Username
    Offensive Username 4 months ago +1

    Yeah, give out all your private health information to that Clue app.

    • Katie Victoria
      Katie Victoria 2 months ago

      Offensive Username I’m not sure what nefarious shenanigans Clue is going to get up to by knowing I have a period once every 28 days, like most women. I mean, they could just look at me to see the zit I’m going to log in the app, talk to me to see that I’m cranky, or ask me what I’m doing to know I’m feeling lazy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sabari raja
    Sabari raja 5 months ago

    Will you marry me :)

  • Ane story
    Ane story Year ago

    Hello! one question, how do you usually mark your luggage so that it doesn't get lost when embarking it?

  • Sofia Sotgia
    Sofia Sotgia Year ago

    i love you voice 🤷🏻‍♀️💜 ..

  • leivon chung
    leivon chung Year ago

    So now you are a corporate sponsorship sell out huh?

    Y IN THE WORLD Year ago

    foldable water bottle, I want one!

  • amy yong
    amy yong Year ago

    Your code for the Lily cup doesn't work anymore. It's either expired or met it's usage amount

  • ahundredmillionstars

    Love the idea of the packing cubes, definitely going to try those out!

  • Carla Hillier
    Carla Hillier Year ago

    I've got the same packing cubes (but in turquoise) from ebay. I really recommend them for both long and short trips, though I found that I only used 3 of them on my longer trip. Me and my uni friends recently did the "fly to anywhere" challenge (ended up in Dublin) and they couldn't believe that I managed to pack a whole weeks worth of clothes in just one small packing cube hehe. I also love the lillicup which I got last year through the promotion. It's a lot less hassle, and much better for the environment as well, which really matters to me. That water bottle looks cool, especially in pink, so I might have to invest in one....

  • His and Her Travel
    His and Her Travel Year ago +2

    Haven't tried the lily cup yet, but the diva cup for me just smashes tampons out the water. Great video btw really enjoyed it.

  • anant gupta
    anant gupta Year ago

    well...i watched ur all videos of india travel and u had made amazing videos.....and ur travel products are really worthy and compact.

  • Ann Elisabeth
    Ann Elisabeth Year ago

    Even reusable cloth shopping bags are good for packing. Especially for dirty clothes. They were much harder to find, and more expensive in Thailand, so bringing from Norway was a good idea. Almost all store chains have them back home.

  • Amanda Round the Globe

    I FREAKING LOVE AUDIBLE!! Someday they will sponsor us both hehe :)

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer Year ago +2

    Aly, you should try COMPRESSION packing cubes.... it's a game changer!! ha ha

  • fredlets travels
    fredlets travels Year ago +1

    A few good audible audiobooks: The Great Railway Bazaar, Pattern Recognition, Shadow of the Silk Road :)

  • M.L. Kerchal
    M.L. Kerchal Year ago

    Packing Cubes are $1.50 at Daiso (in the US)

  • Oneblondebackpacker

    Sub4sub!? Love your videos!

  • nono Wexx
    nono Wexx Year ago

    can you please talk about (drinking) water in India?
    I would love to use a reuseable bottle but I've heard that you sholdn't drink tap water.
    what did you do?
    thanks X
    love your videos

    • nono Wexx
      nono Wexx Year ago

      Adithya Chintu thanks!

    • Adithya Chintu
      Adithya Chintu Year ago +4

      Tap water is not advisable for us Indians also. Almost in all major cities of India, you can find water purifiers in homes and restaurants, so you can fill your bottle there. In towns and villages, there are water purifier plants, but it will be difficult for a foreigner to locate, so if you request locals, they will fill your bottle with pure water from their homes and that is what I do when I go for a tour in India. For bottled water, please buy TATA Water Plus (highly recommended), Bisleri water, or Aquafina and these are the three brands most tourists buy including Indians with the cost varying between 10 to 30 rupees depending upon the size.

  • Frost Shots
    Frost Shots Year ago

    What is that thing on the back of your cell phone? I see so many people with them but have no clue what it is or where to get one. 😂

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +2

      They are called pop sockets and they change your life 🤣🤣

  • Naresh Kaushik
    Naresh Kaushik Year ago +1

    I like your talking style

  • Shakyra Murphy
    Shakyra Murphy Year ago

    These videos are getting better! Awesome. I know you weren't sure in which direction to go next, but your going in the right direction to me.

  • Claire
    Claire Year ago +2

    I second menstrual cups!!

  • Natalie Hodson
    Natalie Hodson Year ago +5

    I have that water bottle in blue! I used it everyday for two months last summer when I was hiking, it was so good! If only it was 1L instead of 750ml then I would take it hiking again!

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J Year ago

    Is that necklace from India? It's so cute 💗

  • Lessilu
    Lessilu Year ago +7

    I have the same packing cubes, have been traveling for over an year with them and they still work beautifully! :) The king of travel apps gotta be though!!! do your researches on the place you wanna visit, download the map, pin all the "must see" spots and use the app offline as a gps. I've never got lost by using it!
    Another app worth to mention is "How much?" you select your currency, the currency you want to convert from and it converts the prices instantly (offline)

  • Heather Burrell
    Heather Burrell Year ago +5

    My top ten (in no particular order):
    1. iPhone 8+ - great for apps, photos, texting, Googling
    2. external charger that holds 3 full charges for iPhone
    3. power converter
    4. power strip - plugged into power converter gives me 4 outlets and 4 USB ports
    5. packing cubes
    6. Ziploc Space bags - for larger, bulkier items
    7. eye mask and ear plugs - they get listed together because they travel together
    8. sarong - can be used as a towel, blanket, skirt, cover-up, pillow, scarf and it washes and dries quickly
    9. water bottle - currently a Camelback but I'm going to check into the one PT talked about
    10. small tripod - for getting in the photos
    BONUS: travel size toothbrush and toothpaste for my backpack because wo doesn't appreciate fresh breath

    • jamesrei
      jamesrei 3 months ago

      OMG I didn't know only the iPhone 8 can do those things 😍

  • Mariana Vidal
    Mariana Vidal Year ago

    Hey Aly, you should make a personal q&a!
    I’d like to know what are your plans in terms of personal life, kids in view? Marriage? How are things with Scott? Plan on settling down any time in the next 5 years?

  • Louise Roden
    Louise Roden Year ago

    Where’s your phone case from? For my trip next week I’m leaving my DSLR at home (son) and want to make sure I don’t drop my phone 😆

  • Rianne OK
    Rianne OK Year ago +8

    Girl, get an audible sponsorship, they sponsor everyone. No need for free promos haha. And even a clue one, some RU-cliprs have got that one sponsored.

  • Adventures of ‘Neric

    You lost me at Menstrual Cup

  • Kaitlin Brasuell
    Kaitlin Brasuell Year ago

    I got the Lily Cup Compact during their Kickstarter. I wasn't sure about it at first but it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I can never go back. Life is so much easier with it. I think I am going to try the foldable water bottle--I have a Platypus, one of those flat ones, but I don't love it and I feel like I can't give it a good clean. I also end up spilling it all over myself half of the time. I'm all for things collapsible!

  • mrHoody10
    mrHoody10 Year ago +18

    I'm a Girl Guide and we put all our things in Ikea's see-through ziplock bags because they're easy to sort out, they're cheap and our clothes don't get wet when it rains :)

  • mrHoody10
    mrHoody10 Year ago +4

    For every product you're naming what country you used them in and it seems like you've been everywhere! xD That's so cool!!

  • is8550
    is8550 Year ago +3

    Yes please, do a review on that bag! :) And I don't mind the long videos. It is only annoying if the content gets too "rushed". Keep up the good work!

  • Gianna Giavelli
    Gianna Giavelli Year ago

    that solid shampoo looks great I will get some, so hard to travel with shampoo!!!

  • wasterwan fitness

    lovely sexy voice youtuber

  • Vishnu.P.R .Nellimoodu

    Literally ran out of seems...get well...

  • Rianne OK
    Rianne OK Year ago

    ohh I didn't know you'd get a commission if i buy something else as well. I'm planning to buy a magic keyboard for my laptop soon i'll see if i can buy that through your link .. i'll have to go to the german amazon though i think.

  • Aditya M. Bharadwaj
    Aditya M. Bharadwaj Year ago +4

    18:30, if you do the work for free they don’t have any need to sponsor you... just saying 😂
    And I feel you should have shown off your pop socket! It’s so cool I’m getting myself one too!

  • Matty C Vlogs
    Matty C Vlogs Year ago

    Watch is your top podcast

  • Aditya M. Bharadwaj

    9:45 it’s also the MOST environmentally friendly opinion available today!

  • Aditya M. Bharadwaj

    4:45 new merch idea!

  • Aditya M. Bharadwaj

    4:00 I was actually geeking out about them in Kanchipuram! 😛

  • myopinions46
    myopinions46 Year ago

    Yes clickpack pro review.

  • Nimit Gupta
    Nimit Gupta Year ago

    Doesn't lily cup fall out, while walking, running, or climbing stairs etc.

    • Hez_am_i
      Hez_am_i Year ago +1

      Nope the muscles hold it in as well as the general shape etc

    • piarate king
      piarate king Year ago +2

      tampons don't rall out so i don't see why the lilly cup would

  • Elizabeth Atchison
    Elizabeth Atchison Year ago +3

    I have a book recommendation for you! The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit, specifically as narrated by Rob Inglis. Even if you’ve already read the books, his narration is astounding and adds so much to the story. Also he sings all the songs and it’s hysterical.

  • A&A
    A&A Year ago +1

    20 minutes?!!

  • Alliey Mitchell
    Alliey Mitchell Year ago +2

    Would love a review on the backpack please

  • Aashit Agrawal
    Aashit Agrawal Year ago +6

    *LOVE YOU*

    • Dee Lee
      Dee Lee 4 months ago

      Aashit Agrawal watch them in parts that suit you.

    • Kaitlin Brasuell
      Kaitlin Brasuell Year ago +2

      I like the video length! I watch them on my lunch!

    • Aashit Agrawal
      Aashit Agrawal Year ago +2


    • poppy Lockwood
      poppy Lockwood Year ago +2


    • Aashit Agrawal
      Aashit Agrawal Year ago +3

      yes you are right but some people want short video and cant afford 20 min to watch.

  • just smile it
    just smile it Year ago

    hi beautiful how r u

  • Sabina Hertzum
    Sabina Hertzum Year ago

    Audible and clue - ive been using both for years!!
    I’m at the point with my books on audible that I’m having trouble finding the ones I want to re-listen to... so I hope they will make a function to manage my books into folders ;)

  • Janet Bray
    Janet Bray Year ago

    Love Audible!

  • Minna TheFlamingo

    I must have that waterbottle. :D And I would like to watch a review video of the bag. :p

  • Tatyanna Wilkinson

    I have the foldable water bottle and not only is it so convenient, but my friends flip out at the texture. Lol

  • Karna Shaw
    Karna Shaw Year ago +3

    How did you go with the Lush Dry Shampoo?

  • Kotanyi Reka
    Kotanyi Reka Year ago

    Will you travel to lake Balaton before you leave Hungary?

  • E A
    E A Year ago

    Aly, since half of your viewers are yanks, can you set up an American amazon for American affiliate links?

    • E A
      E A Year ago

      Oops, I just skimmed it and saw .uk. Found it

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      I did! I left the link in the description for my US amazon product page! :)

  • E A
    E A Year ago


  • Lisa King
    Lisa King Year ago

    Nice things thanks for sharing

  • Den Robin
    Den Robin Year ago

    Hi, I and my daughter are thinking of travelling to New York in the summer. Do you know of any good flights and cheap placeses to say. Thanks

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +1

      I flew SUPER cheap with Norweigen. Check on Skyscanner for a good comparison on flights. Airbnb and can find some nice budget stays!

    • E A
      E A Year ago

      Den Robin
      Wow air. Norweigan. Airbnb

  • Amanda
    Amanda Year ago

    What laptop do you use Aly? It looks so small and light.

  • hari haran
    hari haran Year ago

    HAIRCUT video plsssssssss

  • Koen's Travels
    Koen's Travels Year ago +14

    That foldable water bottle is soo cool :D

  • Nitsan Simantov
    Nitsan Simantov Year ago

    About the bottle, Dr Greger has a good video about the safety of BPA-free plastics. Apparently the replacement materials used aren't much better. Just FYI.

  • CryMeARiver
    CryMeARiver Year ago +1

    I finally started getting your notifications even though ive had the bell on for the at least last 2 months!!

  • Sugar Ashley
    Sugar Ashley Year ago

    Whoop! New video :D

  • Biswajit sahoo
    Biswajit sahoo Year ago

    1st from india