Xiaomi Mi 8 review

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Xiaomi Mi 8's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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Comments • 432

  • Yutobe
    Yutobe 10 days ago

    I suggest you make a budget phone and gaming phone videos. I support you gsmarena. More videos to come. thanks

  • Random Despacito
    Random Despacito 26 days ago

    So this is wayyy better than the redmi note 7

    • Berta Lenon
      Berta Lenon 12 days ago

      it is way way better than sd 660, this is sd 845

  • cloaked_ wyvern
    cloaked_ wyvern Month ago

    Is this better than the Nokia x6 ?

  • 2000guineas
    2000guineas Month ago

    No headphone socket why?

    CHAMILITION 2 months ago

    what about fortnite? XD

  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen 2 months ago

    Damn the camera shocked me out! The price is of this phone is not logic..

  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen 2 months ago

    1:56 now that's how you are supposed to show how fast the rear fingerprint reader is.

  • Willie Watra
    Willie Watra 3 months ago

    I got this as my present. Good spec but sadly Bluetooth connection issues. Not all device can connect to Xiaomi Bluetooth

  • Prince Kyran Pabate
    Prince Kyran Pabate 3 months ago

    does it take photo right away after you press the shutter button ? just like S8 or S9 or other flagship phones that there is no lag between taking photo and pressing the button

  • Ben Swolo
    Ben Swolo 3 months ago

    Xiaomi mi 8 or LG V30?

  • Bid
    Bid 4 months ago

    You are very good looking guy.

  • Angultra
    Angultra 4 months ago

    That notch is anything but trendy, can't wait for them to disappear.

  • Alex Kesteris
    Alex Kesteris 4 months ago

    I just got this phone it's awsome.

  • Nilo Jae Mirandilla
    Nilo Jae Mirandilla 4 months ago +1

    Is this different from mi 8 lite?

  • Cyan Tech
    Cyan Tech 4 months ago

    6.25 hhhh

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 4 months ago

    Quick charge 4+

  • Hassan Javaid
    Hassan Javaid 4 months ago

    Hi, I want to buy a smartphone with decent camera and powerful performance but I'm confused between Pocophone, xiaomi mi8 and oneplus 6. Please guide me which one is the best between them.thanks

  • WaxFranz Penaflor
    WaxFranz Penaflor 5 months ago

    People keep saying of buying other brand of phones is overpriced for the specs and yet the quality is great unlike xiaomi, yes has great specs for a low price and yes it is still chinese brand with and very low quality unlike samsung. I am still using galaxy J5 2015 and yes I still use this with no much complaints

  • Frank Flores
    Frank Flores 5 months ago

    No audio Jack....

  • Awzm Bimzkit
    Awzm Bimzkit 6 months ago

    Mi 8, no 3.5mm jack. Next year, Mi 9. They bring back they 3.5mm jack. What an innovation

  • Hoàng Nam
    Hoàng Nam 6 months ago +1

    Nice and thorough review 👍

  • Rolson Soriano
    Rolson Soriano 6 months ago

    Good day i want to buy xiaomi phone bcause its very cheap to the other but its a good quality? In his system? Its a good android phone for me?
    Thanks for response if its very accomodating phone to me

  • ZenXXII
    ZenXXII 6 months ago

    To anyone who wants this phone I have to warn you. You CANNOT use the under display fingerprint scanner with any screen protector. Even without one, it's very sensitive to changes in your fingerprint (aka wet/flaky dry finger scenarios) and inaccurate. I got swept in by the beautiful design but honestly regret getting the Pro over the standard Mi 8.

    INEVITABLE K A I 7 months ago

    I'm using Mi 8 to watch this video, I just passed so many negative comments.

  • gelloyangster yang
    gelloyangster yang 7 months ago +1

    definitely gettin the mi8 for sure!!!

  • rynzler117
    rynzler117 7 months ago

    That girl is beautiful!

  • Yagyesh Yadav
    Yagyesh Yadav 7 months ago

    5G supported ??

  • gar世界
    gar世界 7 months ago +1

    We need mi8 SE !!!

  • NightNinja
    NightNinja 7 months ago +3

    I was considering this phone but after watching this review I think I'll wait for the Galaxy S10.

  • Mai Gaspan
    Mai Gaspan 7 months ago

    Are you mimicking the voice of JerryRigEverything?

  • mücahit birinci
    mücahit birinci 7 months ago

    I always wanted to do this.
    Watching from mi8 :3

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 7 months ago +2

    I'm so happy with my last online purchase! Love this Xiaomi phone from #quickwayforyou. Its size is very handy and design is awesome!The unit came in 8 days well packed. Recommend the phone, as well as the seller!

  • learnED
    learnED 7 months ago

    ANgie is so pretty it becomes distracting with the review. hehe

  • Elusai Soares
    Elusai Soares 7 months ago

    Have you guys ever noticed any fluctuations in the volume of any Xiaomi device? I've got two of them, redmi 6a and mi 8 lite, and both oscillates the volume when using the internal speaker. Everything looks good using the headphones though.

  • Linux Tuxfriend
    Linux Tuxfriend 8 months ago

    This is so stupid: update version '' removes the entry 'hide notch'. So you always see the notch and can't hide it anymore. Thanks, Xiaomi! :-(

  • mukhre mohamad
    mukhre mohamad 8 months ago

    Hye guys. Can someone give me an idea between mi8 and pocophone. Which One is worth

  • Haramasch Abrasir
    Haramasch Abrasir 8 months ago

    Designed by Jonathan Ive

  • Ahfa Azz
    Ahfa Azz 8 months ago

    Why when i switch to video mode camera become greenish (green tint) like some filter applied on, especially on lowlight, the green is more noticeable.
    Photo shot is okay and great. But why video looks greenish.
    Mi 8 6/128 MIUI

  • Atanas Ivanov
    Atanas Ivanov 8 months ago

    Студентски Град ;)

  • Brian griffin
    Brian griffin 8 months ago

    What’s the price?

  • tkfkdgo
    tkfkdgo 8 months ago

    is this the best phone to get under 400 right now?

  • Shining Star
    Shining Star 8 months ago

    How long until it blows up?

  • David Crozier
    David Crozier 8 months ago

    Using a mirror to show the speed of the fingerprint sensor...FINALLY.

  • Konstantinos Tsounis
    Konstantinos Tsounis 8 months ago

    Xiaomi to its site refers that the screen is Just Amoled and not Super Amoled!

  • Jeremy Cubs
    Jeremy Cubs 8 months ago +1

    Great phone but comes selling time after 2 years nobody would buy it for crap. It's not personal it's just the sad fact about these brands. Same with Huawei don't expect a good resale value coz you'll be disappointed, and for the record I am a proud owner of Mate 9 lol.

  • sirip hiu
    sirip hiu 8 months ago

    The ads on this phone is everywhere

    • alxdava2004
      alxdava2004 7 months ago

      Change your country with one from EU and use a Global Version rom.

  • Ameeth Limbu
    Ameeth Limbu 8 months ago

    Mi 8 lite review plzz..

  • Lola Lyons
    Lola Lyons 8 months ago

    How's snap chat on this phone

  • xastunts
    xastunts 9 months ago

    as soon as I heard no microsd card slot I TURNED OFF! NO BUY NOW! haha!!

  • Big_Gooch
    Big_Gooch 9 months ago +1

    Excellent review. Thank you mine arrives on UK launch day which is the 13th :)

  • Haroon Hassan Qadir
    Haroon Hassan Qadir 9 months ago

    best fingerprint review ever seen on youtube no one does this perfect

  • Nasty c
    Nasty c 9 months ago

    tell me that does not look exactly like iphonex

  • Bagher Hosseinbor
    Bagher Hosseinbor 9 months ago

    Hi. i have been searching around and not getting any answer. what kind of USB mi8 has? is it 1 , 2 , 3 or 3.1?

  • Guangwei Zhang
    Guangwei Zhang 9 months ago


  • תומר רטה
    תומר רטה 9 months ago


  • Jordan Knowlton
    Jordan Knowlton 9 months ago

    Holy NOTCH

  • The Technical Expert
    The Technical Expert 9 months ago

    Banggood now have the exciting 256GB/6GB version in stock and are shipping it worldwide, with some countries able to pay COD.
    Here's their website page:
    🌐👉 www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Mi8-Mi-8-6_21-inch-6GB-RAM-256GB-ROM-Snapdragon-845-Octa-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1303948.html?p=JQ26191551677201504Z&ID=224&cur_warehouse=HK

  • Lukasz K
    Lukasz K 10 months ago +1

    what about the sound from the speaker ?? is it good ?? comparable with iphone ??
    I have a redmi note 4x and the sound is terribly flat missing bass.
    thank you in advance for your answer. Greetings from Poland

    • Salish
      Salish 6 months ago

      Lukasz Kacprzak it's only have single speaker , decent though . iPhone is stereo and good

  • RedJoker
    RedJoker 10 months ago

    Deep blacks? Then why is the area next to the notch more grey than black?

  • Liel Dahan
    Liel Dahan 10 months ago

    This phone need to use MIUI10, poor review the phone not even updated, I can see you had no idea what you talking about.

  • georgH
    georgH 10 months ago +1

    It should be pointed out that the incredible price is achieved by Xiaomi injecting ads even on the preferences screen, and although with lots of patience most can be turned off, you never know if next update will bring ads back without possibility of removal. Xiaomi has officially stated this is their business model, as they barely make any profit on the hardware itself.
    You could try the ROMs from xiaomi.eu, which are not vendor-supported (though some distributors in EU use it officially, apparently), but you risk bricking your unit.

  • herpson derps
    herpson derps 10 months ago

    for fucs sake. stop copying apple's notch and no phone jack.

  • Jasper Linnux
    Jasper Linnux 10 months ago

    ughh xiaomi is so inconsistent with features, removing IR blaster? really?

  • Lester Quinagon
    Lester Quinagon 10 months ago +1

    Can someone help me to fix fullscreen on youtube? I cant do fullscreen on youtube with my mi 8

  • trailo_ brat
    trailo_ brat 10 months ago

    Xiaomi mi 8 or zenfone 5z?

    • Salish
      Salish 6 months ago

      trailo_ brat go for Zen

  • Bmx Ivan
    Bmx Ivan 10 months ago

    I am using Redmi Note 5 and fudge, I'm contended with this one hahahaha

  • Youssef Najem
    Youssef Najem 10 months ago


  • Suresh Kumar Limbu
    Suresh Kumar Limbu 10 months ago

    MIUI 10 update There was a problem with the imo video call not clear Plzzzzzz

  • Maksim Paskalev
    Maksim Paskalev 10 months ago

    OMG, Sofia... :D

  • sulait sufian
    sulait sufian 10 months ago

    Mi a2 lite review

  • Tariq Aziz
    Tariq Aziz 10 months ago


  • Goran Laco
    Goran Laco 10 months ago

    After miui 10 update is full of bugs.

  • Raiyan Khan
    Raiyan Khan 10 months ago +7

    Looks like iPhone X

    • Raiyan Khan
      Raiyan Khan 8 months ago +1

      @Buck Rogers totally true

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers 8 months ago +4

      Raiyan Khan all android phones (except Samsung) look like iPhone X nowadays. It’s about the “feel-good” experience of iPhone X at a lower price.

  • JAZZ
    JAZZ 10 months ago

    Why xiaomi following stupid iPhone trend.. Such disappointing

  • Daily Review
    Daily Review 10 months ago +1

    Great Xiaomi Mi 8 review, keep up the good work