CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie
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  • Virtual PC
    Virtual PC 41 minute ago

    La verdad estoy desepcionado con el director al poner un chuki totalmente diferente al del pasado, yo creci con el original y ahora ponen a este mucñeco tan feo, la verdad no estoy de acuerdo y digo que las peliculas hoy en dia se las estan tirando a lo feo... Que desepcion igual con el muñeco de la pelicula Sonic... que desepcion

  • ADM chaos
    ADM chaos 5 hours ago

    to day my brothers and sisters

  • CRS
    CRS 6 hours ago +1

    What? No Jennifer Tilly? Come on, now.

  • Josh Oreoii
    Josh Oreoii 6 hours ago

    This Buddi is awesome as hell he can play games

  • Adam Charvat
    Adam Charvat 9 hours ago

    I only saw it to hear Mark Hamill's "Chucky" voice. Awesome impression.

  • Sony MOVie
    Sony MOVie 15 hours ago +1

    watch now »
    ⮚ Child's Play ⮘

    Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана эски мектепке Интренет болот

    MALENA CAVELLO 16 hours ago

    From the producers of IT

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House


  • Da_Prezent Gamer
    Da_Prezent Gamer 19 hours ago

    🔪 this is for Tupac

  • Matt Ghostly
    Matt Ghostly 22 hours ago

    I came back to like this after seeing the movie for people who aren’t sure.

  • Movie Scenes
    Movie Scenes Day ago Chucky & Andy scene

  • Toni Capone
    Toni Capone Day ago +1

    This movie is so good! This is how remakes should be! It didn’t try to BE like the old child’s play. It did it’s own thing and it worked out so well.

  • Jerry F
    Jerry F Day ago +1

    Well the babysitter def got thrown out the window. How original!

  • Cintya Leona
    Cintya Leona Day ago

    Time to play. The full movie for Child’s Play is finally here:

    ы Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана эски мектепке Интренет болотe

  • zuldo19
    zuldo19 Day ago

    This movie is hella cute

  • hope xó
    hope xó Day ago

    ok this just looks like every bad slasher movie ever

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      hope xó its a very good movie trust me
      The only thing that’s stopping me from me from loving it is the way he looks

  • Hunter Stafford
    Hunter Stafford Day ago

    They fuck Chucky movies all up now

  • supervilla06
    supervilla06 Day ago +1

    Cause all other 80s horror remakes have done so well.

    • Sony MOVie
      Sony MOVie 15 hours ago

      Already watched Child's Play 2019 Movie :

  • FabroTheGame 386

    The directors and designers of these new films should take another race because they are sending the shit the history and design since when chucky has an Internet connection who was the idea so idiot my god

  • Bored Eats
    Bored Eats Day ago

    if you think you can get anywhere near the original... you're nuts! the cast was solid and it was released in the holiday season. guess you didn't care. this might be a ok watch

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      Bored Eats it’s not trying to be or beat the original geez. It’s a very good movie with a different chucky and people are saying it’s trash because it’s not the chucky they know smh
      That’s literally the point🔪

  • Nisha Kajliwale
    Nisha Kajliwale 2 days ago
    i got First look of the movie on this channel in link

  • Zig Bingham
    Zig Bingham 2 days ago

    I just reviewed this. Check it out.

  • izi Gril
    izi Gril 2 days ago


  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 2 days ago

    I just realized a bunch of clips from this trailer weren’t in the movie

  • Nabilla Josey
    Nabilla Josey 2 days ago

    Toy Story 4 (2019) >>

    ¡Disfruta de la noche con esta popular película familiar disponible en streaming! ✅

    • RX7821979
      RX7821979 2 days ago

      Nabilla Josey
      Shut the fuck up puta

  • Layla Cornelia
    Layla Cornelia 2 days ago +1

    Child's Play (2019) film :

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empêchent
    de s'approcher trop
    près l'un de l'autre.?

  • Nade Tnb
    Nade Tnb 3 days ago

    Literally the dumbest movie i ever watched and thats comming from someone that been scared of chucky they whole life (im 18)

  • Piu John
    Piu John 3 days ago +2

    Luke, why you do this?

  • Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher 3 days ago +1

    This movie is the biggest joke since the new Nightmare on Elm Street They couldn’t pay me to go see this movie I won’t even watch this movie when it premieres on TV and I can watch it for free and I’m FAR from the only one who feels that way The only reason it has a following at all is because of all the Star Wars fans💯

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      Mike Fisher he’s a malfunctioning and unsettling doll of course he’s gonna shake like that. I love the chucky franchise (Child’s Play 2 is my favorite)
      But I understood that this movie was not trying to be or beat the original in any way. It was doing it’s own thing with new characters and old ones.This movie was fantastic to me and his design is my only complaint

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago +2

      Mike Fisher most chucky film is decent

    • Mike Fisher
      Mike Fisher 3 days ago

      Kayloo101 Decent doesn’t cut it with real Childs play fans The biggest complaint of fans is Chucky looks like he had a stroke Not to mention that this movie will NEVER have the impact of the original because there’s no real toy like it on the market today Most people who are gonna see this are too young to even remember the my buddy doll It’s been 30 years since the original came out and people still love that movie 30 years from now no one is gonna give a fuck about this version💯

    • Kayloo101
      Kayloo101 3 days ago +5

      Lmao this movie isn't bad at all, it's decent

  • The Nezzy Channel
    The Nezzy Channel 3 days ago +1

    4 months later now that the movie is out....I liked the movie deff enjoyed it more than I thought.

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 3 days ago +1

    He looks to old to be Andy

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      Master Yoda it makes sense when u watch it

  • Thicc Thanos
    Thicc Thanos 3 days ago

    So this is the new 1/10
    (Because of buddi taking over technology)

  • Roblox Sister Sisters

    It looks super good

  • Savage Hamm
    Savage Hamm 4 days ago

    Ahhh shit. Here we go again

    FRANCISCO ANZALDO 4 days ago

    ❤️ I love the new child's play movie , it's theme song is cool, the movie is a mix of E.T. ' s finger, with hackers, and with "A i " horror ❤️❤️❤️

  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie 4 days ago

    Going to see this I. An hour with my 12 year old homie. Only movie playing tonight hope she doesn’t get scared

  • Miya Kauffold
    Miya Kauffold 4 days ago

    This disappoints me

    • Miya Kauffold
      Miya Kauffold 3 days ago

      Thanos Freeman 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Miya Kauffold i’m sorry, that was a terrible joke i made

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago


    • Miya Kauffold
      Miya Kauffold 3 days ago

      Thanos Freeman They really don’t huh weird... even if they did I wouldn’t care😁 and I’m just one of many of the people who is dissatisfied with the new chucky doll🤷🏻‍♀️ get over yourself

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Miya Kauffold your parents feel the same about you

  • Ginna Laura
    Ginna Laura 4 days ago +31

    Child's Play 2019 film
    Its brilliant! Mark Hamill is unstoppable as the tiny toy terror, and the rest of the cast is just as good.
    The kills are great, the story is great, everything is great! highly recommended

    • :D Crafting Magic 26
      :D Crafting Magic 26 2 days ago

      @Dying Flame same lol

    • Dying Flame
      Dying Flame 2 days ago +1

      Mike Fisher So you magically know it’s a shit movie just from the trailer and won’t even give it a chance? Lol that’s awesome and by far the smartest thing I have read today.

    • Mike Fisher
      Mike Fisher 3 days ago

      Ginna Laura This movie is the biggest joke since the new Nightmare on Elm Street They couldn’t pay me to go see this movie I won’t even watch this movie when it premieres on TV and I can watch it for free and I’m FAR from the only one who feels that way The only reason it has a following at all is because of all the Star Wars fans💯

    • Sarah Smeltz
      Sarah Smeltz 3 days ago

      Ginna Laura is it scary or basically the same level as the cult of chucky

  • boterjayer
    boterjayer 4 days ago +7

    I admit that in origin I was somewhat skeptical about this re-launch of the "Child's play", also because the saga of Don Mancini - the creator of Chucky - is still active and boasts seven chapters!
    Despite my skepticism, I went to the cinema and to my astonishment admit to having left the movie theater fully satisfied!
    The film is beautiful, well structured - in its simplicity of a horror film, this is obvious - and with an interesting and current reinvention;
    Examining the theme: (technology, use and abuse of everything that works with multiple connections) makes the film even more interesting and current, despite the unreality of the plot itself, but it is still a horror movie and we also like this!
    I became passionate about this film, so much so that - the next day - I returned to see it a second time, taking the invitation of some of my friends who still had to see it!
    However, although I really enjoyed the film, I have some small criticisms to raise;
    First of all, when you decide to reboot a brand and want to keep the same original title, it would be a good idea to insert a subtitle that distinguishes it from the official one (I suggest subtitles like: Rebirth 0 Reborn or Reborning 0 own Reboot)!
    Secondly, if you decide to make a reboot movie, you really need to diversify it to 100%!
    For example: the doll should not have been called Chucky (Buddy is more than good as a name);
    The child and his mother should have had different names (they didn't have to be the same characters in the original film) and maybe I would have called Chucky the very child himself!
    Andy and Karen Barclay could be the names of the policeman and his nice mom!
    Practically, to diversify the reboot and the original film in a more incisive way, but with quotations inserted in a different and apparently casual way;
    In this way, it would have worked even better, because it would have had a function similar to a "reboot - spin off" even if not official and canonical!
    The subtitle, perhaps, could have been "RE - IMMAGINING"!
    However, it is only my personal observation;
    I repeat, the film is beautiful (I've seen it twice) but with these little elements ones I would have preferred it even more!
    Anyway, good movie.

  • Aiesha Mielle F. Pangan

    okay so its chuckie plus saw

  • Bro ccoli
    Bro ccoli 4 days ago

    Where it all started

  • TroubledMindsX
    TroubledMindsX 4 days ago

    0:54 April’s makeup when she gave birth

  • Comments only
    Comments only 4 days ago +5

    Who's here after watching the movie? It was actually good

    • DBK Kills
      DBK Kills 7 hours ago

    • GameZ,Filmz, And Reviews
      GameZ,Filmz, And Reviews 2 days ago

      Comments only dope ass movie

    • Jacob Martinez
      Jacob Martinez 4 days ago +3

      Me, a very pleasant surprise and was everything I ever want in a horror remake or remakes in general.

  • Ivan Alvarado
    Ivan Alvarado 4 days ago +2

    Aaaaaaannnnnnd Chucky is ruined again🙃. Let's hope the tv show can do better, but wow. This adaptation was lack luster😞 Removing the serial killer aspect made chucky souless, limiting Hamill😔

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      Ivan Alvarado c’mon man to be fair this chucky is a AI trying to “protect” Andy while the original was a literal SERIAL KILLER in the doll

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Ivan Alvarado atleast it can’t be worse than mib international,that one was pure garbage

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Ivan Alvarado well then ok but i’m still going to enjoy it

    • Ivan Alvarado
      Ivan Alvarado 3 days ago +1

      @Thanos Freeman I did...

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Ivan Alvarado watch the movie first

  • Samia Campbell
    Samia Campbell 4 days ago +1

    I'm watching it today.😁

  • Maciej Kozłowski
    Maciej Kozłowski 5 days ago

    Byłem wczoraj w kinie. Gorąco polecam, pozytywne zaskoczenie ;)

  • радикулит жопы


  • mieque aebel
    mieque aebel 5 days ago

    Im so confused.. Is this not about the possession of a serial killer to a doll anymore? It felt like sci fi

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      mieque aebel chucky wants to be his friend
      No one else can be his friend

  • Faiven Papalii
    Faiven Papalii 5 days ago

    Girl that’s just some

  • Austin Chan
    Austin Chan 5 days ago

    Don’t ever disrespect chucky like that 💀 get the FUCK out

  • joaquin diaz
    joaquin diaz 5 days ago +2

    Who’s back after watching the movie

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 19 hours ago

      Joseph Dently Andy is having a hard time making friends so his mom gives him chucky.
      Chucky wants to be his best friend and friends look out for each other.
      If you hurt Andy
      If you insult Andy
      If you try to steal Andy from him
      he’s gonna see if stuffing is in humans too

    • Joseph Dently
      Joseph Dently 4 days ago

      I wanna watch it wat is it about even tho I watched the trailer

  • It’s just clem
    It’s just clem 5 days ago

    I cringe every time they say “Best friend”, like fuck haven’t these kids learned by this time to stay away from the damn dolls 🙄

  • Tyler Payne
    Tyler Payne 5 days ago

    Don't forget he's more than a toy he's your best friend. Kaslan presents your new best friend called Buddi.

  • ali music
    ali music 5 days ago

    والله عجيبه لعبه اسوي هيج😐

  • Shane Help
    Shane Help 6 days ago +4

    Jennifer Tilly did a very good job Bride of Chucky

  • JentoSchaf
    JentoSchaf 6 days ago

    This movie was terrible lmaoooo

  • Ren Hood
    Ren Hood 6 days ago +6

    There is only one possessed robot doll and that’s Charles Lee ‘Chucky’ Ray, voiced by Brad Dourif and done in state of the art, timeless practical effects, change my mind

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 18 hours ago

      Except the fact that it’s not trying to replace Brad or anything. Its a different take on the killer doll

    • Ooo Oo
      Ooo Oo 5 days ago

      Can't, because that's the mere truth

  • Peter Nelipa
    Peter Nelipa 6 days ago +6

    I just saw this movie.
    8/10 It's better then you would expect. It's funny and well acted. Chucky was very good. Go see it.

    • Peter Nelipa
      Peter Nelipa 5 days ago

      @logan05311 it came out yesterday in Australia 🇦🇺

    • TonyB1023
      TonyB1023 5 days ago

      logan05311 it premiered last night

    • logan05311
      logan05311 5 days ago

      Peter Nelipa how would u know it’s not out yet 🤨🧐

  • reina alda
    reina alda 6 days ago +4

    Child's Play (2019) HD 1080p »»

    I Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана эски мектепке Интренет болотe

  • Ball Is life
    Ball Is life 6 days ago

    Y child’s play when the company isn’t called child’s play just call it Chucky

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago +1

      Ball Is life the company was never called child’s play,i think you should watch the old movies

  • Luke The Ghost Killer 2515

    There’s nothing nice....about murder
    And there’s nothing innocent....about _child’s_ _play_ 🔪

    • Cintya Leona
      Cintya Leona Day ago +1

      Already watched Child's Play Home 2019 Full Movie :

    • Luke The Ghost Killer 2515
      Luke The Ghost Killer 2515 Day ago

      Aline Keal
      Just saw the movie so no thanks lmao

    • Aline Keal
      Aline Keal Day ago +1

      Time to play. The full movie for Child’s Play is finally here:

  • Top 20 things you do not know about bunnies

    U forgot This Friday

  • J- S
    J- S 7 days ago +1

    It's actually kinda cool that Andy's mom looks like Tiffany don't you think

  • C C
    C C 7 days ago

    The ONLY thing that will be good about this is Mark Hamill doing the voice. Why don't directors or producers understand that CGI monsters don't work. EVER! I have never been afraid of a fucking computer generated thing. Also, this comes from the producers of the IT remake, WHICH WASN'T SCARY! The original was/still is. This is going to be a waste of studio money.

    • C C
      C C 14 hours ago

      @PHTM_WASP _ i dont find him scary either. It makes it even less scary when the director tries to make the audience feel for the subject/object of fear. If you liked it, you liked it. That's cool. But it sounds like you like it for the story and character development rather than the fear factor. I'm just tired of sub-par scary movies that assert themselves as scary when in reality they aren't. How'd Mark Hamill do?

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 14 hours ago

      C C thanks for the correction
      I guess I just don’t find him scary but thats just me. I just think in this movie we were supposed feel for him instead of fearing him which kinda takes scary out of it. I personally liked it but I see where ur coming from

    • C C
      C C 15 hours ago

      Movie series*

    • C C
      C C 15 hours ago

      @PHTM_WASP _ since*...and i disagree with you. The movie was SUPPOSED to be scary but it ended up being a bust. They basically stole the premise from a Twilight Zone episode which actually was creepy. The first movie wasnt terrible but every movie after that was. And they stuck with the campiness. For the record, Michael Myers is a bitch. If you wanna talk old school scary than its Jason or Freddy or motherfuckin' Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No questions asked.

    • PHTM_WASP _
      PHTM_WASP _ 18 hours ago

      C C Chucky wasn’t supposed to be serious sense the first movie. The concept is silly and fun to watch, its not supposed be Michael Myers or Jason. He’s definitely iconic but he wasn’t scary to me

  • Jarion Jackson
    Jarion Jackson 7 days ago +4

    The black lady in the car is officer MIKE’S MOTHER

  • John Wick
    John Wick 7 days ago +1

    No Brad Dourif? RIP

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya
    Toshiro Hitsugaya 7 days ago +2

    Great more dolls movie to play with. As if a serial killer inside a dollies body was enough.

  • a R
    a R 7 days ago

    Yeah I’m going to fucking pass on this abortion. I can’t even get through the damn trailer.

  • Cheyennes A punk
    Cheyennes A punk 7 days ago +5

    So he isn’t possessed just an angry robot????? Kinda lame

    SWAGGER123 GOLDEN 7 days ago +3

    Chucky is crazy like no joke 🤨😱

  • _ Asencio
    _ Asencio 7 days ago

    90s kids know Chucky was the scariest horror villain.

  • suffering23
    suffering23 7 days ago +4

    It's from those who made the "it" remake, i am actually pretty excited for this one

  • Harrison Diluvio
    Harrison Diluvio 8 days ago

    The only thing they got wrong is the look of Chucky like don’t change what he looks like it always not gonna look good and many people won’t wanna watch it

  • Kortney J. Lowe 1
    Kortney J. Lowe 1 8 days ago +1

    Child's Play (2019)

    WATCH =>> ((( ))

    Апасы баласы өзүнүн кыйла коркунучтуу мүнөздө кабарсыз туулган үчүн оюнчук куурчагы берет.
    Директору: Ларс Klevberg
    Жазуучулар: Тайлер Бартон Смит (Гунду), Дон Манчини (жараткан тамгалардын негизинде)
    Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Марк Хэмилл, Gabriel Бе

  • Andrew Wu
    Andrew Wu 8 days ago

    I hope they don't butcher my childhood

  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez 8 days ago

    I.hope this movie flops tbh bc it just looks terrible

  • MaddestMike
    MaddestMike 8 days ago

    Came here because Mark Hamill plays Chucky

  • David ii
    David ii 8 days ago +2

    0:01 RU-clip New Update Feature:
    *Skip Ad button removed*

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 8 days ago +1

    Aubrey Plaza really is a cool chick.

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 8 days ago

    Child's Play (the original) is an odd duck, in that most people -- even those who were around at the time -- don't really remember (or never knew) that when it hit theaters, if you went, you knew you were watching a classic. It was really such a fun time at the theater -- just a great, "fun" horror film with mass-appeal, and felt very much like an event. It wasn't just another dumb horror movie -- it was special, and you knew it as you watched it. It has such scares, but also has a great sense of humor -- not a horror/comedy, mind you, but ... "horror with heart?" It really was something. I approve of what I've seen from the remake so far.

  • Pandita OwO
    Pandita OwO 8 days ago

    Woody and the toys:Well...... Andy is fucked

  • action point
    action point 9 days ago

    chucky is back hahahhahaaahhahahahahahahahahaaha

  • Fatherus Adolfius
    Fatherus Adolfius 9 days ago

    if its from the producers of it then damn this movie is gonna be long

  • Lily Lopez
    Lily Lopez 9 days ago

    kind of looking forward to this.... more of an original chucky kinda girl but ill give this one a shot

  • sharon Bone
    sharon Bone 9 days ago

    zoom through the room over the moon

  • Tsuki Chan
    Tsuki Chan 10 days ago

    I still prefer the original more

  • PanDanyull XD
    PanDanyull XD 10 days ago +2

    Is this the trailer for the new episode of Black Mirror?

  • Zac Bolt
    Zac Bolt 10 days ago +1

    Imagine saying “lets go watch childs play” like is it just me or wtf

  • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
    Jeroen-Martijn Mast 10 days ago

    New doll is serieusly not scary at all. Don Mancini’s Child’s Play movies are way better.

    • Jeroen-Martijn Mast
      Jeroen-Martijn Mast 2 days ago

      Hater? It's my opinion. Free to say what I want. I'm not gonna watch it because Don Mancini's versions are better.

    • Thanos Freeman
      Thanos Freeman 3 days ago

      Jeroen-Martijn Mast another hater that jumped to the hate bandwagon.choo choo

  • Julie Tanner
    Julie Tanner 12 days ago

    My old teacher cant take anymore of this bs

  • Brainard Linco
    Brainard Linco 12 days ago +1

    The face scan scene made me wonder:
    Is this Chucky a murder robo doll or will it stay true to the original with Charles Lee Ray in a doll?

  • Skyrilla
    Skyrilla 12 days ago

    Bruh... they're rebooting it?

  • sheila luciano
    sheila luciano 12 days ago +2

    0:52 if I saw my mom like that I wouldn't be a kid who just yells "MOMMMMMM, NOOOOOOO" I would run to her and cut the rope
    -like- do you agree?

  • Jiovahni Lockamy
    Jiovahni Lockamy 13 days ago

    Is there going to be a reboot childs play 2

  • Hans Christopher
    Hans Christopher 13 days ago

    im watching this movie bc theres april ludgate and bloodbath

  • Larry Govan
    Larry Govan 13 days ago +1

    Rotten Tomatoes score 12%
    Critics: worst of horror remake, nothing like the original
    Box Office: $297,456,988
    Me: .....500 likes please 👇🏾

  • Majcommando
    Majcommando 14 days ago +282

    Andy’s mom:shows chucky
    Andy:wtf I wanted vbucks

    • David ii
      David ii 15 hours ago +1

      @Sony MOVie fake

    • David ii
      David ii 15 hours ago +1

      @Meis Gyon fake

    • Sony MOVie
      Sony MOVie 15 hours ago

      Child's Play (2019 horror) film

    • Meis Gyon
      Meis Gyon 23 hours ago

      Child's Play (2019 horror) film

    • David ii
      David ii Day ago

      @Chelsea Neumayer fake

  • Ryuta Takahashi
    Ryuta Takahashi 14 days ago

    Chucky have a lightsaber

  • Jezza luke Bright
    Jezza luke Bright 14 days ago

    What rating will it be and how Scary will it be and it have any nudity

  • Machine Burst
    Machine Burst 14 days ago +10

    1988 andy was better because it shows a little kid can escape murders but of course a teen can do it and the liitle andy was cute