CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)

  • Опубликовано: 8 фев 2019
  • The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie
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  • Matt Derhammer
    Matt Derhammer 22 часа назад

    I do not think child's play in germany

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz 22 часа назад

    Why they keep making remakes to movies we don’t ask for😭😭the og child’s play was great as is

  • Kitty Dude
    Kitty Dude 22 часа назад

    It looks like really bad

  • Foxtron 87
    Foxtron 87 22 часа назад

    OMG CHUCKY ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curly Ayana
    Curly Ayana 23 часа назад +1

    I love how the producers take a song that’s good and make it scary. Classical

  • evan browne
    evan browne 23 часа назад

    Another remake, where are the screenwriters?

  • sean barron
    sean barron 23 часа назад

    So how is the whole voodoo thing going to play a part in this remake since this version of Chucky is a killer robot?

  • Hasan the milk lover
    Hasan the milk lover 23 часа назад

    Chucky this is for u 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 hope u like it

  • Mia Ravenscraft
    Mia Ravenscraft 23 часа назад

    Chucky with modern day technology

  • Reese Jones
    Reese Jones 23 часа назад

    He is better then last movies he made it just got more darkness in him

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes 23 часа назад

    Hollywood and children don’t exactly go together any more: they used to accuse Christianity of being a ‘death-culture’; these chaps are ‘death-porn-infanticide-culture’ and it is deliberate.
    They won’t get me down; they won’t get us down. They tried it in Spain; they tried it in Russia; they tried it in Germany; they’re trying it in America.
    The only bad things are those that come out from within; this garbage goes in from without - but it does come from within those promoting this stuff - so that is where the garbage is: in those big Hollywood parties where they use children and then destroy their lives.
    What do you want? A clap?
    Get a cultural life you reptiles.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 23 часа назад

    Así es como una leyenda muere.

  • Internet_Web_Collections
    Internet_Web_Collections 23 часа назад

    reboot[?] - the where being lots of Boxes at the store from the first movie; looks like ir's more like youtube videos;

  • J E R R Y M O U S E
    J E R R Y M O U S E День назад

    They're doing it for the money

  • George Kenny
    George Kenny День назад

    Idk how the fuck they made this look really good but goddam I’ll take it 👌🏽

  • And you ASIANS don't hear that well.

    He looks too damn old to play w/a doll. They couldn't find anyone younger?

  • Felipe Valdes
    Felipe Valdes День назад

    This is real life! Elon Musk has been warning us for years now!

  • Kowalski - Turn It On
    Kowalski - Turn It On День назад

    At least they kept the MILF aspect from the original. Chucky got a chubby.



  • Kowalski - Turn It On
    Kowalski - Turn It On День назад


  • Dibuja Con Piero
    Dibuja Con Piero День назад

    Jaja chucky is a robot

  • 1GateWay2Heaven
    1GateWay2Heaven День назад

    Seriously? We really gonna start rebooting such legendary classics? What's next a Godfather reboot?

  • Shelton Holland
    Shelton Holland День назад

    This looks very good

  • Jobin McGooch
    Jobin McGooch День назад

    Save Aubrey!

  • David
    David День назад

    Gotta see this new one 😂

  • repugnantone
    repugnantone День назад

    I think I'd rather see reboots of shitty movies. As opposed to rebooting classic flicks that have given most older generations a sense of fondness. Take movies that completely sucked ass and rewrite those to turn them into better movies. But no, they only want to destroy the memory of that which we had and dragging those older movies through the mud.

  • AdenTW Sugo xD
    AdenTW Sugo xD День назад

    espero que esta poronga sea real >:V

  • HuskyGymnast237 H1Z1
    HuskyGymnast237 H1Z1 День назад


  • repugnantone
    repugnantone День назад

    Really? Yet another fucking reboot? I'm going to vote with my money and not give it to these idiots! I won't even waste the broadband of DL'ing it as a free torrent. Take your shit and fuck off with all the goddamn reboots.

  • E Galvez
    E Galvez День назад

    Who want to play 😭😭😭😭

  • gac2425
    gac2425 День назад

    Fortnite is GAY

  • FD GOD
    FD GOD День назад

    Ok look I don’t like remakes I saw Halloween 2018 but that’s not a remake

  • World_Destroy467
    World_Destroy467 День назад

    bruh they just need to stop with repeating scary movies don't get me wrong this movie might be cool but they need to stop XD

  • Daniel Rhone
    Daniel Rhone День назад

    I was thinkin there should be a Horror Of Fame that includes Chucky and Freddy and Jason

  • Kiddrop G
    Kiddrop G День назад

    This is nothing about the trailer but I’m a very underrated RU-clipr it will mean so much if you Gus could help me get 500 subs Much love❤️

  • tremerefury
    tremerefury День назад +1

    I own every Child's Play. I will not support this "remake."

    • Vegeta
      Vegeta День назад

      tremerefury yes you will

  • Sleepy Kodak420
    Sleepy Kodak420 День назад

    At 0:41, Chucky told Ms. Barclay, "bitch pull up then"!

  • BigTonyBruiser
    BigTonyBruiser День назад

    lol cant wait for dead meat to tally this up

  • azzy w
    azzy w День назад

    Huge fan of Chucky but I wish they would stop making sequels 🤦‍♂️it's not that scary anymore

    • Vegeta
      Vegeta День назад

      Azaam Willemse stfu

  • aakar88
    aakar88 День назад +1

    @EvilHag deserves more.

  • Luke Webb
    Luke Webb День назад

    Better not have some twat cracking out shit jokes horror should be scary, dark and gritty

  • Rymond Newman
    Rymond Newman День назад

    As a kid, I use to be a horror movie fanatic. Chucky, Freddy, Candyman and that skeleton from the Crypt, triggered almost all of my panic attacks, as I desperately tried to sleep but I loved it! I would even set up one of my sisters doll's by my bedside daring it to move and guess what, sometimes it did! Where did it all go, the thrill and horror of the night? If I could write myself a letter today and receive it 20 years earlier, I would tell myself to remove the covers from over your head and follow that dark shadow that passes your door at night. You are not crazy, everything you see and feel is real, so explore it because when you grow up, the real world will be ready to punch you in the face. It will ruin all of those moments, telling you it was all lies! That shadow you saw each night, was only our mom's boyfriend coming and going and that doll only moved, because your mom didn't want you dressing in girl panties next😔

  • Andrew Wilkes
    Andrew Wilkes День назад

    Considering EVERY Chucky movie has had the same voice actor, if this one doesnt have the guy it will be very disappointing

  • Act Of Vengeance
    Act Of Vengeance День назад

    More reboots. More reboots.And then sequels to reboots. We all know how the story end. What is the point wasting money for this ?

  • niqidos
    niqidos День назад

    ffs chucky has come back to haunt my nightmares. hopefully it scars me as good as the original.

  • chucky panado
    chucky panado День назад

    Hi, I'm Chucky wanna play?

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie День назад

    Honestly, I know this sounds crazy but I hope Brad Dourif doesn't do Chucky's voice. It would look very weird since the Chucky doll is completely different from the original. I wouldn't mind another voice actor to do it but I also heard that chucky's voice is going to be straight robotic and he is not supposed to talk. Hopefully it's just rumors but we'll see.

  • Foxteen
    Foxteen День назад +1

    idk... it looks bad.

    • yungkidnf
      yungkidnf 23 часа назад

      Naw, it's gone be alright

  • Arthur Carino
    Arthur Carino День назад


  • D.D dee
    D.D dee День назад +1

    Fuck you, Stop making a Fucking remake 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Daesha smith
    Daesha smith День назад


  • lisud
    lisud День назад

    Shit my childhood nightmare is back

  • Luigi Addatu
    Luigi Addatu День назад

    This better be good

  • SuperToxic CCC
    SuperToxic CCC День назад


  • Satan Himself
    Satan Himself День назад

    Oh geez watching it just for Aubrey Plaza.

  • M J
    M J День назад

    So he’s no longer a doll possessed with the soul of a killer...He’s a murderous robot doll. I understand wanting to switch it up in a remake,but a huge reason the Chucky character was successful was because of his personality. This is gonna be The Terminator: Rise of the Dolls. I’m gonna pass.

  • Ethan OI
    Ethan OI День назад

    cant this doll just die

  • RipsharkTV
    RipsharkTV День назад

    Chucky better still be a foul mouthed lil shit. Im not liking what looks like a robotics malfunction route. A serial killer soul in a doll is a lot more creepy

  • Duke of derp
    Duke of derp День назад

    I bet he's going to have a stupid robot voice!

  • Duke of derp
    Duke of derp День назад

    If brad is not the voice, then i won't watch simple as that.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump День назад

    this is epic gamer moment

  • Bfyre
    Bfyre День назад

    that boy look to old to even want a doll, the boy should of been younger

  • SHAMPAIN1872
    SHAMPAIN1872 День назад

    Why isn’t Chuckie black? Inclusion is what this decade is about! Oh yeah, my bad blacks only play good characters....

  • Sonicice 24
    Sonicice 24 День назад

    This will be interrsting.

  • knoble1985
    knoble1985 День назад


  • xNyroZz ™
    xNyroZz ™ День назад

    I really like all kind of horror movies but i never liked chucky cause how can a fucking doll kill humans.

    K BURNS День назад

    Reboot or another off the wall sequel?

  • ramli simon
    ramli simon День назад

    so..Chucky is now CYBORG???

  • eNess215
    eNess215 День назад

    You what really made Chucky scary back in the day? There was an actual doll produced a short time before the movie called "My Buddy" and they look eerily similar. I remember seeing the commercial of My Buddy a lot when I was a kid. That just made the movie feel so much more real.

  • Shmoezer 666
    Shmoezer 666 День назад

    Cyborg Chucky

  • Jorgebvxzx Randall
    Jorgebvxzx Randall День назад +2

    Ciao ragazzi ...! Il film qui sopra è molto buono
    Ho trovato l'ultimo sito per guardare film
    ecco il

  • Alex Eve
    Alex Eve День назад

    What’s April doing now?

  • Jude Balla
    Jude Balla День назад

    Judging by the trailer,this kid is going to have a hard time fighting Charles because of his hearing aid

  • Rosemary's Driller
    Rosemary's Driller День назад

    I will be VERY SURPRISED if this new Child's Play turns out to be a good remake.....because 90+ of remakes are S|-|IT, however the teaser trailer looked good, but will the movie be???

  • caram3ltoya121
    caram3ltoya121 День назад

    I wonder will be worth to watch??!

  • Locke
    Locke День назад


  • Luke stokes
    Luke stokes День назад

    ITS FUCKING CHUCKY- ready player one

  • Dinosawr80
    Dinosawr80 День назад

    Was excited for a continuation to cult but I guess this will do. Any idea when the tv show will come out?

  • Sol Harv
    Sol Harv День назад

    You motherfuckers are really out of new ideas, huh?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous День назад

    Hope it doesn't have " funny horror" like bride of chucky

  • mercy murder
    mercy murder День назад

    Welcome back Charlie

  • Amanda Allen
    Amanda Allen День назад

    Completely scary and maybe I’ll see child’s play but it seems stranger then things

  • Kobe Mamaba
    Kobe Mamaba День назад

    *Chucky just want to play*

  • iiiDark Angelx
    iiiDark Angelx День назад


  • Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man День назад

    I wonder if Brad Dourif will reprise his role as Chucky.

  • PablitoOMG YT
    PablitoOMG YT День назад

    Creo que la pelicula va hacer un tremendo exito!!

  • The Speed of Darkness
    The Speed of Darkness День назад

    Won’t be as good as the next remake that happens in 30 years. ♻️💩

  • jason GARNER
    jason GARNER День назад

    this trailer is so creepy

  • Doogo
    Doogo День назад

    Get. Fucked.

  • GenericJAM
    GenericJAM День назад

    Looks like they couldn't help but make it a big fucking spectacle. I see none of the original Child's Play in this trailer.

  • crippling depression
    crippling depression День назад

    Man the producers from it are taking movies by storm huh

  • MontcomHorror
    MontcomHorror День назад

    Another remake. Fuck off!

  • statman90
    statman90 День назад

    They better not fuck this up, chucky is to iconic, child's play two was the best one anyway hands down

  • Simte
    Simte День назад +1

    The first movie was *that* forbidden VHS tape.

  • Constant Random
    Constant Random День назад

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  • Louie Jalimbawa
    Louie Jalimbawa День назад

    Cyborg Chucky

  • deuce slurricane
    deuce slurricane День назад

    R.I.P. Horror Movie Genre.

  • edward green
    edward green День назад

    0:55 *Chuckys voice* "Andy"

  • Gideon Balauro
    Gideon Balauro День назад

    The kid who played andy in childs play in 1988 is so cute