Allen Iverson was the player Chauncey Billups feared the most | NBA Countdown

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Paul Pierce, Michelle Beadle, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups of NBA Countdown discuss the reasons Houston Rockets star James Harden is such a good offensive player. They then (2:35) discuss the players they didn't want to face the most, with Billups mentioning Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson, Pierce saying Vince Carter, and Jalen giving a nod to Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.
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Comments • 882

  • Dezz Epson41
    Dezz Epson41 3 days ago

    Steve FranCis = Kyrie Irving modern day.

  • Charisse Asturias
    Charisse Asturias 6 days ago

    More credible basketball analyst mr. Big shots Chauncey Billups

  • Ryan Becker
    Ryan Becker 28 days ago

    First of all, I think Paul needs to get the prescription on his glasses checked. The "getting to the line" highlights were 80% flops and should have been non calls.... Don't get me wrong, Harden is a great player! But he is THE definition of why the NBA is hated by some sports fans today! As far as A.I. goes? Iverson is definitely NBA Mount Rushmore worthy for sure!!!!!! Everything that he did at his size? Lebron is special and is a freak of nature, but Allen played his ass off. He had heart and love for the game. When a player knows that he will be in the HOF, and still cries when inducted??? That's special!!! The last of a dying breed of NBA players!!!!!!!!!

  • TayWilliamsTV
    TayWilliamsTV Month ago

    iverson is among the most influential players in the league

  • tone j
    tone j Month ago

    Allen was the truth straight up

  • James Dawny
    James Dawny Month ago

    Jaylen rose better say kobe

  • nimrod geronimo
    nimrod geronimo Month ago

    Damn right the answer carried the 76ers to the finals all by himself until a big 7 foot monster named shaq stopped him in the finals .bit the answer had ananswer for every other player in the league .

  • redmann4523
    redmann4523 Month ago

    Headphone users beware smh.... Trash audio

  • luthervaughn1
    luthervaughn1 Month ago

    BIG SHOT!!!!!! The guy will never be appreciated as much as he should be....same like Baron Davis. 2 totally talented guys who sacrificed stats to be team leaders & win games.

  • freshoutofsoap
    freshoutofsoap Month ago

    Julius randle

  • Theron Kersey
    Theron Kersey Month ago

    Did Billups fear him because he took his team that one year!!!

  • /Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128

    It's crazy Billups feared A.I but ended up getting traded for him

  • chrisbowmusic
    chrisbowmusic Month ago

    Jalen always keeps it 100% real

  • Kevin Grayling
    Kevin Grayling Month ago

    Best player of all time. If he was lime LeBron and switched teams every yr he would have the rings to

  • Astor Wainwright
    Astor Wainwright 2 months ago

    watch out Sacramento's young big three, they are all left handed

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 2 months ago

    I love me some Iverson

  • Avery Willis
    Avery Willis 2 months ago

    Her personality is so cool. Only cool chick in sports that's down to earth!

  • k i l 2 w i c e
    k i l 2 w i c e 2 months ago

    Mamba and AI!! Epic Battle! i missed the good'ol days😌

  • A-DUB
    A-DUB 2 months ago

    Warning.. Clickbait

  • Dragon Panaligan
    Dragon Panaligan 2 months ago

    James Harden+refs... Yeahhhh fcking scary to face in the hard court..

  • Zachary McCall
    Zachary McCall 2 months ago

    Now there’s 3 lefties averaging 20

  • garymagr81
    garymagr81 2 months ago

    A.I. pound for pound is the best guard/player ever. -Shaq

  • Xander Thomas
    Xander Thomas 2 months ago

    why would you post this awful sound quality

  • Mike5
    Mike5 2 months ago

    Jalen wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares like "Oh,81".

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine 2 months ago

    Jason Williams would be great in today’s game

  • TangoMike
    TangoMike 2 months ago

    0:49 wtf did i just hear in the back ground

  • αλεξης πεγιαδης

    micc check check 1 2 3 check check

  • BigM33ch
    BigM33ch 2 months ago

    I thought it was my busted headphones dying! Whew thanks ESPN!

  • Duane Champagne
    Duane Champagne 2 months ago

    This weak ass nigga (not on the court) gone say Vince Carter. SMH!!! THAT’S HOW WE KNOW YOU’RE STILL SALTY ABOUT LEBRON BUSTIN THAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂 Shoulda just said Lebron James foo!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂

  • #JulioJones 11
    #JulioJones 11 2 months ago

    If I was guarding AI - I would just not even try and be like fuck it you win lol. What would you do? The man was simply un-guardable.
    Every chance he gets he either blows by the defender, or just make you look silly with his wicked crossover.

  • Sport School
    Sport School 2 months ago

    "He wasn't thumping his chest or talking any trash because you're not getting close to 81 if you're running your mouth..."

    Here's one SCARY player ladies and gentlemen... SCARY... the man lit Jalen up for 81 points and did it in complete silence... after that you just can't sleep at night...

  • Millionaire Mindset
    Millionaire Mindset 2 months ago +1

    A.i the 🐐

  • Vince Allen Meneses
    Vince Allen Meneses 2 months ago

    vince + allen = me 😁

  • La Onda
    La Onda 3 months ago

    AI is the fatherless beta male millennial's role model.

  • No God No Life
    No God No Life 3 months ago

    the most dangerous element of hardens game is his Flop (.) period.

  • No God No Life
    No God No Life 3 months ago

    the most dangerous element of hardens game is his Flop (.) period.

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 3 months ago

    If James Harden played in the 80s he'd get beat up on the court for flopping so much. Bill Lambier would have poked him in the eyes lol

  • Trevis Turner
    Trevis Turner 3 months ago

    We had to tk it lol

  • Spoonzaza
    Spoonzaza 3 months ago

    Iverson was a 4x scoring champ... Dont @me

  • blake smith
    blake smith 3 months ago

    Bubbachuck a 757 legend hometown hero VA

  • Dylon Gilbert
    Dylon Gilbert 3 months ago

    Man Iverson might b the hardest player to guard I think the only reason I gave MJ and Kobe the 1&2 spot over him, he even made the NBA change s rule amazing player. I use my both hands for ball but left a little stronger but I use both hands for almost everything and was told by my coaches that I could be at least a 6 man on a NBA team,but I got caught up in the system like a prophet.

  • Jaime Sierra
    Jaime Sierra 3 months ago

    Lmao jalen rose " can i get some help"

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 3 months ago

    Allen would have fitted in good with the warriors now his game was before its time that's why he was so hard to guard real baseball player he didn't need a super team he was the team

  • Superman J
    Superman J 3 months ago

    "If" Iverson would've ever had the "right" teammates & "right" chemistry to bring a couple of Championships 🏆🏆 to Philly, then everybody would be arguing that he is the GOAT... The order of the GOATS then would go like this:
    Iverson FIRST, then Jordan THEN Kobe, Mr. Bill Russell and Wilt. Hands down, man down

  • Joshua Kohn
    Joshua Kohn 3 months ago

    "chauncey never went left' anybody else catching those bars by paul pierce?

  • Derick Henderson
    Derick Henderson 3 months ago

    Until he go to the finals and WIN then Damm them points.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 3 months ago

    Every harden highlight was a foul called by the ref lol

  • Anthony Mckinley
    Anthony Mckinley 3 months ago

    Iverson started this PG score first pass later until coach move him to SG

  • Mariin80
    Mariin80 3 months ago

    and left handed are in low %, thats why stats are like mentioned and why they're harder to defend

  • Mariin80
    Mariin80 3 months ago

    left handed players are much more difficult then right to defend, its why usually those who have balance of left and right are better then both left or right (talking from experience)

  • Jrtheth3rd TV
    Jrtheth3rd TV 3 months ago

    What’s up y’all umma independent artist from Ohio. I would appreciate if you stop threw and check my new EP out -

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity 3 months ago

    With all that technologies on a studio, they couldn’t fix a mic? Df bruh

  • note2owns
    note2owns 4 months ago

    The most dangerous element of Harden's game is that beard and a chance it might get in your eyes......

  • Mark Gomez
    Mark Gomez 4 months ago +1

    Highlights simply showed Harden flopping left and right 😅😂

  • Michael Pate
    Michael Pate 4 months ago

    He ain't got no style to his game

  • Uche Osuji
    Uche Osuji 4 months ago

    Lebron is a lefty he just plays right handed

  • vc23
    vc23 4 months ago

    Harden is a boring player to watch. Always trying to get foul, ref on his side,, then Houston shoot 55 3's including 25 from Harden. Don't like houston or harden.

  • nate martinez
    nate martinez 4 months ago

    Allen Iverson is my absolute favorite basketball player

  • WildWayneTV
    WildWayneTV 4 months ago

    I thought LeBron was a lefty but played like a righty

  • TehutiBrim 59
    TehutiBrim 59 4 months ago

    Did anybody else's sound waver when Chauncey starting speaking

  • Ocho Santana
    Ocho Santana 4 months ago

    all I know is that they need to fix Chauncey’s fucking mic 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • happy ride
    happy ride 4 months ago

    Their was 2 teams that if kawhi went to I said rip golden state, Houston and Boston, can u imagine kawhi with Harden and Paul. Golden state wouldn't stand a single chance.

  • Night wing
    Night wing 4 months ago +2

    I’ll pick Iverson over Lebron.

    DJ ALLDAY 4 months ago

    in his prime
    "PENNY HARDAWAY" ??????

  • Anthony Baxton
    Anthony Baxton 4 months ago

    ESPN is starting that clickbait *hit again

  • Trent McDowell
    Trent McDowell 4 months ago +2

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  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 4 months ago
    Go get your pair! Limited edition!

  • Larrecia Shealey
    Larrecia Shealey 4 months ago

    Who didn't fear Iverson even the black mamba feared him

  • Deshawn Loc
    Deshawn Loc 4 months ago

    The most dangerous move harden has is the walking up to the 3 and the ref blowing the whistle

  • troy the king of basketball talk

    I respect jalen rose for being honest and telling the truth thanks

  • george Earl
    george Earl 4 months ago

    Jalen Rose took it.... like a bitch.....

  • unusedname197
    unusedname197 4 months ago

    Yo Paul pierce always making it about himself

  • Yziashu
    Yziashu 4 months ago

    A.I. and Kobe were feared by a lot of players.

  • Jeremy Sargent
    Jeremy Sargent 4 months ago

    AI and Jordan were LeBron favorite players. They probably still are.

  • Travis Routh
    Travis Routh 4 months ago +1

    James Harden: Most overrated superstar of all time!

  • Metallicblue
    Metallicblue 4 months ago

    You compliment someone like you who is already forgotten

  • ARQ
    ARQ 4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 81 dawg😂😂😂 that's some 2k shit

  • Sean Fisher
    Sean Fisher 4 months ago

    Im A Lefty Who Else ? 👀

  • ShadomanG
    ShadomanG 4 months ago

    Chauncy & Jalen looked stiff af playing D in this "low-light" videos lol

  • Hi Dude
    Hi Dude 4 months ago

    Isiah Thomas would be up there with the lefties but is injured

  • McBasedGod McRae
    McBasedGod McRae 4 months ago

    Lmao Chauncey’s mic

  • Manuel Plaster
    Manuel Plaster 4 months ago

    A.I pound for pound the best to ever lace up a pair of ......Reebok’s

  • J.B Cooper
    J.B Cooper 4 months ago

    Jalen Rose meant to say Kobe

  • Javin C
    Javin C 4 months ago

    Why they do Jalen like this! LMAO

  • Kareemahkarlene Allah
    Kareemahkarlene Allah 4 months ago +2

    A. I raised me looked up to this guy from day one.💯

  • Young Thug, The 5th Jackson

    I mean, if Jalen actually tried on defense, maybe Kobe would've had 79 points instead. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Prince Vegeta SSGSS
    Prince Vegeta SSGSS 4 months ago

    smh AI would EASILY average 40 points a game

  • Ebony Chatman
    Ebony Chatman 4 months ago

    It's his beard

  • Seb Reni
    Seb Reni 4 months ago

    Dont lie Paul. Your biggest fear was Kobe.

  • mkvl1490
    mkvl1490 4 months ago +1

    I wish A.I played on a squad with 2-3 other all stars

    • Corey Mason
      Corey Mason 3 months ago

      Denver.... U forgot?....Billups .... Carmelo ...and a PRIME JR Smith that could still shoot and leap

  • Big Hoss
    Big Hoss 4 months ago

    Current day James Harden. All-time great who could make legends look foolish when they got matched up on them but was never able to elevate his teammates

  • Boogie Black
    Boogie Black 4 months ago +56

    Iverson was more than a great player. He had a generation of boys rocking headbands and cornrows and arm sleeves. His swag was apart of the culture. Everybody loved AI.

  • No Way
    No Way 4 months ago

    What about lebron he's a lefty but shoots with his right

  • diegownt
    diegownt 4 months ago

    Sleeping on the left handed player named I. Thomas !!!

  • lil isaiah
    lil isaiah 4 months ago

    Jalen rose talking about his daddy kobe

  • Enrico Rossi
    Enrico Rossi 4 months ago

    I guarantee you put Kawhi on kobe that day and he would just score 50/60 😂 that defense was baaaad

    • James S
      James S 15 days ago

      but if they played by today's rules Kobe goes for 100+

  • lil isaiah
    lil isaiah 4 months ago

    I'm a lefty but i shoot with my right hand

  • nick wagner
    nick wagner 4 months ago

    Left handers- Chris bosh got his career cut short

  • Its JAX
    Its JAX 4 months ago

    Woaah, the first ten seconds came out sooo wrong... 😂

  • Tony Da Don
    Tony Da Don 4 months ago

    Tell your analyst to stop hating on the eagles talking that dumb shit