How to Make Glass Sculptures | How It's Made

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Learn how a horse glass sculpture is made!
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  • Draymond Yu
    Draymond Yu 2 days ago

    Could make this exact replica but with epoxy resin. Prepare liquid silicon and immersed the horse for 18-24 hrs.Later take out the horse and now the inside is all hollow, you now pour epoxy into it. What I explained is just rough talk, it also needs a skillful hand.

  • Victoria Aktsioglou
    Victoria Aktsioglou 2 days ago

    God bless the hands God's work

  • LordSlag
    LordSlag 4 days ago +3

    Mastery - Making the extremely difficult look astonishingly easy. Dis gerl GOT IT.

  • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

    So BEAutiful!! Great video 💙🐝💙

  • Zakwaan Ali
    Zakwaan Ali 5 days ago +1

    I thought this is made in factories!!

  • Marcie Willis
    Marcie Willis 8 days ago

    That's so cool. ..enjoyed this.

  • Sampat Herekar
    Sampat Herekar 10 days ago


  • Gautam Nag
    Gautam Nag 12 days ago

    This is pure talent

  • Aijaz Hussain Phull
    Aijaz Hussain Phull 13 days ago

    Grate work.

  • Ariyo Temilade
    Ariyo Temilade 14 days ago

    I can make 1 glass rod into to small rods .

  • Ariyo Temilade
    Ariyo Temilade 14 days ago

    I can make 1 glass rod into to small rods .

  • Nikhil Tyagi
    Nikhil Tyagi 15 days ago


  • mwyeoh
    mwyeoh 16 days ago

    As nice as the video is, the word "She" at the beginning of every sentence becomes REALLY irritating!

    • mwyeoh
      mwyeoh 13 days ago

      No, this is nothing to do with political correctness... If it was HE instead, it wouldn't have made a difference. It would be just as irritating. Repeating the same word over and over again at the beginning of a sentence would be annoying no matter what the word is. It is basic English writing to not use the same words over and over as it detracts from the subject matter and distracts the audience

    • RHEC 951
      RHEC 951 13 days ago

      Why. Did it offend you because HE did ask HER gender first.

  • Prerana Joshi
    Prerana Joshi 16 days ago

    Fantastic. Only an artist at heart seems legit to do this work.

  • Gaurav Singh Chauhan
    Gaurav Singh Chauhan 16 days ago

    Please make a video on Glass Containers' are made like dabur honey.

  • Green flame dragon
    Green flame dragon 18 days ago

    *drops right after video*
    Girl: FU-

  • Sandz Gardner
    Sandz Gardner 18 days ago

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  • UsamaBinTariq
    UsamaBinTariq 18 days ago


  • Aksha Zabin
    Aksha Zabin 18 days ago +1

    Very nice video 👌👌👌

  • Dale Schaefer
    Dale Schaefer 18 days ago

    ...and I just thought it was injection molded!...

  • Expert Of Nothing
    Expert Of Nothing 19 days ago

    Awesome! I never thought about how to make such sculptures.

  • Anuradha Thorwat
    Anuradha Thorwat 19 days ago


  • Anubiz
    Anubiz 19 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time you heard the word "she" in this video.
    My condolences.

    • Mike R
      Mike R 15 days ago

      Anubiz thought the same thing lmao

  • Nourhan Ezzat
    Nourhan Ezzat 21 day ago +1

    I can’t even draw this with a pencil and paper....

  • Shahana Parveen
    Shahana Parveen 23 days ago

    She makes it look so easy
    Good job.

  • adnan walijee
    adnan walijee 24 days ago


  • Ekyasa Mahardika
    Ekyasa Mahardika 24 days ago

    She's amazing

  • Tiana Jordan
    Tiana Jordan 24 days ago

    Love It To Make It

  • Anwar Hossain
    Anwar Hossain 25 days ago

    Very interesting job .Thank you great artist.

  • Lalitha Baggu
    Lalitha Baggu 25 days ago


  • Sangeeta Parikh
    Sangeeta Parikh 26 days ago

    Its awesome i love it!WOW

  • ѕмιlє
    ѕмιlє 27 days ago


    I want to eat it

  • osama hasan
    osama hasan 27 days ago

    very beautiful

  • Smita Pingale
    Smita Pingale 27 days ago

    How many time do 'SHE' word is used

  • co sakti
    co sakti 28 days ago

    if it has the same way to make it in china?

  • aklnrt
    aklnrt 28 days ago +5

    And here I was thinking it was going to be something like.... Someone melts a whole lot of glass and pours it into moulds then opens then once they cool down.

  • Nadia Sumaiya
    Nadia Sumaiya 28 days ago +1

    It's amazing .

  • aktar zaman
    aktar zaman 29 days ago

    she does this she does that and its a horse,,,,WITCH!!

    DIPTI MEHTA 29 days ago

    Wonderful artist

  • Patrick Ellis
    Patrick Ellis Month ago

    Wow 😮

  • Kayla Lewis
    Kayla Lewis Month ago

    looks like the water nokk elsa rides in frozen 2 👀

  • Khanzer Mohammed Sikandar

    Its Amazing. I have never seen before 😱

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook Month ago


  • Dimana Gareva
    Dimana Gareva Month ago

    Create a unicorn

  • ShariK
    ShariK Month ago +4

    I cant draw it on paper with pencil✏️
    Give her an Award🙏

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh
    Rakesh Kumar Singh Month ago

    People like her are the reason behind the success of our civilization. She's more worthy than entire planet's liberal pigs.

  • KUNAL jyoti SARMA
    KUNAL jyoti SARMA Month ago

    The is very hard

  • klemon prodigal
    klemon prodigal Month ago +1

    A blind woman doing all that...miracle

  • Lasya Reddy
    Lasya Reddy Month ago

    go big boss 3............

  • anonymous jj
    anonymous jj Month ago

    Magical hands.. ......

  • ian Gajmer
    ian Gajmer Month ago

  • Lord Cromwell
    Lord Cromwell Month ago

    One broken leg coming up in no time. Looks nice but they always break.

  • fairus abd wahab
    fairus abd wahab Month ago


  • Julio F
    Julio F Month ago

    I took a glass rod and made a pancake.

  • lonely wolf
    lonely wolf Month ago

    What an artist she is 👏👏👏

  • sintu yadav
    sintu yadav Month ago +1

    Very nice

  • Kavya.c.g Kala
    Kavya.c.g Kala Month ago

    Hat's off

  • Nishant K
    Nishant K Month ago

    Simply unbelievable 😱

  • Robert Emerson
    Robert Emerson Month ago

    That's amazing AND she has to work fast. No pressure.

  • vadinhopsc
    vadinhopsc Month ago +2

    Years ago I witnessed a glass master doing this alive in the island of Burano (neighbour of Murano). My 8 yr son got one piece as a present, went broken after many years. Another piece was done at the same time, but the master didn't make the thermal treatment, to demonstrate the tensions that arise as the sculpture colds down. It went in a million shards after some minutes. Sweet memories from Italy.