I Found A YouTuber Gaming Mansion.. He Was Secretly TRAPPING THEM! (Roblox Bloxburg)

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • I Found A RU-clipr Gaming Mansion.. He Was Secretly TRAPPING THEM! (Roblox Bloxburg) In today's video, we find a RU-clipr Only GAMING Mansion! Things get weird when I decide to spend the night.. Make sure to stick until the end to see what I found!
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  • iifnatik
    iifnatik  29 days ago +124

    Guys this was really weird.. I had no idea

    • Leo ROBLOX
      Leo ROBLOX 9 days ago

      Look 12:18 , ALBERT !!!!!! :D

    • Officially Evie
      Officially Evie 25 days ago +1

      iifnatik you had “no idea” totally not planned or owt..

    • Margaret Holloway
      Margaret Holloway 25 days ago

      iiFNaTiK this stuff is kinda like Hello, Neighbour

    • Abstract Gaming
      Abstract Gaming 26 days ago +1

      Are you a filipino?

    • Vince Crisostomo
      Vince Crisostomo 26 days ago

      he is right chemical u isnt real i stepped on it touch it nothing evr happened he is right stop making fake videos bcuz it aint real that is not cool man not cool go make other but not fake bloxburg video that guy is not a chiled and i aint child

  • Hammer Heads
    Hammer Heads 14 hours ago

    I subscribe shout me out

  • Vjačeslavs Ušackis

    am jor biges fan

  • Swe4ty _Ghots
    Swe4ty _Ghots 2 days ago

    Flamingo will never be trap

  • Tyson Edwards
    Tyson Edwards 2 days ago

    I thought Dylan /Dylan the hyper was in the crew

  • The Lime Ninja
    The Lime Ninja 2 days ago


  • The Lime Ninja
    The Lime Ninja 2 days ago

    13:30 True

  • Just me
    Just me 4 days ago

    august 22 is my bday

  • Hefaxa Mohammed
    Hefaxa Mohammed 8 days ago

    Try playing bloxtube poke did a review o n it

  • Kanticii
    Kanticii 8 days ago

    If anyone trapped me I would scream my heart out lol.

  • Jayden Escamilla
    Jayden Escamilla 11 days ago

    The aliens who adopted you should be banned from ROBLOX

  • Jayden Escamilla
    Jayden Escamilla 11 days ago

    And plz donate robux plz iifnatik

  • Jayden Escamilla
    Jayden Escamilla 11 days ago +1

    I think he forgot a roblox youtuber named fgteev

  • SCAREcrow H
    SCAREcrow H 11 days ago

    I think he’s telling the truth sorry iifnatik

  • Teh Win Ting
    Teh Win Ting 12 days ago +1

    Me think is weird to¿ but sub to iifnatik and more!? 1 like=1 fan

  • AquibLava _ YT
    AquibLava _ YT 12 days ago

    Wait....Flamingo/Albert was trapped too?

  • ⚡✅F U T U R E⚡✅

    Your content is fake idiot because u can't hear metal 😂 n bloxburg, in plus all the roblox youtuber and cls and fakes

  • ⚡✅F U T U R E⚡✅

    You can tell this video is so fake.

  • Oddi _1o
    Oddi _1o 16 days ago +1

    Iifnatik u are si awsaome!

  • Denise23 :p
    Denise23 :p 16 days ago

    How about dylan......

  • Anindya Das Patnaik
    Anindya Das Patnaik 16 days ago

    Use the button Go To House to go back home...

  • Drone
    Drone 17 days ago

    you should play jailreak

  • B. Siena
    B. Siena 17 days ago +2

    Lol Albert will call youtubelover an idiot and then leave the game LOL

  • Queen ChelseaPuppy PH
    Queen ChelseaPuppy PH 18 days ago

    Hi, iifnatik!

  • Luke's Game Channel
    Luke's Game Channel 18 days ago

    you play minecraft?

  • Cayden Kenna
    Cayden Kenna 18 days ago

    Poke was trapped he done a vid on it

  • Jukko
    Jukko 18 days ago

    Michael in his head: I’m awake all night
    later in the morning: i’m going to sleep

  • Play Listist
    Play Listist 21 day ago

    Why do you curse?

  • Nadir Osman
    Nadir Osman 21 day ago

    What happens to the bloxburg mafia

  • Thierno Diallo
    Thierno Diallo 21 day ago

    You have ur friends being a mysterious women and man

  • Thierno Diallo
    Thierno Diallo 21 day ago

    Iifnatik all of them videos fake you poke hyper ant is the real one

  • Benjaminsang Bawi
    Benjaminsang Bawi 22 days ago

    just reset

  • Isabella B
    Isabella B 22 days ago

    Yeah it’s very weird btw your vids are so fun to watch

  • Annu Anand
    Annu Anand 23 days ago

    I hate you one time you live under poke's mansion I saw his video you live under poke's mansion

  • Bella Erden
    Bella Erden 23 days ago

    It wasn’t just poke you say it was delivered to

  • julia wu
    julia wu 23 days ago

    Poke is allwase pranking dlyan

  • oolzach Solanke
    oolzach Solanke 23 days ago

    chemical U is fake

  • 1920 P4B 24 TSANG HIN YEUNG

    "i only have half a million pls dont be a lot"
    me:i have 0

  • Genesis Alvarez
    Genesis Alvarez 24 days ago

    My dude u can leave the suver duhhhhh i kinda agree with that dude about cemecule u and x u can make that stuff out of carpet and poles and stuff but no matter what i will all ways be suportive bye

  • Angel Plays
    Angel Plays 24 days ago

    Lol are u Dfieldmark? I’m confuse what’s ur real channel xD

  • SubToMalAndJaxs Yeet
    SubToMalAndJaxs Yeet 24 days ago


  • SubToMalAndJaxs Yeet
    SubToMalAndJaxs Yeet 24 days ago

    I feel u bri

  • Lilalex552
    Lilalex552 24 days ago

    Tell the crew that don’t go there

  • Santi Santi
    Santi Santi 25 days ago

    You tube lover is right it’s fake

  • Arien Monteiro
    Arien Monteiro 25 days ago +1

    Screams for help

    Reset button : I'm I a joke to u

  • Aurea Martinez
    Aurea Martinez 25 days ago

    im a fan but chemical u is fake just a role play but i love ur vids. :D

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez 25 days ago

    Poke hyper is your friends ????

  • Cherish May Rosete
    Cherish May Rosete 26 days ago


  • Roselyn Borlado
    Roselyn Borlado 26 days ago

    iifnatik i need help to u my account got hack and i need. ur help

  • lotinggamer boy
    lotinggamer boy 26 days ago

    9:43 spoiled the whole vid

  • ShelbyPelby UnicornRainbows


  • ShelbyPelby UnicornRainbows

    CAN WE GET TO 30,000 LIKES!?

  • Super Dash Brothers B
    Super Dash Brothers B 26 days ago

    What was that door next to the bedroom door?

  • BroccoDaPlayer
    BroccoDaPlayer 26 days ago

    Can u play Jailbreak or build a boat for treasere ? 😀😀😀

  • imaniiana
    imaniiana 26 days ago

    Try out the new game “ Restaurant Tycoon 2”

  • Miles Plays
    Miles Plays 26 days ago

    Do a mm2 vid like if u agree😃

  • Rhy Marshall
    Rhy Marshall 26 days ago

    Play adopt me

  • Ciro Ventura
    Ciro Ventura 26 days ago

    So I looked at the thumbnail and every RU-cliper had a check mark but ant he has a x

    OLIVER SE 26 days ago


  • Jessica Francisco
    Jessica Francisco 27 days ago

    youtubelover is right i saw all of the fake video's