The BEST New PCs for 2019

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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  • Vlad online
    Vlad online 3 days ago

    Is this a good deal I bought a full PC with 8gb of Drr3 with Rx 570 and I5 2400 and a cit illusion case for it.

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan 13 days ago

    Socks and sandals, why you gotta do me like that bro?

  • DrJuicyNugs
    DrJuicyNugs 17 days ago


  • Jakob Thompson
    Jakob Thompson 26 days ago

    That first one sounds nice because of the chair and stuff

  • Ello Oku
    Ello Oku 29 days ago

    Hello Linus, please I need your suggestion on this. I need affordable PC I can use to edit 4K Movies, Play Games when necessary and use it to also work on Cubase Pro 10. What specs do you recommend for best performance that will stand the taste of time. Something I can use for the next 10 years before thinking of upgrading. I will not need Mac product though. Its urgent. That one of 2:16 seems ok. What do you think? Thanks.

  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson Month ago

    thronos according to Acer's site "Price: Starting at $29,999.00 (USD)"

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    I thought you were gonna tell us about the best pcs for 2019, not just what intel have. Sorry I only watched the first 2minutes

  • Kriegtime101
    Kriegtime101 Month ago

    So many slip ups and weird pauses bahaha

  • GoldenGamerGG
    GoldenGamerGG Month ago +1

    ME:Wait what are you saying=BALAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

  • Yonatan Suky
    Yonatan Suky 2 months ago +1 do u think this a good pc?

  • Андрей Зубко

    intel.....thats why no amd cpus ? (i know that ryzen slower on cores speed, ram latency, but intel not ideal too)

  • tony745risk
    tony745risk 2 months ago

    Why can't I find anywhere to buy Mek mini

  • UncreativeUsername
    UncreativeUsername 3 months ago

    But can they run nuts.wad?

  • Akeem RW Ross
    Akeem RW Ross 3 months ago +1

    Holla at me amen... Any lucrative deals lemme knoow any good components lemme knoow amen... ths 6700k Skylake aint gunna cut it "amen".

  • SimpleQuantum
    SimpleQuantum 3 months ago +1

    Look I don’t care about price I have 30k to spend what’s the best

  • Cookie Crumble
    Cookie Crumble 3 months ago

    These computers sound nice, but way to rich for my blood. $1000 or less for me.

  • Kavante ME
    Kavante ME 3 months ago

    CORE I9???

  • ni.ko386
    ni.ko386 3 months ago

    linus are you on concaine

  • Reyk
    Reyk 3 months ago

    wtf has happened to the pc masterrace? You fuckers are all distracted by your shitty phones, that's what!

  • KingOfGames979
    KingOfGames979 3 months ago

    99% comments are about the editor
    1% talking about if it can handle roblox

  • Mic Mica
    Mic Mica 4 months ago

    This video is for your 10 year old customers

  • 10 Hours
    10 Hours 4 months ago

    Linus the penus

  • Roqui
    Roqui 4 months ago

    Did Intel edit the video too?

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 4 months ago

    Is this guy on coke ??

  • NSM Productions
    NSM Productions 4 months ago

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    The human eye can only see 21 FPS all those extra frames are useless smh

  • JP1
    JP1 4 months ago +4

    Can u do the best 5 gaming pc’s for £500

  • Arturo S
    Arturo S 5 months ago

    I LOVE games but I don’t know shit about computer , I currently have an Alienware and I want to take the next step and get a desktop computer .but I don’t know anything and I feel like if I get a pc from a random ass company I’m gonna get scammed or I’m not going to get what i really want , some advice

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 5 months ago +1

    Is that the chair from the movie Gamer? The one the fat sweatty guy rolls around in??

  • Dol _
    Dol _ 5 months ago

    Are these PCs available to market at the moment? I'm looking for a good PC that won't break the bank and won't lag on me when I use editing software + browse the internet at the same time

  • _ TheBigPig _
    _ TheBigPig _ 5 months ago

    I would get them but, money.

  • The Winters
    The Winters 5 months ago

    Can someone please help me find the best pre built gaming pc for about $800-$850

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown 5 months ago

    0:06 Pause Linus so tired

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown 5 months ago

    0:06 Pause Linus so tired

  • Alexandros Bekiari
    Alexandros Bekiari 5 months ago

    Where is the New Aurora??

  • DAK 0526
    DAK 0526 5 months ago

    Hello i need to purchase a gaming PC for my sons birthday coming up. I like to stick with Intel and im guessing Nvidia. In my time 15 years ago Nvidia was a very concrete name i dont know today.
    What would you recommend? Plus my budget is $1500-$2000.
    FYI my son plays Fortnite. Thanking everyone in advance.

    • Sora Reo
      Sora Reo 5 months ago

      It's all up to opinions really but some really solid brand names are amd and msi, as for Intel most of their things are overpriced not worth the bang for the buck

  • 40kq plays
    40kq plays 5 months ago


  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 5 months ago

    10k it better smd when im gaming

  • EquusHeart
    EquusHeart 5 months ago

    :50 - Can't I get it without the chair?

  • issaciams
    issaciams 5 months ago

    Linus working for Intel is not news folks. Nice ad though.

  • JET
    JET 5 months ago

    Do a review of best PC's for $800

  • JK Nice Guy
    JK Nice Guy 5 months ago

  • Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie 5 months ago


  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 5 months ago

    2:11 lol someone’s sleepy

  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 5 months ago

    1:07 what in the world is this?

  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 5 months ago

    For ten thousand dollars lol

  • Aniket Rupauliha
    Aniket Rupauliha 5 months ago

    Thanks h
    For that sir but I cannot afford it 🙂🙂

  • Tan Xg
    Tan Xg 5 months ago

    Can someone tell me the names of all the 5 i cant hear him properly

  • qf L
    qf L 5 months ago

    csgo gammer "240hz!!"

  • The Bell Curve
    The Bell Curve 5 months ago

    Yawn, don't care about Intel. Where are the Ryzens?

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  • richard p
    richard p 5 months ago

    OW GOOD video i sub and liked to you thks in advance sub back O I have the notifications on too

  • Adrian Costea
    Adrian Costea 5 months ago

    Best PCs for 2019.... the first one is an UFO for nothing more than racing and other 3 of them are laptops :|

  • Pietro Zambon
    Pietro Zambon 5 months ago

    Why do you call it the best PC's if it's only Intel based?

  • Paweł Eljasz
    Paweł Eljasz 5 months ago

    Hi you guys @LTT.
    I'd have a question and suggestion for you guys. This is something people probably have wondered and many deliberated about but I doubt anybody actually has tried - to see if AMD's Threadripper can run on/in mobos for EPYC CPUs?

  • Pedro Salgado
    Pedro Salgado 6 months ago

    I totally read the title wrong... I thought it was Best Top 5 PCs of 2019...
    Imagine the video. Search RU-clip for top 5 best PCs videos and judge them on clarity, production values, information accuracy, and host personality. Then rank them and find the Top 5 best Top 5 PC videos. Go over them and show why they are the best with out revealing the rankings. Then comes the moment of truth. Who has the Top video?
    Random cat video because RU-clip!

  • zigzagtoes
    zigzagtoes 6 months ago

    Advertorial video? Am sceptical. Who chose the top 5?

  • John Chalisque Allsup
    John Chalisque Allsup 6 months ago

    Just gotta say: dentists chair!

  • Hulk Hamza
    Hulk Hamza 6 months ago

    That 10 grand setup is a dream

  • Hulk Hamza
    Hulk Hamza 6 months ago

    Lol the awkward ending

  • Unencrypted
    Unencrypted 6 months ago

    Everyone talking about the editing, I am more curious about the Thronos. Is there a bundle for the whole thing? Or is the $10,000 he mentioned, just a number to show how much you would pay for everything separately?

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn 6 months ago

    WOW what a fair choice...I guess AMD sucks if the shill says so...

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn 6 months ago

    just buy it goyim!

  • FooTeePrint
    FooTeePrint 6 months ago

    hello I'm very new to pcs and want to build my first system. I found what I think to be a good starting point. I just wanted some advice if it's a good deal for a starting point
    Quad Core A-3870K CPU
    •Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H MB
    •8G DDR3 Ram
    •500G WD Black HDD
    •Ati 5850 GPU
    •Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow
    ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    •500W Bronze Rated Power Supply
    for 200 dollar Canadian. I plan on swapped the graphics card but how is everything else for a starting point. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  • I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda

    I luv u no homo

  • gameflux
    gameflux 6 months ago

    I am sure I can t afford one of these !

  • JemhidiahSSJ4
    JemhidiahSSJ4 6 months ago

    im gonna guess that my 8700k and 2070 with beat it

  • JemhidiahSSJ4
    JemhidiahSSJ4 6 months ago

    AMD, could hand but NO!

  • Abhishek Seth
    Abhishek Seth 6 months ago

    Hi Linus, My system config is
    Prime x299 deluxe, i9 7900x @ 4.3ghz, Nvidia 1080ti 11GB, 64 gb of ddr4 ram at 3300Mhz, WD gold Hdd 4 units of 4tb in internal RAID 0. Running Hack. Mac os 10.13.6.
    Will it give me playback of 4k RAW progressive at 25 fps? I have Blackmagic 4k 12g SDI card with Resolve Studio 15 and Avid Ultimate.

  • Dragonorder18
    Dragonorder18 6 months ago

    Mmm. As much as I'd love one of those amazing Laptops. My budget is not even free enough for an Ipod.