Building A Ground Level DECK - (Part 1)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • In this video, I am building a deck frame. Designed to have a floating look. Thanks to Trex for Sponsoring this video. To learn more about Trex Protect Joist Tape, visit

    See PART TWO of the finished deck:

    I will finish off the deck with composite decking from Trex

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  • DIY Creators
    DIY Creators  Month ago +8

    Thank you for your feedback on this video. I addressed as much of the concern as I could in the next video. See PART TWO of the finished deck here:

  • W. Adams
    W. Adams 9 hours ago

    Definitely a lot of things you messed up on chiefly I would say using screws at the joist to post connection. Probably should have use lag bolts. Also you should have used pressure-treated lumber. For everything that close to the ground. But being only a foot off the ground I doubt it's very hazardous if it were to fail

  • Johnathon Barnes
    Johnathon Barnes 2 days ago

    we dont build decks like this in new zealand even at ground level,this would be far to weak and flimsey for our enviroment,where are the bearers at?

  • Jack De Haan
    Jack De Haan 5 days ago

    Seems to me that too many people are worried about code. It's just a simple deck, amply supported, and for sure it will last for 20 years if not more. For what it is, I think it's well done.

  • Ben Whittingham
    Ben Whittingham 6 days ago

    Who the hell uses a square to mark timber they cut on a mitre saw? Lol

  • Nathaniel Lowry
    Nathaniel Lowry 9 days ago

    Hey man, well done looks fantastic!!

  • Victor Silva Antero
    Victor Silva Antero 11 days ago


  • Станислав С
    Станислав С 12 days ago

    Деревянные столбы залил батоном, а что делать через пять лет когда все сгниет

  • Joe Framer
    Joe Framer 12 days ago +1

    Everything you did is completely wrong, won’t pass code, unsafe and a structural mess....DO NOT FOLLOW THIS BUILDING PRACTICE...!!!!!!! Please never build anything again

  • 더아톰
    더아톰 12 days ago

    헐... 이거참

  • black buddha
    black buddha 12 days ago

    У нас даже самые рукожопы такого себе не позволяют. Это не то что на коленке сделано, а на каком-то другом органе. У нас бы уже столько гавна получил бы в комментах, а буржуи вон делают и не парятся. Миллионы подписчиков и тысячи лайков.

  • Ryan Schmaltz
    Ryan Schmaltz 14 days ago

    Wrong way to attach beams to posts.

  • dimon Tirmit
    dimon Tirmit 14 days ago

    absolutely without competently done

  • dimon Tirmit
    dimon Tirmit 14 days ago

    абсолютно без грамотно сделано

  • Joaquin Flores
    Joaquin Flores 14 days ago

    You got it brother!👍

  • Forgive Repent
    Forgive Repent 14 days ago

    Metal or Pier and bean post

  • Moist and Squishy
    Moist and Squishy 15 days ago

    Not a big fan of Florida soil.. looks like it contains a massive amount of pathogens

  • Don Thompson
    Don Thompson 16 days ago +9

    This would never pass a building inspection where I live - for a whole bunch of reasons.

    • Don Thompson
      Don Thompson 2 days ago +1

      @Ben Whittingham Actually, I would just build the deck to code. I find the solution you propose somewhat odd and disturbing. Is that how *you* navigate through life's trials and troubles? You must lead a difficult existence.

    • Ben Whittingham
      Ben Whittingham 6 days ago +1

      To be fair you would prolly suck the inspector off behind the house and get the deck signed off.

    • Nathaniel Lowry
      Nathaniel Lowry 9 days ago +1

      Yeh, thanks for letting us know knob head!

    • Mr. Anderson
      Mr. Anderson 13 days ago +3

      Don Thompson thanks for the info dumbass

  • chris white
    chris white 17 days ago

    Lots of good comments, one thing I didn't see was crowning. Make sure to check your lumber, crown up.

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 18 days ago

    Guy if the level bubble says the shit is level, it’s friggin level you’re being to anal on such things that are the simplest things in construction

  • jeff kish
    jeff kish 18 days ago +1

    Word of warning bring the concrete up above ground level you should have used some of the sonex cardboard forms if you fill in the dirt on top of concrete the posts used for the foundation will eventually rot at the level just above the concrete.

  • Maks Sv
    Maks Sv 19 days ago

    Брус в бетоне сгниет к чертям

  • remontsite Eldar
    remontsite Eldar 19 days ago

    Learn to build from the Russians, they build once and for a long time and from stone for centuries!boards in the ground will rot quickly, the Foundation should be put on concrete blocks.this design will quickly fall into disrepair.I noticed that in the United States do not build high quality, the tree is quickly eaten by termites, because they do not treat the boards with an antifungal solution as we have in Russia.These boards will not eat termites, proven! Good luck in your business!You're good! who is interested in how to make repairs in Russia go to my instagram -

  • Marvin Miller
    Marvin Miller 20 days ago

    Drilled thru nut and bolt through each support post would have been far superior to simple screws. At least the deck would be supported by solid steel rods going through the deck and posts.

    • Marvin Miller
      Marvin Miller 20 days ago

      Also...why did you chose to build this in the most backwards method possible? Frame first,mark for posts, move the frame, dig for posts, then move frame, then add posts, then cement posts, then weed barrier?

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    The deck is looking good.

  • jose rigoberto rodas rodas

    Aprendiendo un poco

  • Prosody Monstrosity
    Prosody Monstrosity 22 days ago

    i also like your style of building one piece at a time, i do this as well and i think it always allows me to change plans on the go, and to be creative and innovative and better suit the needs for each situation and scenario, more like art meets science

  • Prosody Monstrosity
    Prosody Monstrosity 22 days ago

    awesome video, when i do posts i like to just pour in the concrete dry around the posts, it saves a tiny bit of time then there's no need to wash wheel barrow and shovel off... just add water to the hole after you pour the concrete in

  • Geoff Bones
    Geoff Bones 24 days ago

    Unfortunately, the way you have built it, it will fail under load, joists should be on the stumps, compression on screws will cause failure. The step will rot if it is sitting in dirt regardless of the pressure treatment. The joists will warp and twist without support between them.

    • Fatih
      Fatih 24 days ago

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  • Happy Fuzzy
    Happy Fuzzy 25 days ago

    Incredible work. Great voice as well. Easy to follow and listen to which is such an important part of teaching! Subscribed a while ago. Just had to throw ya down a well deserved compliment or 3.

    • Fatih
      Fatih 24 days ago

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  • z p99
    z p99 26 days ago +1

    Background songs?

  • Robert Oler
    Robert Oler 27 days ago

    well done

  • Steven Tanner
    Steven Tanner 28 days ago

    The most important thing about building a ground level deck is don't ever build a ground level deck. The up keep is terrible and no matter how it is built it will look stupid.

  • Joshwa Buerer
    Joshwa Buerer Month ago

    Has good videos I just can’t stand his voice lmao

  • Brian Prusa
    Brian Prusa Month ago

    Nice work!

  • Vincent Wesolowski
    Vincent Wesolowski Month ago

    Great video!

  • teachbearcop
    teachbearcop Month ago

    Love the jig!

  • Michael R
    Michael R Month ago

    This channel is so awesome!

  • Rey Ruiz
    Rey Ruiz Month ago

    "this is Mario who helped me out with a ton of the heavy lifting and with my knowledge he's never built anything" nigga you said at the end of the second video you ain't never built a deck before either. Who tf are you to talk down on someone!

    • Rey Ruiz
      Rey Ruiz Month ago

      @DIY Creators watch your words then cause it came out assholeish in your behalf

    • DIY Creators
      DIY Creators  Month ago

      You too sensitive, why would I talk down on my homie? Your that guy in the audience who heard it that way. Have a blessed week.

  • Tom Stack
    Tom Stack Month ago +1

    doesn't look like a ground level deck to me.

  • Midas Lastname
    Midas Lastname Month ago

    why cement at the steps but not at the other posts ?

  • Abner Chaves
    Abner Chaves Month ago +1

    Wow, this is so wrong, like seriously u should consider tearing it down. This is dangerous, hanging bearers of posts with bolts instead of resting the bears on the post, joists without hangers, posts are too thin, holes are too shallow so on and so forth....

  • Bob S
    Bob S Month ago +1

    This wouldn't pass an inspection in Florida or anywhere else with building codes. I'm assuming it's under 200 square feet, so you don't need a permit. Attaching to posts with screws? End nailing joists? Some posts in the ground, some posts on the ground. The way you placed your posts should require double joists to hold the rim joist. This is good how-not-to. The cantilevered angle on lookouts is hilarious

  • killer clown
    killer clown Month ago

    I love my deck. My deck is big. I need someone to cut the bushes around my deck. I wash my deck everyday.

    • Fatih
      Fatih 24 days ago

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  • Henry Recinos
    Henry Recinos Month ago

    My man you are bad ass

  • Alexander Gusmão
    Alexander Gusmão Month ago

    Very good my Friends Diy Creators

  • Chris DiMase
    Chris DiMase Month ago

    Nice job. Looking forward to seeing the next episode

  • Brad Deh
    Brad Deh Month ago

    When u build, you stack the load. Fasteners hold things together. They don’t support weight. If he wanted to do the build the same way; he needs carriage bolts. The best way to build a deck is to have a beam running along the post with a post to joist bracket. Then put the joist on top of the beam or secure to the beam with joist hangers

  • james hutchinson
    james hutchinson Month ago

    very high quality content mate. keep up the great work!!!

  • True solution
    True solution Month ago

    Dump pitch

  • Bikini Man
    Bikini Man Month ago

    You could've dug 6 holes and have the rest of the supports rested on pavers. Saved you some digging. I put mine on the concrete instead of in the concrete with brackets so I never have to dig them out if it would ever rot.

  • Larry Yee
    Larry Yee Month ago

    I do like how he's framing it however the support for it to the ground are going to rot out real fast. Would have personally elevated the post to concrete Footers then attach the wooden posts to the concrete. Interesting vid though

  • Derek L
    Derek L Month ago +4

    I know you are putting a lot of work into this, but you REALLY need to pull it out and start over. First, your support posts aren't Ground Contact rated Pressure Treated lumber, and second your deck needs to sit on TOP of the support posts. As it sits now those supports are going to be rotted away in no more than 2 years and ALL the weight of the deck and anyone on it is supported exclusively by screws under a lot of lateral sheer strain. You can probably salvage the top frame for re-use but at a minimum those posts need to be replaced and repositioned to be UNDER the frame, not beside it.

  • Nicholas Ward
    Nicholas Ward Month ago

    I’ve also built all my decks screwing in the side using chunky screws with impact drivers, it ain’t going nowhere! The joint is pulled VERY tightly together using impact drivers so I think this adds to the shear strength.

  • Nicholas Ward
    Nicholas Ward Month ago

    No need to have posts in the ground, I’ve built loads of simple, low decks on grass and hard standing and never dug holes or used concrete. The weight of the deck itself makes sure it never moves, I just use small paving tiles to under each post to help spread the load and make sure the posts are not in contact with the ground. If you attach one side of the frame to a wall then clearly digging holes is not required. This also means you can lay the membrane down before you build the frame. Just my way of doing it guys, not necessarily the best way! 👍😊

  • Abel Anacleto
    Abel Anacleto Month ago +1

    I know you use a lot of lumber to make all these amazing projects, so it be cool if you could join #teamtrees

  • Jonn Ramaer
    Jonn Ramaer Month ago

    You're miraculous man!!!

  • G Q
    G Q Month ago

    I would mention that this method would likely not pass inspection depending on your locale. You should consult local building codes before building anything even if you are not pulling a permit. Your build will be better off.

  • Michael Arabi
    Michael Arabi Month ago

    Did u know that screws have bad sheer strength. Nails are better. But you should use joist hangers

    TJ'S WOODWORKING SHOP Month ago +3

    You Guy's Rock this out,It is looking awesome Yeaaaaaa Boyyyyyy's lol :)