Sightings of the Megalodon That May Prove It Exists

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • The Megalodon: this prehistoric shark was the most massive shark on the planet, but could it still exist?
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  • alieninvaider
    alieninvaider 10 days ago

    That is a elephant in the water not a shark.

  • d d
    d d 14 days ago

    Orcas are commonly known to eat sharks. A pod can easily bash a pointer around and dispatch him.
    Orcas can also dive to great depths. Mystery solved.
    This megadolon theory only serves to confuse and misinform those who have an interest in sharks. Why anyone would do that is a mystery to me. Do they get money if a lot of people click on their bullshit? Is there anyway to leave a warning or a bad review so others are not sucked in?

  • Tiffiny Kayali
    Tiffiny Kayali 15 days ago


  • Ali Iqbal
    Ali Iqbal 17 days ago

    Click baittttttttt

  • Tina  Hedge
    Tina Hedge 17 days ago +1


  • Jacob Gabriel Bolivar
    Jacob Gabriel Bolivar 17 days ago

    Click bait

  • Carl Field
    Carl Field 18 days ago

    Killer whales regularly eat great whites you dumbass.

  • Zoinks Zoinks
    Zoinks Zoinks 18 days ago

    In the second clip he said "It seems like the shark was gonna eat the juicy human" But their are legit fish around them and there was a fish above the diver and so the shark went to eat it

  • JJ France
    JJ France 19 days ago +6

    Ever heard of Orcas? Alias ginormous shark hunters?

  • AnthonyE350 Vlogs
    AnthonyE350 Vlogs 19 days ago

    Sooooo fake

  • Candace Graham
    Candace Graham 20 days ago


  • jerry H
    jerry H 20 days ago

    B.S !

  • David Coon
    David Coon 20 days ago

    There are so many exaggerations in this video I’m eagerly pausing this one about 35% of the way into it and going to another video.
    For one, I have seen other videos about sharks that all reference the same incidents that this video references, however for some reason all other videos testimonies of identical incidents all claim the same as each other, yet somehow this video, which identifies the exact same sittings, boosts the average size and other statistics about the sharks in question by NOT LESS THAN 75%. Very questionable...
    Also, how in the fuck can you say that scientists have found the megaladon? I didn’t see any evidence of them FINDING OR IDENTIFYING an actual megaladon, did anybody else? The answer is a big fat (fat as in exaggerated, like everything about this video) NO.
    Clickbait, exaggerations, videos that everyone who spends any time watching will be disappointed in - DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING EVEN 2 MORE SECONDS OF THIS VIDEO!!! TRUST ME, TRUST ME - THERE IS ZERO REASON TO CONTINUE WATCHING THIS!!!!!!

  • Jessiah McClellan
    Jessiah McClellan 21 day ago

    OMG 😱

  • Tin Trần
    Tin Trần 21 day ago

    Sooooo fake

  • Joey Hutkoski
    Joey Hutkoski 22 days ago

    Killer whale

  • shadow demon 36 Fox
    shadow demon 36 Fox 22 days ago

    That’s why they have to get rid of those big holes in the shark cages

  • Reese
    Reese 22 days ago +3

    They could easily still be alive.
    Only 5% out of 95% of the ocean has been discovered. Who knows what is out there.

  • Michael Conner
    Michael Conner 22 days ago

    Fake we could never catch megalodon it could catch us

  • Ninja Slug
    Ninja Slug 22 days ago +1

    If you were in this situation and posted it and you read the comments clitbate all you haters are trash

  • John Cedrick Lagtapon
    John Cedrick Lagtapon 23 days ago

    Your lying your talking about great white shark's you click bait!

  • Brian Panis
    Brian Panis 23 days ago

    Click bait u fucking faggot u really have nothing better to do then to lie to people on U-tube just to make people watch ur shit. U waisted all this time to make the video just to lie about ur titled just for view stats what a loser. Lol u HV nothing better to do really. I do t get wht is the big deal to HV to lie just to get views maybe if u put something that's worth watching like a real U-Tuber ur a loser. Lol... No all that work u put into this video what did that do for u at the end of the day. U didn't come up of this video u didn't cure hunger u help the needy, u didn't hit the lotto u didn't get any richer then u wish u already we're u got no award or no cash prize ur just AVERAGE. I JIST DONT GET HOW U FEEL THE NEED TO. A BITCH A TITLE FAKE SHIT THT UR REALLY NOT GOING TO SHOW SO WHT WAS THE POINT. LOL. U MAKE ME LAUGH. There so many other channels for me and other to watch we watched ur bullshit video and we move on to other after the world keeps spinning while u sit in ur chair or on ur couch or bed with no life and no friends or no girl so hate urself so much tht u have to waist everybody else's time ur a bum get a real life and some friends maybe they can teach u how to keep it real and make an actual video the people will enjoy and b happy they watched it not this loser shit tht has nothing to do with the title u put up. Ur a waist of space and time. Ha e a great day and good luck with finding and holding a real life down. 👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • TheTrackfreak1
    TheTrackfreak1 23 days ago

    what a bullshit video

  • Laura W
    Laura W 24 days ago +1

    I thank a elevation ate the shark

  • Dalmat Binakaj
    Dalmat Binakaj 24 days ago

    Megalodon has died 2.6 million years ago

  • Venom the ink leader
    Venom the ink leader 24 days ago +1

    Well we soldiers found one before but it escape the hole united state army i told them but we have no more rienforsment so we bail out so heh watch out 😱😱😨😨😨😰😰😰

  • puppygaming 791
    puppygaming 791 24 days ago

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  • amelita casidsid
    amelita casidsid 24 days ago

    Can some one speel clickbait?

  • Mike Ockitch
    Mike Ockitch 24 days ago

    pretty sure it was eaten by a giant squid rather then a megladon, cephelopods eat sharks all the time, and that massive one off guadelupe is big blue a very well known female regular thats been studied for years and she was pregnant at the time

  • WolfSophia 89
    WolfSophia 89 24 days ago

    Dude how can a megaldon can acxlly eat a the great white shark im not lying for rieyls

  • Fortnite Logic
    Fortnite Logic 24 days ago

    4:18 you just sound like a cannibal

  • Shae Bock
    Shae Bock 24 days ago

    Nope never in water again. Mariana trench only my ass

  • lositobebe 123
    lositobebe 123 24 days ago

    It's fake

  • Mike Gilder
    Mike Gilder 25 days ago

    Why say that a Megs been caught when it hasn't fk u 🖕

  • Melle 3000
    Melle 3000 26 days ago


  • Zunny Martinez
    Zunny Martinez 26 days ago

    I don’t believe the Megalodon exists today. Please, spare me. there are great white sharks everywhere bigger than others BUT that Megalodon that existed millions of years ago is now very much alive ...?? NO, I DON’T BELIEVE THAT! I would have to see it to believe it. It is just fake news. And I love sharks, I think they are great and they keep the balance of the ocean ! But the Megalodon???? Alive today??? No no no 👎 I don’t believe it is possible!

  • Xx ChainedRage xX
    Xx ChainedRage xX 26 days ago

    If you don't know what a Megalodon is, then watch the movie "The Meg"'ll know what it is after that movie... and please like!! Make that like button blue!! (Not the vid, meh comment)

  • moinuddin ahmed
    moinuddin ahmed 27 days ago

    I do not believe this Megalodon is still alive if it's alive we must get the some breaking news that some peoples are killed by Megalodon attack

  • Goddam Aligator
    Goddam Aligator 27 days ago

    Amerikano......You GOOF.

  • Larry Burnham
    Larry Burnham 27 days ago

    Megaladons ass! Get somphthing of value on here or blow it out your ass!

  • Toshi Wap
    Toshi Wap 27 days ago

    9ft is 3 yards not 3 meters jackass. also the picture is of a swimming elephant. and yes some asian elephants swim from island to island for food

  • Ben Chua
    Ben Chua 28 days ago

    Fakin Clickbait

  • Jim Aguilar
    Jim Aguilar 28 days ago

    How about a pod of Orcas??? Seriously...

  • Miles Mander
    Miles Mander 28 days ago +4

    A meg is probley too strong too catch its the biggest shark ever 70 feat long they eat whales too they might still excist we only discoverd 5 percente of the 🌊

    • Miles Mander
      Miles Mander 23 days ago

      The meg might be alive i never said it 100 percente it is

    • Miles Mander
      Miles Mander 23 days ago

      Mr Mr you are not very easy to convince

    • Mr Mr
      Mr Mr 23 days ago

      @Miles Mander and they must be camera shy as soon as the satellites circling the planet scanning the oceans haven't seen anything like I said come with facts

    • Miles Mander
      Miles Mander 23 days ago +1

      The meg might be out there

    • Miles Mander
      Miles Mander 23 days ago +1

      Mr Mr wow you dont know only 30 percente of the ocean is discoved

  • Tha Kidd
    Tha Kidd 28 days ago +1

    🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 to whomever created and posted this bullshit!!!! Everyone else enjoy your day 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿!!!!! ✌🏿out

  • Andrew eby
    Andrew eby 29 days ago

    Your channel fucken sucks, if you have to clickbait people to watch your video, please end your channel. Fucken stooge

  • Kim Charles
    Kim Charles 29 days ago

    this misleading title of your video made me angry,,,... F**k you mate

  • the naughty boys
    the naughty boys 29 days ago

    the what?😂

  • Nelson Morales
    Nelson Morales 29 days ago

    reported to You tube. hopefully they'll shut you down.

  • Nelson Morales
    Nelson Morales 29 days ago

    Scam!! You're a jerk and a con artist. go to hell.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 29 days ago

    The megalodon was a warm water shallow ocean shark it would not have had the time needed to evole to deeper waters

  • Walter Shumate
    Walter Shumate Month ago

    Humpback whales are nomadic and at times come into an accidental contact with man. I saw net marks on the leading edge of a fluke. If man helped that whale free, there is little doubt they have long memories that allow altruistic behavior and Gratitude.

  • Davinhomx
    Davinhomx Month ago

    I never got why the holes in sharkcages have to be so huge?!

  • Davinhomx
    Davinhomx Month ago

    Who says that the whole shark was eaten??! Another great white could have easily biten into his tail or the spot where the sensor was....and just ate that before spitting it out. End of the mistery

  • Hugo Leiviö
    Hugo Leiviö Month ago

    Click baitttttttttttt but good video still tho

  • they're not us
    they're not us Month ago

    Fukn ad sluts

  • Hargrove 001
    Hargrove 001 Month ago

    Saw like 10 ads, sorry couldn’t watch

  • gllenvan trazo
    gllenvan trazo Month ago


  • Mandy Weston
    Mandy Weston Month ago

    👎Really??? Misleading titles are not cool. 👎 thanks for using me for a view. 👎

  • Mark Jobert Chico Azura

    Stupid vid.

  • B. Davis
    B. Davis Month ago

    I hate it when people advertise something and don't deliverit's called clickbait in RU-clip parlanceand you get a dislike for your video and your channel blocked

  • Lunkis
    Lunkis Month ago

    The shark wanted to get out of The cage and it was panicking and hurt.

  • Fuck Trump
    Fuck Trump Month ago +1

    This is as fake as Trump's election.

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton Month ago

    So the guy is diving deep and half way down sees shark? So why does the camera show he is on the surface?

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton Month ago +1

    Quick start a march. Great white sharks are RACIST. They only attack black. Snowflakes and SJW'S uniite

  • anthony889100
    anthony889100 Month ago

    Click bait fuck you bro forreal fake ass fool

  • Shakir Moore
    Shakir Moore Month ago

    Nobody subscribe to this man🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 106lewy
    106lewy Month ago

    Dumb fuck

  • James Oppbad
    James Oppbad Month ago

    Get 2 the point . U doing to much talking !!

  • Naethan PlayZYT
    Naethan PlayZYT Month ago

    Deep blue is not a megalodn great whites can actually grow larger than 20 feet

  • Kevin Lundin
    Kevin Lundin Month ago

    There was 23 Foot Great White. But she was pregnant that could of made her bigger. So it was 23 feet it wasn't this Great White

  • Jexter Playz
    Jexter Playz Month ago

    Top 3 great tooth what about top 1 most clickbait

  • Emkay
    Emkay Month ago



    the 2nd one is a sleeping shark

  • Fox
    Fox Month ago

    no god idea look for this 5mins before u go to the pool

  • Lidia Nichols
    Lidia Nichols Month ago

    Or it could also be that a Megalodon had a child with a great white shark that was huge while they were still alive and then that hybrid went to make child's children with the other one

  • Lidia Nichols
    Lidia Nichols Month ago

    Or great white sharks just living too long

  • Lidia Nichols
    Lidia Nichols Month ago

    Come to thinking about it it could be just a bigger species of shark yet to be found

  • Francis Samillano
    Francis Samillano Month ago


  • Barasi Family
    Barasi Family Month ago

    Is this true or not

  • Winterwolf AJ
    Winterwolf AJ Month ago

    Your telling me that a bull shark is a Pitbull and pit bulls are great they are sweet kind and loving dogs

  • Jonathan Pinto
    Jonathan Pinto Month ago +1

    It could be a orca

  • Eusebio Jugueta
    Eusebio Jugueta Month ago

    Fake vio

  • Rachael Gordove
    Rachael Gordove Month ago +1

    Thats elephant!!

  • Merritt Mayer
    Merritt Mayer Month ago


  • cj matthews
    cj matthews Month ago

    Time to unsubscribe wen your lured in by clickbait ffs!!! 12mins of my day I ain't getting back 👎👎

  • Blasian Asian
    Blasian Asian Month ago

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  • Michael Tovar
    Michael Tovar Month ago

    Thumbs down for being click bait

  • Chris Baxter
    Chris Baxter 2 months ago

    Getting tired of the click baiting. I'll be unsubscribing at this point.

  • devon che jameson
    devon che jameson 2 months ago

    How utterly disappointing... I’ll certainly not be subscribing to this channel. It must be a desperate and sad struggle when you feel the need to blatantly lie to attract viewers. RU-clip needs real content providers not this sad foolish child. Thanks for nothing 👍

  • King Fisher Maan
    King Fisher Maan 2 months ago

    Clickbait lies so where's the megladon caught by scientists ......... oh yeah its bullshit

  • Justin Cook
    Justin Cook 2 months ago

    Leave that elephant alone

  • key wireless
    key wireless 2 months ago


  • steve gable
    steve gable 2 months ago

    full of shit this chappie

  • Darcey Lewis
    Darcey Lewis 2 months ago +1

    Holy Hell! I'm never swimming in the ocean again.

  • Louie Ellison
    Louie Ellison 2 months ago

    I saw a megaladon once

  • angelo dalit
    angelo dalit 2 months ago

    I dont care about this shity video but i like reading the comments haha

  • DaPokeManiac93 PokeGamer

    Great whites cant tolerate fresh waters you moron lol. Do a fact check before you post your shit videos

  • Michael Venuti
    Michael Venuti 2 months ago

    Caught or Not?
    A) clicbait
    B) true
    C) just fucken dumb

  • ice kill
    ice kill 2 months ago

    Ok im going to solve this for all u dumbfucks right i just told someone watched this video knowing it was clickbait...someone even commented that clickbait is this channels norm....but yet u want to get all pissy when u actually find out that u got clickbated if u know its all clickbait then stop fucking watching this channels videos come on people its not rocket science its common sense all u dumb fucks that believed this shit or watch the videos knowing that they are bullshit are stupid for bitching about it and dumb for believing it and yes i know alot of u are going to read this and try to make an attempt at defending ur stupidity but im going to tell u now....that I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY....grow the fuck up and waste ur time and energy on the more important things in life rather then ur stupidity and this dumb bullshit