10 Worst Things Found In Fast Food

  • Published on Jan 5, 2017
  • 10 Worst Things Found In Fast Food
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Comments • 2 677

    RAEIXEY 2 years ago +1139

    Yooo nexus keep up the good work

  • Zer0 *is bowser,mario Or luigi*

    Woman: why was there a condom in my kids sandwich? Cashier: umm i may have fucked the sandwich

  • Eh-oh_ dinosaurs _ little_ teletubbies gameing


  • kelly weir
    kelly weir 27 days ago

    Hey 2010 was when I was born

  • Diaz-Santos Cay
    Diaz-Santos Cay Month ago

    Other customers might just be making up stories.

  • angel fortnite
    angel fortnite 2 months ago

    Who else gets grossed out by the little bones in mcnuggets?

  • Marcos Astronomy
    Marcos Astronomy 4 months ago

    One Time My Mom Got us Chinese food and on my white rice and she found a cockroach.

  • Rawaa Hanna
    Rawaa Hanna 4 months ago

    Did you know I was born in 2010

  • Milo GAMERZ44
    Milo GAMERZ44 4 months ago

    Fund a worm in my moms pizza she is crying

    dont eat from other lands

  • tofu
    tofu 6 months ago

    What about #15?

  • Tamera Williams
    Tamera Williams 6 months ago

    Ughhh I guess I gotta cook. Now🙄

  • Invisible yikrz
    Invisible yikrz 7 months ago

    We’re is Burger King foot lettuce

  • Hamza Yousaf
    Hamza Yousaf 7 months ago

    Feel bad for that woman at costco

  • Hamza Yousaf
    Hamza Yousaf 7 months ago

    5 years is not enough

  • Milk
    Milk 7 months ago

    How about you don't eat fast food

  • WhiteVoidGDLeopardsun
    WhiteVoidGDLeopardsun 7 months ago


  • James Fryer
    James Fryer 8 months ago

    You got a new sub

  • حبCadieمرحبا Potter

    A CONDOM?!!?!? OMG

  • Lavin Rashid Ismail
    Lavin Rashid Ismail 8 months ago

    i live in sweden XD

  • No copy write songs
    No copy write songs 8 months ago

    Condam , wearing on ------------???!!!!!!

  • Lara Bowen
    Lara Bowen 9 months ago

    hi i am new here, drop a like

  • the holy lord
    the holy lord 9 months ago +1


  • Cailu Lu
    Cailu Lu 9 months ago

    Thanks! I know alot of things now! P.S, Hot dog sauseges are made oo=ut of dead farm amimals. They don't even take out their insides and don' even cut their hair off!

  • Zara Duke
    Zara Duke 10 months ago

    I will. Not! Eat. Fast-food. Eny-fast food. No t. Longer than. Enyfink. Now

  • Susan Mallare
    Susan Mallare 10 months ago

    My stepdad ate a taco from Taco Bell and digested a plastic bag from the taco and went to emergency room.... never goin to Taco Bell again

  • aikopotato
    aikopotato 10 months ago


  • lps lover
    lps lover 10 months ago

    In going to 😷

  • Storm
    Storm 11 months ago


  • basil walters
    basil walters 11 months ago


  • Super Diego X31
    Super Diego X31 11 months ago

    When I was eating a salid at golden corral,I found a dead ladybug

  • Jeremiah McMillan
    Jeremiah McMillan 11 months ago

    I’m confused on Burger King with the pill can y’all help me 😕

  • Swordmaster333 Meh
    Swordmaster333 Meh 11 months ago

    Welcome too the weird side of RU-clip

  • RedRobloxBloxian
    RedRobloxBloxian 11 months ago

    Drunked people.

  • Lizmar Perez
    Lizmar Perez 11 months ago

    Hurricanes happen in japan am not scaryed of hurricanes

  • Boonk Boonk
    Boonk Boonk Year ago

    I was eating and I saw the first one I literally threw up all over my bed

  • Margarita Siten
    Margarita Siten Year ago

    yes because it is made out of chicken

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams Year ago

    one time i found blood in my chickin at lunch at school

  • gamer kylie
    gamer kylie Year ago


  • The Red Cupcake
    The Red Cupcake Year ago



  • My name Is Jeff
    My name Is Jeff Year ago

    Did he just say “he cut off his mouth and went to the hospital”?

  • echo _ cotton
    echo _ cotton Year ago

    I got food poisoning from Wendy's once.

  • bigsmokiee55
    bigsmokiee55 Year ago

    I’d be cool with number 9

  • Kinder Cypress64
    Kinder Cypress64 Year ago

    4:42 he was laughing a little

  • XX 23
    XX 23 Year ago

    A freaking condom

  • MCS Inside
    MCS Inside Year ago

    i love McDonald's cause it's my Friday dinner

  • Eiji Zachary Lye
    Eiji Zachary Lye Year ago


  • TravisToo!Tender
    TravisToo!Tender Year ago


  • Moonzie Whoozie
    Moonzie Whoozie Year ago +1

    Thank god jollibe is not there

  • WhatHerBoTtle
    WhatHerBoTtle Year ago

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Wiza k
    Wiza k Year ago

    I will never go to MCdonalds anyomore

  • mlg gamer
    mlg gamer Year ago

    I puked

  • Goo Goo Bad babies

    I found sand in my burger

  • Gacha Nerd
    Gacha Nerd Year ago

    Im from Sweden and now im very scaerd of McDonalds!😂😱

  • Robloxianoof
    Robloxianoof Year ago +1

    i just wanna say something. i started hating mcdonalds ever since i had a drink and it was very disgusting even though it was my favorite soda. wtf mcdonals.

  • Gaming King 1509
    Gaming King 1509 Year ago

    A condom wtfh

  • KenyoMurabu
    KenyoMurabu Year ago

    I found Black large Charred items in my Longs after drinking some Energy Drinks at my work over last Christmas, & I found myself getting sick all over the place outside my work, not bad enough, I bought I think 6 or 12 of the Cans, & the only 2 of those I drank both had it inside, oO
    Never drank an Energy Drink again, since I've had those... However, I've not been able to drink anything in a Can since, & with another encounter with me getting all sick from Drinking anything to do with Color Die or whatever in plastic Drinks... Such as Green River, or Gatorade, or even Powerade, I now try & stick to anything through just a Glass which I have at home...
    If I do use outside drinks, it's mostly Hot Coco from Mc Donalds, Pop at Toco Bell, which tastes barely ok, Glass bottle of Hurtz or Huntz, or Hurbertz Lemonade at my work, & those icy Drinks at Toco Bell... I've even found things in my Pop at Mc Doanlds as well, ~_~
    I also hate plastic beverages, the plastic takes away the taste, even if people tell you it doesn't, ~_~
    I used to buy a 12 pack of those Glass Bottles of SoBe Energy Drinks all the time, but now they are in plastic, & I haven't bought 1 since, :(

    • KenyoMurabu
      KenyoMurabu Year ago

      It sux, when you have a really hard time trying to not get anything bad in your Drinks, ~_~
      It's been this bad, where I live, oO I dunno how everyone else does it, but I hate it when this crap happens...
      Ever since this past Christmas I've had issues trying not to drink something bad, :(
      I would go to other places, but it's not like I can just go to some far off place while i'm on the clock working, oO

  • hope pace
    hope pace Year ago

    Who wants to eat fast food now lol😜

  • kwaiithenightwolf AJ

    Where tf they found a bullet in a fast food
    Maybe they had a fast food fight between mc donalds a and kfc

  • TTiredd
    TTiredd Year ago

    0:35 it starts