Butch Anthony's Alabama Folk Art Compound


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  • Zero Viewers
    Zero Viewers 2 года назад +1

    He's my one of my families' good friend.

  • The Big F U
    The Big F U 4 года назад +5

    That cat you were holding by the foot, did you murder, murder that poor animal just so you could fulfill your grousom desire just to stuff it, that's some bad karma coming your way. If you kill an animal it is only justified if you need, need it for food, period. You don't kill, murder animals just to stuff its body. No wonder you turned in to such a loser, with all the lives you have taken so you could stuff them. That's some evil shit and gods gonna get you for it. There are no excuses that are going to save you, gods gonna get you.

    • Tennessee Exposed
      Tennessee Exposed 7 месяцев назад

      The Big F U How dare you Tennessee idiot for hating on this guy all because of a cat!!! Alabamian pride!!!!

  • stedmans4christ
    stedmans4christ 4 года назад

    Could listen to John Henry all day long, and LOVE this house and art...man I am taking a trip to Alabam to check this out

  • hippy chick
    hippy chick 4 года назад

    i love it! a recycler's heaven!

  • DrFrankyDolan
    DrFrankyDolan 4 года назад +3

    John Henry Tony's voice was ---moving. I LOVED his singing! …..The house that Butch built was awe-inspired as well. What a beautiful, pleasant surprise all of this was! Thank you, and bravo ~

  • Christopher Taylor
    Christopher Taylor 5 лет назад

    This guy was on American Pickers :)

  • Blackgoatfolkart
    Blackgoatfolkart 5 лет назад

    Great art and house

  • MagicNateball
    MagicNateball 5 лет назад

    I was like wow that's pretty cool, then they show his house and I'm like holy shit wtf redneck awesomeness.

  • lazeezee
    lazeezee 6 лет назад

    deep wow so cooool

  • paisleyyama
    paisleyyama 6 лет назад

    I don`t like the bones in the home but he`s a great house builder. I love the design.

  • Jah Ha
    Jah Ha 6 лет назад

    this guy is a good carpenter... old people and their spiritual songs... ( blank stare ) lol

  • Billy Barton
    Billy Barton 6 лет назад

    Hello Butch! Saw you on American Pickers. Keep up the good work, have fun!

  • ImSpiFF
    ImSpiFF 6 лет назад

    hey this guy was in American Pickers!

  • OhMJB
    OhMJB 6 лет назад

    wow. id hire him to do the interior design for my new room in a split second.

  • scarlettskies100
    scarlettskies100 7 лет назад

    do you want to marry me????....;)

  • Karmalaide
    Karmalaide 7 лет назад

    some people are just born with good taste

  • Clay Phillips
    Clay Phillips 7 лет назад +1

    @mediaagent-If you ever meet Butch,you'll see.He goes as the wind carries him,and it still doesn't ruffle his feathers one bit.He's one of the coolest,most down to earth,most REAL cats I've ever been around,and I've worked with some large names in the world of music/art/writing.He's just one of the most eternally enjoyable characters you'll ever really love to meet,and find your soul missing his beatified platitudes.April30-May2,come down 4 the Doonanny Festival.Don't miss it!

  • Abipop
    Abipop 7 лет назад +1

    WOW this is beyond beautiful

  • Hannah Curtis
    Hannah Curtis 7 лет назад

    blair witch meets interior design I love it !

  • inari00000
    inari00000 7 лет назад

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  • terminatordoink
    terminatordoink 7 лет назад

    I really respect this people. Great craftsmanship, great patience in makin these things. They are humble and peaceful people =)

  • BanglewoodCrafts
    BanglewoodCrafts 7 лет назад +1

    He is super talented!

  • NylonRiot
    NylonRiot 8 лет назад

    This is by far, the most amazing video in this series.

  • donna martin
    donna martin 8 лет назад

    Wow! Im so glad to see this!!! Love you boyz!!!

  • Lauren Picarello
    Lauren Picarello 8 лет назад

    i love this video

  • mrslandanna
    mrslandanna 8 лет назад

    Have been reading about Butch Anthony and looking at his work already for more than a year and he still knows to surprise me everytime. I'm glad with this short video, makes me want to go to Doo-Nanny even more.

  • nafala
    nafala 8 лет назад

    Wow his house is amazing
    that was a pleasant surprise
    i think this is my favorite place f the No Places Like Here series

  • tikoloski
    tikoloski 8 лет назад

    0 dislikes. beautiful. just the way it should be :)

  • maggie
    maggie 8 лет назад

    Saw him on American Pickers, but then they only showed the interesting junk collections. I liked seeing his house too, quite a contrast.

  • Unser Traumer
    Unser Traumer 8 лет назад

    This goes to show that you never know what amazing things people can do or make.

  • libravenus85
    libravenus85 8 лет назад

    I think this is my favorite "No Place Like Here" video. I totally wasn't expecting the guy's house to look so gorgeous. Great job!

  • missalgernon
    missalgernon 8 лет назад

    Too perfect a life to be true - "I just started nailing and this is what turned out". These etsy films are always gorgeous, but this is my favourite so far, thanks.

  • jleighinva
    jleighinva 8 лет назад

    wow beautiful and unique!!

  • Coollikeicecream
    Coollikeicecream 8 лет назад

    wow o.O did not expected this, when I saw him first.
    Great video :) and great guy :)

  • Cerebral Egg Network
    Cerebral Egg Network 8 лет назад

    anyone ready for a Possum Trot XD this is one of the greatest artists iv seen

  • Jujze *
    Jujze * 8 лет назад

    AMAZING....What is the Artist name??? I want that house lol ...so beautiful!

  • had0406
    had0406 8 лет назад

    this was on American Pickers. great to get a closer look! i love the etsy channel!

  • promise2luv
    promise2luv 8 лет назад

    he was on a tv show that i seen with my bf!!

  • Its Just Mars
    Its Just Mars 8 лет назад +1

    holy cow that guy is talented. i did not expect his house to be so beautiful. those overalls threw me off. i love his decor and home. Some of that stuff is awesome i love the bed spring hanging on the wall and the bedroom.

  • mialovesmusic
    mialovesmusic 8 лет назад

    Wow how beautiful! I didn't expect this beauty in the house! Leaves me speechless

  • ohemmi
    ohemmi 8 лет назад +1

    This makes me wonder if art school is needed.

  • artemisfair
    artemisfair 8 лет назад

    love this place.

  • lin90210
    lin90210 8 лет назад

    man, that guy knows his interior design :)