Father vs Son: The Fight (Part I)

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
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  • Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf  5 months ago +1878

    Father vs Son: The Fight (Part II): ru-clip.com/video/An5qK9v2Xcs/video.html

    • Patrick Leonard
      Patrick Leonard Month ago

      Josh Wolf i beat the living fuck outa my stepdad after i caught him cheating on my mom and i got arrested until my mol picked me up from jail after she got off work and i never met my real dad

    • Shannon Gantz
      Shannon Gantz 2 months ago

      When u said "tell me to take out the trash again" u sounded just like sam kinison!

    • UmbrElla December
      UmbrElla December 5 months ago +1

      This is the funnest ever

    • TheCrazyWhiteDude 411
      TheCrazyWhiteDude 411 5 months ago +2

      Hey man just wanted to say im a huge fan and you are my favorite comedian out of everyone. Keep up the good work!!

    • Ridge Blue
      Ridge Blue 5 months ago +1

      Dont forget to laces up those shoes and jab him in the neck xD

  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter 20 hours ago

    Why is the crowd so dead?

  • Horn kjell
    Horn kjell Day ago +1

    My dad 207cm 150kg, didnt even cross my mind to fight him. When i was 16 i was 80 kg, and thats what my dad could carry in one hand, so fighting him was a nogo.

  • Maven
    Maven Day ago


  • Platønic Plagüe
    Platønic Plagüe 3 days ago

    *Watches any of Josh's videos*
    *ugly wheezing*

    KPOP LOVER 3 days ago

    2:17 I'm a GIRL and I think of doing this to my dad on the DAILY. I told my mom this once and this is her response...
    "Shit, you've got the weight and strength advantage and he's a puss so... make sure y'all aren't near the China when you uppercut him!" AND THEN SHE WINKS AND SMILES.

    I WAS JOKING!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • whysir iamacat
    whysir iamacat 5 days ago

    If I were one of this man's children, I would avoid him like the plague lol

  • Caleb Jenkins
    Caleb Jenkins 5 days ago

    I what to eat cereal for dinner fu*k ya that shi* cracked me up I'm done he is the funniest buy on earth

  • Grace Ladden
    Grace Ladden 6 days ago

    The cereal part and fuck that guy got me so vad i had a charlie horse in my leg and still laughed

  • Connor Liffman
    Connor Liffman 7 days ago

    smart man

  • Justforfun Gamergirl

    Heh. Y'all talking about a fight at like 16 or older....
    What about startin at 6? Eh?

  • The Schizophrenic Pyro

    Dad1 son0

  • LukePlunkettVGAMES 66
    LukePlunkettVGAMES 66 9 days ago +1


  • AnxiousLittleWeeb
    AnxiousLittleWeeb 9 days ago

    I’m sorry? Is this an American thing? Beating up your dad? If me or my brother tried to fight my dad we’d both be pinned instantly to the ground, having a long ass lecture on how fighting is never the answer

  • Ben Conley
    Ben Conley 9 days ago

    612 dislikes are his son with fake accounts

  • Chaotic Virus
    Chaotic Virus 10 days ago

    Sounds like triple h 😂😂

  • Corran Cully
    Corran Cully 10 days ago

    My dad would destroy me

  • Wait A minute
    Wait A minute 11 days ago

    I have never meant a comedian that made me laugh while looking at a screen 😂

  • Professor Hulk
    Professor Hulk 11 days ago

    An extended touch my boob skit from laugh factory is all i ever wanted in life

  • fairy tale forever Lily

    I get into what I call small tussles with my dad but I'm mostly just a smart ass instead

  • Alexander Horner
    Alexander Horner 13 days ago

    Wait Americans fight their dads? You guys living in a wolf pack?

  • A B
    A B 13 days ago

    You fucking suck.

  • Abby's Haunted House
    Abby's Haunted House 15 days ago

    Granny wildin lmao

  • Deathstroke Jackson
    Deathstroke Jackson 15 days ago

    My first fight with my dad was at 12 and I beat the heck out of him

  • Silke Jensen
    Silke Jensen 15 days ago

    At one point he sounded like swaggersouls

  • dylan callaghan
    dylan callaghan 16 days ago

    Mate this was fking hilarious, good one mate ahah

  • MM Clan
    MM Clan 18 days ago

    I don’t think I can beat up my dad he is a ex body builder

  • Flipsation
    Flipsation 18 days ago

    Jacob Wolf is the name of his son if y'all wanna look him up

  • H20 Fan
    H20 Fan 18 days ago

    Best part of the vid 5:28

  • TaupeBongo 81394
    TaupeBongo 81394 18 days ago

    Kicking in the nuts is a cowered move

  • Ambrosia Bennett
    Ambrosia Bennett 19 days ago

    I spit out my fucking cerial-

  • Brandon Ramirez
    Brandon Ramirez 20 days ago

    2:49 (high fives son) THATS MY BOY!!

  • newt0n
    newt0n 20 days ago

    Sometimes he looks just like Tosh

  • Ziviquelk
    Ziviquelk 20 days ago +1

    Him cursing sounds like Dead Mouse

  • Gx QuestionableGrudge
    Gx QuestionableGrudge 20 days ago

    Fucken oath

  • Coot Forty Five
    Coot Forty Five 21 day ago

    You are amazingly funny! Huge fan! KEPP IT UP SIR!

  • LesbiansLurkHere Your friendly neighborhood lesbian

    I fought my dad when I was like... 13.
    It went pretty well, tho. I broke his nose, he broke my arm.
    Ah, good times.

  • Mr matt
    Mr matt 21 day ago +5

    I was 9 and I told my dad I wanted to fight him for real. He he picked me up and dropped me.
    I never challenged him again

  • ItzPhantom
    ItzPhantom 22 days ago

    least yall have a dad to fight

  • Jack Colbert
    Jack Colbert 24 days ago

    The only reason I never fought my dad was because by the time I was able to he was and old ass man

  • Comrade Dio
    Comrade Dio 24 days ago +1

    And I’m six and I’m like
    * jojos pose*

  • Fusion Blade
    Fusion Blade 25 days ago

    Josh wolf: *breathes*

    Woman the back that laughs like a dying donkey: HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA

  • Krystian Kowalski
    Krystian Kowalski 26 days ago +1

    What about for younger people, like kids? Do you change your material for them?

    • Lindsey Reads
      Lindsey Reads 13 days ago

      He's obviously not a "child friendly" act

  • nick ger
    nick ger 26 days ago +1

    My dad is ex military and a cop now do I ain't standing a chance

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 26 days ago +1

    He seems like a modern Jerry Seinfeld

    VIJAY SHARMA 28 days ago


  • why why
    why why 29 days ago +2

    I love the way he does his son voice xD

  • ratherande
    ratherande 29 days ago +1

    Every one of these videos takes away my ability to breathe 🤣

  • Rose C. Quiles
    Rose C. Quiles Month ago

    As a kid we *fought everyone* around us. Once every chiled in the house decided to fight one person. Long story short i stabbed someone

  • Moonlight 5
    Moonlight 5 Month ago

    I wanna be a dad so bad😂😂😂😂

  • ddcs0s
    ddcs0s Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie I never fought my dad
    My dad was already like 30 when I was born and he used to do this thing where he'd slap the shit out of the back of my head and call them love taps and that was always a good sign of exactly where I stood so by the time is was in my late teens and really felt like I could take him he was already like 50 and he's a drunk so I just said screw it I'm not about to fight a 50 year old drunk military vet ... Now I just randomly slap him on the head it's a two way thing now

  • Jack Murschel
    Jack Murschel Month ago

    Dude his dad's a straight gangsta smoken his cigar

  • Misha Gelenava
    Misha Gelenava Month ago

    I'm 26, he's 66 and I think I've got no shot against him LOL

  • Rowan Rust
    Rowan Rust Month ago +1

    I could never fight my dad because he is the strongest person I know and he’s a fucking badass. I have a lot of respect for my dad.

  • Leslie Corral
    Leslie Corral Month ago

    Oh wow I eat cereal for dinner all of the time it is a specialty for my parents 😂

  • TheKindOne
    TheKindOne Month ago

    You are by far my favorite! 😂 I fell down of my bed with this one

  • None Ya business
    None Ya business Month ago

    Just found you and your my favorite your so damn funny keep up the work!

  • Athena Jamaranian
    Athena Jamaranian Month ago

    why does young josh sound like gingy from shrek? :D

  • Brad Witt
    Brad Witt Month ago


  • Omkar Amruskar
    Omkar Amruskar Month ago

    Idk if Josh is having a good time or the audience 😂

  • Sidney Fedell
    Sidney Fedell Month ago

    kick in the nuts is a pussy move on ur dads part

  • Bonnie Bruce
    Bonnie Bruce Month ago

    My dad's got military training sooooo.. no

  • Part_time_Lillie
    Part_time_Lillie Month ago +2

    The first time I tried to fight my dad I think I was 5. I fell asleep in a choke hold😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Harter
    Chris Harter Month ago

    My dads a green beret I’ve tried to wrestle him it didn’t work at alll

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh Month ago

    I just wished your big son wouldve punched in the fuckin face. Same maggot dad jokes every fuckin time

  • somebrowngirlonline
    somebrowngirlonline Month ago +2

    I love his impression of himself at age 6 😂😂
    Also my dad was a scary af marine... nobody tried to fight dad

  • Dëmøñ Çhìld
    Dëmøñ Çhìld Month ago +1

    God I wish my dad was like him


    I remember getting hit in the nuts by my dad. 😂 wasn't good at all.😂😂

  • Gamer GAWD
    Gamer GAWD Month ago

    3:12 I was 14

  • Makayla 123
    Makayla 123 Month ago

    My cousin is seven and made his dads nosebleed he is seven and my uncle is a rugby player and my cousin is

  • Foxy Beats
    Foxy Beats Month ago +1


  • Sun R
    Sun R Month ago


  • ilexFN
    ilexFN Month ago

    *sweatheart.. I had to fuck for you to get here*

  • 24 Hours of savagery

    I fought my dad at 12 with a tag team with my 3 Bros and we all lost cause we got tired out

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo Month ago +2

    My sister fought my mom
    My sister got expelled for being to drunk and high to walk and when she got home my mom was talking mad shit and she pulled her out the car and rocked her shit
    My sister won
    Keep In mind their both under 5"2

  • Maya Symonds
    Maya Symonds Month ago

    This is the funniest shit I’ve ever watched

  • Brian Beddell
    Brian Beddell Month ago

    18 I decided let’s give it a go. Not good against a Golden Gloves Boxer.

  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn Month ago

    “I had to fuck for you to get here.” She’s not wrong

  • Janith Tharindu
    Janith Tharindu Month ago

    2:58 that RRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhh in the back! 😂

  • r crii
    r crii Month ago

    i'm bagging tf up. 😂

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano Month ago

    me and my dad have always got along lol.

  • Amazingly Strange
    Amazingly Strange Month ago +1

    Man, wished I had a dad

    REDNECK RICH Month ago

    I was 18 when i actually fought my dad. Not somthing im proud of but thata life.

  • Retarded Fat Mei
    Retarded Fat Mei Month ago

    he’s hot.

  • Troxsy
    Troxsy Month ago

    I kicked my dad in the balls when i was 3

  • pandalover3000 3000

    I beat my dad in a fight at the age of 11 and he was 39 and im a girl 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😙

  • UrNotRite
    UrNotRite Month ago

    'When you gotta shoot, shoot don't talk'

  • DerekTime91
    DerekTime91 Month ago +3

    This dude kinda looks like Rick Grimes lol

  • Plant Mama Child
    Plant Mama Child Month ago

    I fought my dad before because he took the last damn smarties so he said "haha your not gonna be that smart" I look straight into his eyes and told him " Your right... I'm not that smart I'm gonna fight you"
    I got my ass kicked but not actual fighting like more play fighting learned to not mess with him - age 6 and a smol girl

  • Thomas Derouin
    Thomas Derouin Month ago +2

    1 like and ill fight my dad

    Welp crap

  • shadow death
    shadow death Month ago +1

    My father left me when I was 5

  • Zlick
    Zlick Month ago

    When he hit himself in the head with the mic I died 😂😂😂😂😭

  • stevey jay
    stevey jay Month ago

    I guess I won that fight

  • stevey jay
    stevey jay Month ago

    Omg I kick my dad in the nut when I was younger

  • Xavier Bonilla
    Xavier Bonilla Month ago

    I discovered Wolf like in 2010, when he talked about his kids like little kids. 9 years later I have PTSD, depressed, became homeless because I got kicked out of my house and couldn't get a good job at 20 yo, and living in a third world country doesn't make shit easier. I was screaming so much at this, I don't have a father but I laughed too much. First time since a long time ago. Thank you Mr. You're awesome.

  • William Zimmerman
    William Zimmerman Month ago

    After this video, I kicked my dad in the shin. Now my face hurts.

  • Ben Walters
    Ben Walters Month ago

    My dad's a veteran so that wouldn't work well for me. I'm also 13

  • Mr. Billeツ
    Mr. Billeツ Month ago

    1000'th comment

  • Mr. Billeツ
    Mr. Billeツ Month ago


  • ellabelladancerella

    I've been binge watching all of your shows and stuff. Let me just tell you... best comedian of all time. One of The only comedians who can make me shoot milk through my eyes from laughing. :)