• Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • OUR FORBIDDEN LIGHT BOOSTER BOX IS HERE! Today we are opening an EARLY English Forbidden Light booster box of Pokemon cards!
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Comments • 343

  • LaZyy Tyger
    LaZyy Tyger Year ago +27

    I love your RU-clip channel 😊

  • Purple Banana
    Purple Banana 2 months ago

    The video is great but I hate how the guy takes 15 YEARS TO LOOK AT 11 PIECES OF CARDBOARD

  • PHILSY 43
    PHILSY 43 4 months ago

    What kind of packs should I buy?

  • Con1 Ne
    Con1 Ne 4 months ago

    May I have some of your cards pls

  • Jax & Dad
    Jax & Dad 4 months ago

    Pangoro never gets any love.

  • The updog channel
    The updog channel 5 months ago

    Love you guys

  • ULTR4B34ST Yt
    ULTR4B34ST Yt 7 months ago +1

    You take too long

  • The Box Breakers
    The Box Breakers 8 months ago

    I'm gonna break a box open....what box of Pokemon should we crack? I subbed to you

  • Stupid Name
    Stupid Name 9 months ago

    How do you buy an entire booster box? Just wondering.

  • Anaheim Ducks Hightlights & Games

    It's too bad that Zygarde's GX attack isn't that good. If it was, then a Zygarde GX-Bonnie deck would be very common, or so I feel. But nice pulls Professor K! That Mysterious Treasure secret rare was nice! Keep up the excellent work!

  • sickly shimly
    sickly shimly 10 months ago

    Wuts ur beef with helioptile

  • Justin M
    Justin M 10 months ago

    Difference between secret and hyper rares? This game has too many rarity levels lol.

  • superfortnitegamer228
    superfortnitegamer228 10 months ago

    I got guzzlord today

  • Emma Playz
    Emma Playz 10 months ago

    I'm about to buy a forbidden lucario GX off amazon

  • Emma Playz
    Emma Playz 10 months ago

    Lucario is my favorite

  • william zhang
    william zhang 11 months ago

    I got 2 full arts, secret rare energy recycler, 3 prism cards, and 3 regular gx's

  • Pokemon Square
    Pokemon Square 11 months ago

    I do love that Cubone artwork though. So pretty.

  • DotCopple
    DotCopple Year ago

    How do you get them so early

  • Joker The Phantom Theif

    I have a lot of zygrade 50% cards and I love this set I dont care if there all reprints I love the dialga gx and palkia gx

  • Hang Yin
    Hang Yin Year ago

    RIP helioptile

  • PichuFan3215
    PichuFan3215 Year ago


  • Joshua Ceballos
    Joshua Ceballos Year ago

    I have a mysterious treasure to

  • Archer Brown
    Archer Brown Year ago

    i got a full art diantha

  • S J Gaming
    S J Gaming Year ago

    I love that Poke'mon mat in the background. Do you know what it's called or where I could get one? :)

  • AK - 92
    AK - 92 Year ago


  • Majin makito Star

    One of ny favorit pokemon is goomy

  • SamuCosmog
    SamuCosmog Year ago

    Very niiice


    Hi! I'm new to this channel... And I have a question..... Why do you hate helioptile... If something happened in a video.. can you put the link in the comments??

  • LAXmacdaddy17
    LAXmacdaddy17 Year ago

    I pulled a beast ring secret rare, can someone tell me what it’s worth?, did I really pull the best card in the set buying one pack from the dollar store?

  • deleting channel bye :p

    I opened one of these and I pulled:
    Volcanion Prism Star
    Arceus Prism Star
    Lysandre Prism Star
    Beast Energy Prism Star
    Lucario-GX Full Art
    Ultra Necrozma-GX Full Art
    Palkia-GX Secret Rare
    Energy Recycler Secret Rare

  • Adam the Spiny GIANT

    My favorite card in this set is water palkia gx. I think it will be a great ally to my water toolbox deck.

  • Lemonjar
    Lemonjar Year ago

    Is it bad I have one gx and only five ex which are nine tales team aqua kyrogre and I forgot the others

  • Lemonjar
    Lemonjar Year ago

    Who else has four arceuces

  • ßëgøñê thõt

    They only card that I like that's not a reprint is sylveon

  • ComicNerd2891
    ComicNerd2891 Year ago

    I picked up 4 packs of this set and got xerneas gx and zygarde gx

  • MegzToyReviewz
    MegzToyReviewz Year ago

    You know that I collect Scatterbug cards right & you pulled a ton of them!! Lol nice pulls, especially allll the Scatterbugs!! 💚💚 Great video!

  • Taigafire
    Taigafire Year ago

    Nice pulls. Cool video.

  • GHST Papaya
    GHST Papaya Year ago

    So evolution illuminati is in this box too

  • Kody Koffing
    Kody Koffing Year ago

    I remember subbing when you guys were around 33k and thinking you deserved so many subs, but now yall finally got them!

  • Becky Covey
    Becky Covey Year ago

    I love that Cubone art

  • Aridium
    Aridium Year ago

    Enjoying these openings. Subscribed. And then there's me, still trying to complete my Guardians Rising and Ultra Prism sets and booster boxes cost in here Finland 150 euros, and single pack in stores 6 euros. Yes I may not see the day when one of my sets are complete but I always enjoy getting hyped for a new pack, it brings back so many memories and nostalgia

  • bbyhoseoku
    bbyhoseoku Year ago

    Whoa it’s been only a year since I stopped collecting Pokémon and wow have I missed a lot ;-; I wanna get back to it now lolol

  • Entei's Bacon
    Entei's Bacon Year ago

    Once *N* starts opening Forbidden Light we should count how many times *N* gets mad at Hawlucha

  • Entei's Bacon
    Entei's Bacon Year ago

    *I W I L L U S E M Y F R Y I N G P A N A S A D R Y I N G P A N*

  • Kevin Chapman
    Kevin Chapman Year ago

    Can I have that Lycanroc

  • Meowstic Brionne
    Meowstic Brionne Year ago

    I like new intro I like it

  • Extinct Meme
    Extinct Meme Year ago

    Wow it is released already wow

  • Pluffy G
    Pluffy G Year ago

    why do you not like helioptile?

  • SquishyPanda
    SquishyPanda Year ago

    Okay, so this pretty much confirms a Sinnoh remake.

  • Johaunna Comer
    Johaunna Comer Year ago

    You mean steel types

  • StevenGamer 2006
    StevenGamer 2006 Year ago

    My favourite Pokemon is Greninja to. (Ash-Greninja)

  • FalonKenobii
    FalonKenobii Year ago

    Too lazy to watch the whole thing; does he pull Greninja-GX?

  • Fundae
    Fundae Year ago

    i attended a pre release at oblivion games and got ultra necrozma GX and holo ultra beast energy which was cool!! im so jealous that you got wink wink sylveon because she’s all i want though ; w ;

  • Kei Kun
    Kei Kun Year ago

    I havent decided yet on grabbing the forbidden light booster box just yet.. Lol i still haven't gone through the two ultra prisms i got during pre relase either... 😂

  • Ricardo & Angel
    Ricardo & Angel Year ago

    Omg can I have sylveon?

  • Mapleshade102
    Mapleshade102 Year ago +2

    LUCARIO GX FULL ART FINALLY EXISTS IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wash Your Hands
    Wash Your Hands Year ago

    I don't want to spoil the set for myself by watching the whole video yet, but are the packs seeded at all? I remember for one set it was every 3rd pack had a holo or better and I just want to know if I should shuffle my packs or not when I get them... probably will regardless but it would be nice to know, thanks.

  • Dustin Driggers
    Dustin Driggers Year ago

    Yes my favorite pokemon Clawitzer is in this set

  • LightDragon789 Yang

    So, Ultra prism had a lot of sinnoh pokemon and now this one has a lot of Kalos Pokemon.

  • Neepad V's Corner

    "Now we have a fighting turtle, cuz that makes sense" I'd like you to meet my friends: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael :)

  • Zach Vassar
    Zach Vassar Year ago

    3 malamar, 2 beast rings, diance prism, zygarde and mysterious treasure secret rare. Insane box.

  • Electivire Man
    Electivire Man Year ago

    The symbol looks like The Claw from Toy Story lol

  • Mistro 123
    Mistro 123 Year ago +1

    Brilliant video Kris great pulls

  • • OfficialEvan •

    Love your channel been viewing since you teamed up with Leonhart your lucky if you play in the prerelease because you get a previous look before the tournament

  • No Save Points
    No Save Points Year ago

    In the last 4 ultra prism packs I bought, I got 2 full art Cynthias. Hopefully when my forbiddn light box comes in, my luck remains the same.

  • Gail Shulman
    Gail Shulman Year ago

    So lucky where did you get it?

  • Brandan Miller
    Brandan Miller Year ago

    What's the next Pokemon cards set after FORBIDDEN LIGHT?

  • Hatem
    Hatem Year ago

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam that 5% off

  • JustARandomRDFan
    JustARandomRDFan Year ago

    Where can you find the cheapest real Booster Boxes online?

  • Eonbree
    Eonbree Year ago

    Serena card?

  • SSSpooks-_-
    SSSpooks-_- Year ago

    This was the best Pokémon booster box opening on RU-clip ever!

  • Isaac Juntunen
    Isaac Juntunen Year ago

    Anybody have advice one buying/trading single cards? I got VERY lucky with Shining Legends and pulled all of the Ultra Rare cards in the 40ish packs I opened except Shining Jirachi and Shining Rayquaza. I only got 3 dupes and just wanna make sure I go somewhere trustworthy to finish off the set by trading those dupes or just by buying the 2 cards I needed.

  • Alpha Warrior
    Alpha Warrior Year ago

    Infernape's attack burns in case you didn't notice

  • dank bread
    dank bread Year ago

    Ash greninja will always be the best greeninja

  • Poke'-Dude
    Poke'-Dude Year ago

    is this the old toys mcn channel?

  • Horacio Orta
    Horacio Orta Year ago

    I like Greninja to

  • Steve Holliday
    Steve Holliday Year ago

    Greninja is the most overrated Pokémon followed by Charizard. 🙃🙄

  • Destro
    Destro Year ago

    set icon looks like a claw from a claw machine

  • PokéCenterUSA
    PokéCenterUSA Year ago

    Nice video! Can you confirm, is it green and white codes? Or just green? I hate how you know if you got anything or not just by the code card

  • Owen P Cammaart
    Owen P Cammaart Year ago

    My dad wants that Diance prism star

  • Owen P Cammaart
    Owen P Cammaart Year ago

    How much for the code cards?

  • Riku Jung
    Riku Jung Year ago

    i could not be more happy. booster box of new set and N is at work. maybe im just the only one who does not like him.

  • 1 7
    1 7 Year ago

    Ya ya ya yeet pokemon is cool

  • RobertoRB
    RobertoRB Year ago

    I own that music on my files.
    Pokemon X and Y champion remix, correct?

  • Battle Bear123
    Battle Bear123 Year ago

    What is the best card I can get

  • Raevus 89
    Raevus 89 Year ago

    Sylveon is in this set... I'm ordering my box right now 💖

  • Mark Donachie
    Mark Donachie Year ago

    Great vi l dio

  • Liz Matthews
    Liz Matthews Year ago

    I just realised that the pheramosa holo you pulled was holo all the way through

  • Georgia's Adventure

    Do you know how GOOD Ultra Necrozma GX is?

  • jordan mode
    jordan mode Year ago

    How good is the set

  • Jess Alakasam
    Jess Alakasam Year ago

    I'd do set reviews with you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Jess Alakasam
      Jess Alakasam Year ago

      Also, to answer your question about Z50, Bonnie doesn't flip the GX counter. She just allows Zygarde GX to GX attack again. If she flipped the counter over, then any GX attack could be used, not just Zygarde's

  • samster101229
    samster101229 Year ago

    Thinking about getting a box, where would be the best place that is reliable?

  • Brenden Mahoney
    Brenden Mahoney Year ago

    Dialga looks so much more natural as a metal type

  • Terry Kownack
    Terry Kownack Year ago

    The energy swap is good for drampa xurcatree

  • A P A C H E
    A P A C H E Year ago

    Wait, why did they reprint that dialga?

  • Red_Ninja_Red
    Red_Ninja_Red Year ago

    I need that Magne zone now. Raichu Pachirisu deck will never be the same!

  • Liz Matthews
    Liz Matthews Year ago

    I love your videos and love forbidden light even though I’ve never opened it!

  • TheSuperqami
    TheSuperqami Year ago

    That Bonnie card is an awesome reference to the anime!

  • shun kuraski
    shun kuraski Year ago +1

    What's your favorite gen 6 pokemon

  • TayTheGirlGamer
    TayTheGirlGamer Year ago +2

    How have I just now found your channel?!?! It’s awesome, I love Pokémon and I’m a new subscriber! That’s so cool that you have Forbidden Light!