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  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
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Comments • 27

  • Leif Grahamsson
    Leif Grahamsson 4 years ago +6

    Peter Fury seems ever so slightly sad and distracted of late. I expect the splintering of Tyson and Hughie and the funny scoring of Fury/Parker will take time to fix. A good man and a great trainer.

  • steve ewer
    steve ewer 4 years ago +4

    peter fury just speaks the truth in his opinion ...no ifs no buts . Gold

  • Robert Rattray
    Robert Rattray 4 years ago +1

    Young Fury has some excellent skills when he let’s his hands go at the correct time and becomes a complete fighter it’s hard to say who has better boxing ability than him include Tyson in that he’s still Growing

  • PotentialLunatic
    PotentialLunatic 4 years ago +5

    Could listen to Peter Fury talk about boxing all day.

    • Leroy Young
      Leroy Young 4 years ago

      PotentialLunatic 100 percent fact

  • dejavoodoo00 !
    dejavoodoo00 ! 4 years ago +2

    Great content as usual.
    It's a travesty and a down right farce how unnoticed the general boxing public seem to be over the hf - jp decision. To get robbed in your own back yard just goes to show the level of influence the powers thay let be have in boxing. If we don't see the fury's dominating the hw scene in a few years I highly doubt it'll be due to loses, or lack of skill or something like this...it'll be because of politics! It's all bollocks anyway.
    Great interview.

    • Angel in the Docks
      Angel in the Docks 4 years ago

      Very close fight. It looked as though Parker lost tbh.

    • John Griffiths
      John Griffiths 4 years ago

      Lord Beric Dondarrion fully agree. There maybe disagreement about the result, but i dont think there is a conspiracy surrounding it all. Boxing is scored using 4 criteria & i think, based on this, he didnt do enough to win the fight

    • R G Curt
      R G Curt 4 years ago

      dejavoodoo666 ! I agree the scoring should've been way closer, possibly even a split or md. But hughie simply didn't do enough. The fight was a mess with so few clean punches landed. I had fury edging it but I can see why It went to Parker

  • Miles Cobbett
    Miles Cobbett 4 years ago

    I want one :) from the Fists of Fury Camp of Champions...

  • san eee
    san eee 4 years ago

    Parker fought very differently to how he normally fights. Fury was just a bit put off by it. Still won by a bit I think but to beat the champion u need to beat him gd.

  • TheRebel
    TheRebel 4 years ago +4

    Hes not a fake bullshitter thats why. People have been fed a load of eddie hearn types and its all smiles and bullshit,, so when a bloke like peter comes along they get scared 😂. Peter is a straight talker, a proper man. No bullshit.

  • skip one
    skip one 4 years ago

    good luck to you peter your an honest real man

  • Mike Brien
    Mike Brien 4 years ago

    Training must be so draining of your strength every day in and out of the gym you have your good days and bad days it gets better closer to the fight happier times i hughie and he's dad well great trainer great man good video nice to see behind scenes

  • james murphy
    james murphy 4 years ago

    If peter was angry he would nt be interviewing him twice!

  • Travalers news
    Travalers news 4 years ago

    Iv got son he's 11 would love if he had a trainer like Peter fury as it would be good for his boxing

  • Stephanie Hopkins
    Stephanie Hopkins 4 years ago +13

    Peter fury is not a man to piss off .......

  • Eddie Eagle
    Eddie Eagle 4 years ago +1

    Very clever man peter

  • YouTube Bram
    YouTube Bram 3 years ago

    Interviewing Peter Fury about RU-clip comments?! Wtf 🙄🙄 if he does get pissed off at you... I'd say he's well within his rights to!

  • Ben Payne
    Ben Payne 4 years ago

    Too man -Peter

  • J B
    J B 4 years ago +2

    Much better!

  • Alex Gulam
    Alex Gulam 4 years ago

    looks like kenny rogers

  • tbone pumper
    tbone pumper 4 years ago

    huey shades of neandrathal fury

  • SnoozeYouLoose
    SnoozeYouLoose 4 years ago

    One of the most ridiculous things i've heard peter fury say. That joshua is a cherry picker. Bloody heck. Hughie duck whyte joshua didn't