Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • Jerry Seinfeld chats with Jimmy about the warmth and horror of Thanksgiving, turning his family into comedy props and when it's time for older men to retire "cool jeans."
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    Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 809

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy 19 hours ago

    if you're above 60 you have to wear Kirkland jeans and those all-white clunky looking Kirkland tennis shoes.

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy 19 hours ago

    I think the Dockers™ lobby paid him for that bit.

  • Csirkefoga
    Csirkefoga Day ago

    Jerry is superficial AF! Jimmy is as well, but he’s very likeable, Jerry is not.

  • Pascal Corazza
    Pascal Corazza Day ago

    Shut up

  • Alex Lex
    Alex Lex Day ago

    Jimmy is/ was a comedian??..

  • Ilsa Penny
    Ilsa Penny 2 days ago

    FYI Theory or Seven for All Mankind jeans.

  • Naman bhatt
    Naman bhatt 2 days ago +3

    Fallon always hate your fake laugh.... Thank you☺️🙏

  • JX VX
    JX VX 3 days ago

    Another comedian who just became disgusting at an older age

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 3 days ago

    I've been saying this for years, and Jerry stole my joke. LOL Actually all Jeans are MOM Jeans. Please stop wearing this trash. Jeans don't look, feel, or smell good. They stink, they ride, and they only look good in the trash

    • Jeff Jones
      Jeff Jones 3 days ago

      Jeans suck so hard. Please wake up america

  • Ryan Jonestown Massaker

    A horror, just like the treatment of the Palestinians.

  • Garegh62
    Garegh62 4 days ago

    Jerry, I think you're an idiot no matter what you wear.

  • Garegh62
    Garegh62 4 days ago

    Jesus, this guy is NOT funny! Never has been... It perplexes me how successful his tv show was and I couldn't sit through an episode. THE most annoying voice (maybe 2nd to Gilbert Godfried). And here is the ultimate yes man (Fallon) laughing at everything that comes out of Seinfeld's mouth.

  • David Beckey
    David Beckey 4 days ago

    What does he expect carpenters and electricians to wear?

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett 6 days ago +1

    If Jimmy was any good at his job, he'd have sent Seinfeld out to do the rest of his segment in front of the curtain about a minute in. That would have been funny. But Jimmy isn't so he didn't. Can you believe Jimmy Fallon is sitting the same chair as Steve Allen and Johnny Carson'?

    TGWCL 6 days ago

    Fallon sucks up so much.

  • Cersei Lannister
    Cersei Lannister 6 days ago

    6:24 for the jeans bit

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson 6 days ago +4

    No man looks good in skinny jeans. Just stick with the basic 501's.

  • Exiles TV
    Exiles TV 7 days ago +1

    I love how Jerry keeps talking like they're the same age when he's old enough to be Jimmy's dad.

    • Springboard 19
      Springboard 19 2 days ago

      I know, right? And Jimmy let's him! Sorry, I would have had to call Jerry out on that, lol

  • cole k
    cole k 7 days ago

    How is Jerry not funny. Or was he ever? He is drunk like all the other artists.

  • John Poo
    John Poo 7 days ago

    Fuck me hes aged

  • Rick Armstrong
    Rick Armstrong 7 days ago +1

    I am 69. I don't know where Seinfeld got this bee up his butt that jeans are "inappropriate" for older men. I have never heard anyone anywhere make such an observation. I stopped caring about what kind of a "fashion statement" I was making with my clothes over 20 years ago. I wear jeans because they are comfortable and practical. Period. Apparently he thinks that the only appropriate attire for old men is a fucking tailor-made suit like he wears 'cause that's practically all he wears any more. He looks like a funeral home director. Seinfeld can kiss my 69 year-old jeans wearing ass. He was funny as a sitcom character. In real life and in his lame stand-up shtick....not so much.

  • Robert Noble Music
    Robert Noble Music 8 days ago

    Ya like Jazzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  • Eric Bezant
    Eric Bezant 8 days ago

    Matt Lauer.

  • tenderbastard tenderbastard

    the dog said, "this is like watching two guys in suits talking." ~ tenderbastard

  • Ahmad Baro
    Ahmad Baro 8 days ago +13

    Jimmy is not a compelling Interviewer at all..

    • Jay Fulkerson
      Jay Fulkerson Day ago

      there are moments of dead silence and jerry knows he has to keep it going

  • Dii Kwadd
    Dii Kwadd 9 days ago +1

    It's great, I was just thinking, to have never laughed at anything either of these two guys has said but I do have to admit that my shoulders are getting pretty tired of shrugging.

  • jim Griffin
    jim Griffin 9 days ago

    @ 4:13 Fallon beginns to try and get his "Seinfeld " impression.

  • jim Griffin
    jim Griffin 9 days ago +4

    FALLON !!!!!!!......stop the unneccesary giggling.

  • Mars Bolt
    Mars Bolt 9 days ago

    Jerry is the same dick, as ever, and Jimmy; well, he's a useless tool. Both SO American.

  • stranraerwal
    stranraerwal 9 days ago +5

    "it depends" is the best verbal emergency exit for questions you are too cowardly to answer.

  • British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent

    I think Jerry is still funny but comedy changes and so do we... Jerry is rich and happy.

  • Dirty Water Films
    Dirty Water Films 9 days ago +2

    I just haaaaate Fallon’s may be the worst fake laugh in late night history

  • Jan C
    Jan C 10 days ago

    Don't find J .S. funny at all unless scripted by someone else. Why does he have to shout all the time ?

  • Yuri Orloff
    Yuri Orloff 10 days ago +1

    Dude has clearly never been west of the Mississippi. No older man out here would be caught dead dressing like a Blues Brother.

  • Starlight
    Starlight 10 days ago

    SJW Jerry not funny

  • hello=hello
    hello=hello 11 days ago

    He seems like a total prick.

  • Nick Floyd
    Nick Floyd 11 days ago

    Kimmel is an idiot.

  • Jadzia Dax
    Jadzia Dax 11 days ago

    Seinfeld is depressing and ignorant. He’s an angry old stereotypical Jewish comedian. I’m done.

  • Watson Everly
    Watson Everly 11 days ago

    stupid topic. he's wrong.

  • Cheng Lam Sang
    Cheng Lam Sang 12 days ago

    Love Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine, Goerge , Kramer and the rest of the gang. I watched the show in the 90s and then they stopped showing in where I was. Now I can watch Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon together on line. Lucky lucky me!!

  • Red Oz
    Red Oz 12 days ago +14

    Seinfeld is the master of whatever you call this.

  • All Things Possible
    All Things Possible 12 days ago

    word of the day... Subjugation lol

  • Rex Weathers
    Rex Weathers 12 days ago


  • Steven Suvia
    Steven Suvia 12 days ago +1

    They say that Jerry's an iconic star, a "Hall of Famer", etc. But he gets on my nerves. A little arrogant, a little condescending, trying to pass as a friend of the people.

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz 12 days ago

    He’s so annoying and not funny at all. It’s no wonder his show got cancelled.

  • Bob Keeler
    Bob Keeler 13 days ago

    this is really a terrible interview

  • Dawn Sinclair
    Dawn Sinclair 13 days ago

    My Mother did that to my sister,...... lol.

  • sArCaSm & IRONY
    sArCaSm & IRONY 14 days ago +1

    WhAt'S the DeAl wiTh JeAnS!?

  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 15 days ago

    Alan King, Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason, Milton Berle, etc., etc. When all of these guys were older that acted like they were royalty, their egos were larger than the planet. They thought they knew the secret of life. Now, Jerry Seinfeld has become this arrogant old fart, just like the rest.

  • David Burden
    David Burden 15 days ago

    no hair jerry no hair

  • Stephen
    Stephen 15 days ago

    It depends. Jerry liked that, he inspects comedy

  • rico567
    rico567 15 days ago +1

    Warm and Mrs. Vanderbilt replied when asked what went on in the summers at Newport: “nothing but gaiety and grief.”

  • Alonso Mosley
    Alonso Mosley 16 days ago

    Can‘t stand the guy, I get depressed from his „comedy“ and that fucking annoying voice...

  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 16 days ago

    That water headed Jew can't shame anyone.

  • Jamison Watson
    Jamison Watson 16 days ago

    I thought Jimmy was a lot better and played off Jerry well. The best part about Jerry is much like Bill Burr if you’re slumping as the interviewer you will hear about it or he’ll make work of you the rest of the show being unprepared/unfunny. Jerry looked to enjoy the interview and had moments pure laughter, the ending was perfect with the “it depends” coming full circle like a comedy sketch

  • Mazzie
    Mazzie 16 days ago

    Jimmy, you look toasted...can barely get words out...

  • Peter Portelance
    Peter Portelance 16 days ago

    LOOOOOL 😅😂😆😉👍

  • eric larsen
    eric larsen 17 days ago +5

    And of course today, July 5, 2019 Jerry throws out the first ball at the Mets game ----- wearing jeans :)

    • Shahiin Allah
      Shahiin Allah 13 days ago

      He wears jeans in every episode of his Netflix show with coffee and comedians

    • Jamison Watson
      Jamison Watson 16 days ago

      Thought the exact same thing!

  • Maniac Rider
    Maniac Rider 17 days ago

    Wish this fuck would disappear.
    Both of them.

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S 17 days ago

    the jeans discussion starts at 6:25.

  • Jason Spades
    Jason Spades 17 days ago

    Jerry Seinfeld has good filler material. But he himself is a dick.

  • Emma Sedaris
    Emma Sedaris 18 days ago +2

    Bwaahahaha “mature men like ourselves..”. Please.
    Jerry could be Jimmy’s dad.
    Jerry’s black spray-on hair fools no one.

  • Shanky Panky
    Shanky Panky 18 days ago +4

    His fake laughs... Jimmy Fallon.... more like Jimmy Felon..... Am I Right!!!

    *inserts Jimmy's loud, out of place laugh*

  • gary robertson
    gary robertson 20 days ago +1

    Jerry is sexier with age.

  • Mc001Rem002
    Mc001Rem002 21 day ago

    America loves it’s white Pedo’s

  • Bret Nelsen
    Bret Nelsen 22 days ago +1

    Barry Benson

  • Jason Sypher
    Jason Sypher 22 days ago

    I have always loved Seinfeld but this is just stupid. I'm over fifty and I wear G-Star RAW jeans and they look great and feel great. They are dressy enough to wear to a nicer event or gig (Im a musician) or casually day to day. Truth is that Jerry never looked right in jeans, even back in his youth. My physique is better now than it was in highschool. I'm very lucky in that respect. I live in NYC and I play music for a living. Nothing is out of place with me wearing jeans. Besides body type or whatever, jeans, like anything else are all about confidence and being comfortable with yourself. Jerry feels ridiculous in jeans because he looks ridiculous in jeans. When you see him these days you can see that he is painfully aware of his appearance and that alone looks strange. Then there are the bits here "travel"? My twelve year old could write that joke. I don't know. His coffee, black on one side? These are terrible bits. Seinfeld is a genius, but he seems to be really, really, out of touch here.

  • Victor Hart
    Victor Hart 23 days ago

    he wore that same suite and tie on the other night time talk shows. I can't say anything about his under wear...does he have a smelly breath?

  • MikeCharlieAlpha
    MikeCharlieAlpha 23 days ago

    Jerry wears jeans during his special.

  • Bill Wesolowski
    Bill Wesolowski 23 days ago

    Jerry is such a beat off. Great show in spite of him, but everything I see him on he seems like a pompous dick. Oh and he is not even slightly funny.

  • Epic GamerZ
    Epic GamerZ 24 days ago

    *seinfield music plays*

  • Matthew Gearhart
    Matthew Gearhart 24 days ago

    All I hear is berry from the bee movie help me!

  • Azriel Hopkins
    Azriel Hopkins 24 days ago

    He rocks
    In bee movie
    By dreamworks the
    Company who made shrek.

  • Jerry Knuckles
    Jerry Knuckles 24 days ago

    Jimmy is such a sycophant. Ugh!!

  • MotoNut
    MotoNut 25 days ago

    Jerry is so many steps ahead of that goofball idiot. Fallon’s timing is so off. It’s hard to watch.

  • Quentin Sterling
    Quentin Sterling 26 days ago

    is jimmy fallon on drugs?

  • jeweleratlarge
    jeweleratlarge 26 days ago

    Ha think jeans are ridiculous, shorts of any kind always make a man look like a goofball.

  • IG at Dialections
    IG at Dialections 26 days ago

    Everything Jerry said was pre scripted. And he still isnt funny. Jimmy just let him be unfunny but apparently funny to other comedians. I dont get it. Bill Burr is funny, every other comedian ive ever seen is funny. Jerry Seinfeld...coasting on the fame of a show. Not a comedian in the slightest

  • Zen Mate
    Zen Mate 26 days ago

    Jerry, denim is just a fabric. grow up. jeez.

  • johnny trujillo
    johnny trujillo 26 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon has the fakest laugh....smh

  • greenspringvalley
    greenspringvalley 26 days ago

    Not a very good Seinfeld impersonation.

  • Matt Gonzales
    Matt Gonzales 26 days ago

    Jerry seinfeld...arrogant dickhead lol

  • Charlie Read
    Charlie Read 27 days ago

    You like jazz

  • AfricanManikin
    AfricanManikin 27 days ago

    I used to find Jimmy Fallon corny but, he is perfectly timed TV - maybe the last of it. Jimmy acts as the audience - he is never more clever or funnier than the room and the guest.
    The audience stands in line for hours, goes through security, checks in their phone - NOT be jaded like a RU-clip commentator but, to find the pointless laughs and make the most out of them then retell that to countless friends. This is a highlight in anyone’s day in that audience - Jimmy is the perfect host to embody that and punctuate it at every comedic beat, even the lowest hanging fruit like “it depends”.

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson 28 days ago

    Seinfeld SUCKS, I have never found him funny at all. Theres much funnier young up and coming comedians out there. He totally considers himself to be some comedy god, you can tell in his interviews, his arrogance shows plainly. But he SUCKS. Fallon is WAY funnier.

  • mattyjmar10
    mattyjmar10 28 days ago +1

    Great chemistry between these two and a stellar punchline of and ending.

  • Panada Bear
    Panada Bear 29 days ago

    Jerry is notorious for being an unfriendly jerk store in real life...

  • Mr Kr4k3n
    Mr Kr4k3n Month ago +1

    Comedy, it’s a family business

  • Maricruz Ruiz
    Maricruz Ruiz Month ago

    Jerry Seinfeld is condescending, guarded, and unfriendly. He is extremely talented, but for me, his attitude when doing interviews (the only way an audience will be able to get to know him) keeps me from enjoying his comedy. There are more comedians out there to enjoy.

  • Andrea Mooney
    Andrea Mooney Month ago

    The end was great lol

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    What is wrong with older men wearing jeans? Also what sort of age is he referring to?

  • Jermaine Polidore
    Jermaine Polidore Month ago


  • brett 2004
    brett 2004 Month ago +6

    Jimmy Fallon is painfully unfunny.

  • Blue Smoke BBQ Late Show

    Fallon was drunk. Jerry carries the entire interview

    • Amoizing
      Amoizing 28 days ago +2

      Blue Smoke BBQ Late Show Well Jerry was just talking over Jimmy the whole time

  • Bradley James
    Bradley James Month ago +1

    As annoying as Fallon was in this, that last line was gold.

  • Osiris
    Osiris Month ago

    Jimmy “fake laugh” Fallon

  • Ron Rodriguez
    Ron Rodriguez Month ago

    Fck you and your grey suits

  • AE Y
    AE Y Month ago

    He looks like a lawyer.

  • Mister E
    Mister E Month ago +1

    Jerry Seinfeld, the latest victim of virtue signaling political correctness.

  • Tony de four
    Tony de four Month ago

    they r both very very boring ,bla bla bla .........