Jerry Seinfeld Shames Every Older Man for Wearing Jeans


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  • B R
    B R 12 часов назад

    Love Ya Jerry.

  • Aaron Martinson
    Aaron Martinson День назад

    thank you, jeans suck. no one over 20 should wear them, and even then, why? why would you wear this inferior cloth.
    The clothes today are better, more attractive and not based on neolithic past in farming. LOL

  • Alex Swarovski
    Alex Swarovski 2 дня назад +1

    I hate him so much. Such a narcissistic.
    And also after his and Kesha incident. My hate has doubled.

  • Tim Sweeney
    Tim Sweeney 3 дня назад

    Im glad Matt Lauer is back. He looks good.

  • Team10Member
    Team10Member 3 дня назад

    His voice is off and it ruins his whole shtick. What was supposed to be funny sounded like liberal complaining and awkward story introduction.

  • asem hawari
    asem hawari 3 дня назад

    Gosh even with Jerry seinfeld on the show jimmy is still annoying as ever

  • Jesse Bowman
    Jesse Bowman 5 дней назад

    For that picture of them with the jeans and the shoes I think if they sapped jeans and shoes in those pics the would have matched the top half of their elphit's better.

  • Lavonia Duda
    Lavonia Duda 5 дней назад

    great video. :)

  • Alyx Martinex
    Alyx Martinex 5 дней назад

    Something about Fallon that just doesn't feel right, he always seems to be out of it.

  • Nerissa Nerda
    Nerissa Nerda 10 дней назад

    Absolutely love these two!

  • Geoffrey Osgood
    Geoffrey Osgood 11 дней назад

    I love the warmth of horror and tragedy ......

    • Geoffrey Osgood
      Geoffrey Osgood 11 дней назад

      I think that's Brother Theodore coming out . Is it OK to respond to myself ?

  • Konarider Konarider
    Konarider Konarider 12 дней назад

    It’s just a comedy routine people!

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith 12 дней назад

    I'm only here to see Jerry... Fallon isn't really worth that much

  • John Zyp
    John Zyp 13 дней назад

    Jerry is bald and fat today and he looks more like balding George castanza nou.

  • jon jaquez
    jon jaquez 14 дней назад

    This was like watching an old Carson interview

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon 15 дней назад

    I want this guy to reteach me history

  • Annastasia Fenech
    Annastasia Fenech 16 дней назад


  • Rajesh
    Rajesh 17 дней назад

    Jimmy is fake laughing hard out there

  • Corey B.
    Corey B. 17 дней назад

    Jerry is an asshole. Treats his fans likes dirt. Look it up. Garbage person

  • Barnabas WannaBe
    Barnabas WannaBe 18 дней назад

    Jerry's bugn ain't shit wrong wit those jeans

  • Jeremy Boldery
    Jeremy Boldery 19 дней назад

    I like jeans.

  • ptproc
    ptproc 19 дней назад

    Hey men....keep wearing Jeans. There's a fit for everyone.

  • Edwin Ombac
    Edwin Ombac 20 дней назад

    Falon is so not funny compared to jerry, doesn’t even know what to say to jerry except use his fake corny laugh, Seinfeld seems to look at him thinking “you’re a comedian?”. At 10:36 listen to Falon mumble like a nervous fool “ ah.. er... ah...the..the...umm, he gets paid a lot of money to stutter like an idiot.

  • Chloe The Scrappy
    Chloe The Scrappy 20 дней назад

    Love Jimmy but its sadly true hes not much of a standup comedian let alone monologue. Hes a good performer. Poor jimmy. Hes just cant seem to catch up with Jerry's sharp wits!

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 21 день назад

    He’s such a good comedian

  • Pepper1188
    Pepper1188 23 дня назад

    Worth it for the Dad line alone.

  • Gina Gabriella MUA
    Gina Gabriella MUA 23 дня назад

    He is arrogant but funny at the same time 😂

  • fernandelle2
    fernandelle2 24 дня назад

    Jerry is clean, intelligent wit. Something the new generation cannot get. They rather watch some caricatural sitcom or listen to some hysteric outraged foul mouth brainless comedian.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 24 дня назад

    What a pompous wanker. His stand-up was funny for about 2 years in the 80's. Seinfeld was great because of the fill in characters and Kramer, of course.

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 25 дней назад

    It took me a long time to get use to bald Jerry.....but I'm fine with it now......very Matt Laueresque.

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 25 дней назад +2

    Jimmy Fallon should be taking notes on how to be funny.

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 25 дней назад

    It's a warm horror.

  • Zo Chhuana
    Zo Chhuana 26 дней назад

    Manuni hi chhe lo sin i duh em?

  • victor newman
    victor newman 27 дней назад +1

    Dad jeans do look foolish on men (the light faded baggy kind) , but a dark pair - or black pair of slim fit jeans look awesome on any man of any age. hey, what else is a man to wear when going to the mall or a sports game or the grocery store? dress pants ? track pants ? chords ? those are way worse !!

  • Dunwyche
    Dunwyche 27 дней назад

    Love 'em both, great interview. D~

  • Rick B.
    Rick B. 27 дней назад

    It depends..

  • monmixer
    monmixer 28 дней назад

    Oh at the end, he is so right. I have worked in live entertainment my entire life. I have worked in a decent amount of radio and very little television but some. 50% of those people on the credits making most of the money are seriously people who normally do nothing. The real people who do the real work and put the real brain time in don't get enough credit and very often none. One of those 50% are stealing your pay check. What brought me to this video tonight was Seinfeld just played the theatre that I have been working in for 40 years. He comes every 2 or 3 years when he hits the road with stand up. I was browsing for interviews to see what he is getting into as far at TV goes in the future.

  • Buddhadiane28
    Buddhadiane28 28 дней назад

    Never mind the jeans Jerry what about your sneakers? It’s time to give up the sneakers!

  • King In My Own Mind
    King In My Own Mind 29 дней назад

    LMAO @ "All Dads dress in the last good year of their lives..."

  • Brand_D
    Brand_D Месяц назад

    The first very funny thing Jimmy has said in a while

  • Tribute Channel #KIMMEL
    Tribute Channel #KIMMEL Месяц назад

    Thank you. I'm out of the matrix!

  • Tribute Channel #KIMMEL
    Tribute Channel #KIMMEL Месяц назад

    Plane ticket too. Text me confirmation. Licence expired.

  • Tribute Channel #KIMMEL
    Tribute Channel #KIMMEL Месяц назад

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  • Night Masked One
    Night Masked One Месяц назад

    Jerrys always been my G..
    Or J or u know what i mean riiite?!?...😁✌

  • Pete Crabtree
    Pete Crabtree Месяц назад

    Right out of the gate, "WE'RE SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED"... Christ.

  • carcerate
    carcerate Месяц назад

    When Jerry begs you to do a comedy popin spot and one waffles (Jimmy), you must be in a good place in your career. For a comedy guy like Jimmy to not even have 15 min. of amateur comedy when he does monologue after monologue on his show, shows me he has no confidence and relies on his show writers for his success...really sad...

  • Xerox Re
    Xerox Re Месяц назад

    I travel safe by not smashing the windows on planes I'm on

  • Andrea Wills
    Andrea Wills Месяц назад

    I think Hollywood loves Fallon. But I do think that they acknowledge that he really is a bad host. He gushes like a little girl whenever someone comes on the show. He is likeable but in my opinion is not a good interviewer. And I rarely watch him.

  • Karan Thakkar
    Karan Thakkar Месяц назад

    Feels like sienfeld is the host.

  • Lucian Zsiga
    Lucian Zsiga Месяц назад

    Hey Jerry, you creep ;)

  • Scooby MiKE
    Scooby MiKE Месяц назад

    Seinfeld a legend. Fuck the rest of y'all 🖕

  • MusicFerLife12
    MusicFerLife12 Месяц назад

    Lol the jeans

  • Norm La Marche
    Norm La Marche Месяц назад

    Jerry seinfeld is syrian. I wonder?

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 Месяц назад

    I never heard the phrase travel safe in my life... ive heard drive safe

  • Robert Macias
    Robert Macias Месяц назад

    Fu*k Seinfeld! His voice alone makes he turn his ass off!!! What a wuss!

  • Weapons Education
    Weapons Education Месяц назад

    Jimmy Fallon hates the USA

  • Fred Herrman
    Fred Herrman Месяц назад

    "Okay, that's a no!" He is such a talent. My favorite comedian ever!

  • Rumpled Trumpskin
    Rumpled Trumpskin Месяц назад

    Seinfeld is still ounching from not being able to do Native American jokes, so he sarcastically talks about the horror of the Native American holocaust. Jerry should do jokes about gassing Jewish children during the Holocaust... then he and all his Jewish friends can be happy again.
    We're living in a time when people like Jerry whine about free speech, meanwhile the U.S. Senate tries to sneak through a bill making it illegal to boycott Israel. What a bunch of special interests hypocrites.

    NUFF SAID Месяц назад

    From Texas,wear jeans,am old.Sorry Jerry.

  • travis aaron
    travis aaron Месяц назад

    jerry... still trying to get a laugh. poor guy

  • Rodney BigD
    Rodney BigD Месяц назад

    I like Jerry. But Fallon is a deep state puppet.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Месяц назад

    How the F did Fallon become a host? He is terriable.

  • Black Buick
    Black Buick Месяц назад +1

    Jerry - - - If your reading this, Do you still scratch of the 32 on your jeans and write "31"?

  • gaston0770
    gaston0770 Месяц назад

    "It depends." Genius.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Месяц назад

    Not even a debate.

  • Leisure
    Leisure Месяц назад

    Looking forward to seeing Jerry this summer in London, gonna be amazeballs . . .

  • Stephen Janco
    Stephen Janco Месяц назад

    absolutely ridiculous interview

  • barnesfam
    barnesfam Месяц назад

    Why does he look like Matt Lauer now? Lol.

  • doug peters
    doug peters Месяц назад

    Can someone refresh my memory? I know Jimmy was never funny but didn’t Jerry used to be a little bit funnier?

  • Casa Verde Pet Resort
    Casa Verde Pet Resort Месяц назад

    This host sucks, sorry!

  • roger komula
    roger komula Месяц назад

    Can Fallon interview WITHOUT name dropping himself?

  • Alberto Fernández del Valle
    Alberto Fernández del Valle Месяц назад

    Fallon fake laugh is tiresome

  • Sacred Raisin Cakes
    Sacred Raisin Cakes Месяц назад +2

    The pure hate here is mesmerizing

    • Maria Johnson
      Maria Johnson 12 часов назад

      Its not hate just observing not that funny

  • Tommie Bennett
    Tommie Bennett Месяц назад

    #makejimmyfuncomfortable please make this a thing

  • Kev Mea
    Kev Mea Месяц назад

    Jerry wore jeans with Obama and Letterman. :P~~~

  • rambo4war
    rambo4war Месяц назад

    Dad’s dressing in the last good year of their
    I remember my dad had a pair of green bell bottoms that were his favorites, and he would wear them every now and then, but when it’s 1989..... and I’m assuming they went out of style in the 70s.... it was some awkward times on those days going to the store with him wearing those things. At 40, I couldn’t see myself wearing half of the clothes let alone keeping clothes from 10-20 years ago

  • Cal Ven
    Cal Ven Месяц назад

    How I miss Johnny Carson and even Jay Leno. Today's late night hosts SUCK BIG TIME! VAPID, BANAL, SOPHOMORIC AND IN MANY CASES VITRIOLIC.

  • Cal Ven
    Cal Ven Месяц назад

    Seinfeld: "Of course you have to mix in the subjugation of the Native American culture..." Bull Crap Jerry! Thanksgiving is a celebration of the Pilgrims and the Indians coming together to share in a feast. You want to talk about subjugation Jerry, let's talk about islam! You know that so-called religion that hates Jews. Furthermore, anyone who is born in a place called America is a "Native American. It's ok Jerry, you can say "Indians." Hell, Indians call themselves "Indians." They don't succumb or aren't "subjugated to the whim of the leftist-liberal political correctness! And the idiot audience laughs. Sad!

  • Omgdannie2
    Omgdannie2 Месяц назад


  • Victoria Mulgannon
    Victoria Mulgannon Месяц назад

    where I grew up it is Safe Travels it just me?

  • Patrick Morgan
    Patrick Morgan Месяц назад

    Did anyone tell Jerry that he has a microphone clipped to his tie? Everyone will hear him if he speaks at a normal volume. On the other hand, nearly all he said wasn't worth hearing. It was like he was reading from a script, a bad script.

    • Patrick Morgan
      Patrick Morgan Месяц назад

      +PKPAPNIt's not news to me. Of course it's mostly outlined with the host feeding leading questions to the guest. Unfortunately, Jerry, as I said, makes it seem like he is reading from a script or doing his act. He just isn't good at making it seem like it's a conversation. A good host and guest can give the illusion that they are just talking.

    • PKPAPN
      PKPAPN Месяц назад

      I have news for you; Every celebrity on every talk show or interview you have ever seen is mostly scripted. Not scripted in the sense that they are literally memorizing scripts, but that they have rehearsed lines to say before hand and know the exact jokes they will make. That's how these things work.

  • George Michon
    George Michon Месяц назад

    Sorry but in my opinion, Jerry was funny when he had the Mullit .😒

  • Joe30ization
    Joe30ization Месяц назад

    people confusing annoyance and funny. come on people! this guy is everything but a "Comedian" in fact he is so irritating that I can't stand the guy.

  • Big B Kenobi
    Big B Kenobi Месяц назад

    He's right

  • Orpheus Prime
    Orpheus Prime Месяц назад

    I'm so torn with this vid.
    Should I give it the well deserved thumbs up that Seinfeld deserves? (because...c'mon, I could watch him talk 24/7, the man is pure comedy gold)
    ...or should I give it the well deserved thumbs down that Fallon deserves for being without any doubt THE WORST host ever? SMH
    Mmm...what a dilemma.
    So I think I'll even the equation and won't be giving any thumb whatsoever.

  • J. VM
    J. VM Месяц назад

    arrogant piece of shit

  • J. VM
    J. VM Месяц назад

    fuck Jerry Seinfeld, that snob motherfucker. I can't believe people think he's funny. Underserved fame.

  • Rob
    Rob Месяц назад +1

    Some entertainers can go a lifetime and still remain fresh ...... Seinfeld isn’t one of them.

  • James Payne
    James Payne Месяц назад

    Four minutes into the video Jimmy's wedding ring falls off and you can hear it drop....

  • Tommy Trillfiger
    Tommy Trillfiger Месяц назад

    “Ya Like Jazz?”

  • jack fenn
    jack fenn Месяц назад

    I will never watch Jerry Seinfeld again!

  • A Person
    A Person Месяц назад

    Fallon can't do 15 minutes.. surely got 15 hours worth!

  • A Person
    A Person Месяц назад

    Stupidly, randomly titled.

  • Optimistic Whovian
    Optimistic Whovian Месяц назад

    Fallon just looks lost at sea here, he just cant stand having to bad mouth anyone you can see him squirming to get out of it so him saying "it depends" at the end there was about as close as he'll ever come to telling the truth when asked a question.

  • StrnFn9099
    StrnFn9099 Месяц назад

    Seinfeld the TV show was the greatest sitcom ever but Seinfeld the comedian is the absolute worst.

    • StrnFn9099
      StrnFn9099 Месяц назад

      I didn't vote for DT but last I checked the constitutionally legitimate Electoral Collage did vote for him to be POTUS and then he was publically sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It really doesn't get more legitimate than that. Sorry.

    • anton stayduhar
      anton stayduhar Месяц назад

      His early stand up was hilarious at times. He's been a dead pan flop in recent years. Bad. Real bad. About as relevant as a comedian as Trump is as illegitimate president. Sorry.

  • Rockie mountin
    Rockie mountin Месяц назад +1

    Sometimes you just get lucky in life Jerry Seinfeld got lucky when he found Larry David, not to mention the rest of his cast together they are comic genius

  • zoraida rodriguez
    zoraida rodriguez Месяц назад

    If you're a New Yorker you kinda get the sarcastic

  • A Blond
    A Blond Месяц назад

    So true about jeans-wearing older men. Older women, however, can get away with it if they're fit. Life ain't fair...

  • Hope
    Hope Месяц назад

    Ummm..JImmy can totally wear jeans...

  • David Cattin
    David Cattin Месяц назад

    I'm 63; I still look good in jeans ;o)