Rapper 21 Savage fears deportation after ICE arrest

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • 21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
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    21 Savage describes fear of deportation, says he was ‘definitely targeted’ by ICE in first interview since his release on bond
    Rapper 21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview one day after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody on Wednesday.
    The rapper, whose full name is She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was asked by ABC News' Linsey Davis if he's concerned that he could be deported.
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  • JayToBrxzy
    JayToBrxzy 3 days ago

    who's 21 savage?
    I believe his name is sir savage the 21st

  • Jamarian Burns
    Jamarian Burns 3 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't drop a tear

  • topazsomnium
    topazsomnium 4 days ago

    “We got Savage.” *I’M HOWLING*

  • Hugh Franklin
    Hugh Franklin 5 days ago

    You keep him, we don't want him.

  • Harold Smith
    Harold Smith 5 days ago

    Send him back home

  • AlexForSale
    AlexForSale 6 days ago

    If you’re in America illegally, you should be deported.
    This is such a basic thing, fuckin Stan’s and random celebrity worshippers out here trying to act like fame or wealth puts you above the law.
    It doesn’t, and when it tries, it should fail everytime.

  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles 6 days ago

    Go home!

  • hypatia of Alexandria
    hypatia of Alexandria 6 days ago +1

    Keep your Visa straight and you have no problem.. I lived in Japan their immigration is way more strict then ours with n.p.. you didn't know what a Visa was? How old are you? Get it together..

  • Jesus Is The Only Way
    Jesus Is The Only Way 6 days ago +1

    Good! He's corrupting the youth with his trash so called music anyway

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu 8 days ago +1

    6ix9ine and 21: Alien vs predator

  • Rome O
    Rome O 9 days ago

    The Duke of Atlanta

  • Hector Salmon
    Hector Salmon 9 days ago

    How many fish and chips u got.

  • ILovePEPSI
    ILovePEPSI 9 days ago +4

    That is not him! He is a clone, they killed him when he got picked up by ICE!

  • Emma White
    Emma White 12 days ago

    Damn England want him back 😂😭 they miss him 😂😂😂

  • HyperPablo
    HyperPablo 13 days ago

    No they didn’t say we got savage they said we got shayaaa bin Abraham joseph

  • Niner Empire
    Niner Empire 14 days ago +2

    He ain't from Atlanta 😂💀😂💀

  • Jordan Tofilau
    Jordan Tofilau 16 days ago

    What next, lil John is from France

  • Brodla
    Brodla 17 days ago +1

    His dreads got too long

  • Dsigbi
    Dsigbi 18 days ago +1

    Lol is that how the address foreigners? "The dreamers"

  • Dsigbi
    Dsigbi 18 days ago +2

    why did I think he was gonna start the interview with "yh yh mate it's a bit unfortunate init.."

  • Dsigbi
    Dsigbi 18 days ago +8

    Americans: 21 savage is literally better than all your rappers
    British: you mean Sir Savage The 21st?

  • Jessie Li
    Jessie Li 21 day ago

    Bruh Britain isn’t even a third world country

  • Chimfish
    Chimfish 21 day ago

    This is exactly why ICE should be abolished. Why are we deporting people who have lived in the US since they were kids? Undocumented immigrants commit crime at a much lower rate than citizens and they contribute more in taxes than they use in benefits. Overstaying a visa isn't a crime-it's a low-level civil infraction comparable to parking in the red, and we shouldn't penalize people for it as harshly as we do.

  • Felicia Vant
    Felicia Vant 22 days ago

    I can't really hear the British accent

  • Leonos Stonos
    Leonos Stonos 22 days ago

    How high are you?
    21: so high i get interviews with ''famous'' people but have enough money to look ''normal''

  • 0_o peace
    0_o peace 23 days ago

    Just fkn deport him

  • thatkenyannigga
    thatkenyannigga 23 days ago

    His proper English gave him up, that thick London accent is too easy to catch on to

  • thatkenyannigga
    thatkenyannigga 23 days ago

    The U.K is killing the rap game, MATE

  • thereallifez
    thereallifez 23 days ago

    All this is telling you is that, once ice is done with Mexicans and others Foreigners, Blacks will be next, they want America to be "White" again

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark 24 days ago

    There are so many better rappers he basically talks on the track that’s it search a good EM Sean Price

  • Banana Club
    Banana Club 24 days ago


  • leonardo agnwo
    leonardo agnwo 25 days ago +1

    king savage 21

  • the frogfather
    the frogfather 27 days ago

    Better get his shank game up but tbh he got enough money to stay armed in the UK

    • Rebecca Glynn
      Rebecca Glynn 24 days ago

      @the frogfather 21 got a 1000 trap lines and runners

  • Silk&Milk
    Silk&Milk 27 days ago

    He seems more like an American citizen than a British one...

  • Bonnie Plastino
    Bonnie Plastino 27 days ago


  • Ahmed Sahaag
    Ahmed Sahaag Month ago

    Free 21

  • Breee
    Breee Month ago

    I guess I'm the only one who dont know him


    Who is he?

  • Damian Lizarraga
    Damian Lizarraga Month ago


  • Antoinette Urioste
    Antoinette Urioste Month ago

    SEND HIM BACK! You heard his lyrics GMA? Why don't you play his lyrics for the country to see? Maybe you all appreciate the things he says to your children....

    • Jayke King
      Jayke King Month ago

      He doesn't make songs for children don't act slow 😂

  • Angel Contreras
    Angel Contreras Month ago +2


    Free him muthafucka

  • sizzle 23
    sizzle 23 Month ago

    21 is so savage even he’s illegal.

  • TellTheWorldAgain
    TellTheWorldAgain Month ago +4

    you should be able to live anywhere you feel comfortable on this earth whats with all this immigration nonesence we are all immigrants !!!

  • RyanBC K
    RyanBC K Month ago +5

    - 21 British Savage Potter -
    Distinctive features
    1. Has a forehead tat
    2. Wears eyeglasses

  • Rebekah kissel
    Rebekah kissel Month ago

    He should have gone through steps to become a citizen after all the years.

  • Rebekah kissel
    Rebekah kissel Month ago

    Oh lord .. Here we go again. Another black man crying victim over breaking the law

  • Michael Sargeant
    Michael Sargeant Month ago

    We don't want it back in England you could keep the scumbag

  • it's all about Morra

    Is he still in the US or did he get sent back ?

  • Kurt Ward
    Kurt Ward Month ago


  • Sackyy 995
    Sackyy 995 Month ago

    Savage the 21st

  • Jim Mathew
    Jim Mathew Month ago +1

    he rally ment it when he said he got every thing "ICE"

  • matt brynne
    matt brynne Month ago +1

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  • Gemma Saint
    Gemma Saint Month ago

    His priority to be a citizen should of started before his Visa ran out. I have no doubt he will not be deported though, just a side thought we don't actually want him back in the UK. He's a yank not a brit.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    Well if he wants special attention because he's a rapper, then everyone in the same situation should be treated that same way, right?

  • ninjaa22
    ninjaa22 Month ago


  • The GreatBamBino
    The GreatBamBino Month ago

    What a sqaure this bum is

  • Carla White
    Carla White Month ago

    21 savage love you keep doing you Love your music always💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Jihad Beihoum
    Jihad Beihoum Month ago

    And If he maried usa women ????

  • Jair Bear
    Jair Bear Month ago

    Good deport this illegal

  • 31 Bizy
    31 Bizy Month ago

    But he saying he was in there with murderers but in his beefs and live he talking about shooting and killing. Even in his music but when they treat you like you say you are there wrong..🤔 Hope he lands on his feet but you are not exempt because your famous. Stop speaking violence

  • Cristhian Vallejo
    Cristhian Vallejo Month ago

    J z the boss

  • zioncartel
    zioncartel Month ago

    deport asap

  • Devine Wynder
    Devine Wynder Month ago

    21 came to the interview with the hood nigga trying to get a job starter kit.

  • FatePlayz Games
    FatePlayz Games 2 months ago

    How is this his fault his mom brought him there he never was the mastermind
    It was his mom

  • Rodney Norsworthy
    Rodney Norsworthy 2 months ago

    I wish these celebrities would have the same against black on black violence. Especially those who promote the destruction of their own race in their music by glorifying the selling of drugs to one another or taking drugs and or killing one another

  • Cuzheavy
    Cuzheavy 2 months ago

    I agree he don't feel that he should be put where a murderer would be? For the charge But all he talk about is shooting and killing? Was he scared?

  • Deeq Adan
    Deeq Adan 2 months ago

    Key word from the lawyer not everyone has a lawyer and the Fame that 21 has 🙏🙏🙏

  • MR.Techroid
    MR.Techroid 2 months ago

    All y'all dicks for talking shit .. y'all don't get the point. Your over here making fun of him.

  • love weed
    love weed 2 months ago

    Cops are bitches and pussys

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 2 months ago

    Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    He is one of the dreamers? Haha what a joke he is from Britain not some 3rd world country. Lmao.

  • mram3610
    mram3610 2 months ago

    He fucking overstayed his Visa! That is what happens! So I guess it's okay to break our laws as long as you have support. Bullshit. Anyone that wasn't born here and didn't apply correctly to stay should be deported. Just because they are a celebrity doesn't mean they should get away with it. I know there are a lot of illegals here and they have been here for 10 years, 20, 40 etc. They still should be deported no matter how long they have been here. Illegals are able to get help that should be meant for Americans that truly need it. We need to focus on Americans right now.

  • Hamdi Belel
    Hamdi Belel 2 months ago

    KEEP 21 in America Hes one of the Best Rapper on GOD

  • Josediego Lopez
    Josediego Lopez 2 months ago

    I thought he was from Africa 😀.

  • peter frankopan
    peter frankopan 2 months ago

    i love him

  • Tionna Fountain
    Tionna Fountain 2 months ago


  • Beautifying World
    Beautifying World 2 months ago

    Money talkkkkkkkk fuck America

  • Tameria Harris
    Tameria Harris 2 months ago

    Listens for a British accent

  • Matt Tuck
    Matt Tuck 2 months ago

    Ya ok go do some shit like this in any other place see what they do

  • Matt Tuck
    Matt Tuck 2 months ago

    Sorry he is no different then any other person he is here illegaly he has money so fix your shit

  • Thomas Bobbitt
    Thomas Bobbitt 2 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t come out in this interview with a deep ass cockney accent, like he would’ve been hiding it the whole time

  • JP
    JP 2 months ago

    A fake! bird face.....

  • BillyBob
    BillyBob 2 months ago

    We have thousands of illegal Latinos in my city who have been hear for decades, yet they arrested someone for over staying 9 days.
    This is clearly a publicity stunt to demonize ICE.

  • lost placeTV
    lost placeTV 2 months ago

    stoned af

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael 2 months ago

    Is this real. Wtf is i watching. Abc sucks and who gives a F about him. Illegals get out

  • B W
    B W 2 months ago

    Bro u talk about killing fools and GANG BANGING now your crying a illegal immigrant shouldn’t be locked up with other criminals and you got bonded out and JAY Z to catch your back!!! SMH try me and ill get you deported... LOL

  • 2jz Ghost
    2jz Ghost 2 months ago

    Its not only him whos being doing that only b/c he has money he bought his stayed in the us while many Families are being separated but of course he got a black card 💰💸💸💰💸 like many families we all pay taxes but CLEARLY money has a big thing to do

  • Israel P
    Israel P 2 months ago +8

    “We got savage” 😂😂 21 cappin hard

  • K London
    K London 2 months ago +2


    • K London
      K London 26 days ago

      @Falcon The truth hurts doesn't it, your found out illegals! I pray ICE starts their fury as President Trump stated!

    • Falcon
      Falcon 26 days ago

      K London shut up you /-/oe

  • retc90
    retc90 2 months ago

    My friend told me that if I fail my citizenship exam I will get deported, is that true? I have a green card.

  • Isaac Sierra S.
    Isaac Sierra S. 2 months ago

    you wrote "sir 21 the Savage" wrong

  • Jarret Chambers
    Jarret Chambers 2 months ago

    He making USA hella tax money ...they ain't going to Deport him haha.

  • Sky Ssky
    Sky Ssky 2 months ago

    They said we got Savage....wtffff

  • musima41
    musima41 2 months ago

    His poor children.

  • Andy Savage
    Andy Savage 2 months ago

    Sir savage the 21st

  • Kamiria Thomas
    Kamiria Thomas 2 months ago

    That my baby 21 savage

  • Lord Palpasheen
    Lord Palpasheen 2 months ago

    Deport that ugly turd. But UK doesnt want him either. Send him to Africa. Or syria since he wants to have a terrorist name.

  • DelinquentTV
    DelinquentTV 2 months ago


  • Marie Fara Justine
    Marie Fara Justine 2 months ago +1

    He's scared because people going to start saying Sir. 21 savage instead of just 21 savage when he comes to UK.

  • Sandra Harrisingh/Ironbar

    Surely it would have been his parents obligation to sort out his citizenship at the age of 7 years old. It was out of his control. He was definitely targeted by the powers that be. This is a load of BS and yet another attack on the Black Race.