I spent a day with OTHERKIN (People who aren’t entirely human)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • I spent a day with otherkin (Naia the wolf girl and Luis the elf) to find out if all the rumors about otherkin are true.
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    ▸ Luis Padron - luispadron.elf
    (Shout out sertifiedcasting.com for helping me find these genuine otherkin)
    🎞Clip during intro from documentary about Otherkin community by Westminster Television. Please watch the full documentary here: ru-clip.com/video/_BnnO_j4Eu4/video.html
    ▸ Director, Creator, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
    ▸ Assistant Producer, Co-writing & Research - Elise Felber
    ▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
    ▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
    ▸ Assistant Camera Operator & Assistant Editor - Robert Butler III
    ▸ Stage Manager - Cort Maclean
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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  Month ago +13097

    come back next week for *I spent a day with VSCO GIRLS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :)
    luv, anthony padildo
    ps: shoutout to the ~padingdongs~ who turned on notifications 🔔.

  • BoodBood Lanski
    BoodBood Lanski Hour ago

    I don’t think I was meant to be another animal, and don’t get me wrong - I LOVE animals and want to be one. But don’t change my mindset and body shape to become one. I think god made us the way we’re supposed to be and made no mistakes, but if you want to pretend or try to closely match an animal or creature you adore, then ok.

  • The Out Pack
    The Out Pack 11 hours ago

    I want to be otherkin but I don't feel welcome

  • Pizu Meaku
    Pizu Meaku 11 hours ago

    These people are.mentally disabled

  • dark_socerer
    dark_socerer 14 hours ago

    Oh god

  • The Gaming Sea Bunny

    I see your furrsuite

  • Ornn
    Ornn Day ago

    that weird cunt "niaia" male from tip to toe very delusional and should probably kill themselves

  • febriana cinta keberuntungan

    Holly cowly nolly norwell
    Over my heylow and under my tail what the F is he talking about

  • febriana cinta keberuntungan

    I watch danny phanton too before i watch youtube and don't have a phone

  • Franki McKinney
    Franki McKinney Day ago

    The elf is high key attractive tho.

  • The Sheepster
    The Sheepster Day ago

    Not gonna lie this is interesting, I do believe I have symbology of a playful loyal dragon in my heart, but I don't think that'll make me a full otherkin

  • zach nzxt
    zach nzxt Day ago

    Trans nonbinary therein lol

  • zach nzxt
    zach nzxt Day ago

    O snap those dog women just started fighting

  • Natsuki-chan 43
    Natsuki-chan 43 Day ago +3

    I want to meet all otherkin they are so AMAZING

    • CherryBlossom 109
      CherryBlossom 109 Day ago +1

      I'm otherkin and a therian, hi! Ask me anything, I'd be happy to answer!

  • ChickenRamen
    ChickenRamen Day ago

    I'd rather hang with the elf.

  • Manda Lund
    Manda Lund Day ago

    Spend a day with juggalos :)

  • Ээж Ээжээ
    Ээж Ээжээ 2 days ago

    This is so fucking wholesome

  • Baepsae
    Baepsae 2 days ago

    I'm not so sure how I feel about people who are other kin but Nias howl and growl were impressive af

  • sunil mishra
    sunil mishra 2 days ago

    What the-

    I didn’t know they even existed
    By the way how did you even find them

  • bethanie
    bethanie 2 days ago

    luis seems like such a cool person i won’t lie

  • Mahir Şamil
    Mahir Şamil 3 days ago

    In all levels except physical i am a wolf: Woof

  • Michael michael
    Michael michael 3 days ago

    Here is the question, where you draw the line for mental illness so you can give help to the individuals who may reach to the point to harm themselves or even others ?

  • Maskr bloodwyle
    Maskr bloodwyle 3 days ago

    I lost it after *"elves that came from space"*

  • Laura Hamm
    Laura Hamm 3 days ago

    Quad suits cost over $10,000. They are the price of a used car lol

  • allie
    allie 3 days ago

    i see a resemblance with Anthony and the Wolf Girl

  • channel is ded thx
    channel is ded thx 3 days ago

    Something about the comments bother me. I have nothing against either of them but in general people seem so much more accepting towards Luis than Naia and I feel like he's more conventionally attractive and less weird. Both these people are enjoying their lives and altho being otherkin is weird, you do you I guess.

  • Wølf în Thë Råînførëßt

    Aren't elves usually smaller not taller

  • stickote
    stickote 3 days ago

    every comment is about the elf guy LOL

  • WildChild
    WildChild 3 days ago

    If you're a different species you can't have sex with a human right?

  • Paula Robles
    Paula Robles 4 days ago

    That... Is a furry

  • Gil’s Vlogss
    Gil’s Vlogss 4 days ago

    Omg it’s that guy hold on” all levels except physical, I am a wolf, WOOF!”

  • ImsolonelyYT
    ImsolonelyYT 4 days ago

    5:45 Anthony is like.... bruh

  • Alex Vick
    Alex Vick 4 days ago +1

    8:25 the elf dude totally still looked like an elf before surgery

  • Alberto Yousaf
    Alberto Yousaf 4 days ago

    Omg I saw that elf on Botched !!!! And hes the MOST sweetest guy I have ever seen on a Reality TV show protect him!

  • hellpot.
    hellpot. 4 days ago

    The elf dude is actually super cool

  • DustyGhoulz
    DustyGhoulz 4 days ago

    why am i attracted to elf dude am i okay

  • *Lïttlê Åńgęl Čhãń*

    0:01 no hate but tbh I’m a Therian and the fact Is that the photo that u used for the intro docent work because that’s a photo of a human pup which is a whole mother community

  • Zairyn Greer
    Zairyn Greer 4 days ago

    Do you like your hair I do

  • Lindsay Louis
    Lindsay Louis 4 days ago

    The howling 😂

  • Jules
    Jules 4 days ago +4

    Basically we are all cringy asf and the people calling others cringy just want them to feel bad.

  • Jules
    Jules 4 days ago


  • galaxygirlcameron
    galaxygirlcameron 4 days ago +2

    Does the Merfolk community count as otherkin?
    Because I might be otherkin

    TNT GAMING 5 days ago

    is she the person in the meme

  • Mit Morj
    Mit Morj 5 days ago +2

    10:15 that part 🌏✨

  • Nora M
    Nora M 5 days ago


  • Bea
    Bea 5 days ago

    I’m vibing with the elf dude in eating the ribs

  • Arson and OrbWeaver
    Arson and OrbWeaver 5 days ago

    I have nothing against otherkin... and Im a furry... but that howl... the second one they made... criiiinge

  • Romanna Wilson
    Romanna Wilson 5 days ago


  • Romanna Wilson
    Romanna Wilson 6 days ago

    I would eat my own ribs too

  • Carl Winstanley
    Carl Winstanley 6 days ago

    Yep that's it.
    I honestly only clicked on the vid because of the 'part wolf' dude
    Cannibalism at its finest
    Serious question I naia a man or women because on screen it said 'her/she'

  • Romanna Wilson
    Romanna Wilson 6 days ago

    I love that elf man so much

  • Tetodash
    Tetodash 6 days ago +1

    Wait the wolf girl is the same person who said “On all levels accept physical I am a wolf” person. I’m shocked that it wasn’t just a phase she went through in high school. That’s wild. If she has any social media I would like to know.

  • Snowy vs games
    Snowy vs games 6 days ago +6

    this guy needs some props I couldn't deal with this shit like fr

  • Jam拥✔️
    Jam拥✔️ 6 days ago

    I'm orc

  • Kath Rida
    Kath Rida 6 days ago

    I saw Luis on Botched !!! I knew he looked familiar

  • autumnalex
    autumnalex 6 days ago +2

    naia your howling was so well done that it startled my cat

  • RockyMTN steeze
    RockyMTN steeze 6 days ago

    Wolves don't bark

  • _n_v_ mochi_
    _n_v_ mochi_ 6 days ago

    I really dont know anymore but
    Im basically a cat that swollowed a bird then that cat got eaten by a dog and then somehow got eaten by a wolf yes call me weird but i bark at dogs,call at birds and meow with cats

  • Shoji
    Shoji 6 days ago

    Idk, I don't care what people do to their own bodies too much but some things are inherently kinda funny or cringey and I feel like theres a point to which these people are able to laugh at themselves a little bit. I would never wish harm to wolf girl but I still think it's funny because she's weird. Keep being weird but come on.

  • BlanketBus
    BlanketBus 6 days ago

    The elf guys is just vibin