2015 Dyna Lowrider / Club style walkaround

  • Published on Jul 24, 2016
  • A very quick walk around of my 2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Lowrider (FXDL).

    JD Customs & Fabrications T-Sport reproduction fairing (15 inch smoked windshield)
    Lucky Dave's 14 inch san diego bar
    MoonsMc moonmaker 2 headlight
    Custom Dynamics LED turn signals
    Magnum shielding 14 inch cables
    Sandiego customs bar bag
    Thrashin Supply stainless pipe
    MoonsMc integrated smoked tailight
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  • Adam Betz
    Adam Betz 15 days ago

    Save money and don’t buy from moons M.C. it’s just amazon shit repacked no joke

  • Chase Derian
    Chase Derian 3 months ago

    Nice!!! What size cable you use for those 15” bars

  • Sean Caron
    Sean Caron 3 months ago

    I went on magnum shielding and they don’t have anything for fxdl ‘10 up on their website, did you have to call or something?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 months ago

      Sean Caron look under the handlebar kits > Dyna > and then just choose a color and the size bars you’re going to use with or without abs.

  • Sean Caron
    Sean Caron 3 months ago

    What’d you do for cable extension to put those bars on?? I can’t find shit anywhere!!!

  • Sean Caron
    Sean Caron 3 months ago +1

    Do the blinkers/running lights glare off the inside of your windshield at night?

    • Sean Caron
      Sean Caron 3 months ago

      👍🏼 looks great! Picking up a low rider this week🤘🏼

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 months ago +1

      Sean Caron not at all but because the signals themselves are so bright they look like headlights/fog lights. I think that’s a good thing though. Gives you more visibility. Had them 3 years now still work no problems.

  • Chance Kaiser
    Chance Kaiser 5 months ago

    Man that motherfucker is hot 🥵

  • Joel Franklin
    Joel Franklin 9 months ago

    How do you like your fairing?

  • Elie Goldstein
    Elie Goldstein Year ago

    Nice bike!!!

  • vetta17
    vetta17 Year ago

    Hey man I'm stuck here, I have a 2016 fxdl, it has the top mount headlight, but all the relocation blocks for the headlights are for a bottom mount light, I'm guessing from street bobs? What headlight housing do you have on yours?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  Year ago

      vetta17 I have a bottom mount one from a street bob on mine. Check your lower triple tree there should be a little cap covering the hole for the lower mount headlight block.

  • Fender Pack
    Fender Pack Year ago

    How did you get the headlight assembly(cover over the headlight) off to put the t-bars and the fairing on?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  Year ago +1

      Fender Pack it Unbolts from bike after you remove the old handlebars

  • paintmasters paint and fabrication

    How does the headlight mount.my lowrider has a mount thats connected to my bars.i want to replace it all

  • Hct80
    Hct80 Year ago

    How does the ram mount fit on the 1 1/4 dia bars?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  Year ago

      Hct80 bent the bracket a lil bit to fit around the bar

  • RobertC.Esquire
    RobertC.Esquire 2 years ago +2

    nicely done; I like how you embraced the chrome and silver style of the low rider. Looks bad ass and different from the all black style.

  • GF_Dyna Low rider
    GF_Dyna Low rider 2 years ago

    Badass dyna!!!

  • Pachoke Lert-Asavapatra
    Pachoke Lert-Asavapatra 2 years ago +1

    fucking beautiful bike!

  • Swiss Watch Craze
    Swiss Watch Craze 2 years ago

    That windshield needs to go.

  • Van
    Van 2 years ago +1

    Nice Bike Man.. I get mine next week. Just purchased myself some Lucky Daves Bars too. Hope to have my bike looking as good as yours.

  • eyezlikeydrums
    eyezlikeydrums 2 years ago +1

    Hey my dude. Diggin' the vids and your bike. Well done on the builds/upgrades. I just subscribed to your channel also. I'm riding a Street Glide and a Yamaha Vmax but ...I'm about to pull the trigger on a Dyna Street Bob and starting to wrap my mind around what to do before I get it... like the Lucky Dave's T-bars, seat, etc. Questions, who makes your fairing and windshield? Thx... and make some more vids!! hahahaha

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago +1

      Appreciate it man and those are some sick rides you got already! The fairing and windshield are both from JD Customs. A quick Google search and theyll pop up.

  • Gabe Metoyer
    Gabe Metoyer 2 years ago

    what did you use for tuning when you added the intake and exhaust?

    • Gabe Metoyer
      Gabe Metoyer 2 years ago +1

      Tye The Great I'm looking in to the power vision. but I want the option oh being able to dyno tune and also receive tunes. great looking bike. thanks for the reply as well

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago +1

      Gabe Metoyer fuel pack 3 took care of it. got rid of all the popping and fixed the throttle response. worth every penny

  • Zach M.
    Zach M. 2 years ago

    Hey man, do you have a part # for the bottom mount headlight bucket that you used when you did your bars??? I need one for me 16 FXDL..and the mounting block.

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago

      Zach M. been a while can't remember the numbers off hand but both pieces were bought at the harley dealership for less than $50

  • Kurmuh
    Kurmuh 2 years ago

    Just a question, why not get forward mount controls? Looks like you kept mid controls. I'm 6'3 and also ride a 2015 low rider but i cant stand mid controls, that's my first upgrade come spring.

    • Charles Cotton
      Charles Cotton Year ago

      Kurmuh mids with a stunt styler crash bar can provide multiple foot positions of needed. I'm 6'3 and ride a Sportster so I appreciate the benefits of having many foot positions.

  • Denis Borhi
    Denis Borhi 2 years ago

    Bike looks titts bro

  • findthehero
    findthehero 2 years ago

    Did you have an issue with clearance getting the tail light to sit in? I'm trying to get mine on and the wires are keeping it from sitting down where they plug into the relay.

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago

      Yea it took me forever to get it on but after a lil frustration and wiggling i got it on.

  • Tyler Duclos
    Tyler Duclos 2 years ago

    are those 14in bars and what height windshield did you go with

    VERT THEMATIQUE 2 years ago +1

    hello .; it' s very nice low rider .. what's a exhaust..? bassani road rage ..? it' very nice ..

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago

      VERT THEMATIQUE its a thrashin supply exhaust. all parts on the bike is listed in the description

  • Optimistic lifestyle
    Optimistic lifestyle 2 years ago

    sick bike!:)

  • Skottie delago
    Skottie delago 2 years ago

    whats the deal with people covering the licence plate? what can someone do with ur plate #

    • Skottie delago
      Skottie delago 2 years ago

      anyway, nice set up on that bike, all around!!

    • Skottie delago
      Skottie delago 2 years ago

      ok I kinda get it. I guess we all don't live in AZ. but I do, so I'm like, come to my house if u want to!!! lol

    • jacob newell
      jacob newell 2 years ago

      Skottie delago license plate # equals an address

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  2 years ago +2

      incase anything illegal happens the law cant find out from your plates. you might not think it happens but it does all the time.

  • socalflyer
    socalflyer 2 years ago

    hey dude, from a fellow fxdl owner, im diggin your scooter. What do you think about the moons mc tail light? Bright enough? Turn signal effectiveness?

  • Drew sco
    Drew sco 3 years ago

    Dope ass bike bro much love from Escondido

  • Drew sco
    Drew sco 3 years ago +1

    Dope ass bike bro shits killer, much love from Escondido

  • Aaron Presher
    Aaron Presher 3 years ago

    where do i get the turn signal lights.. ?

    • Ice Man
      Ice Man 2 years ago

      moonismc.com or look on their ig

    FXLR_DREW 3 years ago +1

    Awesome bike! Can't wait to see more vids bro

  • beakerv13
    beakerv13 3 years ago +1

    Finally a motovlogger with an awesome bike! Subbed.

    ZIPPER 3 years ago +8

    Represent the dyna man. We need more dyna riders

    • Ice Man
      Ice Man 2 years ago

      Kurmuh fxrnation lol

    • Kurmuh
      Kurmuh 2 years ago


    • Ice Man
      Ice Man 2 years ago +1

      i think he meant by the brothas like African American since they mostly ride bigg wheel baggers or street bikes

    • Skottie delago
      Skottie delago 2 years ago +2

      What? bro watch some videos, look at some facebook, cuz there is millions of u fuckers out there!! everybody and their mom rides a dyna! and they all look the same!! LMAO. if u see 1000 dynas, 998 of them with have "T-Bars"! and on all those dynas u will see the same 3 fairings.

  • Nate Gilman
    Nate Gilman 3 years ago

    If you could,what's the measurement from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield? Just trying to figure out what windshield to get when I order mine, thanks!

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      +Nate Gilman yea i actually loved it. 80% of my rides are on the freeway and it help so much with blocking wind. I plan on getting another one or going with a fxrt style fairing soon. I sold it to fund other things I'm getting done to it. getting powder coat on the whole front end and wheels done right now and rear shocks and front suspension installed. I'll be uploading a video of that stuff probably on sunday.

    • Nate Gilman
      Nate Gilman 3 years ago

      Thanks, mind me asking why you got rid of it? Did you like it when you had it on there?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      I actually sold the fairing a few weeks ago but the windshield was 15 inches. from where the fairing is mounted measure 3 inches from the top of your trees and then what ever height you want your windshield add that on and that'll be where itll sit. at you can see my windshield sat 3 inches over my bars which were 14 inches.

  • Nomad66
    Nomad66 3 years ago +1

    Awsome bike!!

  • Joe Pana
    Joe Pana 3 years ago +1

    Damn thanks for doing this n thanks for willing to help out with the parts.

  • 1020fender
    1020fender 3 years ago

    Perfect setup, just need 13.5" shocks or bung king lift. What happened to the T sport fairing? Did you not like it?

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago +1

      planning on getting the shocks next month and the fairing was ok but it was pretty heavy on the front end so i narrowed down my next fairing to a certified okc carbon fiber t-sport. i have alot of ideas in my head for the bike but the wallet is forever shrinking lol

  • D Koresh
    D Koresh 3 years ago

    Bike looks very nice man!! Have LuckyDaves lucky13 13" bars and I'm banging my head trying to figure out what brake lines and such to get being its dual disc. I was told I needed a new splitter at the bottom. If you just did new lines and it works that's what I would do also. Any info would be awesome. I viewed magnum and didn't want to make a mistake with costly cables like those. thanks

    • Marius S.
      Marius S. 2 years ago

      hey, thanks for getting back! yep, it's a 2014 fxdl. do you remember how many inches + from stock you chose for your kit? was looking to order last night and it's confusing AF. most likely I'll go for lucky Dave's although I love the looks of apes.

    • Ashton Dickerson
      Ashton Dickerson 3 years ago +1

      +Tye The Great I'm defn going with magnum. Dude to be honest I never thought about all the differences between the streetbob n lowrider. The one plus side is not having to swap stuff for bars but that doesn't make it worth buying one instead. Safe riding man!

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      the quality from magnum shielding is second to none and everything is made to order i believe. Im just as short and the 14 inch bars are cool but after riding with them for 4 or so months im about ready to switch it up to something else. street bobs are overrated too haha everyone i know who has one wish they had gotten a low rider being that it comes with everything you want like mags, dual disk, full fender, etc.

    • Ashton Dickerson
      Ashton Dickerson 3 years ago

      +Tye The Great Thanks for the reply! I'll go on their site and look at their setup. I'm not opposed to spending more money for a quality product for sure. I was between Diego an Lucky's but I'm 5'7" with a shorter reach so needed the pullback. Don't see as much info on builds on these. much more street bobs.

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      yea youll definitely need a new splitter but the magnum setup (although expensive) made the process smooth as butter. im about to change my bars again soon and with those itll only take me 2 hours or less to change them. wish i would have gone with the lucky 13's but they werent out when i got these.

  • Travis Lashua
    Travis Lashua 3 years ago

    Bikes sick dude! Just ordered my moons mc headlight. How do you like it?

    • Travis Lashua
      Travis Lashua 3 years ago

      +Tye The Great awesome man! Thanks for the reply have a good one

    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      thanks! and the headlight is badass. makes night riding actually enjoyable since im not riding blind anymore.

  • frank filippone
    frank filippone 3 years ago +1

    LOVE IT!!! NICE DYNA !!!!!!! SWEET !!!!!! DYNAS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!

    • frank filippone
      frank filippone 3 years ago


    • Tye The Great
      Tye The Great  3 years ago

      thank alot brotha! going to be redoing this video shortly this week. finally got a gopro so i can start vloging my rides!